- - - - NEWS! - - - -
05-02-05 - Finally coded correctly so other browsers other than IE can
           view the pictures.
           Also uploaded another project in my WIP.

06-05-04 - My 'Anime-style Wings' are finally finished, just waiting on
           Renderosity.com to finish testing them. Meanwhile, there are
           pictures available on my W.I.P. page.

06-04-04 - My W.I.P. (works in progress) page is finally up, and fixed my
           downloads page. Will upload a new 2d Gallery within the next few days.

05-22-04 - New to my downloads page: Garden Gate. Enjoy!
           Also a new pic in the 2d Gallery!.

05-15-04 - My downloads page is finally here. This page will feature all
           of my Rederosity Freestuff, most of which will be created in Rhino

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