Alright, I'm a be brief. This joint is a diss to A-One and the rest of the OBG's. We had some tension over the years so we decided to settle it this way. I'm not gonna talk shit, I'm a let the song do all the talking. Y'all stay tuned, Kreem and I are plannin to drop an album soon and so is Loc Mill. Kreem is currently workin on "The Best Of K-HOOD" mix tape with Ill Deuce which should be finished early next year, so you might be able to hear a few cuts soon. Anyways, enough talk, heres the joint. Peace. SBAR, 2001

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Artist: SBAR
Song: The Exorcist Freestyle (A-One Diss)
Album: Unreleased

(Sample from the movie "Rane" )
"Nemoj nekom da se najebem keve ovde ja"

Word up son,
you know there's a lot of hataz out there talkin shit right?
them St. Louis motherfuckas thinkin they can diss our hood
but that same motherfucka be ghost last time we battled, you know what im sayin
you know who im talkin about man, that gay soundin motherfucka
word up he soundin like that bitch from "50 Playaz Deep"
duke be on some foul shit, for real for real
but check this out Kreem
let's roll this blunt first then im a shit on this motherfucka...	

You know I leave rappin opponents dry like unbapped joints
but for those who don't know:

(verse 1)
When SBAR spits on beats, I leave my heart in the streets
never depart without heat, cause faggots always start some beef
you an immitation, Cash Money birthed ya style
if you gonna bite someone, at least bite someone worth while
i'm ya grim reaper, kickin dirt on ya pile	
smokin rich reefer, ridin on ya hearse with a smile
i fucked every Goddess, including Venus
my raps stick to illness like cum sticks to a penis
my capacity of rap will leave u gaspin for ya breath
everlasting success, you know it, you're just maskin ya distress
if you are a Jew, than the black list is here
rappers quick to diss but even quicker to diss-appear
I leave my foes buried, don't impregnate hoes, its scary
the only bitch who ever kept my seed was Rosemary
check my old flows, I know you still read that 
SBAR, 18 and raw, spittin with no feedback

I breethe rap and bleed rap motherfucka

Ill Deuce
Loc Mill

(Chorus - 2x)
Stupid fucks, you just had to test my shit
we're Exorcists, don't let 'Demonz' get the best of this
it's my destiny, should of never messed with me
bust the 'Gates To Hell', you bitches gonna rest in peace

(Verse 2)
Can ya skills get any colder?
inprison rhymes like Ayatola
my raps so phat, got me hooked on diet cola
SBAR never sparrs, always goes in hard
my rhymes affect ya mind, like a dose in ya arm
you couldn't touch me even if you punched me
i smoke blunts g, than eat MC's like you for munchies
fake Cormega, you more mega than micro-phony
the only way you could beat me was if you cloned me
yo word is bond
smoke you like herb out of a bong
y'all heard the song
the illest in this whole world and beyond
I kick knowledge rhymes to educate minds
you tryin to spit fast, but you just fallin behind
after you battled me, you were months in depression
slut MC, get passed around like blunts in a session
fuckin with me get burned like fuckin cunts with no protection
I might run from cops but never run out of perfection
you holdin a mic is like seeing nuns holdin weapons
fuck rap, when I see you I'm bustin guns in a second

(Chorus - 2x)

(Verse 3)
When I rip(r.i.p.) the mic, its like it rests in peace
no rapper as nice, i strike and kill the best emcees
you test this heat, playa-hatas actin like they referees
I got more rhymes than bodies which I left to bleed
so sick infect the beat, when I spit expect defeat
my flows ill and hoes feel like cats in heat
pay respect to the deceased, moment of silence
pour moet in the streets, for the victims of violence
I spit flawless, without college I posses deep knowledge
bitches call me BIG like my name was Chris Wallace
keep dollars crisp in my wallets
and if it don't fit, I get agents and pagers so chicks can call it
you got a problem, my fifth will solve it
theres no dilema g, supremacy, my clique will install it
my checks got more numbers than bingo or math
for snacks I'll eat ya babies like a wild dingo pack
knock ya head off ya shoulders with one swing of the bat
go to the museum, cause you are a thing of the past


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