From the Mouths of Mice
No Mousie experience would be complete without hearing what she sounds like, ne?  That's why I've made some wavs. for all you Mouse fans to enjoy. It goes by episode, and the scripts IN ENGLISH are there as guides. (All credit to VKLL for providing the subs.) You need something like Windows Media Player, or Winamp to play these. Have fun!
Episode 173
Nezu: "Attracting such a huge crowd...she has the good charm of a star..."

Nezu's first line!

Alice: *Coming out of trailer* "Now, let's try it again!"
Nezu: "How wonderful your smile is!"
Alice: "Who are you?"
Nezu: "Your brightness makes others cheerful all at once. Proof of a star!"
Alice: "Thank you!"
Nezu: "I came to see you for a special errand."
Alice: "If you want a signature, sorry, I'm on business now..."
Nezu: "What I want is not a signature... but the seed of a star which belongs to you... a Star Seed!"
Sailor Iron Mouse: "CHUUU!"

Sailor Iron Mouse corners Alice

Sailor Iron Mouse: *Giggle* "Don't be afraid!"
Usagi: "What's that?"
Sailor Iron Mouse: "Your Star Seed... Give it to me!"

Sailor Iron Mouse attacks Alice while Usagi and Luna watch

Sailor Iron Mouse: "Wow! A beautiful Star Seed!"
*Star Seed fades*
Sailor Iron Mouse: "It's gone already...I don't want such a weak Star Seed!"
Sailor Moon: "Stop right there!"

Eternal Sailor Moon apprehends Mousie
Sailor Iron Mouse:"Oh, goodness! You're a Sailor Soldier too? Well, with such a face, you can't be a star like me!"
Sailor Moon: "Who are you?"
Sailor Iron Mouse: "I am Sailor Iron Mouse!"
Sailor Moon: "Sailor..."
Luna: "Iron Mouse?"
Sailor Iron Mouse: "I've finished today's business. Do you want to play with the Phage?"
Sailor Moon: "Phage?"
*Alice turns into Phage*
Phage: "Sailor Pretty!"
Sailor Moon: "A...Alice!"
Sailor Iron Mouse: "Everybody who loses the brightness of their Star Seed becomes a Phage!"
*Phonebooth appears*
Sailor Iron Mouse: "Have fun! Bye!"
*Exit Mouse*

Sailor Iron Mouse turns Sailor Pretty on Sailor Moon

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