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Name: Buuzen(other names: nezu, anilax)

DOB: May 2

Programs: Opencanvas, Painter 7, photoshop 7, and paintshop pro.

Likes: sleep, cooking, drawing(of course ^^).

Dislikes: Rowdy places, humidity, those damn anti-smoking commercials! Just resort to terroism already! I'm not even a smoker and I hate them. XD

Favorites: Tenchu, Ghost in the Shell SAC, Resident Evil, Silent hill, etc.. plenty ><

Questions from kami-sama

Q: When is this site updated?
A: Randomly, whenver I get stuff up. Expect this site to hardly receive updates.

Q: Why do you exist?
A: To wander the world searching for a purpose and to irratate the hell out of you for wasting such free space on the internet.

Q:Why do you only draw Anime style?
A: Because it's the most comfortable for me. I should really work on my realism skills since I hear it'll amplify more life into my anime style drawings.

Q: Ho hos or Twinkies?
A: None.. maybe twinkies.

Q: Why were you so into tenchu in the year of summer 2003 to winter of 2004?
A: Because they're damn sexy those two! Beat through the portal. you'll see why. ^^


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