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May 2008 Updates

Again, time has escaped me. I have been busy with my many other endeavors. The site is still up and running, although there isn't much new content. That's not to say there isn't plenty of stuff here already so go check things out! lol. Anywho, here's what I was able to check through:

1.) updated the All About Me section so it was current
2.) checked all of the links and pages to make sure everything was up, running, and loading properly
3.) I'm unsure about what's to come. I would like to get a domain name and load up some pictures for you all, and I would like to update my fan fiction. We'll see how things go. Feel free to email me your thoughts by clicking here.

September 2007 Updates

1.) new affiliate - go check her out! [Indulgent Obsession]
2.) updated the All About Me section

December 2006 Updates

1.) added the next installment of my fiction, Judge Me Not

September 2006 Updates

1.) added the next installment of my fiction, Judge Me Not
2.) added Justin's new CD info to the Discography page

August 2006 Updates

1.) revised That's When I'll Stop Loving You
2.) added the first 4 parts of a new short story I've been working on - Judge Me Not
3.) added new buttons and a new banner to the Link Me Page
4.) added 2 new Sagas and a new Long Story to the Hosted Story Page:
- Just A Game and The Dangers of Dreaming
- What A Girl Wants, What's Love [Got To Do With It?], and This Year's Love
- Dance Around You
5.) added Justin's Sexyback Club Tour Dates

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