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The Field Trip to Herbs and Garden Things for Sunday, Sept 25th has been postponed indefinetely. Our apologies to everyone planning on attending.

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The next General Meeting for Wednesday, September 14th will instead be a ritual room cleansing. The ritual is open to the public, new members are encouraged to attend. It starts at 6:00 in UC6009. E-mail us or call 685-6333 after 5pm for more details

The next Ritual Group Meeting for Wednesday, September 21st is cancelled in lieu of the Mabon ritual. The ritual is open to the public and starts at 6:00 at the co-chairs apartment. E-mail for more details

Society Fair There will be a society fair on Sept 8th and a first year orientation on Sept 6th. We will have a table with information at both fairs. Anyone who wants to drop by, the society fair is on the 3rd floor of the UC and the orientation is in the Field House. Also, people to help man the tables are always welcome, contact us for more info.

Pagan Arts Night The Business Meeting for Wednesday, June 8th has been changed to Pagan Arts Night at Caitlin and Matthew's home to discuss various pagan art forms. People attending are asked to prepare a passage from a favorite book, a pagan poem, or bring a piece of pagan art that they find appealing. Starts at 6:00, e-mail [email protected] or call 685-6333 for more details. )0(

Meeting Cancellation The Next Ritual Group Meeting for Wednesday, May 18th is cancelled as the leader will be out of town. We will therefore be addressing some planning of the next ritual at the next general meeting

The Next Meeting is Wednesday, May 25th, starting at 6pm, on the 6th floor boardroom in the UC. Anyone who hasn't been there before can check out the map on a link on this website to know how to get there. Blessed Be


Check out our Stone of the Month page.


Recycling has been established for the room. Bring in washed household recyclables, including newspaper, tin cans, plastics#1-7, just to name a few, and we'll take care of the rest!


Our Society Room is now set up in the MUN University Center. This is room UC 6009 at the very end of the hall. View a map to our room. Office Hours are posted by the door.


We now have a small library started. For more information, visit our library index. Two alphabetical listings of Titles and Authors are given on this page.


General Meetings

General Meetings are held every second Wednesday, in the MUN Student Center, 6th floor conference Room. We no longer meet in the second floor MUNSU Chambers due to schedule conflicts with another group who books that room. Meetings start at 6 PM, and are over at 7:30 PM. Executive meetings and smaller group meetings are held in the Society Room, UC 6009 as they are needed.

Meetings consist of the portion being devoted to general business (events planning, special announcements, etc..) with the last portion devoted to a discussion topic that was chosen at the previous meeting.

For notification and updates on meetings, as well as special events, please join the mailing lists. Automatic reminders are sent out 1 day prior to the meeting.

For a floor map to the three rooms, click here! These images are fairly large, so if you are connected by dial-up, prepare to wait.

Office Hours are posted here. Feel free to stop by any time!

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Last Updated: March 30, 2005

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