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Welcome to my gallery/home page "
Nexusixe." This wild, wacky fun-filled site contains images and photos of built models relating to sci-fi. Many were built by me, some not.

I created this site to
hopefully entertain and inspire fellow model builders such as myself and to provide people with some of the highest quality reference material (photos) I could find.

If you're not currently interested in building models, perhaps this site might entice you into giving it a try in the future. I consider this hobby to be a kind of "sanity-maintenance." As you can tell, it isn't working. But what the hell, its a lot of fun anyways!

Whether you have a fetish for
Aliens, Predators, Replicants or Starships, odds are good that you'll find something of interest here.

I have built models I occasionally sell as well as a large selection of unbuilt model kits for sale. Email me for pricing and availability.

I'm always adding new "stuff" so bookmark this page and check back often.

So eat, build and be merry!

In science fiction there are NO limits........

Thanks for taking a look.

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