Hi! Beth  here. You might know me as Sirena Black or Neytari Took :-)

This is my first shot at making a personal page, so bear with me :-)
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I got backrounds here
All of the WAVs and MIDIs on this site were ones I found during my many journeys acrossed the net. If I have one that is yours, I will either remove it or give you credit, as you desire. Dont kill me!
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The Moldy Muffinz
(Also has Lilliana's writings. Home of "Eat Your Way Through Middle-earth", the Legolas and Gimli cooking show she does with her sister Aranel Charis)
New: Major updates to the pictures, poems, and songs.
Added a page of quotes.

All songs worth seeing can be found on my
The graphic at the top was made by me using PictureIt! 99 and a screencap (taken by me) of Heather Graham's eye in "From Hell"
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