[::::: K - H O O D:::::] New flava by Kreem - Poisonous Technique Freestyle (A-One&Slicc Diss)

Yo this is lil somethin I did for ya hataz out there. Dedicated to you know who aight? Out...Kreem

KREEM - Poisonous Technique

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Artist: Kreem aka Knowledge
Song: Poisonous Technique (A-One&Slicc diss) Freestyle

yo as i exit the prison I begin another mission
am in the position where my ambision is to kill those who be dissin
am like a lyrical missle imperial thug fill ya chest full of slugz
fuck wit me and have the whole k hood army stepin on your skull
am like a drug, addictive in every cases my rap phases turn ya faces bloody on regular bases
i run wit different gangstas from different places wit different races
fuck your famous phat life I'll spit two bars and make it thinner then shue laces
my existance on the corners turns out to be so noshes
make the world cocious rip your head off for spittin nonsence
Kreem never change direction, K hood to profection
speak the street lesson to every rap scession
every place every section this is the war for selection
for the king of rap but the mic is the gun
leave ya bitches on a run ya choose the crew to fuck wit son
I'll blow up any fucken crew no matter how big is the size
rhyme every bar to hit up these enemy lines

YA catz is done now mothafuckaz
fuck all ya'll

Small time bitches fightin to have it in these streets
but ya beats can't compare wit this lyrical heat
we sweep ya bitches wit eaze leave massively diseased
fuck peace but my team it cool as breeze ya catz can't sleep
who tha fuck wanna beef wit this poisonous technique
gay one and dick wanna fuck wit east but can't compete
Lyrical masterpiece run from k hood to queens back to the mic where we put ya to sleep 
its Kreem rippin bars makin the mics bleed my style so deep it makes ya kreeps droppin down 6 feet 
another defeat cocksuckaz get the fuck on ya knees you'll never reach our degree
comparing you and me is like comparing Bruno to ali Untoppable MC ya bitches flee every time I speak 
my words make every man's blood leak turn ya life a bleek your rhymes are weak
ya sneak to question my speech Fuck ya fagoots K hood commin at ya every week


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