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Kick The Deadly Tobacco Cigarette With Grace

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FREEDOMTM [Smoke Free Herbal Cigarette] helps the smoker to quit this life threatening habit with the use of nicotine supplements or costly therapy.

This product is a part of a wider effort of INNOVATIVE INDIA along with other sister organisations to make people realize their true physical, spiritual and mental potential by kicking the life threatening habits of smoking. 100 % sale proceeds of this 'SMOKE FREE HERBAL CIGARETTE' goes to charity worldwide without and discrmination towards religion, nation, age, caste, etc.

>> BUY FREEDOM NOW World's Only Health Promoting Smoke Free Cigarette (helpful in quitting smoking habit) for US$ 1.45 (Rupees 58.00) only. (Free Home Delivery in India by VPP/Courier (Postal Charges [Rs 120] Extra to be paid by customer on receipt of product. ))



Our Mission

To provide such healthcare, technological and educational tools and services so as to reduce the tobacco usage and associated cancer and other risk of hundreds of diseases in population and to provide free health care support to patients of cancer and other diseases who are suffering due to tobacco usage history.


Joining Us

Any person can become a member by purchasing a pack of 10 cigarettes. There is no membership fee. Donor members have priviledge of many elaborate services. Donor members may contact us for knowing how to donate.

Sister Oganisations

WAR against Cancer

Donate for a Cause Close to Your Heart

Your donation of as little as 1 US Dollar to Worldwide Anti-cancer Resurgence [WAR] can go a long way in providing a complete life saving system to someone in any part of world who is dying of poor knowledge about health, poor health care system, poor medical insurance. Please get in touch with us for donation from your hard earned money.


Organization News

The sale proceeds of The FREEDOM TM'Smoke Free Herbal Cigarette Free' are comletely utilized for Yoga Healing Camps all over the world are being organised for providing health care to cancer patients and population at risk with the help of our sister organisations like The Open University of Yoga (

Chronic and dreaded diseases like asthma, cancer, tuberculosis, arthritis, atherosclerosis, parkinson, paralysis, muscular dystrophy, diabetes, hypertension, etc. are completely cured with the treatment based on yoga, naturopathy and ayurveda within few days.

Free On-Line 'International Journal of Yoga' where you find useful information and can share your views & concern on health related matters. (

Questions or comments? Get in touch with us at INNOVATIVE INDIA:


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