hahaha. i have not typed here for ages. hahahhhaha. it is kind of dead now. but well...i changed to using live journal because then, i dont did to think about the layout, just changing the picture will do. hahahahah. so here's the link.
i feel real bad to cheryl..because she drew the ueda picture!!! :CCCCCCC SORRRRY CHERYL~~~~~~~

HAHA, today’s number of absentees was the same as yesterday but some came n between lessons. TOMORROW. HORRIBLE. BOREDOM. Oh man. I want to run somewhere during Chinese lesson and later come back for English and other subjects. Hahah. I think the pv of snow scene is out today. Oh yay. Muahahhahahah. And I realised that there is an address on an café site stating that fanmail should go there. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Evil plans. I should just assume that they can read English. Hahahaha. BOU KUN! : ) luckily bou is not a girl…or I will be a les. 7 more days to snow scene's release! OH YEAH. MIKUXBOU=LOVE.

this is yesterday’s post:

I want to not go to school too. Woa. Today’s absentees should be the highest record ever. Hahahahha maybe it will be worse tomorrow. Hahahahahha. I don’t want to go. ARRRGGGH. You go to school, what do you see? You see empty corridors, an empty quadrangle, a canteen which only have perhaps 2 stalls opened, the only noisy place is the 3rd level science block corridor? We are all feeling sad that we had to come to school while everyone else is at home resting away, enjoying their post exam thrill. {tora is funny-he looks so serious playing the drums. hahaha} ok, AHHHHHHHHHHH wham wham wham. Well…there is only 3 more days left for us…3 more days in that classroom and nothing would ever be the same again. 3 more days to eating in class/during lessons, sleeping in class/drawing ugly things on paper/scribbling lame stuff on foolscape/doing other work during Chinese lesson/pretending to be paying attention….YEAH. 4 years..to say the truth, it is really quite fast. I don’t think I will miss the school, but I will miss my class! Like DUH! Hahhahah. I think our class went through a lot together this year….lifeskills camp, food and funfair, teachers’ day auditions, cross country? Hahahahahha. Yeap, that’s quite a lot. I guess our sudden enthusiasm surprised a lot of people. HAHAHA. 413’s the best! YEAH. Best at everything! From good things to very bad things like disobeying school rules. Hahaha. Oh yeah, our classroom got locked several times. Hahahahah. And I guess there was once our classroom was supposed to be locked but somehow i-cant-remember-who negotiated with the counsellor and we don’t need to be locked out. Hahah. But I don’t think locking our classroom works because we had never obeyed the punishment. HAHAHAHHAHA. Our class is funny. I hope many people go for class chalet…but I think that’s not going to be possible right…since I heard that a lot of people are not going…hmmm…hahahah nevermind. We can always have some other outings…hai. It is quite sad. 3 more days. 3 more days. Well, I can only say JIAYOU to everyone : ) all the best and well, of course, happy mugging. Hahha.

Ok, about other stuff:
Hahaha what is alice nine objecting to in the type b making. Hahahahh. And what did saga say? Why was there the funny bullet sound to censor what he said. I bet it is something sick. And saga smokes. I didn’t know that. Argh. Smoke. Disappointing. Miku, bou, ruki….hmmmm. ははははは they are so lame. Shou made this weird sound. Super high pitch. Tora is a weirdo. Ahhahaha. He was zi highing at the drums and later grabbing the vocal’s mike to say KAZA. Hahaha. Isn’t that part of shou’s real name. I want to see how shou raises his eyebrows when he talks to some girl..hahaha. hahhhahah. They are so lame. I am not disappointed about the HANDS thing ok. Hahahhahaha. I was high on Friday because of tour final, not because of the live. And I was high about the HANDS thing last last Saturday was because I had to find something to get high about so I wont sink into depression at coasta sands. Yeah. So I am not disappointed at all. 8oct06
hi again...AH. i need chinese new year. when is chinese new year. hmm hmm hmm. i need chinese new year. i hope chinese new year is in super early january. but i dont think that is possible right. hmmmmm. ok, then maybe o levels should come faster and end faster. i need a job. arrrrgh.

hi. it is 12 plus in the morning now. hahaha! and i want to say SHOU ROCKS. he won for 7/10/06's ranking of the highest number of readers on his blog. BAHAHAHAHA. the counters at their blogs jump really fast. i kept refreshing to check how fast the number is jumping. the number of readers at shou's blog was 13303 yesterday. yeah. hahahah pro.

alright people. back to doing stinky chinese mock papers. i dont know how to do history. i hate papers. they are so thick and they take up so much space in my bag. stupid papers. textbooks are nicer. """

YAY! Nao saga and tora all blogged about their tour final! Hahahhaha. I hope they get the hands thing soon. I think tora cried again. Hahahah!

This is yesterday’s post. Hahahah.

Yay! I watched ROB-B-HOOD. Hahahahha. Nice! CHARLENE ROCKS! The Nicholas tse and Daniel wu cameo was so lame. GO WATCH!!!! Hahahah. I ran up the stairs to on my computer and erm…there are no updates on their blogs…I thought they would say things like they are tired after their final tour or something or start thanking all the fans. Ok, I guess I am too excited. I was smsing shir telling her about my excitement. I was staring at the clock during tuition, thinking about what alice nine was doing then. Ok…that sounds crazy! Hahaha. But well, today is their tour final! HELLO DEAR NUMBERS. Yeah. Then at lot one I was smiling like crazy while smsing shir. Hahahaha. I was really really really high. But the reason was just merely that a9 might be jamming away in japan while I was typing my sms. Hahahahha.

Will people think that I am les because I like bou so much. Hahhahaha. No right? I mean if yes so what? hahahahah so many people like him. Bou dresses like a guy when he is not in his an cafe costumes. Hmmm. Why do I say this? Because renying asked me something like why I like bou that day and I said something stupid like he looks like a guy when he plays guitar. Before I even finished my sentence, I was already wondering why I said that because he doesn’t look like a guy when he plays guitar. Hhahahahah. But he does in bonds kizuna. Just saw BAN’s new image…it is because I am out dated. Hmmm. It looks weird. The makeup made his face looked charred or burnt. Hahaha.
ALICE NINE!!!! TOUR FINAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : ))))


it's tomorrow. tour final!!! AHHHHHHHHH. then the dvd will be up. oh yay. i see a very pretty set of post cards. RED and BLACK. i cant afford it. i am buying the an cafe album. the inside of number six looks really nice.
SHOU!!! : )

i typed a few entries before today...but i am just too lazy to come here to post them. hahaha. today is a GOOD DAY!!!! hahahah. i am at home...feeling the thrill of poning school for the first time. hahah. ok, there is not much thrill actually. but today is still a good day. YAY. memorable day. ER. today is alice nine's new single's NUMBER SIX's release!!!! OH YAYYYYY. and is UEDA's BIRTHDAY. HAPPY BIRTHDAY UEDA! : )OHHH YAAAYY again! hahahahah! GOOD DAY. the alice nine ohp has a new look! they all have their individual blogs now. AIYAH. so mah fan. next time i have to visit more sites per day. hahahahah. shou's logo or whatever it is looks weird. as in the picture of shou in the logo. and his name is typed as syou. ok weird. it doesnt look like him. saga's logo is one of him licking his bass. hahahah. saga no mahiru no jelly fish. haha thats the title of his blog. shou's one is showbiz. hahahahha...""" nao's one is his favourite icon. yeah..thats his title.

i hope they blog about the hands thing!!! haha i was so excited thinking about it during my cousin's birthday party. MUAHAHAHHA. an cafe's mile ichiban ii onna pv rocks. MIKUxBOU=LOVE! hahahah! so cute.

shall go away. bye.
NUMBER SIX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


surpirse surprise.

i should start thinking of what presents i should do for people. i realise there is not much time left...DIEEEE. as in birthday presents. HHHMMM. HAHAHA THANKS RENYING AND CHERYL FOR THE CUTE BOOK! hahah! very cute! : )))

ehhh icon 4 and 6...the on with the lucky b**** girl? hahaha. i realise most of her icons have red glowing spot. haha red spot.

why is my sir name included while everyone esle's is not. hahahha. it looks strange...like it is part of my name..as in you know...name..not sirname. like everyone's name was just one word...then mine is two. SO WEIRD!!!! ok, nevermind. why am i making a big fuss out of something so trivial. hahaha.

AH KEIYUU. i love your piano solo.

hmm hmmm. nothing esle to say. ohhhh lessons resume tomorrow. FALL ASLEEP DURING MATHS. hai. i have to buy something to eat again. hahaha.

oh oh..wait...hahah renying you like kanon? hahahahahha. i like his hair! but bou is...CUTER!!!! MUAHAHAHAAHAHAHHAAH!

bleah ok. i am back again. hahahahahah. HAI. i think i spent these few days fangirling over the same thing. *JUMPS DOWN THE BUILDING AND DIE. something is causing pain in my brain. maybe it is because i always blast music very loudly. DIE LAHHHHHHHH. how. how. how. referring to the fangirling part. oh man. i should not touch the computer right. hahaha. it never work. anyway, the same thing refers to number six pv....HUR HUR HUR."""""""""""""""""""" DIE. shoots the computer and runs back down to do work. ok. i really should run back down. byebye.

hahaha! thanks everyone! : ))) jiayou to everyone too!!!! ALL THE BEST FOR YA EOYS/O LEVELS AND EVERYTHING! : )))

happily saving an cafe 9 dance war memorial photo book pictures now. hahahahah.

OH MAN. I CANT BELIEVE IT. ALICE NINE'S MEMBERS' REAL NAMES ARE ACTUALLY ON WIKIPEDIA. oh my.. shou is older than saga...AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. 25x24!!! SO OLD. shou is older than ruki..ok, sorry...my idea of age is weird. dont throw stones at me! what is shou's name...i have never heard of anyone called kazamasa before...it is most probably something ya in kanji. i cant find whats kaza...""" hahahahahah. reita is so funny. he dislikes kai's cooking. hahahhahaha. wikipedia states that kai cooks gazette's lunches. WOOOOOOOOOOOA. thumbs up for kai. hahahha. hmmm, i happened to see saga's interview among my a9 pictures...and he says he wants to name his son michel or something...he is proud of his ability to cook cup noodles...hahahahhahaah. i think psc people likes Bvlgari a lot. almost the whole of gazette uses it..and alice nine too. hahhahaha. they all smell the same. ERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR.

ok bye. what am i doing? slacked for so many hours le. DIEEEEE.

this is bad, i am hooked on a lot of songs...and the scene of shou holding saga's collar kept replaying in my brain...arrrrrrrrrghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. twins' yi shi wu liang was being played the whole morning until the mother asked me na shou ge hen hao ting meh. now i am listening to renka by kra. and candy...cute songs. but i still like mutaku to mutaku.

hmm, tried studying today..but nothing went in. hahaha. i wasted the whole afternoon at my father's shop. hahahha. i was grumbling about how sad life is on the bus trip home. my mother must be so annoyed with me. hahaha. i told her about the show. ahhaha, including the aheming with the dead body part. i dont think she really understands what i am talking about. my narrating skills are bad. hahahaha.

hmm, i have watched journey to the west. hahahaha. it is so lame and funny. i love the starting...hahahha! tang san zang's speciality is dancing. then he sort of forced sun wu kong, zhu ba jie and sha wu jing to dance. hahahahha. so lame. chen bolin looked so uninterested. hahaha. steven looked ??? as usual...hahaha. then charlene rocks! hahahah. she sang the ending song with nicholas tse. shes the best in the show! hahahah!

hmmm, i have decided to watch antic cafe shibuya o east concert. hahahhaa. ahhhh bou with 2 pong tails! hahahahah! so cute! the opening is very cute. there were 4 animals and all of them beat up the tiger.hahahhaha. i hope i can on the volume a lot louder. die. i am getting hooked on very loud music. blast blast blast. i want to blast music. the louder the better. the opening of shikisai moment is nice. hahahha. ahhhhhhhh cute rabbit, tiger, monkey and bear. hahahhaha. kicks the tiger. boxes the tiger. hahahahhaha. oh man. so cute! hahahhaha. miku bumped into kanon during merrymaking. so funny. i guess he was too high and he turned at the same time with kanon, not realising that they were going to collide. ok, my net is dead. i guess i have to wait till after os then i watch now. ahahaha.

oh yes, i sent my hand today! yay!

haha, i dreamt about keiyuu on thurs' night. hahahah. not too sure whether i remembered the right person...but the first thing i woke up i thought of keiyuu. hahahha. mai has balck hair and yasuno has gold hair. hhmmmmm. what at big change. red to gold and blonde to black. oh man...the report on kra's live just makes people feel so so so jealous. the person kind of received yasuno's drumsticks from yasuno. oh man oh man oh man. she is so so so lucky. yasuno stuffed the sticks in her hands. oh man. but nevermind, i dont like yasuno. hahaha but it is just that she is so so so lucky. kra's live sounds fun. she said keiyuu sweared on the concert. ok, i am not too sure whats the definition of swearing in japanese. haha. i think keiyuu can sing, play the drums, the guitar and the piano. $^$%*%^*#^@#%!#&$%*($&# JEALOUS JEALOUS JEALOUS JEALOUS JEALOUS. so i confirmed my suspicion...entry fee to a rock concert in japan is about 3000yen++. thats so horribly CHEAP. around 50SGD. so cheap. HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAI. anyway, the person who wrote the report is a caucasian. somehow...they are always more privileged than asians. if a chinese go, they will just think she is another of those japanese fan girls. hmmmmmm...keiyuu is cruel? hahahaha. someone said that. hahaha. hmmm kra sounds very interesting now. i feel sad for keiyuu..and myself...looking at a normal kra picture where nothing is done to make anyone look taller or shorter. i realised they dont style their hair in in-store events. hahah. hmmmm..i guess when they dont style their hair...their hair look....normal...

I am so proud of myself! I finished packing my table, my floor, my cupboard and my cd cupboard! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Finally, there is no mountain of books lying here and there. Hahahahha. Ahh, it is a hot day. The sun is shining bright.

3.38-3.48 minutes of number six pv is the best. Hahahahah. Great song. I love the song. A9 is getting better and better. The lyrics are very nice. [I believe in myself, my best friends, and you.]

I have to leave the house in one hour plus time. Aha. It is really very hot today. Or is it because I never had the habit of switching on the fan? Hahhha. Nevermind.

Me, shir and miche went to jec yesterday. Hahaha. We wanted to go out, but in the end, after referring to the bus directory at the ny bus stop, we decided that there was nowhere to go. Hahahha. So we went to jec. Hahahahhaaha. We ate ice cream and talked about how miche likes shuqi. Hhahahahahha. Oh yay. She lent me journey to the west. I shall force my mother to watch with me tonight. Hahahhahahah.

Yesterday, after I told my mother about amaths results, she said my ‘reward’ was to sleep in her room because my father was about to be struck with flu and cough. So he ended up sleeping in my room. Hahahahahhhaa.

I think I should cut my hair soon. But if I do, it will break my record of not going to a hairdresser for one whole year. Hahahaha. Maybe I should wait a little bit longer. Heh heh heh.

OH OH....i finished my hand print! OH YAYYYYYYYYYYYYY! actually i finished it yesterday. hahahaha! ok, i shall send it tomorrow! shir, take a pic of yours for me to see! hahahahahaha!
NUMBER SIX. cos shou rocks. : )

GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR. I hate the testimonial. What am I supposed to type under strengths? DON’T HAVE ANY! GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR. I think I should just send it to mdm tan. I cant think of anything under moral and social and others and don’t know…some other stuff. Hai. I don’t care already. Hahahaha I am so lazy to think. I have been doing since I came home…and that was about 5pm. I should just send it to her. Anyway, although I have been doing for about 4 hours, there are only 1 or 2 things in each box, even none…so nothing much. Hahah. Come to think of it, filling in the testimonial makes one feels sad. Hahahaha, well, then you realise how pathetic you are. You don’t even know what you are good at. You only know all your bad points. Hahah, isn’t that so ..i don’t know…sad? I feel very stoned today. Stone. Very stoned. Although exams are over, there is not much happiness after Tuesday’s maths paper. Hmmmm. Strange. Miche though I have planned to do a lot of things. Actually I thought so too. But well, I guess in actual fact there is really nothing to do after exams. Have to start studying soon. I guess I should start earlier. I am going crazy. Theres nothing to do on the net. I have finished watching the show. The show is not bad. I cant remember whats it called in Japanese. But it is not bad. I think this is the show which I cried the most. But no, it is not my favourite series. My favourite is still summer snow. Hahaha. Starring of course, TSUYOSHI! Hahaha. And hirosue ryoko. And hahahahahha…the typing guy in densha otoko….oguri shun! Hahahah! Oh yes. And tsubasa! WOA! Nice.

I have been looping smile ichiban ii onna for about 10+ times now. hahahha. Haaaai. Stone…stone….stone…why is it so boring.

The dentist wants me to put braces. NO WAY. Should I even tell my mother about that? She wants me to put braces very long ago. BUT I DON’T WANT. Not that it is ugly or anything, just that I don’t feel right about having braces. Hahah. I don’t know whats wrong with it either…just that I don’t want. Hahahahahhahaha. Ok, I guess I should just tell her and tell her straight that I don’t want. Then I will go on about how 2000-3000 plus can fly me to japan and saty for a few days. Yeah. Or how it could get me an endless supply of cds till 23 years old…or I can learn jap for 4 years kind of thing….hahahhaha. I will choose all this rather than getting my teeth corrected. Aiyah. Next time if my teeth rot, theres always fake teeth to help. Even if you put braces, it doesn’t mean that your teeth wont decay right…hahaha…she says my front tooth is protruded so I need braces to push it in, or else the side which the toothbrush cannot reach will decay. Hahahha. I am proud of that tooth actually, so I want it that way. I don’t want it straight. Hahahhaha. Just as I was thinking about this, I saw a post which shou posted on the online diary. I think he went to the dentist to do something to his teeth. Hmmm. It looks like he did from the kanjis. I am too sure though. Hahahah. And he screwed up tora’s birthday surprise. I guess he was supposed to send a sms to hiroto only but he ended up sending it to tora also…so he knew what was the surprise. Hmmmm maybe not. That was what I understand from the lousy translation I got. Maybe it is wrong. Haha. Haha, I just reread one part of the alice nine interview. Haha, yes the part about nao being left behind by the other members. Haha. That’s the story I wrote for one of the English timed trial. I thought I would fail that timed trial because the story sounded so lame. After rereading the actual story, I realised I said the wrong things in the timed trial. Alice nine was on the same bus as other artists under their label…like gazette, kra, miyavi and kagraa’. Nao was sitting next to saga-he didn’t even realised that nao was still not back. Hahhhaha. The worst thing was that they took row call. Hahahhaha. And nao still went missing. ERRRRRRRRRRRRRRR. Hahahaa. I just saw something funny. I never realised it before.

--Saga contributed three songs to the album. Is there a particular type of song you try to write? "DEAD SCHOOL SCREAMING" is a hard song but "jelly fish" has more of a lyrical tone. Then "ARMOR RING" is a ballad . . .

Shou: (Jumping in) Adult!? Sexy!?

Tora: (Quiet and plainly) I think he said "ballad."

Shou: Oh, ballad . . . I thought I heard him say "adult."

Everybody: (Laughs)

--Shou really seems to respond to "adult." (Laughs)

Shou: If you want to hear about adult, I'll tell you! (Laughs)

Everybody: (Laughs)

--Should I cut that? (Laughs)

Shou: No, it's OK. (Laughs)

I wonder what that means.

I didn’t remember this either.

--Hiroto, tell me about Shou.

Hiroto: Our band always comes back with more than I could ever imagine. When Shou finished recording the vocals for the first track of the session, "Velvet," I got gooseflesh. He was so good I was shocked. It wasn't exactly unexpected, but at the same time the discovery made me really enthusiastic. Shou's vocals reverberated in my heart. Once again, I found Shou to be a great vocalist.

Sho: I'm happy for you. (Laughs)

Hahahah. Shou is so…hahaha. Here’s another one on tora…

--Tora, what did you think when you saw the completed version?

Tora: (Disinterested and cool) The completed version? It was cool.

Everyone: (Laughs)

--You're always cool and collected Tora. (Laughs)

Tora: Yes. (Laughs)

--Can I get a comment about "ARMOR RING" from the original composer, Saga?

Saga: I did originally think it was going to be a song about love. Personally, I wrote "ARMOR RING" while looking at a picture of space. (Laughs) I saw this picture of thousands of stars that all looked like drops of paint had just fallen off of a paintbrush, and was moved to write the song. I wanted the sound to get progressively more layered, and I'm glad to say the song turned out better than I had imagined.

HAHAHAHA. STARS ARE NICE AREN’T THEY??? Maybe that’s why alice nine is still the best. Hahahah.

hmmm..attempting to do lit now. hahaha. hope i succeed. i just realised how much stuff i am left undone. YAY. GREAT. I AM SO DEAD! GRRRR.

woa, i just read something new. haha. tora so nice. he cried at shibuya o-east(is it? cant remember) last year because his parents came to watch him perform for the first time in his career. and plus the fact that it was their last show for their first one-man tour. so nice~. his parents dont approve of him playing in a band...so they have never watched him perform before. i think it is quite sad...to be performing and your parents dont support you. but he pursued his dream still! haha! that needs a lot of courage and determination...

mug time. bye.

woa! i was trying to play the guitar just now but hmmm...it still sounds so strange. i guess the strings are out again although i just tuned it. grrr. there's still that weird matellic sound. i was trying to play the g/d chord...but of course i failed. i cant remember which is it...its the one which you have to strtch your 2nd finger to the 1st string while the third finger is at the 6th string. ahhh, i cant even remember which finger is on which string. hahaha. loser! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAH!

woa...a video called kitten takes its first step. looks interesting. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH SO CUTE!!!! : ) hahaha. i am watching a cat wiggling in a bath tub now. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh cats are wonderful animals!!!!!!!!!!! SO CUTE! brown and white! TABBIES!!!!

yuuya is funny! hahahaha! so dumb! i am sure renying will agree with me! aha! he always plays with non-living things! hahahahaha! oh man! ROCKS! their interviews are so so so funny! he like zi-highing over there! haha. he is hoding a funny bin now! in the expect rush one, eople started throwing shoes at him at the end of the interview. haha, ok, he just walked out of the interview with the bin. hahahahahaha. SO FUNNY!!!!!!!!! people, go watch! he is really funny.

mao very lousy! he always cover his mouth to stop himself from laughing. hahaha. aki and shinji were all quite calm behind...mao is quite weird too...

now i am watching shinji acting like elvis presely(how to spell his sirname...???)...and people said he looked like hard gay. HAHAHAHA! RENYING YOU WILL LOVE IT! hahahahah! but i dont think he looked like your sumitani san...the whole of shido is weird...br>
Shido's interviews are the best. hahahaha. so entertaining. but they are funny! HAHAHAAHAH! oh man. i feel so crazy now! watching them makes you want to laugh and diao them! i thought they were very sensible and calm people. i guess not now. hahahaha. but nevermind...they are still very nice! love their music! hahahaha! go watch go watch go watch! hahahahah! DESTRESS! GO WATCHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! and laugh at their lameness! hahaha!

haha i just read shir's blog...eh...she still finds that talking in weir oice thing funny. i thought it was funny because we once again malued ourselves in front of people.

lucky fans.

HARLOE! I AM STILL AWAKE AT 1.31AM! WOOOHOOOOO! who is on neo id today? AYABIE. ehhhh dont want to hear. ooooooh..i heard the an cafe's one! hahaha. i am still very energetic now! thanks to coffee! OH YAY! COFFEE MY SAVIOUR! shall wake up later at perhaps 4am! YAY! BYE! slaps yuuya. mao smokes.

i wasted so much time. i really regret going... ohman. i bought coffee to spur me on...let's just hope that i can wake up at 3am. oh man. i am so dead. i met mr han at coro. he must think i am slacking. die die die. stress. stress. stress. but nevermind, there's always an cafe's programme to make my studying less tedious. hahahaha. although bou is not in the programme, neither is kanon, but mikuXteruki rock equally. hahaha. their voices are so nice. errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. they are talking about cosplay now...hahahaha. nagabuchi! hahahaha. teruki is so crazy. haha. miku! : ) the whole an cafe is great. so funny.

hmmm, i cant wait for 4th oct. oh yay. number six!!!! YEAHHHHHHH! : ). only such things can cheer me up now.

i guess i really gave up hope on amaths. so unbothered. no matter how hard i work for amaths, i still think i will do badly, later, someone will say that i didnt put in enough effort when i actually did. i can feel the comment coming...hmm. ok, i think i should get used to it soon. ok. hahah. at least my parents wont blame me.... BE GLAD. sometimes, we are really lucky, it is just that we dont realise it. blaming, complaining...that's me. sux. i should shut up.
SHOU! NUMBER SIX! shou has a a lot of screentime! : )))))

tomorrow's maf. hmmm. still dont feel like going...ahahhaha. it just feels weird.

cant bring myself to start amaths. grr.

ANYWAY, NUMBER SIX'S PV PREVIEW IS GREATTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! let's do the alice nine project! hand prints! : ))) oh yay! i am going to do it man! OH YAY!!!!!!! die, i am horribly excited now! OH YEAH ALICE NINE!!!! : )

the an cafe programme is at 1am in the morning in japan...so it is at 12 mindnight here. huh. still got 2 more hours. i dont think you can hear it live actually. hahahah i was listening to the last week's programme i think. it was entertaining despite the fact that i didnt understand a single thing. their laughter make people laugh : ).

watching psyco le cemu's roman hikou pv now. i love the song! but the pv is weird... ... i guess the pv is from quite long ago since they are still waering that funny anime kinda costume.

listening to doremidan now. i believe it is yesterday's programme. hahah...they are quite funny. ayabie's one was boring...whoever was talking was speaking with that really calm voice...doremidan and an cafe's were really lively. haha.

tuition tomorrow...haiiii..have yet to finish the homework. dont care already. XIAN.

my father keeps nagging about how i should not listen to those bang bang bang music when i study. hahahahha. he asks me to listen to 92.4fm. hahahaha. he says that the bang bang bang will bang the info out of my head. hahahahhahahah. but i am still listening. haha.
SHOU! :)


finally, i found the translation of bonds kizuna from an cafe livejournal community.

If you try to count what's really important and necessary on your fingers There's actually very few things that are really important Everything else is usually a bunch of unnecessary decoration

People hurt others and are hurt by others That's when they first discover what pain really is The longer the silence lasts You feel that lonliness is scary

Being unable to even protect the bond you have through You're a powerless and boring being

Unable to bear the cold so I look for warmth But you're the only one that lies ahead of me The inability to talk and the reality of being unable to see you I don't even want to imagine that The sea of stars that spread within my closed eyes Will disappear if I become true to myself

Even if we fight we're drawn back together A relationship like the N and S of a magnet There is no freshness but I feel relaxation I can't oppose the tangling string

Being unable to step in once you make a decision That's the most cowardly thing so don't do it

I don't need you to understand just feel with me Because I'm bad at using words You know real kindness so please come and untangle my pain The answer I felt in the distance where we breathed the same air I believe that answer is the only one

Ah A bond coming undone might actually be extremely easy Ah Remaking a bond that was once undone is actually extremely hard

Being unable to step in once you make a decision That's the most cowardly thing so don't do it

I don't need you to understand just feel with me Because I'm bad at using words You know real kindness so please come and untangle my pain The sea of stars that spread within my closed eyes Overflow outside the cliff walls

SHOU!!! : ) X TORA-badass


Hmmm, I was watching random pvs by various jrock groups. Hahahha. Nice. Duralumin is a kind of aluminium. Hahahahha. I just saw that in the chem textbook. It is so funny. now I see more bands in my magazine. I shall go load more videos later…shiriaru number, Jessica, eimi, trick, arc, irokui…ok, I bet some of them do not even have pvs. Tenten wears star necklace too. Hahaha.

Looping boyz’ songs now. Hahah. I bet my father is very surprised that I am for once not listening to jap songs this year. Hahahha. I cant help but sing…although they are in Cantonese and my Cantonese sounds really bad.

Looping ˝ now. Hahahah. I love the guitar parts.

My blog appears on search engines right. So disgusting. I saw it on yahoo a few days ago. YUCK. –puke-

Sudden urge of not wanting to go maf. Haha, nevemrind, I know I will still go in the end.

I thought of amaths today and well, I realised that I have a lot of mistakes. Hahahhaha. Why must the vector answer be JONATHAN? Why not PAUL! Ok, nevermind, at least I had the same answer with kaihui. Hahaha. I guess our values are exactly the same. She has 60+ seconds for jonathan too. Hahahah. I wonder where I will end up for the first 3 months of next year. But, but, I heard that you can don’t go for the first three months. EXCITEMENT. Then I can go work and earn the money that I need to learn jap. I am planning to keep it from my father. It is kind of impossible but I hope my mother will help me keep the secret. Finally. The day which I have been waiting since sec1 is drawing near. Yay.

Shall do emaths now. Bye bye.

I drew some funny stuff during tuition today. Hahaha. It was a timeline of the state of my eye during tuition. Hahaha. It was quite stupid. Ok, all my drawings are stupid actually.

Shir, you are on hot demand. ERRRRRRRRRR. Hurry beatbox for Cheryl. Hahaha.

Hmmm. Tuition is boring. Sleepy. Once again, we did not manage to get a seat in the library today. We ended up studying in the café which was of the right noise level. Hahahha. There were quite a lot of ny people. We saw wenqi, qianwen, trackers who I did not see the face, jieyee, huiping and…ok, I am not too sure. I thought I saw Priscilla. Maybe it was just a hallucination. But I was definite that I saw her friend. Her friend played my erhu before and she was from 401. hahahah.

I think I am eating too much. Miche is addicted to hello panda…now angel and huihong like it too. Hai. Hahahha. Miche’s habits are so contagious. Everyone is starting to talk like her.

Cant wait for prelims to END. WOA. End end end end end!

So me and shir are going to maf. But we are going there with books, just in case there is nothing to do. Anyway, I think it is quite conducive to study there. But I got a feeling that people will ERRR us.

My ma is back. Bye bye.

This is Wednesday’s post..i have yet to post it up…so I shall just post it up now since I typed it that day.

HAHA, PRODUCT RULE! I totally didn’t realise. Woa. It was a moment of revelation when i-cant-remember-who told me it was product rule. Hahahah. So funny.

Seriously, I think I will just fail QA. Hahahah, but nevermind, better make mistakes now than in olevels! SO CHEER UP PEOPLE IF YOU ARE UNHAPPY ABOUT ANY PAPERS THAT HAVE PASSED. : )))))

I want to develop photos again. I like hiroto’s hair. Hahaha.

My handphone did not ring at 3am this morning. Grrrrr. Or maybe I was sleeping too soundly. What a good weather to SLEEP now. Hahah but I shall watch hard gay and do chem…… : )


There is a short movie that comes with the an café’s photobook which was released at yagai de nyappy. Haha. Yay! Something to watch. I see dorky kanon in it.

Ok, I think hard gay is quite funny, especially the hooo sound. EEEEEEEEE, I hate his thrusting.

Bou kun… …bou always looks SO CUTE in skirts! AHHHHH BOU AND MIKU. Miku is so nice in the movie! He helped kanon who was called kyu in the movie. BOU WORE FISHNETS IN THE MOVIE! : ))) ok, why am I so excited. Hahaha. Kanon was taking pictures of bou’s legs. Hahahahah. Then Bou slapped him. Hahahahha! Bou and teruki so mean to kanon in the movie…they said he looked out of fashion. Ehhh..but kanon looked like a very quiet person in the movie…and he dressed like densha. Their boots are all from DOUBLE DECKER. Hahahah. They all very mean in the movie. There are weird effects on teruki. Hahahahha. Go watch! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Teruki is so lame. Bou rocks. Everyone in the movie ignored teruki. Hahahahahah. So stupid. I think I laughed very loud. I kept slamming the keyboard. Too high. Miku is a nice person. Bou looks so cute patting kanon’s head.

Ahhhhh I like the movie. Bou bou bou bou bou bou. I like bonds kizuna even more now. Haha. Teruki is soo lame… … … … … go japan have to go Chelsea hotel. Hahaha. They shot bonds kizuna there if I saw correctly.

I really like the movie… especially the starting part where miku talks to kanon. Flesh tunnel! Hahahah. No wonder the earring is so big. OHHHH I just realised that bou was supposed to be acting as a girl in the first part of the movie.

Nyappy! : )))))))))) HIGH HIGH HIGH. I shall screencap bou and miku. I just realised that they didn’t use their names in the movie. Haha.

Hmm why am I so happy? I totally threw away all my thoughts about ss and amaths! Hahaha! But that’s good! I think I am getting very distracted. Hmmm. This is quite bad. I am getting distracted at the crucial time. Nevermind, it is ok! Hahahah. Maybe it might be a blessing in disguise. I am referring to what school I might go next year. If I do badly, then I can go to other schools rather than the one which my parents want me to go but I don’t want to go. HAHAHAHAHA. That’s quite good actually. Then if I spend my first three months at other schools, I will not want to change school. Haha OH YAY! ROCKS.

Oh man, I screwed chem prac. I think I will just fail QA. 2 out of 6 tests were wrong. 2 out of 3 conclusions were wrong. Even the simplest test of adding excess sodium hydroxide was WRONG. I obtained insoluble. I cant believe it. I bet I didn’t stir long enough. ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGH. CURSE MYSELF. OHYAY. What a great start for this week. Hmmmmm. DIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. Actually i am feeling ok now…I was SAD just now, perhaps about 4 hours ago. Haiii. Bad things always happen during prelims. Haha. I expected that actually… I posted some disgusting just now but I decided to delete it. It was just some angsty post about chem prac. Hmm. This is prelims. Ok. Ok. Ok.

what a good day to sleep. hahah. so nice and cold. i rushed out of bed thinking that it was 8.30am already. so i went to brush my teeth and i realised that something was not right. the sky colour seems to be lighter thatn the usual 8.30am sky. and i was right, it was only 7.30am. so i went back to sleep and decided to sleep till 8.20am because the weather is so comfortable to SLEEP.

i am downloading 4 pvs now. i am not too sure why i am downloading since they are quite useless actually. and they are moving quite slowing. well, i guess it is because i am downloading so many at one time. hahah.

hmmm, tomorrow is chem practical. jiayou everyone! haha! yeahhh. study hard people and yup, JIAYOU! shall not slack anymore, bye bye. : )

wait, go look at october shoxx's scans. hahahha. they are quite nice: ) alice nine with a new look. woa. shou wearing black! ok, they are all in black... and he has a gigantic white headphones around his neck. i guess thats part of his accessories or something. ok, bye.

If I come back 2 years later to read this entry, I will feel horribly disgusted at my stupidity and pettiness. Maybe I should not even type it. Haha. It is just plain pettiness. Ah well. On a happier note, physics practical is over! Woa. It was rather ok I guess, better than what I expected. But the graph part was so terrifying. The independent became the y axis. Luckily I didn’t try to act smart and change it to the other way. Hmmmmm.

I don’t think I should type it after all. I shall complain to my mother later. And I know what she will say. She will say that I must not roll my eyes. Yeahhh. Hahaha. She always says that. But it is true isn’t it? Just in case your eyeballs decide to fall out one day.

This whole post sounds so KP. Disgusting.

Meanness, pettiness, baka-ness, stupidity, craziness, stubbornness.

Anyway, I watched NANA! OH YEAH! LOVE IT A LOTTTTTTT! : ))))))))))). (despite all the bath tub scenes). Hahaha. Narimiya hiroki is such a comic relief in the show. Haha. The bassist of black stones (not ren) rock! Hahaha! He was wearing the ear cuffs that linked to the lips. Ahahahaha! Ok…… I think all the actresses in it rocks! Saeko was inside too! She acted as kobayashi in dragon zakura. Hahaha. But she has rebonded short hair in nana. It was quite strange, but she played a minor role only. Haha.

Otegami rocks! Mao’s voice is really good. I shall go youtube to watch them live. Woohoooo. My father loaded some cat-flushing-toilet video yesterday. Hahaa. The cat was so funny. It flushed the toilet for more than 6 times in around 2 minutes. Hahahahahahah. I think toilet-trained cats are really smart things.

Hmm, an café really love SPR. Hahah. I just realised their escapism dressing is all from SPR. Woa. I think someone is selling a SPR shirt on an café live journal. Hahaha. She said her parents discovered the shirt and saw the word s**. Haha. It is just a brand… but I guess people will get put off if they see that you wear this word so boldly.

Haha. I love the alice nine pictures! They were posted on a9 livejournal community quite a few weeks ago. The pictures of them playing bingo are really nice! Hahaha, especially the shou’s one. AHAHAHAHAHAHA. So cute! He looked like a pitiable lost kitten in one of the pictures. Ahhhhh. Hahahhaha. I love that picture! It made my day. I was thinking about it while walking just now, so I was actually smiling to myself through out. Hahahahha. Oh yes, I finally remembered what happened on the day the juniors gave me my letters. But I only recalled that I was not in a very good mood. Hmmmm. Why? I cant remember that. Hahaa. I guess it is something to do with… …schoolwork and lessons don’t make my day. Hmmm. I hate going to school at 7.10am. I am always in a foul mood because I so want to continue sleeping in the car. I hate combing my hair in the morning. No matter how I comb, it still looks like a mushroom. My average combing time is about 5s. hahah. Is that fast? I think it is quite slow actually.

Ah, I feel like slacking. It is Friday already! Very soon, it will be next Friday. Then, it will be olevels. Then olevels will be over! OH YAY! REJOICE AND THROW AWAY ALL BOOKS! DONATE TO COUSIN AND JUNIORS! Hhahahahah. Yay. And I can do the 20 things on my to-do list. I should add more! Throwing away all books is one of the 20 things to-do. Hhahahahahahhahahhahh!

Ok, good, I am in a good mood now. I threw my maths assignments on the floor. Muhahahahahha. : )))))))))))))) it is a good way to vent.

Teachers’ day is coming… … I shall write a letter to mrs ee! Hahahah! I am sure she will get tons of letters from members of the nyco! OH YAY! I shall start writing after amaths paper. I shall write hers first. Hahah. Bias. It is quite sad that miss ng is not in ny anymore. Hmmmm. Miss ng rocks totally! Although she is fierce and strict, but she is nice!!! Ahahahahahah! I can say I never stoned during her maths lesson. I think afterall, strict teachers are usually the nicest teachers in the end. Yeahhhh. Ok, I must think of what to write to all 413 teachers. Hahaha. Actually I believe I can write all of them out after amaths paper. Hmmm. That’s good.

Star spangled butterfly! –fatima. Great song. Hahahhaa. Fatima-great band. Erm. Random.

Otegami, glamorous sky, ese urnai, bonds kizuna, maple gunman, escapism, buranetariumu, sticky flower… hahahah

OTEGAMI!!!!!!! –nice nice nice nice nice nice nice nice-

I think I should go work at my auntie’s place after o levels. Hahahaha! But I heard that my cousin got scolded last time when she went to work for her. Hmm, but I need the money.

Feel like cursing suddenly. Sudden wave of angst swept across me.

tomorrow is shi ting's birthday!!!! :) HAPPY BIRTHDAY SHI TINGGGG! :D
CORPSE OF A BROWN AND WHITE CAT-under the tree, stiff.

ORAL IS OVERRRRRRRRRR! Ha! One huge burden off. There’s no doubt that I screwed oral again. Haha, nevermind! I am actually quite HIGH now! High high high. I shall start my video watching session. Hahahahaha! Oh yeah! I am watching FATIMA feeding pigeons while typing this entry. Ehhhhh, the video is not too interesting since I got no idea how they are actually like. But they seem to be enjoying themselves. Hmmm, is feeding pigeons that enjoyable??? Hahahaha. Beware of bird flue! Ahhahaha.

I have just watched SID’s otegami pv. It is a lovely song. Mao’s black hair totally rocks! Beautiful! It makes him look even prettier than before. The size of his eyes remind me of shou’s eyes. I LOVE THE PV!!!!! Pretty. Nice song, nice pv. ARGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! I love this song. It is sooooooooooo nice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! –control- it has a tinge of traditional Japanese feel to it. Nice nice nice nice nice. But the pv shows this geisha sitting and she frequently sticks her tongue out. Hhahaha. But it is still a nice song. My hair stands when I listen to this song. It is because the song is very very nice, not because it sounds disgusting or anything.

The pigeon-feeding video is really quite boring… … they are self amusing by scaring the pigeons off. Hahaha. OH YES, their one and only fanservice video on youtube is … … … … … it was so up-close and there was so much tongue movement. As in, you can see their tongues. Traumatising. But they are a great band though. Haha. Although I have only heard around 5 of their songs, but I think that they are really special. Especially the vocal! He has got a unique way of singing and voice. NICE! Listen to humiliate me more darling, sticky flower and star spangled butterfly. Ok, I am watching humiliate me more darling live now. Ermmm…they don’t look as pretty as I thought they were. I have always thought that they were very visual….but it does not seem to be so. The vocal’s whole costume is made up of leopard print. Hahahaha. I cant imagine NAO being in this band.

I need more songs. Hahahha. I shall attempt to fins the songs of 12012, kannivilism, heart, mask, gossip, wizard, doremidan, kamikazeshounentai, lolita23q….etc.

Givuss’s songs are nice! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! The power of shou!!!!!!!!!!!! I prefer his givuss days songs to lost age. Givuss’s tunes are wonderful!!!!

That leopard skin costume is really horrible. Sorry. …plus he wore a fur coat. Leopard skin and fur coat…….. : S.

new alice nine video! ahahahahhaha. in their number six costume! yay. muahahahha. i think my computer is going to hang soon. the clip is so blur...haha, but nevermind...at least i still can see them. tora did most of the talking. how come the hotwave clip for alice nine is so short while the one for an cafe is so long? haha.

hmmm, bou is really 156cm and miku is 163cm. kanon is 165cm. hmmm. hahaha. well well. go watch the maple gunman pv. ahhh love it so much. offender=miku, minisuka=bou, police dog=kanon, deka=teruki. so cute! ahahahah. bou doesnt wear skirt anymore! hahahah! maybe that's good? hahaha, but he looks cuter is a dress. hahahahahahhahahahahahahhaahhahahahaha. nevermind, shall not be crazy. haha. : ) it is interesting to know their real names.

i want to know shou's real name. hahahahaha! and saga's!!! MUAHAHAH


Argh, I need to burp! Hahaha sorry. I think there are too much digestive juices in my stomach. It is torturing to have the wanting-to-burp feeling but the burp just refuses to come out. I had 2 horrible dreams last night. Argh. Quite a lot of people died. Thanks to the sec2s who gave the sec4s their letters! Hahahah. :)now I know why I received a red light bulb from them. Hahaha. They were quite scary. I looked out of the window to see all of them crowding over there. WOA. Got a huge shock. Haha. Thanks to liying for the pin! Hahaaha!

Ahhhh escapism and bonds kizuna! : ) escapism has sick lyrics, but who cares? I told my mother and she was like what are they? So I just said they were disgusting. But she managed to give the correct answer at first guess that the lyrics were quite yellow. Hahahahaha. But it’s quite surprising that she didn’t demand to see them. Hahaha.

I should do something about my SS. Ok, but I don’t know what. i cant depend on my combined humans actually. My marks always fluctuate. My sbq is plain lousy. All the good results are only sheer luck. Yeah. I suck at SBQ. If I can don’t get a zero for any questions, it is very good already. Woa, my inference question was level 1. woa. Exciting. This is the first time. I seriously should do something about it before I screw up prelims. Actually, I think I will screw everything. It is always like that isn’t it? I screwed prelims in p6 also. Hahhahhha. But nevermind, if it is possible to not study the first three months, I will not study. AND, my mother doesn’t want me to go also. HAHAHAHAHAHA. Yeahhhhhh. I think she really doesn’t want me to study the first 3 months. AHA. I think she wants me to take a break. Yeah, and I think I should. (then I can dye my hair for a longer period of time-I have been waiting for this day for 4 years. Yay. Finally.) ok, that’s not really the point.

Miche says she is not coming to school tomorrow! She dumped me and huihong! Hahahaha. We agreed to pon together! Hhahaha. We shall see if miche really never come to school tomorrow. Muahahahhaa.

Oral is next week. DIE. I still cannot read slowly. Hahahahahha. I am feeling quite uncomfortable now. I need to burp. Grrrrrrrrrrr. I wonder whats wrong with my stomach. This is the second time in 2 weeks. Hmmm. I really wonder what’s wrong. The medicine is not working.

Alice nine tour started already. AHHHHHHHHH. 3rd oneman tour. I shall wait for the dvd or whatever to come out. Or youtube. Hahahahahha! I placed the bouXkanon picture on my table. Hahaha. Bou is so cuuuute. My mum said my father said that I am turning weird. I showed by mum bou’s picture and my father saw also. Then she told him that was a guy. Hahhaa. So funny. But bou really very cute. Ahahahhahahaha. Like a cute little girl! : )))))

argh, i cant write the pictures into the disc! @#^#$&$%*$^*$^*$.

YAY! our class won for x-country! hahahahahaha!yay!!! renying and i walked for half the journey. hahahaha. and we decided to run after the slope. hur hur hur. it was quite ok actually. it wsa not too tiring.hahah. my font is turing weird again. hai. nvm. YAY!WEWON!!! hahahaha!  <br><br> yay burn finish. bye bye. happy national day people!:)

if you are free, go to this here. proceed to the diary page or journal page or whatever. there is a post dated 8aug. it has a funny picture. go look at it. it is not what you think it is. hahahaha. it looks sick though.

there is a clip on alice nine photoshoot and i totally missed it. ok, it is not very exciting. i see saga's eye bags or whatever.

i see lots of an cafe pictures. woohoooo. BOU~~~ SOCUTEEEEEEEEEEE. he looks strange without blond hair. yay. i found the website of S** POT REVENGE.it is a brand in japan. yah, it inot some sick sites to view whatever erm S--.haah. an cafe'sfanfics are quite funny. they are not disgusting at all. well, there is gay love and stuff but they are not sick. they are rated pg-11.haha. 

i am listening to a korn song now. yes, is korn...the band that most a9 members like. nice song. the mtv is quite cute. they have their faces superimposed on dogs' faces. <br><b>SHOU</b><br><br> 5aug06
i still cant do relative velocity. i guess i have to not watch superband finals today. haha. i was browsing around the threads for used clothes and stuff at sgcafe just now and i came across a thread which said jrock/kpop/jpop groups photos or something like that. so i went to take a look and saw ruki, kai, nao and tora pictures. so i scolled down and i saw some icons. they come in a set....like if it is alice nine, there will be 5 icons. yah, that kind of thing. so first, there was alice nine. WOA. then there was lucify. woa. then there was gazette. like LUCIFY. hahaha. ???. yeah. i was kind of surprised that their icons will actually appear in between of alice nine's and gazette's. haha.

ok. i shall go away and stop crapping. i should have unplugged the computer. grrrr.

we got into the 2nd round of teachers' day performance auditions right? hmmm. hahaha. our ghost sounds were surprisingly loud. hahahaha. i think i laughed throughout the whole performance. hahahaha. it ws hilarious. firstly, pong's suspenders fell off and everyone started giggling. then she forgot what's her lyrics. hahahaha. lucky i was behind the teachers, so i could laugh all i want. i think miche's acting rocks totally. hahah. she is more brave to act now! *CLAPS CLAPS*. hahahahahhaha. i feel diaoed by my own erhu sounds. hahahaha. i think they sound quite out of place for some reason. hahahha. i have forgotten how to play qq. hai. it has been one month already. or rather, it has only been one month and i had forgotten. hahahahhha. ok, i guess we got in right? if not there will not be a rehearsal next monday. hahaha. i must control my temptations to find notes for songs during the rehearsals. hahah. yeah, keep quiet.

today is council's polling day. hahaha. it is quite funny actually. i did not even hear any speeches or questions-and-answers kind-of-thing. hur hur. i just voted for the 2 co juniors and 3 more people who are classmates of juniors. haha, so lame. shir chose based on nice names and shimin was like errrrrrr???. hahahahaha.

i think shou doesnt have much hair either. hahaha. i was looking through the pictures in my computer and i realised when he never style his hair, his hair is really quite thinned. ok, maybe that was a long time ago. at least he doesnt have bald patches/holes/whatever they are. how sad-i have them. hahahaha. but since i cant see them, i dont really care. they are not hurting my eyes. hahahahhahahahahahah. i am so inconsiderate.

my computer can type japanese and chinese suddenly. i was so amused just now but i got quite a shock too because i did not know how to change it back to english. hahahaha. i shall unplug again after this post. yeah. i have lots of things to do. busy! AARGH.

i was kind of pissed just now and i cursed for a few times. hai. and what's the cause? RELATIVE VELOCITY. i was attempting to do the maths assignment but out of 3 questions which i have read through, i could only do one. ok, i am so going to do badly for the quiz plus the exams. and after that i slammed the maths notes onto the floor. ARGH. doing chem was much more comforting. my mother keeps saying that she doesnt care whether i do badly or not in o levels or prelims. i guess both my parents think that way. that is just an attempt to stop me from sitting in front of my table for the whole day. hahahah. but i guess the more they say it when i slam books on the floor, the more i mind about the results i produce. hmmmm. slam books+cursing is a good way to destress. i want to cut down on my cursing but the frequency of my cursing does not seem to be dwindling. haha, well, nvm.

i like the june whatever-magazine pictures lolita23q. although the poses they striked are disgusting(like opening their legs wide in front of the camera when they are wearing super short shorts-ok, thats only one of them), i like the costumes they wore! hahhaa. they looked very bright and attention-catching.

i want to print all the pictures out. grr. ok, i shall go and do something before i turn cranky over wasting time again. bye bye.

wait, tomorrow is super band finals remember to watch. i hope i will see guitarists in cute dresses. hahahahaha. that's a fat hope. i was just joking.
SHOU : ). BOU is cute. HAHA.


hmm, i think karen is history already, they split this march i guess. nao from karen looks like somebody. perhaps a cross between tsubasa and ueda. he just looks like someone. -he dances weirdly- their aoi no tsuki is nice. the girl is lucky to be in their pv. she is scary. the ending scene zooms into her side view and she smiled.

haha. i like ancafe's 2004 crossgate performance. bou looks so cute playing guitar. hahahahahah. so cute! oh man! he is the cutest guitarist. hahahahha. he wore this dress and tied up some of his blond hair. his tiny ponytail jumped as he bounced around. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH SO CUTEEEEEEEE! ok nevermind, i guess all guitarists who wear gl-sort-of costume look cute. as in girl cute/ kidcute. haha. bou doesnt look like a yao guai. anyway, he is the blond hair guy above (as in on the picture of my layout).

fangirls are scary...head bang...

-guilt-well, said the wrong things again. hai.

i slacked so much today. i played with the keyboard for so long. and i can play g major scale. ERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR. i know that's like super lousy. hahah. but it is quite an achievement to me. hahahaha.

i see the hair which i want to cut after o levels. HUR HUR. it is NAO from KAREN. yeah. the hair which will cause you to get knock down by a speeding car. karen's guitarist wears dress too. and he has 2 pigtails. hur hur.

i am liking every band i listen to now. hahahahahha. especially those that have super a lot of makeup. ERM. -turning weird-

this is an ugly layout. hahaha. i dont have adobe! ok, i dont think adobe will help much actually. if you are not creative, nothing can help, right? hahaha. so i shall make simple layouts from now on.


DIE. alice nine's new singles look very tempting. there is no cd version of the song. everything is in the DVD. hmmmm. arrrrhhhh...1575 yen...plus shipping...it will be 2575.......that's very expensive. thats around 30 singapore dollars. hmmmm...zeikkeishoku limited edition is out of stock from cdjapan! AHA!

meeting was ok. hahaha. it was quite funny. woa. i finally who is shinya in lucify. it is the vocal...not the drummer. hahaha. i have always associated shinya with drummer since shinya's the name of dir en grey's drummer. ARGH! i lost shinya's picture! i took it from renying's magazine in Shanghai...""" i love that pic. it is so pretty. ok, sorry. so lucify's shinya's favourite singer is KYO. hahahahha. i bet they are all dir en grey fans or something...

ok, i have to go now. hahaha. at least i finished minutes today! OH YAY!!!!!! :)

this is yesterday's post. geocities refused to let me save them yesterday.

Thank you to all the juniors who gave us all the wonderful presents! : ) Yesterday marks the end of my co life. I don’t think I will join CO in jc. Haha. Well well, it was quite fun performing at esplanade. The holding areas were so small and cramped. But, the rooms smelt like a hotel! SO nice! hahh. I was quite surprised that I was not feeling tired at any point of time yesterday. I managed to finish all the letters. But sadly to say, the letters for some people are about the same. Paisehhh! After our item, which was the fourth one, many people started crying. Our section, as usual, was emotionless. Nobody started crying until the point when all other sections had already stopped. I went into the room to put my stuff down and I saw ziwei tearing. I was feeling quite horrible since I am quite sure if more people cried, I would cry too. And yes, I saw more juniors crying after that. When yonghui hugged me while she cried, I started crying too. Shir also. Bye bye juniors, I will miss you guys : ) jiayou jiayou!

We saw ms tan siu li at the back stage! Oh my god! She still rocks as ever! Haha! She is a good lit teacher! And she’s so pretty! : ) hahahahha!

Shir said mr khoo was in the audience. Hahahhha. Ok, it doesn’t matter actually. Guess what, I played the same wrong notes AGAIN during ling an. I was constantly thinking about that part on stage, and when that part really came, I really played wrongly. The wrong notes were the same as that during our concert. Oh man. I knew it would happen even though I could play all the notes during practices. BLEAH. Hai, nevermind. It is ok, ling an is still a great song after all. My xians were horribly sticky because of song xiang.

I think my quote for the juniors is really lame. It is kind of forced out. Yeah. And it sounds very stupid.

I just realized that prelims are not too far away. Hai. Ok, this shall be my final post. I am always saying this. I have yet to unplug the computer. Ok, I think I should unplug after I have no more secretarial things to do. Ok. That shall be it.

Oh yes, I saw 2 cosplayers yesterday! OH MAN! COOL! But they were anime cosplayers…if I had a camera, I would have run after them and demanded for a photo with them. I am not too sure whether they were guys or girls. Hahahahhaha. I only saw the backview. I was like OH MY GOD-ing at them. COOL COOL COOL. There is another cosplay event on 4th august. I want to see. But I only want to see jrock cosplayers. I want to see BOU’s. hahahhaha. But if he/her don’t look as cute as bou, then…ehhhhh. Hahahah. Maybe not. Eileen said bou looked disgusting. Hur hur. Miche is still calling them yao guai. : S.

As I was writing letters yesterday morning, I saw a really nice checkered pants at some random sites. Hahahahha. 70 bucks. Woa. 70 bucks for a pants. But it has some kind of skirt thing above the pants.

oh yes, yonghui gave me a hiroto picture. hahahahhaah. i was wondering what she was talking about in her letter because i didnt realise that there was a picture attached. haha. so funny! thanks a lot!

the letters from the sec3s are really nice. some of the things which they wrote happened before but didnt sound familiar to me. hahahah. : S. so sorry! i have a really bad memory. i should go check out my old blog. haha. quite a few of them said i looked DAO. ok larh, i think i do look dao. hahah.
SHOU : )
it is around 430 in the morning. haha. oh man. i still have around 8 cards to go. that excludes colouring. ARGH. die. if my mother wakes up to see me using the computer, i am dead meat. woa. nao posted a new picture of himself again. hahaha. but nevermind, there is one on shou though. i saw a hiroto look alike on the bus today. but sadly, only the face looked like. and strangely, the look alike looked like the hiroto in beat motion. the hiroto in beat motion looked slightly different.

there is a concert later at 730pm at the esplanade. haha. yes, it is the family concert. haha. die! i haven finish the cards.!

bou, miku and kanon smoke. SMOKE. ... kanon got no piercings at all. WOA. that's quite rare. he looks like the kind that will have more than 5. ok..and teruki has like 24 piercings altogether? haha. he has 17 altogether on both ears. woa.

i think i should get back to work before the sun starts rising. grah.

what's an cafe's height???

hmm so how? i am typing this in school.
SHOU : )

ok, so what the HELL are we going to do tomorrow? i seriously dont want to go to school. i really dont want to swear because swearing is BAD. i am trying to cut it down but i am feeling very vexed now. please excuse me.

ok, nothing much happened today except that we had spot check. my hair did not get caught. i can consider myself lucky.

regarding yesterday, we have got a big problem. everyone is pissed. what should i, or rather, we do? pretend nothing has happened? bullying is a bad thing and i think we did that yesterday. i disagree with the reasons brought up about why they had to go. i know this will offend others, but, i still think it is not right. i mean they have a reason to flare up. argh. like why is this happening?

i am sorry shir, if i had listened to you and volunteered, maybe things would not have turned out this way. i am really really sorry for dragging you into this. oh man.

running away is a bad way to sort things out. it is. i have been running away for very long, so i think i should not feel surprised to finf myself in such a state. you need courage, and i have none. HOW? it is not something that can be changed overnight. you need determination and even more courage than others to change yourself. so how? i dont know. maybe i should just rot in this manner.

ok, i think i sound very depressed. erm, i am not ok, these are just random thoughts. numbness. yeahhhhh. hahahahahahahha. now i sound like mad woman. nevermind nevermind. i shall search for infected lip piercing! hahaha. SOU is actually quite pretty with makeup. hahahahahhahahahahahahah.

i was reading alice nine and hyde's lyrics on the bus. hahahaha. it is part of my learning engligh process. haha. i cant believe it.
SHOU! and i want to see sou's infected lip piercing.

hmm, i have yet to disconnect my computer.

i shall do some amendments to what i typed in the previous entry about hypocrisy. i think it is just that i feel that i am a super big hypocrite. yeah. but i will still say hypocrisy exist in everyone, maybe just a small, tinyweeny bit.

the silence before the storm-direct translation of bao feng zhi qian de ping jing.

what shall we do? something big is going to happen.

i think i am DAMN MEAN. yah, i am. i should stop giving that stupid attitude towards certain things. i should just cut it out.

self-reflection is very important.

i am quite hooked on lolita23q lately. their pvs are rather low cost but it shows many of their daily life's scenes. i quite like usagi ni geru hanazono's pv. it is mainly about their everyday life. they really look quite ah beng without the pretty makeup and elaborate costumes.

i just realised that i use the word "don't" alot. i cant believe i only realised it today! i use it with "them", "he", "she", "it"...oh man. i must really thank mrs citra for pointing that out in my oral remarks. haha. yes. i need to talk slower also, but i am not too sure how i can go about doing that. i still need to improve on my sentence structure. hai. this is the result of using singlish. ok, i mean everyone uses singlish nowadays, but i always talk in broken sentences, so it is difficult for me to string phrases up and talk in perfect english.
i want to see SOU's infected piercing

This shall be my last entry before I disconnect the wires from my computer. I have to do that. It distracts me too much.

I was actually feeling sad for chem test just now. What am i thinking? It’s over, so just forget it. Yes. That’s the right attitude.

Ok, I am on my way to see the ueda picture.

Today’s interviews were ok. We heard a really impressive one. WOA. It was really a WOA. It was unexpected. She’s real good.

Ok. My starving plan starts next week if I am determined enough.

I see the picture… : S. it is VERY disturbing. It is not ueda! Don’t be crazy!

I wonder who will go watch the video. Haha.

I feel very bad now. ARGH. I want a day when I can sleep properly and do something that I want to do. O levels please hurry and make your way out of my life.

Why am I feeling this way? IRRITATED. ARGH. I shall go to the library on Saturday. Yes. And I will stay there for the whole day.

i have been thinking about this for quite long:in this world, everyone is a hypocrite. this is just my own opinion, please dont spam my board to scold me or whatever.

I AM REALLY TIRED. i want to stay at home tomorrow.

Saga’s new hair style is nice. haha. It looks like a blond version of ruki’s black and red. Haha. I guess no one knows what I am talking about. But nevermind, I type all these basically for my own pleasure. It is not really for anyone to read. I mean, who would want to read about this kind of stuff? Haha, I know my blog is very boring. HAHAHAHAHA. But it is ok. : )

I seriously need to stop eating. Hmmm. 3 choco bars+1 muffin+1 huge cookies+a lot of smaller cookies accumulated in my stomach last week. My rashes will come bursting back and making me swell like a pig if I don’t stop soon. I ate pocky today. I NEED TO STOP EATING. That’s why I need to start saving money. If I save money, then I will control my temptations to eat. I am getting super unhealthy. I am glad that my parents don’t know the amount of choco I ate last week. If they know, I think I will have to swallow down around 5 bottles of medicine this week. Hahah.

It will be over soon. I am glad. VERY GLAD.

I think eop really reflects the society and the kind of life we are in. hmmm. It is just a thought after yesterday. when you are in some form of association, you are standing in their position, and you will fail to see others' stand and anguish. i am beating around the bush but it is quite obvious what i am referring to.

dont ask me anything about today's post. argh.

Hmmm. I don’t know. 2 more weeks and we are out of co. I hope we can pass down by then. Good luck to the 2 new secretaries, whoever you are. Hahah. 2 more weeks. I still don’t feel the sadness yet. Will I miss anyone? I don’t know. It is hard to say. Hmmm. This is a good question to ponder over.

After listening to DEAD SCHOOL SCREAMING, I kind of understood something.

Some people will always have to be the villain and the bad guy.

I am not talking sense again.

I should think more when I talk. Some things just shoot out of my mouth uncontrollably. I should really talk slower and think before I say something. Oh man. This is quite difficult.

I blancoed my name from the namelist of people going to grad night. I am sorry shir. It is just that I think that a grad night is pointless without the whole class going. And what Eileen said made me think that it is really not worth paying so much for a grad night. Everybody will only sit as a class, but later, everyone will be off to find their friends from the other classes and ccas. Yeah… ok, that happened during formal dinner, didn’t it?

I want o levels to be over SOON. I think it will. It is already week 3. ok.

I am off to do work. Bye bye.
SHOU : )
mantou is out! OH YAY! hahahah. i only watched lucify's performance. hahaha. seriously, i dont like them! it is just that i favour them because their dress code is jrockish. thats all. YEAH.

I DONT BELIEVE UEDA IS A GAY OR WHATEVER. ok, i have yet to see the picture, but i dont think i want to see it. HOW CAN HE HAVE AHEM WITH A GUY? JUST LOOK AT HIM AND YOU KNOW HE WONT DO SUCH THINGS. ok nvm. i shall go search for the article or whatever.

we had interviews today. hmmm. hahaa.

ok. die. i got lots of things to do. argggggh.

WAIT. OH NOooo. I HAVE TO STARVE AGAIN. alice nine new pv is gona be out on ueda's birthday. hahaha. HMM. i shall consider. when you cant get something in singapore, you want it all the more. yeah. thats why i never had such yearning for kinki kids' pv and singles. yeah.

OH YAY! ITALY WON! MUAHAHAHHAHAHA! actually, i dont support anyone. it is just that i dont want france to win. haha. OH YAY! i was stoning and attempting to sleep during maths lesson. HAHA.

on the bus back home today, i realised that it is stupid to listen to armor ring on the bus. the noise totally spoils the song. haha. hmmm. it triggered me to think of what i wrote in the letter to shou and i felt like puking. actually i didnt write much stuff, but, after i wrote it, i didnt even dare to read it except for scanning through for any spelling errors. haha.

miche's brother's birthday today. haha. happy birthday erm...kelvin? is it? i cant remember his name. miche lovees you! hahahaha! and that's why i am at home now...cos it is his birthday and miche and her family are going to celebrate! haha! so no tuition! YAY! i am not too keen for tuition actually. i spend my time stoning and letting my mind drift to some other places. hahhaha. i guess none of us really listen during mr tan's talk. hahahhahahaha. so there's no point in tuition. but, we still learn something from it. ahh, thats a point, isnt it? my mind drifted off quite far on last friday's tuition. well..hahaha. shir wants to FIRE him. hahahhaha.

i think my next layout should be either ruki or bou..BOU IS SO SO SO SO SO CUTE. AHHH. he really looks like a little girl! AHHH. hmmmm. he and teruki were a couple last time.. ERM. ERM.

ok bye bye. nice layout shir. ahhahahahaha! COS SHOU IS THE FRONT MAN YEAH. hahahahhhahahahaha.!!!
SHOU : )

it has been one week already! haha! i mean concert. yeahhhh. 2 days ago was 7th of july. hahahah. : )

i woke up to watch germany vs portugal match this morning. but..haha, i decided to sleep after half time. so now, i still don't know who won. i shall find out later. my mother wants to stop me from watching the finals! she says she is going to hide my handphone so i cannot set the alarm clock. hahahahahha. too bad too bad!

coco chiang appeared on shi zi lu kou last saturday! haha! i was practising erhu while watching it. i jumped when i saw her! AHAHAHA! she is really pretty! joey yung is coming to singapore!!!!!!!! there is some free concert next week i think. oh mannnn...oh yes, and there is an advertisement promoting hongkong with daniel wu in it. hahahhaha! all the hk things are coming out all of a sudden!

i just realised that the place where i took a picture of the l'arc~en~ciel poster is a hot spot for japanese artists to perform when they go shanghai. ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRH!!! !!!! !!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. ok, sorry. miyavi is going there on 15th july.

tour pamplet: 2800 yen...hmmmm. hmmm..ok, nevermind.
SHOU : )

hahahah. there was cca today. we spent some time talking about the concert we had on sunday. phew, i was so gald that mrs ee did not call me to talk.. hahaha. ziwei, adeline and hannah got called. hahah, lucky lucky. and, the contact list is finally out. WOA. please throw rotten vegetables at me. hahaha.

anyway, i am watching alice nine's interview now. hahah. SHOU! AHAHAH! ZEPP TOKYO. : ) so funny. erm...i saw the picture of the card that i made yesterday night. it is so UGLY. oh yuck. i felt so disgusted. other people's stuff looked so much nicer. OH YUCK. haha, nevermind, it is already in japan. : S hahahahha.

ok, shall go do stuff now. byee.
SHOU! : )

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO SHOU! : ) hopes he continue loving soy milk..??? hahahhahah.

OH YEAH!!!! HAHA. I think i my english timed-trial essay is so crappy! HAHAHAHA! i actually wrote about Nao. hhahahha. there was nothing to write, so i decided to recount his experience of being left behind by the bus which was supposed to fetch alice nine to their concert venue or something like that. hahahahha! i think i will get a horribly lousy mark for this essay. hahahahahha. there is no excitement at all.

there is cca tomorrow! hahaha! lingan! oh yeaaah! mrs ee will tell us how bad our lingan sounds! hahahaha.

i think bou from an cafe is damn cute! haha. he is so girl-cute! ahahahha. he reminds me of makiyo somehow. ahhh so cute! hahahaha. ok, it is more of act cute. but it is still cute. i want to pinch his face! ahahhaha!

saga wrote about shou's birthday yesterday! AHAHAHA! YAY! give him a kiss man. ERM...joking""". i think both of them are quite sick of each other's fanservice already. hahahaha. i felt sick watching it off from the tv scene. it looked disgusting. yeah...but haha, they still rock! OH YEAH.

chem quiz tomorrow. bye bye.

HAHA. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO SHOU! his birthday is tomorrow. ahahahhahhaa. yeah! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! : )

i think this layout looks quite stupid. hahahahhaha. but the pictures are some of my favourite pictures! hahahah. i like the peace sign one a lot! hahaha.

ok, i have got lots of things to do. bye bye.

oh yah, i bought NANA. yay! : )



AHHHH. but, but, but, i screwed up a lot of parts! I am sorry shir and adeline, i kept telling you guys what i played wrongly. but really, i am quite SAD that i played so many wrong notes. the only piece that i played perfectly was jingchu and xiaolexiaoqu i guess. ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRH. disappointed with myself. screwed up so many parts which i didnt screw up before. ARH.

OK, NEVERMIND. IT IS OVER! GOOD JOB EVERYONE!!! : )))))))))) LOVE ALL YOU PEOPLE OUT THERE!!! the ending was kind of sad because everyone just LEFT...well well, i think the concert we had last time was also like this. but, if i remembered correctly, there were people crying after it because that was the seniors' last dazu...hmmm, hahahah, we are having one last performance on 22nd july. hahaha! YAY! LING AN! LOVE IT TOTALLY! 100% LOVE! it is such a GREATTTTT PIECE!

no more qingqiang for the rest of my life! it is a great song actually, just that i cant play it! ahhahahaha! but nevermind!!!!!!

3 more weeks in co. i dont know whether i should be happy or sad. xyzedders are always the ones complaining about how they hate the long practice hours, how practice eats up our holidays and stuff like this, but...we will still end up loving co and putting in lotsa effort for concert, syf etc...hahahah! XYZ! : )


seniors+batchpeople+juniors rock~~~!!! WHAAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! i just want to say that we did great, not much major mistakes!~ OH YEAH YEAH YEAH.

okkkk...about stuff before the concert commenced. me and shir were quite high and we kept singing co-unrelated songs. she kept singing jj's serangheyo-cant spell, and i kept singing gin no tsuki kuroi hoshi etc. hahahaha. it was quite funny. during dinner, we decided to pay the drinks machines a visit. there was this machine that was standing beside the toilets and SOMETHING caught our attention. JAP WORDS! me, shir and xx screamed and swarmed over to the machine and started pointing excitedly. hhahahah. all the drinks are from japan i guess. WOA! OH MAN!!!!!!!! IT WAS SO EXCITING! sch is such a great place. i should have bought more drinks. i brought my coffee can home. hahhahaha. ok. please roll your eyeballs if you want to. if i hear someone esle did something like this i will also diao that person. so please roll you eyeballs!!! HAHAHAHAAHAH! YEAH~ we are just being lame. but the cans are really precious!!! HAHAHAAH. we are like crazy japan freaks.

time flies. my last dazu is coming soon. i am quite sure i wont join co again...but i will still join performing arts. hahahhaha. i think i can never be in sports since i hate moving around. hahahahahha. yeah. okie. JIAYOU EVERYONE. SEEYA PEOPLE AROUND!!!!!!! :)

i wonder what a9 people do when they make mistakes. HAHAHAH. sorry, it is just a random thought. i mean, they will make mistakes too right? hahhahhhaha.

yay. time to buy guitar! hohohoho! or rather, time to learn dougae. hahahahha.

oh yah. i really sat in a very ugly position during the concert arh? HAI. hahaha. wenqi and renying both said the same thing. and wenqi used me as an example to remind people to sit nicely. hahahahhahaha.

hahah. alumni's san shi li pu was nice! hahahahah! it sounded nice from the tv in the backstage! hahahah! i bet it sounded even better on the stage. hahahahaha! xiaole came in saying SHIT and something about her stoning during the piece..hahah.

ok, thats about all for concert! HAHAH! : ).

REALLY, THANKS TO ALL WHO CAME DOWN TO SUPPORT US! THANKS ALOT ALOT ALOT ALOT!!! :))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

woa. nao's tamagochi came back to life. hahahahha. wah...i didnt know you can actually key the pet's name into the tamagochi. cool.

wah...people do cosplay around raffles place...I SALUTE THEM! BRAVE BRAVE BRAVE!!! i mean it. haha. yup. the cosplay at downtown east is next sunday. i want to go. i have told my mum about it. i shall start bugging her. but wait...later it is all the anime cosplay. hahaha.

looking at cosplay pics now. woa. really exciting. haha. byebye. ~~~ have agd rest people! : )
SHOU: ) co concert is over! : )

we were late for band concert yesterday and we missed clara's 16 bars solo. SORRY!!! :S.

i am in an attempt to download a GOSSIP song now but the net doesnt seem to be working.

nao posted a picture of his new toy again.

shou didnt wish saga happy birthday on alicenine's diary.

ok, that's about it. school starts again today. HAI.

SAGA HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! AHAHAHAHA! : ) CONTINUE ROCKING WITH YOUR BASS! WOOHOO. ok, it is not yet 12, but it is in japan! haha! -by the time i finish, it wouls be over 12...well...i just pasted this post on geocities...and it is currently 00.36. hahah.

i think i should buy batteries before i go for cip tomorrow. haha. i would then be able to listen to Q on repeat mode. oh yeah. tomorrow is the Q+armor ring+jelly fish+dead school screaming day.

shir asked me an intellectual question today. she took close to two hours before she finally asked it on the bus. haha.

i dont think i have a heart that is strong enough to read fanfics. i managed to read 3 quarters of it. after the 3 quarters, there were words like layers of clothings peeling, hand on waist and something like that. hmmmm. i feel my goosebumps coming out. i am sorry, i really cant appreciate such stuff. : S

haha, hiroto posted a happy birthday message to saga on their diaries!

i am sorry, this layout looks horribly plain and boring.

Concert is 11 days away and our tickets are not selling too well. I have yet to do anything for ticketing yet. Hmm. We have to encourage more people to come.

Dazu was quite ok…just that my fingers were not working very well. The plasters produce a disgusting metallic sound. Hannie, adela and Sheila had plasters too. See, that’s the result of qq. Tomorrow is audi practice for family concert. Why must we wear co uniform? So ______________. I don’t know whats the word which I am supposed to fill into the blank. Hahah. Ling an rocks!!!! : ) I love ling an! Our man ban sounded really not bad! Haha. –that’s minus the yinzhun- hahahahhahaa.

The sec1s had an interesting xiaozu today. They were supposed to teach hci sec1s. woa. We were glad that such things did not occur during our era. Hahahahah. The sec1s seemed excited for it though. I am generalising actually as I only saw 2 sec1s after I learnt about their xiaozu. Haha. We went to visit the sec1s during the break to check out how their teaching went about. Woa. They were REALLY TEACHING. WAH. I salute them. Haha. If it occurred in our year, nobody would bother teaching. We were not pro enough to teach too, so well.. hahah.

Should I watch shou or watch rhapsody in blue? Hahahah. Shou looks more exciting. Ahahahahaah! I have only watched the ending where Tora totally crouched on the floor after he played the last note and cried. I was quite sure I wouldn’t cry when I watch …but after I see tora, I teared. Hahahahahhaah. Shou was the first one who cried I guess. He choked on his tears or something during time machine. Ahhhhh. So nice. hahhahahahah. Shou was in tune! SO NICE! I love gin no tsuki kuroi hoshi! Ahahahah. I started screaming when the music started. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH NICE. but his para para abit…hur hur hur…we shall exclude that part. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. Hahahahahahahhahaha. Now I want to see dead school screaming live. I think it will rock the house down. Hahahahahah. Anyway, dead school screaming and armor ring are both written by SAGA. Hahahaha.

l'arc~en~ciel awake dvd out today! ARGH
SHOU! : )

yay! she received my mail! : )oh yeah.

anyway, miche seems amused by the convo between saga and nao. haha.

hmmm. my stupid fingers. we played qq for more than 10 times today.
SHOU : )

from shou's diary:
God loves soymilk!

Soymilk forever!

Soymilk is not dead!

japan's soymilk looks interesting. there is banana flavour. haha. in the soymilk picture that he posted, there is also a longmao plushie. haha. i got no idea what is longmao called in english or japanese or whatever. i hope my father solve my computer's language problem soon.

i haven talk about class outing yet. hahah. it was okkkk. we played volleyball and ate a lot of stuff. i kept eating the cookies which renying and cheryl made. hahahah. and renying emphasized that they were highly diabetic. ok. hahaha. but i kpet eating. i shall have to run more to get rid of the excess sugar. pong was really dead to the world. veron took a picture of her sleeping, seline placed luncheon meat on her lips and left leg, jiaxian pulled up her collar, renying blew into her ear, eileen stroked her legs...hahahaha. and well, she just didnt wake up. WOA. she was totally oblivious to the commotion around her. we were playing games and laughing so loudly beside her. the forfeit for the games was to eat shir's luncheon meat. hahahahaha. she managed to get rid of most of the luncheon meat.

there is tuition later. grrr. my mother asked me to buy her some ear ring that she saw at lot 1. should i? i am going there later...well, i shall see. this whole week is filled with exciting events. haha. i think i am being sarcastic again. there are 4 days of co practices, tonight there's tuition, saturday is cip and sunday is band concert. oh yay. hahahah. but firstly, i shall have to do finish all my homework. WOA WOA. i still haven finish history...actually i did everything except that they are all not complete. hmm. ok. i shall have a nice time copying in school. hahahahhaha! OH YAY.

BUSY BUSY BUSY. i am going to get my guitar after co concert. hahahaha. my mum says she will buy for me if i wait until after os. HAHA. NO WAY. TOO LATE TOO LATE. oh yes, please congratulate me. i finally understand why the flat is placed at b for f major and other stuff. HAHA. i was so happy that i finally understood such a basic thing yesterday. well, erhu helped me. thanks erhu. hahahah. ok die, i forgot i have yet to touch my erhu today. hmmm. die. i haven bathe and i need to leave the house soon. ok, nevermind. bye bye then. tomorrow will be a long day. i will be the first xyzedder to reach again and i am gona pai yizi by myself AGAIN. HAI. someone please come earlier to aid me. thank you. : )

HAHAHA SHIR, I tell you something. I better type it out here because it is too lame to say. That day you asked me one question and I replied with ERRR. Hahahha. Actually, I wrote to shou already. Hahahah. But I didn’t tell anybody before Friday, so I decided not to say. Anyway, it is very lame, so I think people will er me. Hahahahaha. Ok, but I mailed it out yesterday so I was excited! AAHAHAHAH! I didn’t mail to japan, but to someone who is sending her stuff from Singapore. Ahah. I even tricked my mother that I was going to send it to my senior. Haha. But I told her while she walked me to the mrt yesterday. HAHAHAHAHA. She actually didn’t sound shocked or angry or anything. Maybe the rain was hitting too hard on the umbrella so she could not hear clearly. Haha. I know you will ask me what I write about…ermmm.. nothing much. I only wrote which songs I liked. Hahaha. yeah. Anyway, I decided to write only because there is someone sending from Singapore. Hahahah.

saga is funny.
--How about Nao in regards to Saga
Nao: It wasn't exactly unexpected, but when Saga finished recording and couldn't fall asleep because he was thinking too much he came over to my place and helped record. He didn't even complain when he slept in my futon. (Laughs) The rhythm team--of the same body and soul.
--You two slept together?
Nao: We did not sleep together! (Laughs)
Saga: It was a good bed . . .
Nao: It's a futon!
Saga: Er, futon.
Sho: The Marie-chan futon. (Laughs) We call it the Marie-chan futon.
Saga: Yeah, yeah. And also--uh, things people shouldn't know about. (Laughs)
Nao: Uh, what, WHAT?
Saga: Hey, ___ .
Nao: (Flustered) NO, don't!
Everyone: (Laughs)
Nao: Careful!
Everyone: Watch out, watch out! (Laughs)
--Well then, could you just lightly touch on that?
Nao: You want to lightly touch it!?
Saga: I was surprised it was so ___ . (Laughs)
Sho: Heeeeey! (Laughs)

HAHAHAHAHHHHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH. i burst out laughing reading this. i wonder what they did. haha. joking joking. they couldnt have done anything. hahahahahhahahahhaha. it is just a joke.

and there was this part [ Suddenly Sho, who is sitting next to Hiroto, begins caressing Hiroto's hair with his finger ]. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

Huijin is in japan now. AHHHHHHH...

i am getting high on RUDER. i just love gazette's hard rock songs. HAHA THEY ARE JUST SO NICE AND THEY MAKE YOU WANT TO HEAD-BANG. OH YEAH YEAH YEAH. i want to find the lyrics and start singing at home. haha. i think my ma will die. someone on lj asked about saga's religion. haha. that is a good question.

I AM FEELING BAD NOW. -as usual-

i need to watch something. but... but... i need to finish history. ok great. i haven bathe. i need to finish. i have to. there is no time next week. 4 full days of cca and tuition on monday. ok. I HAVE TO. there is still lit to do. ARGH.

i shall blast songs later to entertain myself. i want to watch densha otoko very badly. it is currently lying on the stack which is on the floor. ARGH. i want to watch. i know i cant afford to watch it. AHHHHHH. i want to buy all the japanese movies off the shelves of ts. the best is to watch everything in one day. WOA. movie marathon.

l'arc~en~ciel dvd is going to be out soon. I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS FOR ABOUT 7 MONTHS. 5800 yen. erm...haha. """" that will cost me around 9 weeks of starvation. HHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. i won't do that. : )

i am still listening to ruder. i cant blast it. :(

this is yesterday's post.

Sec one orientation was ok. Haha. We actually won the first game! Haha. We thought we were lousy. But it was all thanks to jing who scored the 3 goals. My back is still wet although I have already changed out of the wet pe tee. Hmmm. The funniest thing of all was?all xyz sec1s didn?t turn up! WOOOHOO! Hahaha.

I woke up at 2am yesterday! OH YAY! I stayed up till 3.10am. haha. I was constantly turning around to see if my ma would walk out from her bedroom. I was glad that she didn?t. it is really nice to stay up to study or do something. It is so quiet. When it is quiet, you should listen to armor ring. Ok, that doesn?t make sense. For me, armor ring is a song to listen at night. I am not saying that it is a lullaby or something. I just think it feels nicer to listen to it when everything is quiet and peaceful. Hahahaha. Yeah. Armor ring is probably my fave song on zeikkeishoku. Hahah. Actually I like all of them!!!! The whole cd was nice. it has to be nice. It cost me quite a bomb. I shall go watch velvet on tv again. Oh man! When watching velvet, scrutinise shou?s bracelet and you will see the letters H A M. haha. Someone posted that on lj and I thought it was quite funny. HAHAHAHAHA!

Concert is drawing near. 18 more days. : S

Woa. My mum helped me post the letter to felicia. Ok, it is not a letter. There are only funfair coupons inside and a short note. I hope she glued the opening. Hahahahahhaa. I have dragged the sending of the coupons for a week because I did not have glue.. and shir?s present?haha. I still don?t have super glue.

Class outing on Friday! Woohooo! We are having picnic and steamboat! : ) veron permed her hair! Hahaha! I said I wanted to try the grey dye this holiday. Hmmm. Maybe I should go buy it soon. But, I bet it will turn out to be rather obvious and I have to chop off my hair. : ( I am going to try a few strands only?so hopefully, nobody will see. My father will be the first to kill me. Actually, I wonder if he will?..hmmm.

They made chen han wei look like a pervert in the 7oclock show.

This is today?s post.

The lit seminar was not bad. It was rather useful. Haha. We had to copy notes so that stopped me from drawing any super weird things on my paper. But I still drew an eyeball, a cat face and some other random stuff. After that, we went to eat lunch at cine and went for co. we were planning our translated excuse as we walked nearer to the co room. But, we found that linlao was nowhere to be seen after we stepped in. hahahah. Almost everyone was trying other people?s instrument. Haha. I want to try too! Phoebe tried suona yesterday. I must ask shiaohong to let me try some day. : )

We went to xx?s house to eat and watch a movie. We watched stepford wives. I thought it was quite funny. Hahahah. I have always thought it was a scary movie or something. Nicole kidman?s hair was kind of lss-ish. HAHHAHAHA!

GE concert: I fell asleep because I was rather tired and I seriously needed to go to the toilet. it was quite cold too. Hahahahha. I actually slept at the diyi erhu. Oh man. So sorry! They encored twice. The juniors were groaning when they decided to encore the second time. Everyone was tired. We spent the whole day in school! Hmm.

TIRED. But I got important stuff to do?ok. It will end tomorrow.

I didn?t know shir wants to live in a countryside too. YAY! I think those european countrysides are really nice and peaceful. Life is definitely less stressed there. I hope school will not reopen. I am so sick of school. : (

I REALLY WANT TO GO JAPAN. (hai). I know it is so not possible. Hokkaido. I want to go to the place where they filmed yasashi no jikan. It was beautiful. I want to go to that coffee house in the series. Hahaha. I shall see it in my dreams?

I see shou?s HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Hahahah. ROCKS. Shou rocks.

I think my father is damn happy that my com cant read jap anymore. But I am very pissed. THANKS TO STUPID HANSWARE. Now I cant even find where it is hiding in the com. I cant even delete it! THANKS A LOT. I have not see a9?s dairy for weeks.

the gazette iron on looks nice. the gazette fan looks nice too-designed by ruki. RUKI. hmmmm. ok. it is not much of a design actually. i cant see any design other than words. haha. 28 bucks. erm...28 bucks for a fan..that's...

sec1 orientation tomorrow!
SHOU! CATS+HAIR+...GF! hahhahhahahaha! =cute!-going mad.

Why am I doing this??? Hmmmm.

calm down

Can someone teach me how to use lj? I am going to change to lj. Haha. I am just too lousy at doing templates…so lj should be much more convenient. I only need to change the picture. Hahaha.

The lit seminar was much better than the previous one. We wanted to ask the 2 questions which were supposed to be done as holiday homework, but in the end we did not because everyone was famished. Haha. I have slacked all the way from evening till now. I shall wake up later to do something meaningful. But, I doubt I will be able to wake up at 3am. Hahahaha. I have been drawing...hmm hmmm. Hahahha.

Saga’s birthday in less than 2 weeks time…then shou’s! WOOHOOO! Saga slept at nao’s house before. Hahahaha! SHOU was a model for clothes and hair. HAIR! ahahahahah! TOTALLY MAN! SHOU IS A GREAT VOCAL! Hahaha. CATS+HAIR! Hahahahah. Oh yeah yeah yeah.

I wonder who will get out for superband tonight. So, lucify is really walking the visual kei path. I got quite a shock when the judges mentioned shi jue xi today. HMMM. The guy with the specs reminds me of someone from ayabie. The one with grayish hair reminds me of some random person that I came across in CURE. Hahah. The vocal reminds me of no one. The drummer has short hair so he cant possibly look like anyone….except for the bassist of kra. Hahahaha. But lucify got the lowest..hmmm. don’t get it wrong, I don’t support them. I don’t like the vocal’s voice. No offence. It is just a personal preference. Hahahahah. And I think…if you want to do vk, you have to sing jrock…not Chinese. The song+the visual don’t match that well. But nonetheless, lucify got great outfits! Hahahaha. That’s the main point. Last last week’s one was the best. All the chains+straps. Haha. It is so 12012, just that 12012 has more of shorts. Ok, I just hope they stay inside. And if can…they should go JAPAN! OH YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!
SHOU!!!+cat+hair model : ) PERFECT VOCAL! : )

Haha. All the alice nine stuff lifted my spirits. I seemed to be in a horrible mood these days. I felt quite shit on Friday, thinking that everyone don’t want to talk to me. So I ended up not talking to people. ARGH. Yesterday was even worst. I started quarreling with my mother while we were walking in the park. I said horrible words and blamed everything on my parents. ARGH. Yeah danhong, what’s your problem??? I rolled my eyes for quite a number of eyes and I felt super irritated by myself after that. My father had not scolded me for a long time, why did I push all the blame on him and use such rude words. Really, studying don’t get you anywhere. You just become a shriveled person with no manners and have the mentality that you are the best on this planet.

I thought maybe this year I could have been happier. I was really happy for myself during exams. It is not about my results or anything. I was glad that I no longer cared about the results that I will receive. I have always counted the marks which I will minus for my mistakes after exams last time. But I did not do so in this exam. What is over is over, why bother about it? This is a very good lesson. In this way, you will be less stressed and happier. So, why not? If you had done your best, then whatever the result is, be happy for it. Or maybe I was not stressed because I received my alice nine cd! Ahahahahah! Yes! ALICE NINE! It made me hyper! Listening to Q for about 10 hours in two days was so exhilarating. I feel stupid for wanting to skip school on the day they gave out chem. papers last year. What a stupid thought. I am glad that I went to school in the end. Sec 3 was a horrible year to me. I think I repeated these lots of times. Well, random thoughts are starting to form in my brain right now. I am sorry for all the bad times last year. I made everyone feel bad because of my selfishness in sulking over results and thinking that it is the end of the world.

I don’t think this year is much better actually.

When you don’t worry about studies, other stuff seems to crop into your head and gnaw on your thinking cells, making them disintegrate slowly.

In the end, I am still a mean, nasty, bad-tempered person. I don’t deserve anything.

I think that’s the right answer. A bad person doesn’t deserve anything good in return.

Ok, enough of my stupid thoughts. I saw something interesting just now. Shou, saga and tora are 24 years old! Hahahah. It is not really reliable I think. But I am definite that hiroto is 20. hahaa. Nao is 25? Hmmm. He doesn’t look like 25. I don’t believe it. Hahaha. if that’s their real age…then they are quite old…hmmm. AND WHOA! It says that SHOU HAS A GIRLFRIEND! *CLAPS!* hahahaha. WHOOOOOHOOOO! Won’t she get jealous that he and saga always kiss each other on lives? Hahahahha. This is really exciting. I am happy for him if it is true!: ) Hahaha! yeah yeah yeah! Shou+girlfriend=cute. hahahahah! Some fans said that they wished he was a gay with a member from the band. Errrrrrmmmm.....okkkk…”””. Aha! Shou loves cats! He has cats…HE HAS CATS. HE HAS CATS. *jealous* oh man. I am so jealous. He actually has cats. And…he has CATS, not CAT. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have been wanting one for almost the whole of my life. And he has more than one!!!! Hahaa. Okok. I captured one all the way from payalebar to Holland v before. But in the end, I returned it. I ALMOST HAD A CAT! That was in p3 I guess. Hahahah. It was a kitten and it cant even suck the milk bottle, so I had no choice but to return it. I felt rather awful after that because its mommy must be really sad when she realized her child was gone.

There is lit seminar tomorrow! : ) ok, actually I don’t think it will be very exciting. Class outing on Friday!!! Quite excited for it…but, I am not going into the waters! I hate water and I hate getting wet. I don’t want to drown and I can’t swim! I don’t think I should be proud of the fact that I can’t swim. I hate swimming for 2 reasons. I dislike getting wet and I don’t like swimsuits. Haha. OH YAH. Shir laughed so hard when she knew I wore leotards for dance lessons last time. We were in popular (jec) and she laughed till she fell to the ground twice. Hahah. But what else can you wear? That was so long ago. Hahaha.

i just drew a shou picture. it is so screwed. and ugly. i shall go take the pamplet photos and start drawing. thanks to the person who scanned the pics! : )

no world cup to watch! ARGH! the first match between germany and coasta rico was rather exciting. haha. but i got a scolding for watching it till 2. the goal by frings(is his name frings? i can really remember)was beautiful. it looked very nice. i actually jumped at germany's 4th goal. hahahaha. cant wait for the semis and finals! i hope they are on a watchable day. like saturdays and fridays. yeahhhh.
SHOU+cats=very very cute! :)

this was yesterday's post.

Organic chem is so confusing. I just realized there is not much time for us to do homework. Hmmm. I shall plan my homework schedule then. Hahahahah. Ok, sorry, I don?t know what I am haha-ing at. I seem to haha when I don?t know what to answer people or when I got nothing to say, so I just say to fill in the blank. Kantou dogeza kumiai by gazette is really funny. Ahaha. That?s the lame pv with the funny ending. There was smoking in the pv??

I hope my ma will just stop asking me to help her do anything about her (stupid) earhole. Sorry. I am irritated! I cant stand earholes and she knows it! Yesterday morning, after scolding me the first thing in the morning, she came asking me to help her to place the thing into the needle-thing. Ok, I don?t what they are called. An ear stud is made up of two parts right? She asked me to help her attach the back part to the sharp needle. (Ok, it is not a needle. Whatever it is.) so she yanked up her ear to let me see the back of the hole. OH man? I was really disgusted and I felt goose bumps all over. The hole was kind of red and there was a bit of skin(?i don?t know what is it. Looks like skin to me) around the hole. I was cursing silently and I felt like crying because it was so disgusting. Haha, but I didn?t. ahhhhh. I got phobia of ear holes.

Today?s lunch at coro made me had goosebumps too. The sound of the red marker that we used to tick the order list was enough to make my hair stand.

woa. today is 6th of june. the devil day. haha.


ok...dazu was fairly ok today since mrs ee was in quite a good mood. we got tested by the different erhu parts. erhu1 was lucky since we did not get tested one by one. phew. xiaoxi is damn pro. just look at her play the tremolo! she looked so composed and undaunted. hahahha. so zai! hahahaah! we didnt have much xiaozu because dazu started again at 3. hahaha. i escaped being tested again!

this is getting boring. shall not bore more people. bye bye.

Just as the pictures were about to load, my wireless connection decided to boycott me. ARGH. I am very excited now!!! I only saw a glimpse of the shou cosplay that Rebecca has done. Her top looked so nice. It looked exactly like shou’s outfit from yuri ha aoku saite. Oh man…Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh……the group photo alice nine cosplay is loading now. AHHHHHHH. She even had the flowers that shou was holding during the photoshoot. Gehhhhhhhhhh. That lip piercing…..!!! Her mother finally consented to let her pierce I think. I read her journal quite a long time ago about her mother refusing to let her pierce. Even the collar pins looked exactly the same…AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH…………………The saga’s outfit is so nice! The hiroto’s one looked like the original too, especially the white boots! Ahhhhh…lovely…she even went to cut and dye her hair to suit the cosplay. Nice nice nice….but her red and black ruki hair looks nicer! AWESOME. Oops. i think only shir will understand this whole chunk of nonsense. I am so sorry. My entries are always about these kind of stuff. If not…others self-pitying crap that people hates to see.

Okkkk…I shall talk about our exciting day…shir and I went to payalebar and bought nothing after walking so long. I was finding nothing in particular because I knew it was impossible to get a golden-coloured pants. Haha. My aim of doing ruki cosplay was smashed quite long ago. I shall change to keiyuu’s. his looks rather simple. Ok, back to what I was saying…so we went to bugis and we both bought a pair of pants, same design but different colour. Ok, there was no special design. It was a plain kind of pants. The shopkeeper asked why were we so shy…SHY? Erm….I think it was simply because we kept looking at each other and erring at some random things. Hahahaha. We are planning to stick masking tape and hopefully, some pattern will come out. Yeah! So fun! Yeah….yah…so after that we ate dinner and RUSHED to sch. I am so sorry shir that you had to run all the way from the mrt to sch. Bleh. I feel so bad…I was horribly tired after running. Luckily, I did not get a stitch. We just ate! And even luckier, I went jogging yesterday, so it was not so bad… SO SORRY! Ahhh. –guilt-

Yay! We saw many seniors at the concert! Hhahaha! And we saw shinmun! Oh man! It was so funny seeing her. We both stared at each other for about a second or two before ahhhhing at each other at the same time. ahahha! And we took a picture with her! We also went around hugging seniors! There is a tendency to hug people during concerts. Haha. I am perfectly fine with that… I just don’t like hugging for no good reason. It is a reasonable reason. Ok, let me continue…my angel looks so chio now! Feeb even called me to tell me that! Wooohooo! GO LAYWANG! : )

And…I received two complaints…one from my angel and one from jasline. Laywang said I never grow and jasline say I still don’t look girl. Hahahaha. Ok….they are not really complaints. What they say were true anyway. But I think what I wore today was quite girl already…not meh? –ok, maybe not as compared to other people- Hahahah. Nvm nvm.

The music was great! Hahaha! the xianyue qizou was impressive but according to andrea, according to wenqi, that piece was a grade 3 piece. Woa. They definitely made it sounded impressive. Buck up! Yeah. I have to buck up! The other pieces were all quite nice too! Hahahaa. There was one with some shouting of hey and ha-s. I wonder how long they spent to practise that since most people would not bother to shout at first. Haha. Not bad not bad. Hahahahaha. I heard that alice only joined one month before the concert. That’s so pro! She managed to whipped out such pro stuff in a month. Woa! IMPRESSED. Ok…I shall practise hard tomorrow before tuition!

i have watched the johnny's 2004-2005 countdown. i am very slow...hahaha. i realised it worked on my com so i just watched it. aha! so nice! all the super old songs are just so nice! i think all hikaru genji songs are nice! haha. most of them sounded strangely familiar. NAI NAI 16 rocks. there is another one which i cant remember the name, but it was by another group. for me, the peak of the concert was during the part where kinki kids sang smap's yozora no mukou. Oh mannn...lovely. it is one of my favourite smap songs. : ). kat-tun didnt sing much. hai. but they were the ones who sang NAI NAI 16. ahahhahahaha. i like it is not because of the fact that kat-tun sang it. i have heard it somewhere before and it sounded really nice.

The psc dvd’s starting bid is 220 singapore dollars……

Ok, here is a kyo(dir en grey) and ayumi cosplay. Hahaha. here

my entries are really boring if you dont like jrock...so uhhh.. yah...i am sorry. and i know everyone gets the impression that i spend a lot of money. i am so sorry.

better go sleep now. bye bye. tomorrow is another busy day.
PIXY FALSE-i am getting addicted to it

Let me boast about my iron giant assignment. My initial idea was to make it a hero once again, but in the end, the iron giant became melted steel in a giant steel furnace. Hahaha. I am so proud of my work. ERRRRR. Sorry, I am just being sarcastic. I bet I will get a super horrible mark for this piece of assignment. (not like my essays have ever been good-my English is baddddddddd.) It is one and a half pages of total crap. Hur hur hur. Oh yes…steel furnace reminds you of china right? RIGHT. The iron giant went to china and just nice they were in the midst of the great leap forward! Wooohooo. I wanted to write about the famine actually…not the steel furnace…but somehow, I suddenly remembered that they were melting steel at that time…so ahh well, I might as well say the villagers melted him. Hahaha. this is so crappy.

Go listen to raphael’s eternal wish! It is nice…but watching the pv makes me quite sad…a cemetery-like background..hai. I just realized the guitar was real cute. There are stars and moons on it!

Haha. I love the psc backstage clips. So nice! Especially the alice nine one and the miyaviXkeiyuuXgazette. Hahaha. ruki’s reactions are so funny. Gazette don’t smoke right. Hmmm. Grrr. I want psc tour dvd. Arrrrrgh. Arrrrrgh. Arrrrrrgh. Self control, remember? Hahaha

Today is Monday. It is the first day of holiday.,.. … but, what are we doing? We are in school for 6 hours of lesson with only a half an hour break in between! OH YEAH! (shutup danhong. You are a sarcastic idiot) why am I using the word idiot again. I have not used it for so long. Ok. No idiot, no ass.

Everytime after I go out with someone, I will end up feeling very annoyed after that. Nonono, don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that I am annoyed with the people I go out with…but of course, it is with myself. Come to think of it, why am I talking this way? I think my (verbal) way of talking is getting very WEIRD and it is so not me. Hmmmm. I wonder why. It kinds of gets on my nerve. Yah so everytime I will get annoyed because the way I talk is so disgusting. Ok. But I don’t think I can talk normally again. I always fake a tone out for some reason. Hmmmmm.

I should stop talking about this kind of thing…shir will say “why you like that” to me tomorrow. Haha. That was what she asked me today… and I will be saying WHAT????!!...haha. her question is always the same and my reaction is always the same. It is like as if she is going to ask me something bad, but actually, it is really nothing. Ehhh…I am not having a mood swing or something…just some random thoughts.

I bought a pair of socks today. Hahaha. blue+black+white stripes. Hahaha. it is quite long. I am getting excited for cosplay again! Haha. I should have bought the black and white one too. How exciting. Hahahaha. But the good thing is…even if I where, nobody would be able to see. Hahahahaha. And if you cut away the part for your toes, you can get a hand warmer. How nice! This is not sarcastic. Hahahahah. See, I am a boliao person who enjoys doing this kind of stuff. Oh yeaaaaah.

Anyway, I watched super band for the first time. Woa. Lucify’s costume totally rocks. Hahaha. so jrockish. They had so many silver accessories and one of them had boots. Their makeup was dark…. And nice hair…especially the person who tied a small ponytail on the right of his head. Two of their names were misaki and shinya. Hahahah. Shinya : ). Shinya from dir en grey is so pretty. I took a picture of him from renying’s mag but it is gone! The whole roll of film is lost somewhere. Hai. I like that pic. Actually, I just enjoy saving random pictures…even if I don’t like the band, I will still save the picture if it looks pretty. Hahhahahahaa. Oh yah…but I still think juz-b is the best. Ncie accapella. Hahahaha.

OK. Tomorrow is my death day. I know it. I totally neglected xs and practiced qq all the way. And my qq is horrible too since I always get the parts mixed up. My last finger is dying. It just cannot come down when I play. Oh no. die. Ahh well. Die die die. I have yet to practise paogong. I don’t even know how.

I think I made things sound very serious…sorry…maybe it is not that serious. My fingers are kind of numb now…but I only practiced one and a half hours… arggh. Ok. Everything will be fine if I concentrate real hard tomorrow.

Is there maths tomorrow? I seriously need to do something to concentrate. Oh there is maths quiz. Great. Today is only the first day and we had so many homework already. MATHS ENGLISH SS ASSIGNMENT LIT THING CHEM. Gosh. I think we are really a poor lot of people.

I guess our class was the most stupid one among all the other o level track classes. Most of us came before 730, thinking that lessons start at 730…but of course, lessons are supposed to start at 800. hahahaha. That explains why there were so many people outside our class today when there were only 2 or 3 people outside the other classrooms. Hahahhaha. A class of gundus. Haha.

Miche says we are doing sbq for hist tomorrow. Oh man. I DON’T WANT!

oh yes. i saw a nice shou cosplay. his/her costume looks very very nice. so pretty.

and...i meet some irritating people on the way home today. i was walking...then suddenly a girl walking pass me stretched out her hand and dsaid sayang. i think she did that to the uncle who was walking in front of me...she was with her brothers i supposed. i knew something was wrong when the uncle turned back to look at them. so lame. i always feel dao when i am walking home so yah..i didnt react much...i didnt turn back to stare or say anything. i expected something. very fun meh? hmm. ok.

heyyyy. hahaha. tuition was quite funny today. shir screamed when she saw my father at the void deck after tuition. hahaha. i wonder why. hmmm.

my mother is not talking to my father. hahaha. this is quite funny. she refused to call him this afternoon when i told her i was not free to called. erm..actually, i was just practising erhu. haha.

i want to get Go's lyrics. bis was from psc last time is it? hmm. this is quite weird. haha. i shall watch senor senora senorita's pv. the webmaster of the site i downloaded the song from said you shouldnt watch the pv, or you will start fangirling. haha. i think i will end up laughing. hur hur.

miche writes weird things on her paper...

ok, shall go away now. nite!

i heard miyavi's senor senora senorita. haha. it is indeed nice huijin!!! haha.

please listen to bis's GO. it is really nice. the guitar parts are great. it is not hard rock, it is accoustic.

blehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. i will never go out with my mother again. i always end up getting scolded. ah well. there was this guy who asked us to donate and my mother said we donated already. it is the truth, but after we walked away, he said something about us not having any stickers on our shirts. he said it quite loudly. YAH WHATEVER. I DONATED TWICE, YOU ASS. THE STICKERS ARE IN MY WALLET. I DONT LIKE TO PASTE THEM ON MY SHIRT, IS THAT ANY OF YOUR BUSINESS? what kind of idiot attitude is that. JUST BACK OFF MAN. sorry. these were my thoughts then. i was already very annoyed with my ma, so his maybe-joking comment made me fuming pissed. luckily, i did not turn around and roll my eyeballs at him. i think i have a tendency of rolling my eyeballs. i did that to some random people who were pretending to be funny the void deck of ms teng's flat a year ago. ha. i think she lives at the block. it was so lame. the person came in front of me and pretended to be trying to make a dog sit still. and some other guy said something about him looking like nicholas tse. SO ERRRR. LIKE GET OUT OF MY WAY, I AM STILL IN THE SLEEP MODE AND IN A HURRY TO GET TO CO. yeah. so i diaoed the dog person. i gave that er+irritated "smile" and sort of rolled my eyes.

i should stop rolling my eyes. stop talking so much. stop being so ???. stop saying ERRRR. stop telling my mother about going japan. stop asking my mother to get me a9 in wonderfilm. stop using the computer so much. stop thinking about going to japan. stop spending money.


i cant concentrate. ok. i need to learn how to stay awake in class. i realise that nothing goes into my brian during lesson time. even non-lesson-related stuff said by the teachers dont go into my brain. mr han was a english teacher last time? i dont even remember him saying that. yeah...so there is a chem quiz on mon? hmmm. i didnt hear that. so what do i do during lesson time? miche always thought i listen attentively in class last time. haha. i was always using my pencil during lesson time. but...i was always drawing...not taking notes..or copying notes...or whatever we are supposed to do. haha. but she noticed that i frequently look at the board. that is just an attempt to make wu lao shi think i am listening. haha. maybe not paying attention in class results in the large amount of time i need to study at home. but i really cant concentrate in class. it is so torturous. i always feel like SLEEPING... yeah. maybe i should bring sour plums to school. but i dont think it will work right? the more you eat, the more water you drink. feeling sleeping and having the urge to run to the toilet at the same time is not very pleasant. hmmm. please give me some advice. advice like sleeping early is not counted. i consider my sleeping time as early already.

hmmmm. ok, there is tuition later. hai. i have yet to touch my erhu. great great.

i should go do something now..bye bye. remember to listen to GO and senor senora senorita. oh yes, and antique cafe's FUNKY FRESH DAYS! haha. love that song. it is so cute!

Hmmm. The ienakiko vcds cant work.

I want to see gin no tsuki kuroi hoshi live. My favourite A9 song.

I was actually listening to armor ring when I read the a9 live recount. …

Everyone is engaged in watching the devil show. Hahah! I heard bits and pieces of it from renying today. It sounds quite lame. Hahahah. She said there was this scene where the 2 lead were kissing in the middle of the road and no cars honked. Hahaha. so funny. Later on the bus, huihong told me about the last episode. She said it was very funny after the ahem part. Hahahahhaha.

I can finally watch full metal alchemist today. Woa. It has been almost 2 months of no anime! Ok, yay.

Is the GSS on now? Hahaha. I shall hunt for gold-coloured pants and a black jacket. Hahahahahaha. RUKI. I mean that’s like the easiest to get right. Shou’s stuff are too difficult to get. Leopard print gloves, 5-row-studded belt, super huge crown collar pin and many hard-to-find things.

Mrs ee gave us one week to practise qq and xs. I am listening to qq right now. Thanks shir!!! Hahaha. oh man. Die die die. I still cant pao gong. I played super many wrong notes during lingan today. Ok great. Me and my screwed erhu.

COME TO CO CONCERT! It is very worth it! There are many many items!

It seems to me that fanservice happens during every live… hmm…that’s quite… : S. don’t shou and saga feel :SSSSSS. It is like…… they have to kiss a person of the same gender for almost every live performances. Ok, each other to be more precise. … … …

die. how am i going to play paogong+the part after that without stopping. argh. it is just too hard. die die die.

the problem is that...i am still not quite sure how do you paogong. argh great.

i think youtube is not working on my com again...hai.

PLEASE GO CO CONCERT!!! 2 july SCH $10! please go!!! : )

i found many alice nine pictures yesterday night. among all of them, there was this really cool one. it was tora's high school photo. i think it was from the year book. hahah. he looked like a super good student. he had no dyed hair, no piercings, no nothing.

my mother tortured me yesterday. she asked me to help her to unscrew her ear studs from her ears. my legs felt weak as i approached her. i am not exaggerating! and she wanted me to help her after we came back from running. it was so disgusting. i actually spent 15 minutes trying to unscrew the studs and in the end, she said i was the most stupid person because i failed to get rid of them. i could have gotten five bucks if i got them out for her. ok, i am very money minded, i ask for money whenever there is an opportunity. that is what happens when you like jap stuff. you need to have a lot of money.

i am crapping a lot again. maybe i should do chem. but there is physics tuition tomorrow night. alright, there is no link between physics tuition and studying chem. ok great. ahh great.

one of bis's songs sounds so rappish. it reminds me of w-inds. haha. but Go is nice though. i think it is called Go...yep.

i should go paste the pictures up on my book shelf. muahahahhaha. by the end of the holidays, i hope they will be full. hmmm. i can get the shouXrukiXmiyavi printed out. muahahahahha.

I love the lyrics of armor ring. It said something about the sky being emerald. The sky is always the most beautiful thing, aint it?

I can just imagine nao saying BOKU WA KIMI GA SUKI DESU, WAKARU? Hahahahha. It is hilarious. I don?t think anybody will ask a girl whether she know he likes her in such a way. I LIKE YOU, YOU UNDERSTAND? Wakaru is understand right? Hahahahah. So funny.

Won't you walk with me on the unending journey? I ask you
Even if you're just struck by the rain, I'll hold out my hand and protect you, you'll become a flower

Till we met, I didn't believe in living for anyone's sake, the interrupted circuit is linked
I awake, and kiss you on the cheek, like I no longer hate anyone anymore

On the afternoon of that day, I was holding on to nothing
If I close my eyes, I think I'm able to say to you ? I'll promise to you

On your sleek ring finger, I put on a ring called 'Promise', there's colour reflected in these eyes
I thought there was nothing, your existence repainted this world

Even the selfish words are treasures to me, I've caught all the elements to make it
I awake, and kiss you on the cheek, like I no longer hate anyone anymore

I'm giving this ring to you, I won't lose sight of it
When you're drowning in some form of darkness, I'll find you

Dreams give dreams, today I'm living as well, because this withered voice is calling for you
The colour that dyes the sky is a burning emerald, time is stopped, even the heartbeat

So precious time What am I living for? So precious time I didn't know
So precious time If it's now, certainly So precious time I know.

I'm giving this ring to you, I won't lose sight of it
When you?re drowning in some form of darkness, I'll find you

On your sleek ring finger, I put on a ring called 'Promise', there's colour reflected in these eyes
I thought there was nothing, your existence repainted this world

So precious time What am I living for? So precious time You taught me
So precious time I want to protect So precious time you

Haha, I like songs that talks about sky, stars and moon. Hahah. (that?s why I like gin no tsuki kuroi hoshi-it has both moon and stars)

I just found out that the social riot machines is full of f word? hmmmm. I saw that from someone?s journal. Hahaha. But most of the words are ?riot? according to her. Ok, nevermind, I don?t think I will be able to hear the words anyway. Hahaha.

So we are all going to hcjc concert and jy concert? Hmmmm. Hahaha. Ok. I am quite excited for jy concert for some reason. Maybe it is because the last one we watched was impressive. Haha. I think people like me can only watch such co concerts. HAI. I guess I will never be able to catch any kinki kids or kat-tun or alice nine or gazette lives. ? major sadness.

Hmmmm, let?s write to alice nine! Hahahahahaha! I think I am going crazy to such an extent that I am actually thinking about writing to them. Haha. No, actually not to them. I cant write jap, so can just write to those who can read English. Ahahaaaahahha! I feel so evil. Yah, I mean write to shou, since his English is better than mine. He should write more English stuff and use more cheem words?so I will go look them up. Hahahahahhaha. I think looking at hyde?s lyrics will be helpful. Hmmm. I shall do that some day. Maybe my English will improve. Hhahahaha. But my grammar is still relatively bad. My tenses are always mixed up. I think that is because I have never made a conscious habit of making my tenses consistent. Anyway, I must thank ms teng for passing my unseen poem. Thank you! Hahaha. I did not write anything like run-on lines or a lot of stuff she mentioned?.so I must really thank her. Phew.

Ok, so let?s write to shou! Hahaha. I think I am going crazy?.hmmmmmm.

I am just talking nonsense?but you never know?hur hur hur.

I need something to watch? There is nothing to watch?or rather my vcd player refuses to play it.

The kinki kids concert was great! GREAT! The effects were very nice! And since it was a dvd, the images were very very clear!!!! : ) I almost got a soar throat after watching it. Hahahahahahha. There was no one at home so I blasted and sang along. Muahahahhahahhhahaha! They wore a leopard print costume too. : ) tsuyoshi?s voice totally rocks. Hahhahahahhaha. Yeah. I think it will be very fun if they get tsuyoshi to act as kindaichi again in future kindaichi series. Hahahhaha. They can get tomosaka rie too. Oh yeah.

I lent miche shin hoshi no kinka. I hope she watch it soon! I love it! Hahaha. i have watched it for the second time and this time, I sided with hiroto all the way! Ahhahahaha! Hiroto is the ?bad guy? in the show. But it is ok! There was a scene in which he posed as a clown to apologise to the lead female character who was deaf and mute. However, he failed in all his tricks. Hahahaha. And while he was performing all his tricks and asking her to forgive him, he cried. But she stormed away, still furious at what he had done to her. So he did his last trick?and fireworks lit the sky?falling like coins on the girl. This is with reference to the story that was repeated for many times in the show. Yep. But, but, but, the Japanese dubbing decided to fail at this time. There was no sound except for other people talking and it was way before that scene. ARGH. My favourite scene! @##%*%(*%&$%^#. I hope miche watches it soon. : ) it is quite a cheesy show. But there are quite many cats in it. : ) cats are my good friends. Hahahah.

Are lessons going to resume on Wednesday? HAI. This is really boring. Moreover, our first lesson will be social studies lecture. This is not very exciting. I hope they can let us rest for a while. But I doubt they will be so nice, if not, they will not have rushed through the going through of mid years paper. Hai. Sian sian sian.

There is xiaozu tomorrow. I practiced quite a bit today. Hmmmm. I shall cross my fingers and pray that he will not test tomorrow. Please don?t. please give me one more week to learn. I really cannot play!!!! ARGGGH!

Please come to co concert!!!!!!!!! : )

I finally has something to do after so long! AHAHAHAHAHA!!!! YAY! Ok, I think I will not be shouting yay a few weeks later because the recording will kill us. Hahahhahaha. I shall wish myself good luck.

The lyrics of velvet?.is kind of suggestive?maybe it is because my English is not that good so I think that way?hmmm. I shall ask shir tomorrow.


The social riot machines!!! Ruki is so ?! Hahahaha!

I want to get psc tour dvd. Woa..some people in the audience were shaking their heads so vigorously?woa. Ok, they were flinging their heads front and back. SO HIGH. Hahahahah. My choice of music is getting weirder.
The $ocial Riot MachineS

13may-???may...perhaps 22nd.
13may06 I have been listening to Q since 11am and now it is 5pm. What an achievement. I broke my ajisai record by 5 hours. Haha.

4 more days! It is four more days to the end of mid years! But after that, I will have to engage in serious erhu practising. Ok, I shall do that on Wednesday afternoon. I shall target 4 hours. I shall cross my fingers and pray that I have such patience. But, I believe I can do it since there is dazu on Friday. Hmm. Maybe there will be yi ge yi ge lai. The thought of dazu on Friday strikes terror. I think there are a lot of things to do after mid years. I need to fix the co contact list which is gone for good from my computer. That will take perhaps three to four days. Oh man.

I need a tuner.

Maybe I shall not school for one day after mid years. I need serious practising. Argh. My qinqiang is totally not up to standard. The point is, I don?t even know how to play. The ornaments are rather irritating and I can?t get the rhythm right. I can just imagine myself thinking of escape plans to prevent myself from playing by myself during xiaozu. The thought of xulao scolding is rather scary.


14may06 Uhuh, it is almost four now but I still have not eaten lunch. Haha. I don?t feel like eating. So what should I do with the baos that are sitting on my table? Hmmm. I will get into serious trouble if I throw them away. But, there is no one at home now, so no one will know. Heehee. Erm, but it is not good to waste food.

My mother has become my accomplice. She told my father that the alice nine cd cost $30. hahahaha. It is such a lie. She says my father will kill me if she told him the actual price. I think so too. Hmmmm. And is today mother?s day? Oh yes, I just remembered it is. But, it doesn?t matter; I have never celebrated mother?s day or father?s day before. Hahahaha.

Coffee is such a nice drink. It not only wakes you up from your sleepiness, its aroma also makes you feel refreshed. Hahaha. This reminds me of what happened on one of the exam days. Joan placed her Nescafe mocha at the edge of her table and I accidentally knocked it down when I tried to pass the question paper to her. Hahaha. It was so funny. So her coffee spilled and we were frantically trying to clean up the mass of brown liquid. So sorry!!! Ahhh. I guess I wacked her coffee down the next day too, but luckily, it was not opened. Hahahahhaha.

I am still listening to Q. aha.

Zekkeishoku?s interview rocks! Hahahhaha. It is so funny. Hiroto?s voice is so deep so it is quite funny. Nao looks like a drunk.

Phoebe reminded me that I have uploaded the contact list onto yahoo groups. Ahahahha! OH YEAH! SO I JUST NEED TO ADD IN THE SEC1S STUFF! : ) OH YEAH YEAH YEAH.

2 more papers to freedom! They say we are going through papers on Friday. Oh no. TERROR STRIKES. HAHA. Nevermind, I am quite excited to see English paper. I bet I will fail! AHAHAHAH!

My intended alice nine layout turned out to be very ugly. Haha. I shall do another one some time later. I shall do one based on bath room too. I wonder where I can find a picture of a girl with her hair covering her face and lying flat on the floor. It would be better if she is wearing white. I think finding one who is Caucasian would be better too. This sounds like the American version of The Ring. Hahhaa. Then I would have to find a nice white wall with nice wallpaper. Next, I have to smear some blood on it?that is like impossible. Hahahah. Lastly, it is to superimpose ruki?s face somewhere in the picture. I guess it would be on the floor since he said his viewpoint was the floor. Hahahaha.

My neck is radiating heat again. I think I am going to fall sick again. I was feeling nauseous yesterday after eating the bao. I think I drank too much water. After drinking coffee, I drank 2 more bottles of water using the coffee can. Hahahaa. Water poisoning. Next, I was plagued by frequent numbness in my legs and hands. My mum says that numbness will cause you to get heart problems. I was quite worried. The numbness changed place for almost five times. Haha. Anyway, there is a reason why I am afraid I will get diabetes. I have the fear since primary school so it is LONGGGGGG story. Haha.

Jiayou everybody in piaing physics. Actually, I am only going to stick this post up after exams so there is not much point in me asking people to jiayou. Haha, but nevermind, jiayou everyone! 2 more papers to freedom! For the geog people, 3 more! But jiayou jiayou too! : )

I am slacking again. I keep slacking. Ahahahaha. Aiyah, nevermind larh, mid years only. I very hao xin qing this few days. Or rather, since exams started, I have been in a good mood. This is great isn?t it? Hahaha. Lovely. It is best that I stay like this forever. Aha.

I copied and pasted all the song analysis of zekkeishoku. Woa. Rocks. I shall have a nice time deciphering them after exam. And I realized what shou was screaming in kuruon nine heads rodeo show. I thought they were Chinese, but no, they were WORST TIME, SHIT COMES OUT. Haha. Hilarious. I was staring with disbelief.

I am getting hooked on dead school screaming. Aha.

Back to study physics. Bye bye.

The bisXalice nine clip is quite lame. Shou pops out of nowhere and tried to be seen in the camera. He gave this funny smile which was like the hmmm-without-teeth-smile. Hahahahha. So funny. He kept poking his head in to make himself seen. The yuri wa aoku saite costume looks really nice in the video, although you can only see the blouse and the accessories on the blouse. Nice. Ahahaha. The video is so lame. They kept saying wakaru, then someone said suggoi wakaru. Hahahahahah.

Maybe next time I should just migrate to japan. I have been telling my ma that I will choose to go to a JC which has overseas attachment to japan. hahaha. I want to go Hokkaido! It is such a beautiful place. Watch concerts! That?s the main thing!!! : ))))))))))))).

I feel like doing something lame. I shall not say. I bet I will decide not to do it in the end. Muahahahhaha. We shall wait and see. 2 months later than I will say what is it. Ok, maybe I should not even say because it is quite ridiculous and people will ERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR me. Hahahahahahhaha : )

A9?s dressing is more matured now. Haha. I still like the yuri wa aoku saite costume best. Everyone?s looked so nice. That?s the one on my file. Hahahaha. Oh yeaaaah. I like shou?s pants for yami chiru ni sakura. Nice. And that hair. Aha. Pretty pretty pretty. Haha. I like the fringe. Anyway, this pic was renying?s layout last time. Haha.

16th may
High high high! One more paper to go!!!! OH YEAH! Haha. But I screwed physics paper?I guessed the answer for almost half the mcq! Ahahahahahah! I cant wait to see the paper. We were all laughing after we discussed the which questions we picked the same answers. Hahahaha. So funny.

I am fishing for pictures for bathroom layout. Oh yeah. My net is moving at a horribly slow speed. Anyway, my father bought me a tuner! OH YEAAAAH! HAHAHAHA! My savior is here! Hahahahah!

I am hooked on armor ring. The RARARA part at the back is really nice. I think I will cry if I watch the live of it. Hahhhaaa. Nice nice nice.

I feel like going to kino tomorrow. Hmmmmm.

Youtube is down. Argh.


I give up on bathroom layout. Oh man. Oh man. Traumatized. Some disgusting pictures came out. ARGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGH. *hair stands

Tora?s guitar was 100 ten thousand yen?? Armor ring is written because shou could not attend a relative?s wedding last year. Haha. Saga sang the rarara part with shou I think. Aha. SO NICE. I LOVE THIS SONG. AHAHAHAHAHA. The whole album rocks.

Please tell me how to study for emaths paper 1! Hahaha. I have been slacking away since I reached home. Ahahahha. Argh. I got no mood to study for this last paper! Haahhahaha!

Shou?s pants are actually tights I think. Erm, ok, that?s quite horrible.

Like what shir said, Nao and saga really keep touching each other.

Oh man. What is there to do. I have to do something for emaths. Ahahahhahaha. But there is like really nothing to do because the paper needs common sense and I don?t have it, so how is it possible to study. It is too late to try to generate common sense. Hahahaha. I shall plan what am I going to do tomorrow.

1) get home 2) watch kinki kids concert 3) watch shin hoshi no kinka/inagakiko 4) practise erhuX4 hours 5) continue the photo frame 6) search for more pictures for me to develop 7) if possible, go lot one and get all the belated birthday presents 8) learn jap 9) learn how to read dougae I think that?s about it. Woa. It will be so busy tomorrow. Hahahhaha. Life is great when you are free. FREE! OH YAY!. Hahahaha. And I have to sleep tomorrow. Oh yes.

Black nails rock. : )

What is un chiku sai?

Hmmm exams are over?yeah. It is Friday now. I am currently very mad. I came back to find my pairs of slippers thrown one downstairs and one upstairs. One was left sprawling on the second floor staircase, the other one was at the carpark below my house. Please applause whoever who did that to my slippers. This is not the first time! Someone stole my slippers last year and it was quite a new pair! LESS THAN A MONTH! I hate this place. Nothing is nice about here except for the fact that the sky looks beautiful when it is about to rain-in its nice faded-tea colour. And I love looking at that tree which stands directly in front of my window. So what if it is bigger than my previous house? Really, it doesn?t matter anymore. I used to long for a bigger house last time, thinking that I will be more confident of everything. But now I think my old house is so much better. I can practice my erhu like nobody?s business there and I can still see my cats. Now, I seem to get very excited when I see a cat because there are so few cats around my area. Maybe I should take a walk around my old house some time and pay those cats a little visit. They definitely wont remember me?but well, my mother saved one of them from its death and I watched it grew up into a OLD cat. Hmmm. Maybe I should go next Monday?and I can go to the post office. Ha.

Oh yes, I am not mad about that now, I am mad that I got disconnected from the net when I am downloading a9! 88%! It is the video. ARGGGGGGGGGGGG. I hate the net. I shall not download any videos ever again. I SHOULD JUST BE EXTRAVAGANT AND BUY THEM! It saves my trouble, saves my parents? money but it wont save me from a scolding and a lecture. Yeah ok.

It is Saturday now. The JLC lecture was not very helpful. We were all separated because we were late. It was lucky that we did not have to wear our school uniforms, or else it will be so embarrassing.

Hmm, I think I need to shut up somehow. I am just talking too much, making pointless comments that make no sense and I get really irritated by myself. I am pointing to no particular incident. I just think I am getting loud. And I hate it.

My fringe looks funny and I look even more bald now. Gazette?s new image is really simple. They just wear suits. Ruki?s mdm oehlers? hair is gone. It is gold now. The red and black was nicer.

Well, my blog is not very exciting. I am just rambling about stuff that people don?t understand and know. Haha. I am so sorry. My life just seems to be revolving around such forms of entertainment. Hai.

I am tired. I have decided to go for hcjc co concert. Although it is compulsory, but I have thoughts about not going because?I don?t know..but I am going now?there are a lot of seniors performing, so I will feel bad if I don?t attend it.

I read a shouXsagaXruki fanfic yesterday. Hahahahaha. It was rather disgusting but people kind of liked it. Ahahahah. Saga was shou?s lover and hiroto was tora?s. hahaha.

Today is Sunday. Gazette?s live of The $ocial Riot Machine$ totally rocks. Ruki was?very high! Ahahahahahha! The audience was very very high. It is a nice song with a lot of screaming. Hyde and ruki are the stars of short people! Hahahah.

MONDAY?ahhhhhh. The limited 7-11 alice nine cards are so nice! Shou?s one is the cutest! AHHHHHHHHHH. He looks like he is saying WHEE. I am getting distracted again. I am supposed to be practising erhu. Anyway, I hope that zhanglao will select people for xiaozu performance. We are left with less than one month, I don?t think there is a way for me to even play qinqiang well. I cant even play while looking the score. Moreover, there are so many ornaments and additional notes added here and there. I am afraid I really cant make it. Maybe I should not find excuse to not practice, but I really have no idea how am I going to play well when there are so many things that I am not familiar with. ARGH.

I cant seem to watch anything from youtube. I want to watch the social riot machines!

Carin is going japan!!! HMMMMMM. So jealous!!!!

I see a lot of pictures now. Jealous jealous jealous. JEALOUS!

i think i should go practise erhu now...if not...i will just DIE tomorrow.

I watched something that was rather traumatising on Wednesday night. I finally know how is the jaw-drop feeling like. I also realized the power of makeup. It really can change a person.

No mood no mood.

Armor ring is such a nice song. Hahaha. Yeah.

There is a pasar malam below my house. I hope I can get some cheap stuff from there. Haha.

I am in the after-exams mood. Die.

This is gazette?s bathroom lyrics. Oh man. So sad. Ruki is such a pro.
Bath Room

Why can I not sleep? I was intoxicated with the silence I'm still alone in the wet room, singing lifelessly to myself Why can I not sleep? It's because I saw you My point of view is the wet floor, I tilt my head to be able to sleep

It seems like there is no need to understand that in reality I only have insensible feelings My voice is giving out all the time, I even forgot to wink. So fascinated I was because of you

I would like to sleep, because I'm only frightened when I'm awake I want to forget everything. This is selfish bullshit, isn't it? I call out your name, I notice it silently I grip your shoulder that became thin and shouted that it became too slender to warmth

It seems like there is no need to understand that in reality my heart is drowning deeply I press my lips together to resist the tears. There is no meaning to understand

I'm staying stock still, my back, my voice... The reason to vomit and so on was really alright Just, in my eyes you are very lonely with that face you put on There is one thing you were good at, to kill yourself until the degree that you hated yourself

To the unique you who gave me my name, shouldn't I be beside you in this situation? So, concerning me, you were gentle from the beginning until the end, mother

Softly on the white wall, you added a border of fringe in deep red colors I move close to your still warm cheek. You look like you are smiling peacefully Large drops of tears have piled up on you. I noticed that I'm alone now Your eyelids closed, your warmth has vanished. I'm at your side
Of course it is translated. Ahhhh. So sad. The last stanza is so?I have not heard the song though. Shall go find it.



how am i going to study lit. hmm.

I think amaths can cause severe brain damage and it makes you feel stupid. Integration is such a killer. Oh man?I think I went kind of crazy yesterday night. And it was because of integration and differentiation. Argh. They are such horrible topics. I wonder who?s the guy who discover them.

Oh yeah. I found a nice picture of saga. Hahaha. Purple contacts, purple eye patch, black fingernails, black lace glove, black pearly necklace, white pearl bracelets, white hair extension. Hahaha. Nice!

i should get rid of this layout soon. i just realised dying cast is about S**. so..maybe agoraphobia is something around there too? hmmm. i should have checked what was the meaning first. arh great. later it is really something to do with some disgusting thing. i am so sorry for polluting your mind. sorry.

Hmm. my com crashed a week ago so i did not get a chance to use the net. but it crashed at the right time. it stopped me from using the com for a while. hah. well well. it is a few more days to go before exams end. ok, i mean 2 weeks. but i was quite high after yesterday's english and ss. ss is like a huge burden. so now it is gone! oh yeah. but there's still history to come.

my dialing connection is even slower now. but lucikly i am sharing the wireless connection with my uncle's. but whenever i want to use, my father have to call him. haha. so mah fan.

anywya, cdjapan has shipped alice nine album! OH YEAH. i might get it next week? HOPEFULLY. it says it will take 4-12 days. the fourth day is actually today. but it will defnitely not reach my mailbox by today since it is election day! haha. hope i get it next week. exciting.

the best thing for a9's album is that saga sang. hahahaha! shouXsaga. oh yeah. their tickets for their 2nd one man show are almost all sold out. maybe there will be some new dvds..haha.

ok, jiayou everybody for the remaining papers! : )

LIT IS DONE! FINISH PRESENTATION! haha. veron sped through like bullet train.

Haha. I like ruki?fs height. Hahahha. He is shorter than what I expected. All of them are shorter than I expected. Maybe miyavi is not that tall?cthat?fs why my rough guesses of their heights are all wrong. Ok, at least aoi?fs one was near. Cockroach is such a nice song. Nice?ccassis?fs file is 15.4mb. woa. My com is fast today. it is actually 83% done now. woa. I could have downloaded like 4 songs if I have noticed that it was so big. Haha. I cant find cockroach. Ok, I can find it?cbut I don?ft want to go get a livejournal or whatever userid because I want to download a song. Haha. yay! Download completed! CASSIS is a really nice song. haha. it is just so different. yeah..nice. go download! : ) ruki's voice totally made this ballad sounds sad. hahah. yeah.

IT'S TOMORROW. ALICE NINE FIRST FULL ALBUM! hahaha! yeah! i bet they are all damn excited now.i bet shou will have insomnia again. hahaha. and hiroto will go gaze at the stars. and nao will drink coffee or something.


mid years is in 2 weeks time and i am so not prepared. die. ss is a killer. ohman.

my ma just came up. i am so dead. dead duck dead duck dead duck.

great great great. oh man....time is running out. i have never know precious time is. die die die. sorry. this is call muttering to myself. i shall wake up at 330am. oh yes yes. alalalalalalalalal. die. how how how. how i can i finish piaing every subject by exams. hmmmm. what a great question to ponder about. i think i should just camp over in school and dont come home. hahahahah. i am in a crazy mood now. i dont feel stressed at all. haahahhaahahah. maybe i watched too much of mad marble hell vision today. ok, actually only like 5 times. the making of it was rather interesting. they were running about doing lame stuff. and the directors or whatever they are poured so much red dye over them. haha. so cool. nice. the song is quite nice but it is not much of a song. it is just screaming. yeah. the girl with her hair all covering her face is quite lucky. and the boy who rode his bicycle across the scene. hahaha. i bet they got gazette's signatures in the end. hahahahah.

last minute piaing of chinese now. oh great. hahahahhahahahahaha. i still haven finish chinese baozhi thing. haiyah. heck. copy tomorrow. well well.

cockroach is a song, not a real cockroach.

i have been vigorously trying to delete yesterday's post. hope it is working now.

WOA. it worked. good. I need to find cockroach?fs download. Haha. it is so addictive. Although I heard less than 1minute of it, it is a nice song. I think all of them have black nails?caha. So nice. I am referring to gazette. Ruki?fs current hairstyle is nice. it reminds me of oehlers though. Haha. well, it is red in the middle of black?cit sounds like oehlers?f right. Woa. Oehlers=ruki. Erm?c.?h?c?c

YAY! i finally paid for a9's album. haha. my bread eating campaign can end next week. i shall drag all the wy to next week since i need money to buy bdae presents for many many people. ohman. i owed yifang's one for like 9months already. so sorry. ahh.

mrs ee is coming tomorrow. ok..i can to die. somehow, when we went for dazu today, xyz got thrown out of co room because they were good. ERRR. what a weird reason. me and shir were having random thoughts as we walked up the stairs to hear only erhu sounds. hahahahah. in the end, we thought we were hearing things. errrr. haha.

oh man. shir, you have gotta watch the new a9 vid. ok larh, i just saw the first few seconds of self intro. haha. nao's self-intro so funny. but all of them are funny. shou did my fave peace sign! ahahah. well, that's the only sign that i know how to do. i think this comment that someone posted is really nice."They're all so cute. I love Tora and he's just all...yeah...I'm awesome and I know it and you know it and I know you know it and you know I know it." hahahha.
VELVET!!!!! butterfly.

i am here again. what am i doing? haha. ok, nevermind. the volume of the music playing now is really small. haha. but there is no choice right? since it is almost 12. yixin's birthday! haha. felicia too. i got good memory. i shall send birthday messages later. heh heh. then i can carry out my evil funfair ticket plan. MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA. perfect. am i bullying a senior? no right.

everyone is piaing for pure lit now. i think we are rather screwed. i am not doing very productive work now. i have done only 4 pages after almost 4 hours of work. that is equivilent to 1page per hour. woa. dy/dx. errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. sorry. i just feel a sudden lameness popping out.

ok, i am taking back my words. shir is not going to teach me guitar. haha. we can investigate together next time. i have to get my dougaes right first. it is really sad to not know how to read scores. well, think about it, i only realised how to read the simplified score at the end of sec2. how loser is that? that was like my 5th year in CO. ha. that shows my proness at huning. well, i am not proud of that since that is not a good thing. HAI. not knowing how to read is really really very very very very very bad.

mrs ee came to take a peep at us during xiaozu today. me and shir felt the terror striking at us. it was terror and guilt for me. i must admit i have not been practising much these days. there is really no time. how am i going to survive through thursday? thursday is a very bad day.

: (

i got no idea why i am blogging when i am still stuck with lit. i dont know what to write already. i feel that it is out of point.

my mother refuses to help me send the money. i shall beg her again later.

ok bye. and alice nine is one arena-whatever-it-is-called mag. Got shots from velvet. GR.

Something made me think about NANA. I didn?ft know it had such sensitive topics inside. That means the movie is very different for the manga. Nevermind, I shall borrow after exams to see how it is like. i wanted to say something when tifen said it was disgusting?cbut I decided not to. Haha. but I shall say now. it is one of Shou?fs favourite comics. Hahahaha. I feel kind of disgusted now.

the cdjapan people very nice. hahahah. Yup yup. I think I deleted my order for nothing. Haha. I shall just order again?cwhen I have time to pay. Haha. yay. Sat!

elect presentation is almost over. haha. we left the costume bit to do. i was talking in a very slow and calm manner. what a rare sight. haha.

i just cancelled my order. i feel sad. hai. nevermind. and i am drenched. i dont run in the rain. it is not because act of coolness or whatever. it is just that i got phobia of wet floors.or rather, i got phobia of slippery floors. haha. yeah.

alright, time to study phy. bye bye. anyway, my father knows about my ordering of alice nine. my ma says he dont dare to scold me. how weird. but i know why my mother chose to use "dare". hai. it just makes me feel even more guilty.

harloe. i went to the post office today but i did not manage to pay for alice nine's album. haha. well, they need the receipeint's name which i got no idea who it was supposed to be. at first the lady said they didnt have money orders to japan. woa. that was horrifying. but she asked the other lady beside her and came to the conclusion that they had the service but it might take one month. ONE MONTH! OMG.it is 4 more weeks to the cancelling of my album..so i got no idea what i should do now. i am waiting for cdjapan to reply my email. hai. i think i should just cancel my order and order again. haha. and i kind of maluated myself at the post office. hahahah.

velvet's pv rocks. it is BEAUTIFUL. shou's swaying to the music is very natural for this pv. it is totally nice. hahaha. there is this really nice part where they showed saga and tora jumping and landing in slow motion. haha. i love the pv. nice nice nice. it reminds me of the commercial for joan's phone. and the song is good too. shou's voice is so deep for this song. hahaha.

i am hooked on ajisai. i listened to it for almost one hour before maths test. hahhaahah.

i hate pork. pork is disgusting. well, for some reason, i kind of hate saturdays because i know i will see pork during lunch. hahahaha.

Maths test is finally over! YAY!!!!! But it was :S. argh whatever. Hahaha. i totally didn?ft feel like doing after I realised I could not do so many questions. Flunk jiu flunk larh, I studied and did my best already. no point complaining already, you make yourself sad, you make others sad. haha.that's the most important lesson that i learnt last year. today shall be a good day since napfa is over too. By the time it ended, it was too late to visit any post office. I called my ma to ask what time it closes, luckily she picked up the phone, if not I will have to cook up a story to get my pa to pass her the phone. PHEW. I wonder if he knows about it. I hope not, if not I know next time this news will be known to my aunties and uncles. I am not saying he will be so big-mouthed to tell them?cbut it will be brought up somehow. Then my relatives will think I am such a spendthrift.

the kinki kids concert vcds are lying on my table now. they look VERY tempting. HMMMMMMMMMMM. I shall resist my urge since I have to practise erhu. Mrs Ee is coming back next Monday. OH NO. I don?ft want to yi ge yi ge lai. It will be horrible if xyz make her flare up during our first dazu with her.

oh yes. yesterday was zhanglao?fs birthday, so we celebrated for about half and hour before cca ended. I still got no idea what we gave him. I think there was some body shop thing with a bowl? Haha. I don?ft know. Xulao was using her phone to video the process of us singing happy birthday song for him. HAHA. So we had cake to eat. That?fs the most interesting part since I was kind of hungry. Hehh. THEN, me and shir maluated ourselves in front of the sec 3s. OH MAN. THEY ALL SAW WHAT WE WERE DOING. ARGHHHH. I was doing some lame stretches to prepare myself for shuttle run so shir imitated me and she did some taichi stuff instead. And the sec3s saw?c?c?c?c?c?c?c?cAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHh. MALU. No seniors maluated themselves in front of us before, but we malu ourselves in front of juniors. OK. next time we shall be fierce. Ha. anyway, huiling came back yesterday. I bet ziwei was damn happy to see her. Haha. She said she pon school yesterday. I bet she pon school for zhanglao. Haha. But she said she has a 5 day mc for plucking out her milk tooth. (?) hahahhahahahaha. That?fs very lame. She called me xiao didi for some reason?c..SO WEIRD. Ok, I think that sounded quite familiar. Oh, she called me that before I guess. Errrrrr. Wenqi came back too but I never really see her. Hahahahah. There was 1 group of hc people also. I am not too sure who are they?c.i turned away as I saw them. Hahah. I think is comm. people?c?c.. there is a certain level of fear to see them?c

tomorrow is the collection of money for funfair tickets. HOW? I have yet to sell one. OH MAN. maybe I should just buy and give to people??? I know this sound DAMN KP, but what else can I do? I might not even be allowed to come to this funfair. Ha, felicia?fs birthday is coming?cI shall mail her a coupon. This is quite dumb. Then I can give shiyou too. Woa. Then she can drag a friend. Hahhha. Then I can sell more. HAHAHAHAHAHA. I think this sounds even more KP.

I was watching shunkanshuuto live at aliceinwonderfilm during English. Haha. In the end, the whole paragraph that I typed disappeared. GRRRRRRR. Ok, nevermind. after napfa, I watched in class again, this time with audible sound. Shou sang off key?c The fans were all girls?c haha. but it was still nice. now I really feel like getting the vcd. Hahahahahah.

anyway, what should I make shir this time? Hahahaha. I think I know. I love doing lame crafts. Maybe I should just go to a school that deals with this kind of things. Design school perhaps. I wonder what my parents will say if I tell them I want to be like my cousin, who is currently a fashion design student. I bet they will scream and smirk at my craziness. They already destroyed my dream of becoming a hairstylist. HAI. My childhood dream and my current dream. I understand why they don?ft want me to become one. Most of them smoke, even the girls. That, I will agree. The few female hairstylists working beside my father?fs shop smokes, so it is no doubt that he will have bad impressions of hairstylist. Another thing is that hairstylists always have weird hair. I bet he hates them. So he wont let me become one. Ok, fine. My ma says next time I should just take night hair-cutting lessons. But?cshe said that kimage offers hair cutting lessons. Heh heh heh. I wonder if I join will they accept me. Heeeeheeeeeeeeeeeeee. I shall try after exams. Heeeeeheeeeeeee: D. muahahahahahah. I shall write out what I want to do after exams. Ha. I really have to learn how to read dougay. Actually, I have always felt stupid for not knowing how to read. This kind of feeling started since primary school and I always blamed it on my father, who didn?ft allow me to learn piano when my ma wanted me to. Ok. I must learn after exams. Maybe I should list it down here.

1)learn jap-aiyah. I can just drag shumin from her house to teach me. Hahahaha. Good idea. 2)learn how to read dougay-shir offered to be my teacher 3)learn guitar-shir offered to teach me too. But she also haven learn?c. 4)buy a sewing machine and learn how to use it 5)go for hair cutting lessons 6)learn how to knit soft toys 7)learn how to make the name friendship band 8)get a job?????-hmmm. abit impossible 9)dye my hair?c?c.my father will disown me though?c..my ma suggested dying so little that he cannot see?c.. 10)stone in comic shop and read comics for the whole day 11)to manage to accomplish 1), 2), 3), 4)?c.yeah. I think that?fs the main 4 that I have to complete within nov to next year jan. I am very excited. And of course, I have to exercise more. hahaha. yep yep.

I think my pineapple is on its way home now. great. My father got his taichi/qigong/duno-what lessons tonight, so my mother is coming back early with pineapples. (hopefully) I think I should promote business for my dad. Ok, hi people, if you injured yourself, please visit my father?fs shop. He can perform acupuncture on you?cand give you medicine. And of course, he can give you a mc if you want to pon school. he wun mind giving one. Hahahahha.

actually I am glad that my parents don?ft really care much about my studies. Although like most parents, they will rather I do well, but they never scolded me before for doing badly or anything. So I think I must really appreciate them for that.

I hear the horribly off part again. I think cannot blame shou?cbecause he had been singing for so long. And it was encore?cso everybody was too high to care. And he was practically screaming instead of singing. Haha. he got nice teeth.

ok, bye. Off to prac erhu.

PS. I am very disturbed my myself. ARGH. I sound like some chasing-star freak.

TSUYOSHI'S BIRTHDAY TOMORROW!!!! HAPPY 27TH BIRTHDAY! woohoo. aiyah. no time to make a layout. SO SORRYYY. AHHHH.

i have to get his album. hahaha. yes. i think i am wasting a lot of money.

oh man. HMV is really not going to import in alice nine. but nevermind...at least i found someone from singapore who has ordered their first full album already. aha. i must get it. i wun starve myself for 6 weeks for nothing. muahahha. i just watched the preview of VELVET. woa. not bad. there is shunkanshuuto live on youtube. woa. i didnt see that before.

yesterday's trip to clementi, bugis and orchard cost me quite alot since i am saving money. all my money is drained away.watching shaggy dog was the number one wrong thing that me and shir had done yesterday. ahh nevermind. at least my mum gave me 10 bucks. but i am going to put around 4-6 bucks back inside my wallet. it is not nice to spend all 10 bucks. and i got scolded by her this morning for refusing to get out of her way and asking her to mop the floor later. ok, nevermind.

i got not much things to blog about. i am feeling stressed again. oh man. mid years is coming...concert is coming. OH MAN. this is horrible. busy busy busy. i should go do work now. i am feeling guilty again. oh yes. napfa is coming too. how exciting.

dunman concert was not bad. haha. i mean duh right. the pieces were nicer than last years'. yup. but i was not really concentrating after the interval since i was thinking about how i can get the alice nine album. haha. sorry. i know this is lame.

just a pointless blog entry. bye.

Hmmm. I cant seem to find anything useful for history test. Urgh, nevermnd. I have yet to prepare for oral. I don?t feel nervous at all. Maybe it is because I am the kind of person who will only feel nervous when I proceeding to the exam venue.

ok?E am trying to load the alice nine?s interview at beat motion. Hahaha. It is fantasy live. Woa. I hope they import the cd. Ok. hahahaha. There is this part in the video that they filmed alice nine walking and shou was scratching hiroto like he was a cat. Ermm. Then the live?Ehey zoomed in on shou?s teeth. Hahahaha. I can see his teeth is not very organised? That?s not the word to describe teeth right? Haha. I am directly translating from Chinese. This is the first time I see what shou?s fantasy?s full costume is like. His pants are..rather shocking?Eit looks so weird with his top. The part of the pants after his knees is in shreds. I don?t like his costume anymore. Aiyah. I thought the top looks so cool..then the bottom?Ek, I looked closer and I realised tora was trying to scratch nao too. Tora?s hair is so nice.

I think my mother is mad. I was just joking with her just now but she agreed to my demand. I said since she didn?t want to bring me to japan, she should just give me 100 bucks to buy alice in wonder film. Then after a few seconds, she said she would give me after o levels. I am so SHOCKED. I was only joking. I wont want my parents to pay for a vcd that cost probably over a hundred bucks. Ha, I better don?t remind her about it again. So weird. She can just get me something else if she want. I shall remind her that she promised me something else. Hahaha. Even if she want to give me alice in wonder film, she also have to order it from japan. But the point is she doesn?t even have a credit card. Ha.

yay, I ran yesterday and today! WOOHOO. Not bad not bad. this is such an achievement. I wanted to wake up at 8am today but somehow, I off my alarm clock when it rang. Hahahaha. I am cooling down now?Eo blogging wouldn?t seem to be wasting time. Hahahah.

I have to do a tsuyoshi layout soon. Oh man. I will find time.

I shall learn the mickey mouse dance too. Exciting. It is quite easy. Hahahahahha.

I knew something like this would happen today. I know my mother too well. I was feeling freaking mad just now but now I seem to not feel anything. It was my fault anyway, but she shouldn?t have said something that insulted others.

Well, while I was feeling pissed just now, I thought of more things. Sometimes, compromising is very important. I thought of how I compromised to something today. But after compromising, I ended up bitching about it to shir and renying. I felt horribly guilty after that. It is always like this. Maybe I shouldn?t have compromised. It was just because I don?t want her to call me evil. Am I bitching now? I feel that I am. We live in a world that compromises have to be made. But why am I always regretting after I compromised. It is my own fault, not hers. I end up talking bad about her when I agreed to her requests without her forcing me to. I am just too afraid that people would dislike me because I don?t go with their views. I think the more I try to be nice, the more my so-called plan backfires. And I end up in a state which is worse than last time.

I think the question ?what?s your problem??Esounds quite reasonable to ask me. I think I can just say that I am born like this and I don?t know how to solve it. I don?t need counselling because I would never talk about these things verbally. They just cant get out from my mouth.

I wonder whether they are any strangers frequently patronising my blog. I bet all my entries will sound like a total joke to them. I am just a person with no life other than thinking about weird stuff and about how I can fly to japan. I think I need a blog for life, if not I might go crazy because I got no other place to vent. My true self only exist when I am at home. My parents got no idea how crazy I can get.

hai. Ok, enough of my stupid thoughts again. I think duael was damn nice. I think it is really a pity for people who could not make it. People who went from our class shared 2 bouquets for cat and yixin. And we wore class tee. Haha! Yixin was damn funny. Hahahaha. Then when she came out she started screaming and hugging everyone. Grace suddenly popped out from nowhere and said hi to yixin but yixin pretended not to see and continued hugging all our class people except her. Hahahaha. Then she finally hugged grace. Hahahaha. She was screaming all the way and I saw this random guy?s expression as he stared at yixin with much disbelief of what she was doing. Hahahah.

I shall call hmv later. Woohoo. Anyway, this post is continued from yesterday so the time is rather jumbled up.

anyway, KAT-TUN DEBUTED! Hahaha. I know it is like very late already, but it is still a happy occasion. Haha.

I am in an attempt to learn the mickey mouse dance. Haha. Kinki kids looked so cute and funny doing it. I opened the video because of the false advertising of malice mizer. In the end, there was only gackt looking so unenthusiastic about the dance. Hahaha. Woa. If only malice mizer would do that. I can imagine mana doing that though. I saw how he cheated during the fan gathering party. He was balancing the plate on the stick but in the end he accidentally tripped or something like that, but the plate was still stuck there. Haha. It was damn funny. And moi dix moix is back. Hahahahahha.

this weekend is quite busy. I am not feeling anything for oral on Monday. I shall prepare tomorrow. Haha. And there is hist test. Hai.

I watched the alice nine interview again. Hahahaha.

oh yes, and I watched ladies night pv in school yesterday. Uhuh. I remembered all those manikins. They looked horrible. So scary. Ayumi looked so cool doing the robotic kind of moves. It is a freaky pv. She died in the end. The starting of the song is very cool. There is the sound of typing on type writer. Oh man. it is a nice song. Haha. A nice song with a freaky pv. But that?s what made it unique I guess.

ok, I am off to study phy. Bye bye. I need music to mask the sound of pri school boys playing soccer downstairs. I shall BLAST MUSIC. Ha.

I just saw my progress report. Hmmm. hmmmm. There is one which says something like I should score higher in my tests. Hmmm. hmmm. it is up to me to decide what I score?Eut some things always happen without you yourself knowing it. ok, I shall try. anyway, I think mdm oehlers is damn nice. she gave me ME for contributing to class. Eh I don?t even talk during class. Hahahaha. Maybe she gave others EE. So she gave me ME. Hahahha. I must really thank her. Ms teng gave me AE for contributing though. Hahaha. But it is ok because I have always been getting AE for that. Hahahahahha.

I feel like dying now. my inbox got so many emails. I am so tired of deleting. Arh.

I called hmv. Woa. I think I repeated my question for 5 times before the guy at the other end finally heard what I was talking about. Oh man. and guess what, he don?t think hmv is going to import alice nine?s album. WTH. Ok, I don?t trust him. then he kept asking whether it is their first album. Then I said it is their first full album?Ethen he heard 2 instead of full. They only had 2 mini album. So I think he thinks that I don?t know how to differentiate between album and singles. Ha.

Our holiday is ending in a few hours time. HAI. This is quite sad. I did not even enjoy it. well, but I doubt we can enjoy any holidays this year. Hur hur. That?s why o levels should come as soon as possible. Then, I can enjoy my dec. woa. I am going to start day dreaming again. Hahaha.

shir and miche came my house yesterday to do work. Hahaha. They ate up quite a number of sweets. But it is ok. I bet my mother was quite glad because I would then not eat so much. Hahahhaha. Ok. I am very full now. I need to go take a walk around the house. I can still feel the soya bean milk in my stomach. I hate soya bean. Who cares about whether it will make your skin smoother. Grrrr. I think iced coffee is better, especially mocha and latte. Hahaahah.

I have yet to study for hist test. I have got no idea what?s the answer to two of the question?Eo how to study. I shall go ask for answers tomorrow. Haha

shou and tora were from GIVUSS. Haha. This is damn cool. No wonder there was a clip of shou with givuss. Cool. Big-eyed tsunehito was their bassist. So interesting. Nao was from Fatima. WOA. Fatima?s humiliate me more is so cool. They got a unique vocal. Haha.

There is this person who posted so many of his cosplaying as mana on youtube. Woa. He is so rich man. Perhaps he wore the same costume for all. Haha. But he looks quite good. As in the makeup and fake hair.

AHA. I just saw Rebecca?s journal. She is just a random person who do cosplay. She looked so cool with her fake piercings. Haha. It is at the same spot as shou?s! WOA.

3more days to kat-tun's debut.

ok, actually I have got nothing more to say. I just type this so I can digest my food. Hahah. bye bye.
SHOU : )

OH MAN. VISUAL KEI IS KILLING ME. IT IS DRAINING MY MONEY AWAY. i am not supposed to be typing this now. but thanks to SS i am here. she deleted the hol schedule that i sent her and demanded for it from sharon. HA. and she blamed sharon. SO WEIRD.

i shall not bad mouth her since her reputation has been swept to the lowest ever since the first day of LFC. i think our whole class is against her now. whole class+whole co. ha.

ok, back to the visual kei problem. i think i will go bankrupt because of them! hmm. i cannot blame them. i always say i will go bankrupt but actually i still got moeny. well, i think this is what you call reverse psycology. but i dont think it is working anymore. HAI

this hol is so slack. i practically doing nothing at home. i have read chem and phy textbook for many times. there is like nothing to study/do. that's good right? but somehow, after you are stressed for a long time, having nothing to do becomes scary. you will feel that you are slacking and the guilt will slowly creep into you.

MFCB, you should get a tagboard or comments or anything. hai. anyway. you want someone with a lot of moles right? and young. that's quite hard to find. you have Nao for the time being...so please wait patiently while i try to locate one in my magazines. haha. and about a fan...hmmm..this is rather difficult. i dont know who can be your fan. like what kind of fan do you want? ok..i think a junior is better.

ahh, cant wait for o levels to be over. there are so many things to be done! i must list all of them down now before i forget. i will learn jap, buy a guitar, buy a sewing machine, dye my hair grey, think of a plan to persuade my ma to go japan, master miyavi dance, learn how to knit soft toys!, learn how to read daogae. yes. there are alot of things to do. maybe i am too ambitious. HAHA. ok, i shall wake up at 8 and sleep at 12 everyday. WOA. FUN. this is so exciting. YES YES YES. PLEASE OLEVELS HURRY COME AND GO. and the hols, please slow down.

i dont even feel taht it is a holiday now. i go to school everyday for at least 3 hours. woa. everyday at 7.30. erm, well tahts because my father fetches me there. hahahaha. okie.

i have yet to buy bdae present for YIFANG-7months already., tianwei and gongzie. WAH. OK. i will buy. OH MAN. GUILT. thats why visual kei is draining my money away. OK. Ok.

AHHH. i should go now. anyway, i dont regret buying CURE..just that it drained my money away. yeah. jui's new hair is really not nice. last year's one was nicer. hai. nevermind. got a phanta*******..duno-what's-their-name poster. quite nice. kisaki looks so different with makeup.
JUI-eyechains are pretty

Xiaozu was quite slack. The sec1s came and we were supposed to teach them the basics. I came to one conclusion and that is I am super lousy at teaching others. I really don?t know how to teach. Ahh. I don?t want to teach tomorrow. I think I will end up teaching her the wrong thing. ok. I give up. I cant be a teacher. So someone please help me again tomorrow. Thanks a lot. : )

woa. I heard saga?s bass parts for Gin no Tsuki Kuroi Hoshi yesterday. I was so happy that I almost cried. Ok?EI know it is quite lame?Ewell, shir almost teared when we could go for lunch yesterday. Haha. I think we are weird. Ok?Ehe bass parts are nice. although he was just playing the same note for a few bars, it was still nice. haha. NICE. the guitar parts are nice as well. the whole song is nice. hahahaha. Yeah. angel will agree with me. YAY. IT IS A GREAT SONG.

KONO CHI NI NAMIDA WO ATAETA?Eaha..i am listening to fantasy now. I am trying to detect more of saga?s bass parts. Yeah. ano hikara konosenaka wa katahana wo nakushi ta mawaa yoru kaeta?Ek. I cant catch up with shou?s voice. Haha. Shir likes NAO now. Woa. Ok, I shall go do something. Bye bye. I didn?t get to print pictures though. I shall print tomorrow.

ok, I am back. The black goldfish didn?t die. But another goldfish is overturning. So weird. I don?t like fish.

a little story that I watched yesterday.

Once there was a mother who gave her son everything he asked for. One day, the mother asked the son what else does he wants from her. He said ?I want your heart.?ESo, the mother gave him her heart. The son was so happy that he ran out of the house with his mother?s heart in his palms. But he accidentally tripped and his mother?s heart shattered into pieces. The mother ran over and asked ?Did you hurt yourself??E

I think it is a very touching story although it might sound rather lame since I am the one saying it. But in the context of the show I was watching?Et was horribly sad.


OHMAN. I looked so freak in the co pic. OHMAN. Me and my humongous face. OH YUCK. I HATE DRESSES. I LOOK HORRIBLE IN DRESSES AND DRESSES LOOK HORRIBLE ON ME. And my sunburnt look so obvious in the xyz pic. YUCK.

i still think shou's eyes are fake. in fool's mate, i could see his veins. YES.
PRETTY SHOU+JUI+URUHA grey coloured contacts: )

everyone is sad. hai. cheer up everyone. ok, i will not blog about stupid thoughts again.

CO...ok, it was ok..i managed to multi-task today. i was counting beats while reading joy luck club. and i finished! NOT BAD RIGHT. oops. but i am not supposed to read. hahahaha. so sorry. there is meeting tomorrow. AHH. concert coming in 3 months and 20 days! JIAYOU PEOPLE! we can do it....huanghe today was relatively ok until THAT PART. WOA. lin lao said the speed was BU HUI TAI KUAI. but when it reached THAT PART..it was like flying speed. WOA. i laughed even before i started palying..so i ended up stoning there and laughing to myself and others who also stoned. mrs ee didnt come today...are we lucky? MAYBE. but friday is still coming. PRAC PRAC PRAC. HAI

anyway...the vidoll's scans are quite nice. but jui's hair is quite funny. there is pink and white hair sticking out from behind. ok, quite cool. the alice nine's scans are normal and shou's face looked horribly distorted. some comments on public eyes totally put me off. haha. i think the people who commented were merely commenting, meaning they are just joking...but it feels weird to read them. i thought last time the ones calling duno who of alice nine to open his/their legs bigger was quite horrible already..but i saw more awful stuff today. *shudders*

the gazette pics are GREAT! URUHA'S BOOTS ARE SO SO NICE. and ruki's GOLDEN PANTS IS SO COOL. alot of comments are about aoi's chest and uruha's thighs. haha. quite disgusting right??? kai looks the same with and without makeup.."" love that clip of miyavi and him. hahahahaha. nice.

8more days to kat-tun's debut! OOOH. my plan of going hmv on weds is ruined because there is hist test on thurs. i dont have my hist notes with me. hai. i hope mr han saw my sms and brings my file on thurs. if not...WQ%$&%*(%^. haha. sorry. then i will die. ok, work time. bye.

WAIT. WOOOOO. i just saw 2 alice nine pics that i missed out. one is from year 2004...oh man. so cute. hahahah. hiroto+shou. haha. and the second one is from april's shoxx. it is another pic of shou but he looks very nice in this one. AHHH. SO CHIO....but his ear hole is being dragged down by his earring. SICK. i wonder is his whole eye fake. you cant see the veins of his eyes...you know the red things at the side of your eyes. the picture was taking at a slanted angle so it is so weird that you cant see the veins. maybe his whole eye is fake. ok. that's quite lame. MAYURA

ahh. torture. the vidoll scans cant be accessed at public eyes. but nevermind. i still love that pic of jui over there(the person with that funny pose). haha. there are no new scans of alice nine. gr. the thumbnail capture of vidoll in feb's CURE looks very nice. hmm. woa. there is actually an april one...ahahhaha.

my net is slow...it is loading the lifeskills camp pics at snail's pace.

i am supposed to be jogging in the park now..hmm..but i am hungry. no food. arh.

jui looks ... without the normal makeup...he looks like kashiwabara takashi. jin from mask looks nice though. nao from karen has got a cool fringe. oh man. it totally concealed his left eye. i shall cut like this. wah. so funny. i think i will get hit by a car.

my grandma just asked me what i want to eat for lunch. ha, i almost said anything.

AHHHHHHHHHHHH ALICE NINE in APRIL'S SHOXX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OHHHMANNNNNNNN! aha aha aha. the scans are uploaded already! BUT CANNOT ACCESS. i hope i can see them tomorrow.

KINO GOT SHOXX. and CURE and FOOL'S MATE. @!%$&%(*%&#%. ok, i know i will be tempted to buy again. shoxx arrived last friday. i bet it is out of stock already. AHHHHHHHH. ............"""

ok, do work time. bye bye.

TUESDAY IS DRAWING CLOSER. oh man. the fear is starting to grow in me again. this fear has been gone for almost a year, and now, it is back. so how do you solve the problem? PRAC, PRAC AND PRAC. that's the ONLY solution to save ourselves from maluating in front of the whole co again. yes. PRAC. but somehow, i just cant get it right. missing the dians is just so irritating! AHHH. there is still xisong to prac. but i believe huanghe will turn out to be the nicest piece in our whole concert. anyway, it is a GREAT piece. the perfect piece to end the sec4s' life in co. oh yeah.

there is physics lesson tomorrow. hai. SIAN. i have decided to go bugis tomorrow night. but first, i must know how to get to pioneer mall. hahaha. i believe in my nengkan to get there. yeah yeah.

psyco le cemu disbanded because the vocal was arrested for substance abuse last year. woa. that is quite shocking. the vocal was daishi...i only remember lida...the orange hair guy..and the funny person who looked like a girl. yeah..interesting..

i wonder how's the black goldfish. i dont want to look at it. i shall take a peep later..if i remember.

pisaroto mayura is a nice song! dying cast too. oh man. i think jui's voice rocks.

is my blog depressing? disgusting? stupid? ok. i think it is. really, when you have nothing to do, you tend to think about weird stuff. hmmm. AGORAPHOBIA

A tribute to the black goldfish

The black goldfish is struggling to keep itself from overturning in the water. But, it still overturns. Its usual metallic white tummy is now gently smeared with patches of soft pinkish-red. It has been almost one day. Maybe it will never recover. Its silent struggle is suffocating. Who knows what pain it is going through? It makes no sound. Does it even have a vocal cord? Maybe the next time we see it, it has already stopped moving and is lying peacefully, with its sides down, on the surface of the water. The others might still not know what has happened?Ehey continue to swim like nothing has happened?E

Ok, this is just something that I suddenly felt like writing. My black goldfish is really at the brink of its life. Although I hate fishes and have always told my father that I wanted to kill them all, I still feel sad to see the poor black fish suffering in the water. I think that we can actually see a lot from the suffering of a fish. It can be linked to a lot of things. I typed that previous paragraph with the purpose of remembering the fish, but as I typed, I realised that there are a lot more.

Anyway, I did a layout of vidoll. Haha. I have finally got a chance to use that super pretty picture of jui. The background music of agoraphobia is really nice.

haha. Seline is so lame. Hahaha! I HATE THE LIZARDS MATING CALL. It is worse to hear the sound and later see two lizards stacked on top of each other running helter skelter. Ok, I witnessed that at OBS last year. IT WAS SO TRAUMATAISING. Ahhaha

413 rocks! AHA! Yay!!!!! This week passed extremely fast. I only bought that necklace last Saturday. Woa. And worse, I didn?t use it. so it is now in my mother?s possession and there goes my 13.90. yeah. this is so great. Haha. But, it is ok; it shall be my present to her since I have never ever given her a present before. I am a bad daughter.

and?Et was a mistake to buy that dress. I could have just worn the stuff that I bought. It looks a lot better. I shall wear them for grad night although grad night is supposed to be more formal. Aha. Too bad.

I hope someone will send me pictures! Hahaha. Ok, I think my face don?t go with a dress.

I found the ultimate weapon to make my hair stay in shape after putting wax. And that is to put hair spray. Woohoo. I wonder did I pay my mother back 10 bucks for it since she paid it for the makeup session last year organised by the guzheng teacher. It was time wasting since I did nothing there. I just stoned and no one stopped me. Us, to be exact. Hahaha.

ok, that?s about it. byebye. And may my fish recover.


haha, i still remember her birthday. not bad. ha.

anyway, it is 11 more days to kat-tun's debut. WOOHOO. hur hur hur. ok, thats all. i shant blog about disgusting stuff. bye bye.

Haha. 413 rocks! : )

I think this is the first time that our class was enthu for something. Yay! It was disappointing that we didn?t win the cheer since we put in quite a lot of effort on it. But nevermind, at least we won for the mascot! Haha! Cheryl?s explanation of the mascot was GREAT! Haha. I totally love it and I believe our whole class loved it too! OH YEAH! : ) ROCKS ROCKS ROCKS.

there is nothing much to say for the formal dinner and deportment kind of stuff except for the fact that once you put eyeliner, you will look weird. And green eye shadow makes you look like a demon. Yeah.

the outdoor games were great! HAHA! Yay! We won all three games! Yay! : ) I think it was really great. This camp is really the first time that our class demonstrated such strong class spirit. Yeap. I heard that ms teng said something about seeing our class changing at the start of this year. Haha. That?s good right? Yeah. Ok, keep up the good job everyone! We must aim for teachers?Eday concert. Yeah. I think a lot of people will want to do properly this year. WOOHOO.

the chalets were ok, just that it was very disturbing to hear the mating calls of disgusting lizards. I heard them for both mornings. SO SICK.

OH YEH OH YEAH. We should do miyavi dance! HAHAHA! SO FUN. I am still trying to master it but obviously my coordination is not very good so I still cant get it. I think angel and renying are trying to learn it too. Angel likes gin no tsuki kuroi hoshi too! ROCKS!. It is such a nice song! WOOHOO.

I am tired. I want to take a rest. I am living with guilt everyday. This guilt seems to grow as the day passes and I do not know what is going to happen in the end. And the guessing game is no longer just a small matter. I am guessing everyday. Now, I can even worry about the simplest things I say. Some times, unconscious thoughts just spew forth and before you know it, it is already too late. Then you have to think of how to explain and usually they sound crappy even though those comments are just random jokes which are not to be taken seriously. You won?t even know if other people will take it seriously. I take what everyone says seriously and that?s why I think I am getting so horribly paranoid. I can?t differentiate between a joke and an earnest comment of disgust. But ok, everything is my fault because I am not like others and I have never tried to be like others. I am a stubborn person who refuses to change my principles. YEAH OK.

I think I got no life now. Nevermind.

I think I should password my blog. I know it is irritating to have a prompt coming out everytime. But I know in the end I would not do it because I am too lazy.

this is getting quite disgusting. Oh man. I feel like deleting this whole thing.

shall blog more about camp stuff on subsequent days. Bye.



Come to think of it, i think my post today is quite horrible. NVM NVM OH NVM. I feel :S. OK. i think agoraphobia is super nice. hahahah. i really think i should pack my bad and go to loner island.

This is yesterday?s post.

I love the miyavi and kai video. Haha. I have watched it for about 5times today. Haha. Woa. I wonder how many smses have I spent to confirm the march practice schedule. Wah. I think I am doomed this month. I should ask my father to get me a plan or something. At this rate I am going, my phone would soon go bankrupt.

we are going to win class cheer. Ha. Yes. This is getting quite exciting. Class dance was fun. Our Mexican dance turned out to become some olden English nonsense that we made up ourselves. The Mexican dance is still there but I think we are going to add in some super lame moves like scuba diving. Hahahahahah. So funny. I hope we will win class dance. This is the first time I see angel being so high. Haha. So unlike her. But nevermind, it was fun. Aha. Shir thought I was high over the miyavi dance. ERRRR. I where got so lame. Haha. Camp is in a few days time and I realised that I have not really prepared for it. I am quite shocked at the heels that my ma helped me buy today. It is quite ugly. Hahaha. Oh nevermind. She spent the money so I cant say anything. I bet I will look the plainest that day. HAHA. Nevermind. At least I am breaking my principles and wearing a dress. Hahahaha. Alright man. I hope we win everything. Hahaha. I really think we can win cheer. We tested it out today and with half the class, we were already quite loud. Maybe it was hallucination since we were at a quite compact space. Haha. And we also did the class parade thing. Woa. Pong is damn sporting. I hope I don?t laugh and trip over renying?s dress that night. That will be so maluating. Haha.

oh yes, renying told me about full house. Ok, it sounds quite funny. Hahaha. But I still don?t take interest in Korean shows. So sorry. Hhaahahha. I think I should watch the miyavi and kai clip again. So funny. I also just watched a gazette clip. Reita totally kept quiet. At least uruha said a few words. Kai talked so much. Ok, maybe he is the speaker of the band. Anyway, there is a funny video of reita poking aoi. It?s damn funny. He poked aoi at that place. Erm. Top. Yeah. Haha. Then aoi just poked back. Then when he realised where reita was poking, he was like???. ok, they were dancing and they looked quite corny. OH MAN. I just watched it again. Aoi?s reactions are so funny. . Ok, I bet I am like talking to myself here. But it is ok, I think the video is so lame. They looked so funny. I think we can incorporate their dance moves into our lame dance. It totally fits in. HAHAHAHAHAH. REITA. SPAS. They look rather idiotic. Uruha just stood there and bounce and roll his arms. Ok, I don?t know how to describe. Ruki was rolling his arms up in the air and backfacing the camera. Kai was not inside for some reason. HHAHHAHAHAHA. GO AND WATCH MAN. SO CORNY. here I wonder which pv is it from. It is a very old one though. Hahah. Oh man. It is damn corny. I have watched it for at least 10 times now.

no one else is smsing the schedule. Ahhh. Hurry. I don?t want to do during recess tomorrow!!! AHHHH. Oh man. This is quite horrible! HURRY SMS ME!

rockers are all quite spas. They really differ a lot from the way they are portrayed to the public.

miyavi?s hair colours looks like chapteh. Ok, I don?t know how to spell it. But it is quite cool. Hahaa.

this is today?s post.

hmm, ok, I agree with shir. I am sarcastic and contradicting. I wont deny the fact that I am not. Actually I knew this a long time ago. I really don?t like to say things which I am not used to. It just boils down to one?s family background and personality. I can say I am from a very traditional Chinese family since both my parents somehow failed English and English-related subjects last time. Their English is just bad. Chinese families are more conservative I guess. That?s why I think my mindset is quite different from other people. It is just that you grow up with it and you are so accustomed to it that you cant change the way you process things. It is also about your personality. One is born with a certain kind of personality. Character is something that we can build on but we can?t change personality. About the issue of people touching me-I really don?t like it. I think almost the whole class know about it. I just don?t like it. It is once again because I am raised in a Chinese background. My parents don?t touch me, as in hugs and kisses all that. Even my mother patting my head can result in me screaming for her to go away and stop disturbing me. So you can see the extent of how I don?t like it. Maybe, she always does things when I am in a foul mood. Ok, nevermind. The point is that I still don?t like it. Last year, when we were at the airport before leaving for shanghai, I saw how everyone was hugging their parents and saying goodbye. I felt that my family was really different. We don?t do such things. My parents left before they were supposed to. They only said bye and take care. There were no hugs no kisses no anything. Well, I was not expecting anything. I grow up like that, so that is probably one reason why I never like people touching me. Maybe I never tried to accept it. I think I did, but I concluded that I cant.

Being sarcastic.. when I say things that I dont have a habit of saying, I will sound sarcastic. Like for example, if you force me to say 5566 rocks when I don?t even like them, I will definitely sound sarcastic right? Doesn?t this apply to everyone? Like if I ask some people who totally hates visual kei to say that VIDOLL is so pretty and cool, they will also react by saying it sarcastically right. Ok, vidoll is quite a good example. Haha. (Jui is really pretty)

I think a lot of things just boils down to how you were raised as a kid and your personality. Oh yes, about being contradicting. This is my personality. It has spread its roots over such a wide area in my brain that nothing can be done to get rid of it. I have been like this since young. It started out in really simple cases like how I want something but when my parents ask me whether I want it, I will say no. I am just like this. This happened last year at kino too. I rejected my father?s offer of paying for the moodchild book. Maybe this is a different case because for entertainment stuff, I refrain from using my parents money. Haha. Yeah.

I am babbling nonsense again. Hai. Ok larh, whatever. I know I am mean and bad and I think I got so many bad points that you can probably write them down in a shopping list. I never see good points about myself-the fact that I don?t think there is any. In the end, I will just end up being a loser. Yeah, that?s all. A loser.

you all can just ignore this whole chunk of nonsense because nothing really matters anymore. That?s why I say my social skills SUX and I should pack my luggage and go to loner island with my computer.

I watched the reita poking aoi clip again. Haha. It is so enjoyable. Actually JUI?s voice is quite nice. I like agoraphobia. I just realised that the sick song is not agoraphobia. I think agoraphobia is a damn nice song.

5Mar06 AHA! i am watching a vidoe of kai and miyavi now! SO CUTE. ahahah. HA. such a nice video! AHAHAHAH! so funny. oh man. it was during PSC tour. woa. i hope they will sell the concert in singapore. and miyavi sang the song with the funny dance. aha. so cool. kra sang buriki no hata. AHAHAHA.

right now, i am feeling horribly guilty. i tried to burn some songs onto an empty disc today so i can bring it to my father's shop to blast. but i wasted 3 discs because apparently, there seems to be something wrong with my burn programme. thus, i formatted the rewritable disc where shir put all the songs and pictures. all the songs are savely in my com now but the pics...i forgot that i separated them from the songs! AHHHHHHHHHHH! SO HORRIBLE. i feel SO SO SO GUILTY NOW. I AM SO SORRY SHIR. SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SORRY. AHHHH. oh man. this sux. and i only saw like 10 of the pictures. OH MAN. SO SORRY. AHH. and worse, i spoilt the disc. i think it is because the formatting failed for about 3 times. OK GREAT. now i have so many discs that cant be used.

sometimes, you will feel insecure when you have nothing to do. i had this feeling the whole day. i wonder if this is what you call the aftermath of having too much stress. it feels not right now that you have nothing to think about. when you have nothing(meaning work) to think about, you will either think about retarded stuff or THOSE things that you dont want to remember. ok, so i guessed i thought about the stuff that i dont want to remember today. YAH GREAT. It is this kind of awful feeling again. it once again reminds you of what a (shitty) person you used to be and what kind of failure you are now. ok, well, i am referring to myself of course. yeah. shitty and failure. dont they go perfectly well. WELL WELL.

i am getting irritated with the dance module. i have been checking everyday but there seems to be no surveys. ok fine. at least i did the tennis one. haha.

i hope my life just revolve around entertainment. it was a mistake to come to ny. i knew it. i was so prepared to go crescents before the realease of psle results. it would have been better if i went there since the sec3s got to go japan last year. *JEALOUS* yah well, my friend went and she spent only 100 bucks? haha. i am not too sure since my ma heard it from her ma. she was my childhood friend. i have not seen her for more than half of my life. hahah.

HEY SHIR, tell you something. out of the 5 alice nine songs, only fantasy can play. haha. i decided to write it here because my sms will run out if i continue smsing at this rate. hahah. okie. yeah. AHHH. akatsuki! hahaha! nvm.

sometimes, after you already let go of something, it will suddenly crept into your mind again and makes you feel uncomfortable. i hate this feeling.

wu lao shi tapped me while shir and i were trying to get to somerset mrt station. hahaha. i was so stunned. we were crossing the road so in the end we ran back to the direction we came from. and shir told her she have yet to hand in her zuowen. haha. so funny man.

APRIL'S FOOL'S MATE features gazette on the cover. AHHH. WHY. ok. it is my own fault. nevermind. march's issue is quite nice too. hahah.

and i bought a necklace for formal dinner. ahh. wasted money again. but i shall give it to my mother as a present after i use it for one hour of my life. YES. how worth it man. HAI.

It is 19 more days to kat-tun?s DEBUT! WOOHOO. This is so exciting~! I must get pictures of them with the label KAT-TUN instead of johnny?s and associates. Hahha. YEAH. exciting.

Anyway, I think saga looked the coolest in FANTASY pv. I saw his necklace flying up. It is way cool man. And his dressing is the nicest in FANTASY! SO NICE! It is one of the simplest dressing among A9 but I think it is the most good-looking one. He can be cool but chio at times. This is so fascinating. Haaha. Ok, I think I sound like some crazy fangirl again. But sorry to disappoint, I am not. But saga?s shirt really rocks. SO PRETTY.

I am looking at someone?s blog now. I saw the pink and green thing that shir talked about that day. I find it so amusing that he/she is so crazy about Kusano to such an extent.

MIYAVI?S DANCING IS TOTALLY CORNY. Haha. I just tried to imitate him but of course I failed badly. Oh man. I totally love that clip on him. haah. I have not really seen a rocker dance before. OH MAN. if alice nine is going to dance in this way, I will most probably die laughing. But I can imagine hiroto doing the dance. Haha, no offence. REALLY. I can really imagine him doing the weird hands-flying-in-the-air move. Shir was not very amused by the clip though. Hmm. It is so hard to amuse her. Ok, maybe it is because I get amused very easily, like how I watches alice nine?s interviews for don?t-know-how-many-times and can still laugh everytime. Hah.

It is one more day to the much anticipated no-test-day. After 8.45am tomorrow, we will be free. YES.

physics and maths test was?E

ok, I am not feeling sad, but I am in a stoney-mood today. I went to school feeling very sleepy. I was struggling to keep myself awake during English. I am so sorry renying if I appeared to be very irritated today. haha. So paiseh, but I was really tired despite the fact that I guessed i slept longer than a lot of people. 6 hours of sleep should be counted as ample right? Ok, I don?t know. I wish it could rain tonight and let me have a good rest. TOMORROW IS A HAPPY DAY.

I don?t care about all those (bloody) tests anymore. They are all over. There?s really no point brooding over them. I think I am much more willing to accept reality this year. THAT?S GOOD. I am very happy for myself. This is the me in sec2. I want to be back as the same person I was 2 years ago. YES.

ok, I think my blog is getting horribly disgusting. I think I should close it for some time?Ebut I have yet to do my shou layout. And how can I not do a tsuyoshi layout? Haha. Yeah?Eo I won?t be closing my blog after all. Hahahahha.

I am going to buy a dress tomorrow. After much consideration, I don?t want to be a sore thumb sticking out on the stage on formal dinner night. I am going with miche after school to get a cheap dress. Well, you will only wear it for once?E Ok, I can envisage my mum telling me to pay for it myself when she gets home. I screamed at her in an extremely rude way yesterday when she said I should throw my two toy cats away. She said it while I was trying to concentrate on maths and it got me freaking mad. Ahh, so I screamed at her to ZOU KAI. Erm, I always do that?Eut I usually say it in a joking manner. But yesterday, I really yelled at her. Hai. Ok, nevermind. I bet she will forget about it. hahaha. I shall pay for lit seminar myself and attempt to claim it back from her a few months later. I spent too much of her money this month. And now, I am not wearing the 66 bucks clothes she bought for me, so I feel guilty. But the fact is that, after the formal dinner, the white jacket will go to her, so she has no lost actually. Haha. But well, I guess I am still being extravagant here. So who says only child gets pampered? Renying was kind of shock when she knew I have to bring my own money when I go out with my parents. Haha.

I am supposed to be finding an English article now, but what am I doing? Ahh, nevermind.

dance assessment yesterday was OKKK I hope. Haha. Feeb said I looked the most bu shuang. But you cant expect me to smile all the way right. It will look quite weird?E Haha. Nevermind. i guessed my rhythm was wrong at the back parts. Haha, but nevermind, I am glad that it is over!

I was playing with my hair just now. (with wax of course). And I see a lot of holes in my hair?End later, I looked at fool?s mate and see all the artistes featured got so much hair, I felt so jealous. Shir said I was balding like mr chan. HMMM. ok, I think so too. I missed Tis asking the ?are you balding?Equestion. Haha. Come to think of it, I have not seen her for more than a year. Hope she is doing fine at NJ. Hahahhahaha.

tomorrow will be a good day. : )

I know i am thinking too much. but it is just that i feel kp. yeah thats all. i guess i am over sensitive and someone who has so little self-esteem till i think that everyone hates me. ARHHH. what happened to me??? oh man. i shall go to a school that no one will go. then i can start out as a new me. GREAT.

that sounded rather mean.

i feel like emailing shou. ARGGGG. ok, i told my mum and she said i was so stupid. but i think it is very fun. and they are like so free to blog about their daily life. haha. nao always post pictures. i think he posted one on the coffee he bought from starbucks.

anyway, we did our dance project today. we started from around 3.30pm and i ended at 10.10pm? well, that's for me only, since my dad was already waiting for me outside. so sorry to huihong, i didnt fetch her home since i went back first. OH MAN. i cant remember all the steps. pong's steps are so hard! haha. i shall prac tomorrow. i bet i will suffer from cramps tomorrow. GRAHHH. and there are so much things to be done. i think i should go to my dad's shop tomorrow to pia all my work. perhaps i can concentrate better there. and i can see whether they still have the glow in the dark ang-kong-kia, then i can buy for miche since i think she kind of likes it.

ok, i just sent it. oh man. what kind of idiot am i. ok, i know shir told me about the fan mail thing before and i tried looking for it, but i somehow missed it, so i was quite excited when i saw it this morning. haha. ok, it is like he will reply like that. ha, i bet like thousands of people send them mails everyday. they are popular in usa man. i saw the fanlisting like more than 100 were from usa. pro.

alright, time to bathe.

Well well, hey shir, I never indirectly tried to blame you ok. haha. Anyway, I cant reply your message, I have yet to top up my phone. I am blaming myself from my own bad self control. Yeah. I have to thank you, not blame you. Haha. I want kagrra! WOOHOO. I am waiting for yuri ha aoku saite?s pv to load. Alice nine in their ultimate chioness clothes. Shou is so pretty. But his expressions are the same as yami chiru ni sakura. It reminds my of miche?s attempt to act as a kid yesterday for the Chinese presentation. Hahhaha. Nono, I am not insulting miche. Hahaha.

I think I said wrong things again. Sometimes, you think that people think some way, so you answer it in some way. But in actual fact, people don?t think that way, so in the end, you will just make others think that you are kp. Ok larh, I think I am very kp. My kpness is increasing in level, and that is blatantly bad. shir, don?t ask me what I said. It is very obvious that I said something that I shouldn?t have said today. erm, it is not about I will go home and blast alice nine. Hahaha. It was something else which made me kept quiet after replying to one question. You sure can remember. This is what happens when you guess people?s intentions. Well, I sort of prepare what kind of answers to give different people. But this only happens when I am faced with the kind of question that I don?t really like to hear. Ok, enough of my stupid pile of nonsense and crap and attempts to make myself seem less guilty. I am just assuming that everybody is bad and I am the good. So actually, I am the worst. YEAH. IT MAKES TOTAL SENSE BECAUSE I AM THE VILLIAN AFTER ALL. I think I should become a hermit. Hahah

it is still slowly loading its way. I hope my life just consist of this kind of entertainment. Well, I know I am a very shallow person. But if my life is really like that, I will be someone who can find happiness easily. You can just throw me in japan with a million dollars to live off. Or you can dump me in some forests in japan, I believe some random visual rock bands would come and shoot their pvs there. Haha. Ok, this is lame.

I am happy today-because I didn?t fail maths quiz. Hahaha. What a miracle.

anyway, about the pv, everyone looks good! : ) all of them were holding an object except shou I think. It is so hard to understand their pv. Or maybe there is no meaning in the first place. But there is a girl in white in the pv-I guess she symbolises YURI since yuri is in white. What is yuri in English? Hmmm, actually I got no idea. It is bai he in Chinese though. I bet she was the girl who took the picture with saga. But they don?t want to show her face. Hiroto was hold some strings tied here and there on the tress, nao was holding a chain that was chained round a tree, saga was holding a glass with ice water or something like that and tora was holding a feather. WOOHOO. The ending and starting poses for the pv are very nice. but they looked kind of hunched. I don?t think I have the right to say them since I hunch more than them. CHIOness. Akatsuki?s pv is quite cool too and it will be the theme song for a new anime. Ha. this is so exciting.

there was no yan jiang today. SO IRRITATING! I piaed yesterday night and she forgot about it. grr. But renying was worse, she did it till 1.30am. woa.

I saw lin lao shi today. she said the same thing she said to me 3 years ago. She said I grew fatter. She was referring to my face. She did the exact same actions she did last time. Haha. So funny. I bet she cant remember my name since she didn?t call me or anything when I said hi.

I heard that gongzie was being teased yesterday. Hahaha.
SHOU-ultimate chioness

We finished watching the silnece of the lambs! WOOHOO! I was using my foolscape to block my view most of the time. I knew there was some striping part but I didn?t expect it to be so extreme. Haha. Buffalo bill?s dancing parts were so hilarious. He was strolling back and forth while pulling his coat up and down. Haha. So stupid. The way he acted sexy was totally humorous to look at. And I finally understand why he choose women who wears size 14. these women were all big sized so that the skin he obtained from them is looser and easier to be made into coats or something like that. So perverted. Miche was totally not looking at the screen. And she asked a ridiculous question today after we walked out of library. Haha. Oh man. so funny. But the answer to that question is sick so I shall not say. Hahahah.

ok, I shall go mise on weds. Heh heh heh. : ) ok, hmv to be exact. Then I shall chong home. This is my perfect escape route back home. I think my ma is starting to suspect that I always come home late because I go out. but really, I stayed in school. but wellll?Eometimes is I go out. hahahahhaa. Not frequently, so it is ok. hur.

hmmm, I unconsciously said something I should not have said again. GRRR. I knew it. hai, cant I just use my brain to think before I say anything. SO IRRITATING. I am so irritated by my own foolishness and stuff.

I just drank 2 packets of milo. Oh man. I am bloated now. I think I will get diabetes. Ahhhh. I really think I will get. Don?t try to tell me I wont. I am very sure I will since my grandma has it. I shall go running later to get rid of unwanted sugar. AHHHH. I don?t want to get diabetes.

my auntie told my mum that danger lurks around my housing estate. She said there was some molestor last time. OHMAN. And today, I totally forgot about it and took the ulu route back home. I shall try to walk the long way by the road. Although it is like twice the usual distance I walk, I am trading it for my safety and I can also prevent myself from getting diabetes. Hahahahah. Yes. I don?t want to get diabetes.

I want to ask for alice in wonder film. I want to see how their live is. I hope it is good. I want to order from japan?Eia hmv. Is that possible? Hmmm. 2 more days to FANTASY! And 1 month and 2 more days to kat-tun?s debut! Omg. Alice in wonder film is 5040 yen. That?s about 75 singapore dollars. When it comes to Singapore, it will be around 150. hmm?Ehmmmm?Ei hope they have asia version. woa. there will be a dvd singles out on tues too. Cool.

the stuff that i bought are not very formal. but nevermind, if wu lao shi says they cant be worn, i shall just wear pants and the blouse. that makes me happier. i just watched alice nine's fantasy pv preview again. saga's clothes are nice. they are very normal actually. it looks like the qhite sweater i bought yesterday. but his is a shirt, so it is a lot nicer. hmmm, i wonder where you can get a shirt like that. it is so olden english kind. cool. i want to get alice in wonder film. but i guess it is impossible. it will possibly cost like 100 over? aha. so exciting. it is loading the alice in wonder film backstage clips. aha. shou is gona cut saga's hair. yuri ha aoku saite's pv got saga with his eyepatch! WOA. it is the pv of alice nine in the nice clothes.

erm, they look very normal with normal clothes. haha.

alright. i bet mise will have new a9 pictures. woohoo. the new colour for their clothes is black and white. woohoo. i bet they will blend into the background again. hahahaha.

oh man. saga is so tall. tora is even taller. and that shows that hiroto is...short...aha. the hair-cutting part! AHHH SHOU!!!!! he looks so pro!!! PRONESS. ok. i shall wait for it to load finish. bye bye people. haha. -shou has got a funny flowery black long-sleeve shirt. : S

ok, yuck, i think i sounded so much like those crazy fans. i must maintain my normal image. hahaha.

I am still quite early. It is only around 12nn. I thought my ma asked me to come back before 12 so we can go get the camp stuff. And guess what she is doing now? She is busy mopping the floor and has yet to bathe. Haha. So I shall have to do something to self entertain now. I am not feeling excited for the formal dinner but for buying the stuff that will look like saga?s. haha. So I am actually excited for cosplaying. HA. They should change it to cosplay! I think it would be so much more interesting. Then maybe you can pose as doraemon! SO CUTE. Haha. Or some saiyuki character. OR DARK from DN Angel. So cool. Oh man. I will miss the full metal alchemist today.

I don?t understand why so many people love tero from vidoll. Actually I got no idea who they are but since their name sounded cool, I went to browse their pictures. His yellow contacts looked scary. Haha. Please go look at their pictures at public eyes. Well, I think alice nine is still the prettiest. : ) coolest is gazette. But my judgement is unfair since I have not browsed all the bands. Heh.

I read on shumin?s tagboard that kat-tun?s cd got 7 covers to choose from or something like that. SO COOL! Aha. I hope they have nice pictures of ueda. And hope that jin has non-curly hair inside. Gachibaka is not nice is it? it is like everybody don?t want to watch it. haha. I feel like buying anego. IT IS SO FUNNY. Actually I only like the words-coming-out-parts. They are so hilarious. The chest pain thing was the best! HAHAHA. Jin?s yong ku de biao qing was so funny.

a la li la la la. hahahaha. s club!!!! we gona show you how!!!!!! ooh-ohh it's a party over there.....


I think it would not be very surprising if I have a mental breakdown one day. Haha.

And well, I think it is just so irritating of me to not think before I say some stuff or do certain actions. Right after I said it out or do whatever, I would start to regret it. These kinds of things happen almost everyday. Really, it just makes me hate myself. BLEAH. Nevermind.

I watched alice nine?s FANTASY preview pv today. woohoo. COOL but boring. Haha. Shou looks damn good with the hat! Haha. Hiroto?s hair was like swept to the right. Saga was without his eye patch but he looked better inside compared to the picture neri bought me. Tora looked cooler and nao looked the same? Haha. I got no idea. I am trying to find the nice picture which I saw in school on public eyes. But I cant seem to find it. I cant remember who was it. it should be vidoll?s picture. I think shoxx is really a cool magazine. OHMAN. Cure is nice too. The mise person don?t want to call me. I want to get CURE! Ok. I should just shut up. Hahahaha.

shir wants to challenge me to guitar. Haha. She wants it in june somemore, but well, since i planned out everything already?Eaha. We were listening to s club 7 in class today and we started singing. Haha. That was after school at about 5.30.

erm, i have yet to buy anything for vdae. so sorry! HAHA!

they should change formal dinner to cosplay party. HAHAHA. that will be much much more exciting. i just saw a cool checkered coat from one of the scans from public eyes. so cool man. the model for that page is tara, an ex member of panic channel. actually i dont really know panich ch. haha. but he has got grey hair. way cool. i shall show my ma the picture later. HEH. why am i slacking now. haha. i shall do maths and stuff later. hoho. about camp, i think they seriously should change it to cosplay. haha. even wu lao shi thinks that gowns make us look like some rich tai tais. haha. there are actually spiral designed contacts. i dont think people get what i mean. click here wait. actually i not too sure whether can get in..because you need a username and password. hmm. i trying to find if that piercing on saga's lips is fake. ok, i cant seem to see. and shou's whatever cheek piercing. ok, it is not a cheek piercing..wherever the place is.

i am looking at this rather weird "how to make yourself look like jrocker" kind of instructions now. the pictures are rather disgusting. the person looks strange. with horrible hair and stuff. and he has got one red and one grey eye. red contacts look like....

well well. i shall go do my stuff le. zaijian.

13Feb06 Tomorrow is valentine's day. haha. i forgot all about it and i am not planning to get anything for the class. hmmm. i don't know leh. SO SORRY. hahaa. well, i got no idea what to buy anyway. but it is our last year as a class...so i think i should buy. hmm. i shall go see what i can get later. so in the end, i am buying! OK.

my bus trip home was horrible. i repeatedly played gin no tsuki kuroi no hoshi for several times. i seriously think it is a sad song. the chorus just makes me feel so sad. HAI. ok, enough about it. what i have just said is less than 50% of the details.

no, i didnt meet a molestor or a weird looking ah pek.

ok well. i dont feel like going to school. GRRRR. i think this was how i felt in pri 1. i didnt go to school because i didnt want to go for gym lessons. and well, i guessed i made a fuss about it last time. GRAHHH. come to think of it now, it is quite funny. haha.

well, i shall go do SS. great that chem test is pushed to thursday. GREAT.

i think it is nice to stare at SHOU's picture on a bus ride. there is nothing o look at so looking at his grey colour contacts is quite an amusing thing to entertain myself. isn't grey such a great colour?

i think this post is stupid.

next week's el elctive lesson will be interesting. we will finish watching the silence of the lambs(i hope). miche cant wait to watch finish it. joan is even more eager. she went to download it. ahha. it is a disgusting show though, with skins...and skinning of people. and buggies stuck down people's little throats. and also...size 14. haha

dance assessment in on wk9. WOA. i am so amazed. i never knew. NOT BAD. COOL. HAHAHA.

this post is really horrible.

well, ok bye bye.

Hmm, I have got a lot of things to say, but looking at the large amount of work piled in front of me, I don?t think I can afford to waste time blogging much. I thought about quite a lot of things this few days and I realised, in the end, the most selfish person is still me after all. Nevermind. I don?t think anyone will know what I am talking about. I shall just take note of this things if anyone ever mentions it at home again. Maybe I am just too afraid of imaginary things that might not even happen. I have planned them out to be bad, so when it really happens, I just naturally think they are bad. Ok, I shall try to think in a better way. I don?t think the word should be ?shall?E It should be ?must?E

I have just watched 2 episodes of anego today. WOO HOO. Jin arh..aiyo. haha. The show was quite normal just that some scenes were abit sudden, as in the climax was very out of the blue. Haha. The kissing scene came at the end of episode 2. it caught me off guard since I was practising erhu while watching. Haha. It was so sudden. And there was another sudden happening?Ek, it is disgusting so I shall say nothing about it. Ha. But I think it is quite a nice show. It is funny at times, especially when the words which were what they were thinking then started to come out. SO FUNNY. Jin?s one was so dumb. HA.

hmm, the mise person never call me. I am so sad. Haha, no larh, I expected her to not call anyway. It is not like I am really keen on buying or something. I think it is just a fashion magazine or something. So I guess it is not really worth it to spend like maybe 23 bucks just to see what they are wearing. I want to see jrock pictures, not fashion. Haha. Oh yah, there is a nice picture in newsweek of person in a suit and she/he has nice makeup. I think it is a girl. Nice nice nice. My mum?s reaction was ?aiyo, hao xiang wan shang you jiang shi yao chu lai zhe yang?E Haha.
now is sun. i just watched finish anego. WHY RYOKO NEVER MARRY JIN??? aiyo. so irritating! AHHHH. poor jin. hahahah. it is a nice show. i think tomosaka rie is quite a good actres. she is different from the miyuki in kindaichi. haha. i cant imagine her with tsuyoshi now. haha. it will look so weird. haha. SHOU

(Friday)This week and next week are very busy. We had sec4 photo taking this morning. It was kind of horrible because we were standing in front. Ok, fine, I accept the fact that I am short. Then pong was so excited about taking informal photo and she started thinking about poses. Haha. But in the end, there was no informal one, so we could only pose for class photo. At first it was spiderman or ultra man. in the end our class did something like 1 and 3. haha. Mr khoo did too. Did wulaoshi do? I cant remember. Haha. I think our class seemed quite excited. Ok, I cant wait to get the photo! Heehee. I bet it will look ugly. Hai. Like how ugly my p6 one looked. But actually, when you look at old pictures, they all look ugly. Hahaha. Well well. shumin said my hair looks like rocker? ERRRRRr. That?s kind of interesting. No one said that before. But I think my hair is very ugly. Ohhh. Looks like masuda arh. That was what shiyu said yesterday. ERRR NO. his hair is not nice. well. I guess mine is even worst and he got a big face. Like me. No wonder shiyu says I look like him. yah, nothing else other than the big face part. Hahahaha.

Haha. It is so fun to watch alice nine?s interviews. Muahahahha! I am watching the BARK?S one again. It is so funny. I think shir thinks I am mad because she don?t find it very amusing. Aha! Nao is someone who cant control his laughter. Haha. And shou rocks!!! WOOHOO! Saga?s current hairstyle is ugly. His golden yellow hair was a lot nicer. Yeah! THANKS TO NERI AND ANGEL WHO GOT ME A A4 SIZED ALICE NINE PIC! THEY LOOKED SO GOOD ON IT. their clothes blended so nicely into the background. NICE. haha. Erm, good as in chio. Referring mostly to shou. AH. SHOU IS SO NICE. I think he admires otsuka ai or something. Haha. If he and otsuka ai are together, they will be too cute. But otsuka ai is turning wilder in her image I think, so they look super compatible. Heh heh. Hmm, the normal shou should go with the cute form of otsuka ai, then the posing shou should go with the wild form of otsuka ai. WOA. PERFECT. Haha. That will be like so cool. I just anyhow say one. I am not too sure what the website was saying. ER. And shou?s teeth rocks. But he should just close his mouth for a while so I can see that he looks like the shou in pictures. Haha. I still don?t really see the resemblance except for the hair. He should smile more. haha. But well, rockers are not supposed to be too cute when they sing. Hur.

now news is lack of another member. Hmm. Poor kusano. I certainly don?t think his punishment has got anything to do with kat-tun. Kat-tun is famous enough to boost the sales of their debut. Well, it is after 5 years that they debut, so their album would definitely be a hit no matter what. Ha. ueda looked so nice in march?s myojo! I think he should wear school uniform more often. So nice. and his hair colour is so cool. It is black with brown at the left side which skilfully hid his dangling ear rings. So cool. Ha.

I shant get addicted to alice nine?s interviews. Haha. But really very hilarious.

today is Saturday. I just came back from that weird dinner. Hai. And I am watching the alice nine interview again. Haha. So sorry. It is too funny. Haha.

for flag day, we went to tiong bahru and bugis. Last year we went these two places too but bugis was our first stop. Haha. This year was the other way round. We wasted about one hour loitering around orchard and deciding where we should go. Then some guy approached us to sell flowers made by the handicapped. So renying bought one, while me and shir decided to confront the ice cream uncle who was behind us. But before we could reach him, shir tripped over something. Anyway, there was this auntie with a small boy who did not want to donate at first. But later she decided to give a coin to the boy. The boy said bye to me after that and after he ran off like 5metres, he turned around and shouted bye-bye to me. Ahhhh. So cute! A boy as in a boy around 5 or 6 years old. SO CUTE!!!!! : ) really really cute. Hahaha. After staying at tiong bahru for a few hours, we went to bugis to try our luck. The people there were more generous in giving but very little people wanted to give. Youngsters were usually reluctant to give. Those with funky hair and clothes were scary so I didn?t even ask them. Haha. But bugis is a good place to look for nice hair. Hahaha. Sorry. I look at people?s hair before looking at their faces. Heh. Ok, that was out of point. Tianwei and company went to guanyinmiao again and they got so much donations. Shawn got 20 bucks at one go. WOA. So pro. My highest record was only 2 dollars. Haha. But this year seemed to be more successful than last year.

shir bought me this ueda wallet card and a kinki kids bookmark. Haha. Thank you! She thought the ueda one was funny and said that I should have a collection of his photos since he was in kat-tun. Hahahah. Ok, gtg, bye.

today is Sunday. Haha. Shou nodded for about 21 times in the interview. Haha. Ok, I think I am rather lame. Haha. Ahhh. There are 3 tests next week, so I shall watch the interview everyday to distress. Haha. Really very funny. I think my elective homework will get a horrible grade. I spent so long last week but it turned out to be quite a lousy piece. As usual, I am not too sure what I was typing about. And the instructions said to refer to the movie ?dreams?E But we only watched less than half of it?Eo how are we supposed to refer to it? well, nevermind. I shall crap up more stuff at 10pm tonight. Haha. Absolute values are killing me. I got no idea how to do question 19. ok, I shall attempt it at 10pm as well. haha. I shall skip dn angel and saiyuki today. Hai.

shir told me about some crazy kusano fan. Hmm, I shall go online some time to get the link from her. Well well. exciting.

my ma didn?t realised I cut my hair. I knew I cut too much. But it was too late when I realised. That was when I was brushing my teeth..which was about 2 hours after I cut. Haha. Ok. now I look quite bald again. Nevermind. everyone should try cutting their own hair. Haha. It is fun. Once you start, you really cant stop. It is so fun to see your own hair falling onto the floor or basin or whatever. So nice!!!!!!! it is something to be excited about. But, it is difficult to cut it in balance. So too bad. but it is really really really fun. Hahahahah.

the merry xmas alice nine shirt canbe bought. So exciting. Haha. But it is not from mise. It is from the alice nine official site. Erm.

I shall go watch the interview again. Bye bye.

bangkok was boring.

kagrra,'s new singles is out today! haha! and alice nine's next singles will be out on 22 Feb and their first full album will be out on 26 april! exciting. ha. and KAT-TUN IS FINALLY DEBUTING ON 22 MARCH! OH YEAH. the sashins we see next time will be labelled kat-tun instead of johnny's jr. yay. haha.

ok, nothing much to say. got a lot of things to do. bye bye.

I need the SS workbook. Hai. I shall ask someone to scan and send to me. So sorry.

AHA! ALICE NINE! They are so cute. Hahaha. They always start interviews with something something ARISU NINE DESU. HAHAHA! SO CUTE! Then they will either stretch their hands forward or clap. Haha. They are very funny. Haha. It is just that they don?t look like the funny kind of people. The pv of shunkashuuto featured them wearing school uniform and without any weird makeup. Very nice! Shou likes Vivienne westwood too. That?s like kame. Kame and his gigantic skull ring. THEY REALLY VERY FUNNY and lame. Must watch January BARK?s message. It is very funny. They kept saying OTSU or whatever the word is and after they say they will bend their knees. They all look weird on interviews. Maybe it is because their makeup is not so extensive and they are moving their mouths. They look a lot prettier in pictures. Saga and shou look quite different. Saga looks stoney, shou looks cuter, maybe it is because he is smiling all the way and never closes his mouth. Shou got nice teeth.

happy early birthday to yabu! :)

i love kagrra,'s urei!!!!


today's concert was kind of short. xiqing was so fast! haha. but nevermind, it is our last cny performance. haha. i am going for reunion dinner later. ahh well. oh yes. eileen is going bangkok too! maybe i might meet her somewhere..

i am still looking at alice nine scans on public eyes. VERY NICE! it is not very pleasant to look at them in school because some of their poses were quite...disgusting. haha. and the fact that they were wearing shorts during the photoshoot. ok, they are not shorts. i just don't know what they are called. OH MAN. i just saw this really nice pic of saga! his contacts are so beautiful. it is purple with stripes. and the lipgloss he is wearing is so cool. and i realised his eyebrow is shaved until super thin. it only has the front part. the back part is not even visible. oooh. i must show my mother. i know my mother will give the me the same reaction. she will say,"eee. yao1 guai4." that's what my dad will say too. well, at least that was what my dad said when he saw mana. haha, i see his moles too. there are 2 under his right eyes. i think shir will be quite excited to hear this. talking about moles, morita go has a lot. so maybe shir will like him. haha.

i haven done anything for china programme yet. nobody is doing anything. thats why i am not doing anything. and nobody ask me to do anything so i got no idea what am i supposed to do either. the shanghai no3 group has done alot of things. woa. i think their teachers are pushing them real hard.

i shall watch anego now. bye. now here's the saga pic...

i think the things that i am liking are getting weirder.

i watched a few mana videos today. i think my computer can only watch those kind of less than 30seconds video. it would take super long for it to load those 3-4minutes kind. hai. nevermind. the videos were quite entertaining. mana was so funny and cute!!! KAWAII~ i know a lot of people don't like jrock. i did not like it last time also. but somehow, things that i disliked last time always turn out to be something that i will like later. OH MAN. MANA IS TALL.

i have yet to watch anego. ok. i am going to watch on thursday after school. yes. thursday i shall watch 4 discs before going for a super early reunion dinner. haha.

i just edited a picture of alice nine!!! : ) nice nice nice. it shall be my next layout. the kindaichi one will have to wait since i got no inspirations now. hah. please help me with lit assign!

i finally watched the full metal alchemist yesterday! NICE! the song was by porno graffiti. nice nice nice. i hope there will be no weird ads popping up later. and today i decided to watch dn angel instead of saiyuki. ok, i think dn angel is nicer. DARK is so cool. hahaha.

It is finally friday! haha! yay. but there is alot of homework to be done this weekend. i am aiming to finish all 5 essays. HAHAHA. but i think i shall push back the hist one since it is supposed to be due somewhere in mid feb. i am currently doing the kranji one now.

i went to find SS for numerous times today and yesterday. but she was always not in. OH MAN. i think i should just type the list out myself. oh yah. i still have to compile a list of the people who missed/will be missing co because of kranji or jurong islands. AHHH.

we stayed back to do class deco today. however, i dont think we did much. haha. neri seemed shocked when i said i wanted to dye my hair grey after o levels. haha. she said i was bad. haha. yah it is quite bad. my father will most probably ignore me for one week. but i am going to dye it myself. it is so much cheaper. hahhaha. grey is a nice colour. it is not very obvious somemore. haha.

i cant wait for o levels to end. i have already planned what i am going to do. i shall go work and take jap lessons. or who wants to give me free lessons? haha. i am only joking. yes. and if there is time, i will get myself a guitar. : ). i hope this year's holidays won't end. but nevermind, next year's first three months will be kind of pointless, so i can have 3 months to learn the basics of everything. but first, i must learn how to read daogei and more kanji characters. hahah.

modern dance concert was kind of short. but it was ok. haha. : ) good job people!!! haha! got guy give jiaying flowers. heh heh heh. aiyah. now i think go on saturday more exciting. hahah.

Aha. I have not blogged for one week. A lot of things happened. But the worst was being thought as a p6 from nyps by a p1 nyps girl. Then I said I was in nyg. Guess what she asked me? She asked if I was sec1. oh man. I was totally stunned by her question and I replied that I was a sec4 with much of a what-the-hell-tone. Luckily she said bye to me. If not I would have stoned there grinning to myself.

hoshino mari acted as aoko in kindaichi. Haha. Yay! She is nice! : ) maru and koki were very funny. Hhahaha. They were wearing Hawaii shirts I think. Haha.

I am listening to kotoba yori daisetsu namono by ueda. I recorded it into wav format. I just realise it sounds quite off at the middle part. Hahahah. I think my mp3 player cannot play such recorded stuff. The songs will go haywire.

I think I listened to about 5-6 hours of PIECES on Saturday night. I put it on replay mode on my mp3 and I went to sleep listening to it. the next day I woke up I realised the full battery was flat already. WOA. I am so sorry for yonghui?s free battery. Haha.

ok, I went to the RV 50th anniversary performance yesterday. It was ok, it is just that they shouldn?t put co as the last item. They played well but I personally don?t like the pieces. No offence. Haha. The Chinese dance was very good. All the guys?Eskills were good. I feel so sad after watching them because I think I totally wasted money and time learning dance for 7 years. I quitted without the ability to do something as basic as a split. HA. what kind of dance do you call that?

haiwei arh.. you danced for only 1 minute only!!! It is so weird for you to dance at the finale because they could have asked your seniors to dance right? I think it is quite waste of time for you to go there for the whole day just to do the finale. It is so weird. Haha. Anyway, thanks for the cd : ) but it was sad that jiaying could not come.

I am playing kotoba yori daisetsu namono again. Haha.

ok, I shall go off to do work now. Bye bye.

there was no sign of nobuta or hana yori no dango anywhere in poh kim. maybe the singapore version is not out yet. nevermind. i can wait. i wasted like 2 hours plus at pinoeer mall. but at least i admired someone's hair. it was damn cool. haha. ohamn. he looked like he was wearing a head band. but no, it was not. it was his hair. so damn cool. it had pink zigzag lines too. yeah, i think he shaved this line of hair in a circular manner until it was left abit and he died it pink in zigzag form. then his other hair was gold. wah. so damn nice. COOL! WAH!!! nevermind. i can see that hair quite often after feb.

trisha said something about the kinky sweater during lit lesson. then shumin stared at me and started laughing. aiyah, even if it was not kinki kids, it would be very funny also. haha. like how a sweater can be kinky. haha. i dun have kinki dreams ok. hur.

Diamond Story

How to do lit worksheet? Hai, nevermind, I shall do it tomorrow morning. What should I do now? There is like nothing much to do in the house. I shall wait for kame?s kindaichi and do screen caps. Then I can do kindaichi layout. Woa.

I watched finish itazura na kiss. NICE NICE NICE. hahahahhaha! Old shows are a lot more exciting than new ones. Haha. I was flipping the booklet that the company provided in the vcd box about the jap series that they sell. Malaysia got a lot of old shows. OH MAN. I want. Let?s see, they got die sterntaler part 1 and 2, tenshi ga toeta machi, shota no sushi, mou nu de tiao jian,minman city, GTO, I?ll be back, wakaba no koro, ao no jidai, kiss in heaven, ningen shikkaku, akimahende, summer snow,merry Christmas in summer, istumo futari de..yeah..about that..SO COOL. HAHAHAHA.

I cant burn the vcds! ARGH. There?s always something wrong with my computer. So irritating. Nevermind. I have done the screen caps. Haha. They kissed so many times in the show. There are 6 official ones and of the 6, 2 were in her dreams. Haha. So stupid. But it is a very nice show! Hahaa! Kashiwabara takashi is so cool. Hur hur. But he looks nicer in istumo futari de. But sadly, he only came out for the first episode because he was replaced by some other actor due to his sickness. So sad. HA. If not he could have made a great pair with mastu takako, so cool! : ) and they showed the ng takes in the vcds. So funny. There was one for one of the in-the-dreams-kissing-scene and takashi was laughing for some reason. I think the actress looks a lot nicer with longer hair. Well, her ears are a little bit too big for her face, so they looked rather awkward. Somehow, she reminds me of HYDE?s wife?Ebut I know it is not. She looked a bit like her when she tied her hair up. SO COOL. Nakama yukie was in the show as well. Why is she appearing in almost every show I watched? But she was a character of little importance. Haahha! And the end they also showed them getting flowers after they filmed finish the show. Takashi suddenly kissed the actress on the cheek and a lot of people screamed. She was so shocked. Hilarious. I know hui jin likes him a lot. She was kind of disappointed when I said he was married. Hahah. and this show very noisy. Kotoko is too hyper. I think I woke my mum up this morning because she screamed too loud. SPEED?s STEADY is very nice! (UEHARA TAKAKO!) Hur hur hur. (jin?s ex.)
Diamond Story

One week has passed. I think this year will really zoom past. Well, that?s good. That means o levels will be over soon. Hahahah. And then I can do whatever I want. Ha.

Yesterday was a funny day. It was after school and I stayed around in class doing nothing. Then Cheryl suddenly stood up and said ?Eileen, you are so short, do you want to be my girlfriend??EEileen just looked at her and walked away. HAHAHA. It was so hilarious. Eileen?s expression was that of STONE. Hahaha. I think Cheryl is going mad?Eahaha.

I watched 2 episodes of itazura na kiss. Woohoo. Haha. It was nice. I can still remember the last episode which I watched 2 years ago. I remembered watching it at jieyee?s house while we did the script for Chinese speech training. HA.

I am going to get my erhu back soon! YAY! I can finally practise the grape song. Oh man. I think I will die on Tuesday. I will most probably fumble my way through it. The cost of repairing an erhu in china is lower than I expected. Well, zhanglao said it would cost at least 100+. But yonghui told me it was only 55bucks according to zl. Ha. this is exciting. I hope the tou will never drop again.

I wrote shir a disgusting letter. I am so sorry. I bet it is so sick. GRRR. I can?t believe I wrote that. But I am so disappointed by myself. Hai. Anyway, thanks for letting me watch ueda?s date! HAHAHA! So funny!!! He really zuan4 dao4. I bet he purposely hugged her. Hahaahah.

CCA orientation was kind of horrible. It was so hard to drag people to the co room. co room is located at such an isolated part of the classroom block, so a lot of sec ones did not manage to see it. Band attracted a lot of people. So lucky. Hahaha. Well, but at least 30+ people left their names on the list. I like the souvenirs that phoebe they all made. Haha. So cute. I think shir took the whole collection. I only got the erhu one! It is this quarter of peanut shell and 2 small fragments of satay sticks glued together to form a erhu. So cute! Haha! Very nice!!!

I was trying to keep a balanced view of ryo on the bus after orientation. Haha. Cos shumin asked whether I liked ryo. So i said ok larh?Ewhich is kind of fake. But she seems to hate him!!! MUAHAHAHAH. Yay. I really think my character and ueda is around the same. So maybe that?s why I got quite mad after reading negative articles criticising his character.

Alright, wait. THERE IS NO SCHOOL ON TUES. OH MAN. WTH. DIE. I GOT NO ERHU! HOW I GO FOR DAZU ON THURS!!! OH MAN. ok, I shall just grab the best erhu available in the tuning room. So I have to wait another 1 more week to practise the grape song. AHH.
Diamond Story

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO TEPPEI IN ADVANCE!!! : ) tomorrow is his birthday! hahaha. yeah. hope WaT's new singles 5 Senchi which is coming out on 25th this month sells. : )

Renying came my house today. and we read blogs. yeah. and read gackt's interviews. and that's all. hahaha. so lame. have to go now. byeb ye.

Today is the last day of holiday. HAI. Although I am quite sick of staying at home, but I seriously don?t feel like going to school. I bet I will get so stressed up again. Then later I will get irritated more easily. And all the bad things that I don?t wish to see will start to surface. HAI.

My hair is really horrible. I bet people will comment that I look like a monkey again tomorrow. HAI. That?s the problem when you have too little hair. You will end up looking like a MONKEY. YEAH. Nevermind. I shall wait for it to grow longer. YES. But that will take so long. I shall slowly wait. I am dreading tomorrow. Shir says we are doing spring cleaning. Ok, it is actually not so bad. I don?t want to start lessons straight away. We are going back to our sleep-during-maths-lesson-days. I hope maths is not after recess again. I WILL DIE. After I eat, the first thing I want to do is sleep.

i hope there is no xue xi dang an this year. It is such a waste of time.

it is about time to eat dinner again. SO FAST. I thought I just ate lunch. Well well. oh yah, we are back to the days when we are going to eat the same canteen food.

Oh yes, I watched finish NEWS ONNA. NICE NICE NICE. hahaha. TAKKI REALLY LOOKED BETTER WHEN HE WAS YOUNG. Maybe it is because he had the gong face back then. It is not really gong, it is gong+cold. Yah. Haha. So the following is a review of the show.

Honami Does It Again

Suzuki Honami triumphs again, this time playing the independent and goal-driven Aso-san, the anchor of Channel 2 News. The series starts off with a bang, the tragic death of her husband and his ex-wife the day after their marriage and all of a sudden she has to deal with taking care of her husband's fifteen year old son, Ryu, played by Takizawa Hideaki.

The feelings and emotions portrayed by Suzuki Honami were sincere and more realistic, being a single person and being such a career-oriented woman, she didn't want to take the boy in and was rather vociferous about it, too. Takizawa Hideaki in the meantime was a bit of a loner and often grated on Aso's nerves. However, as the series progresses, their relationship blossoms and the audience can really sense a change between them. It just seemed very natural and not forced like some other dramas that I've seen. Like some other reviewer, I also felt that Ryu had some sort of feelings for Aso. They just had great chemistry together! (Maybe that's one of the reasons why Takky was later cast in "Majo no Jouken")

The side characters really helped contribute to the overall plot and feeling of the drama. The lawyer (the perfect man) often added comic relief to the serious moments. The scheming Fujiwara Norika made a great antagonist and it was understandable since she also wanted to become an anchor. Konno's character was also wonderfully executed, it was hard to make out the man's feelings and motives with his one expression face.

I've only seen one another news drama, Bijo ka Yajuu, and I thought that this one surpassed that one by far. I definitely recommend watching this for both fans of Suzuki Honami and Takizawa Hideaki. The ending was also exceptional.

haha. I totally agree. It was a great drama. Both honami and takki did a GREAT JOB. Especially the parts about the changing relationship. It did not have to be said. It just seems very natural and audience will understand through their conversation.

yamada takayuki was only a cameo in densha otoko special episode. And I saw his name somewhere on the OST. Woa. That?s quite cool.

I see..people have weird opinions of ueda. "Ueda Tatsuya, the appointed leader of the group, is one of KAT-TUN's most striking members. Because he tends to change his image a lot he has been criticized for being "unstable" in terms of personality. He is learning the English and French language (just like Gackt does - he's a big fan of him in fact) and plays the guitar and the piano. He once said he wanted to marry young and preferred Caucasian girls." Whats with UNSTABLE IN TERMS OF PERSONALITY? STOP CRITICISING HIM. He just likes to change his looks, that's not even a crime.

i have just decided to consider the previous post as 31 dec 05. it makes things easier. haha.

my hair is screwed. my ma was asking me why didnt i bring the koichi pic to show the hairdresser. haha. so in the end i showed her the maru-chan pic. HAHAHA. i cant stop laughing after that. i felt so retarded. but, i thought the hairdresser there would have the book for you to choose from. but no, they had all the books with the old and fluffy hairstyles. So, i have to show her something for her to cut since i don't want to cut back the same hairstyle. ha. but in the end, it looked the SAME. i bet she did not look at the picture clearly. my hair looked so different from his! i didnt want to cut his hair anyway. haha. it was just that my wallet only had kinkikids, ryohei and kat-tun's pic. muahahhaha. so in the end, i came home and continued cutting myself. i mean cutting my hair myself. i should have done that earlier. then i would not have wasted money. hahahahah. well well..maru-chan. i feel a bit weird calling nakamaru that. hmmm.

yay! i just finished friday's minutes! haha. i think the quality of my minutes is getting lousier. hahaha.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY KOICHI!!!!!! my fellow big head buddy :).

oh, garette is out of star idol. i am so surprised. haha. i was like HUH when i asked haiwei. WOA.

HMMM. i shall go watch tv. haha. bye bye. have a nice year ahead everyone! WOO HOO!!!

I wasted so much smses yesterday on the proposal that was not supposed to be done. GRRRR. Hahah. I thought other groups had already done it, so I panicked. The dateline was 30th Dec. ahh well, nevermind. Hahaha. I felt so stupid after that. That?s why, never panic when something happens. Haha.

I AM SO SORRY HANNIE! I NEVER CHECK WITH YOU!!! Ahhh. So sorry. Sorry sorry sorry. Well, there was a comm. Meeting yesterday and hannie was not informed. I smsed her but I seriously think there is something wrong with my phone, so in the end she never receive the message. So sorry! So she had to rush down to school from home. So sorry!!!

YAY! I bought album H!!! IT IS VER NICE!!! I love the song that koichi and tsuyoshi wrote. Haha! Nice! : )

kohaku must have ended in Japan. HAAAI. WaT sang finish le. Hahaha. And tomorrow is KOCHI?S BIRTHDAY! WOOHOO!


OH YAH, HAPPY NEW YEAR PEOPLE!!! : ) have a good year ahead!!! Hahaha!

Eh shir, why now you like kusano. Lucky I never order the yamapi uchiwa. Or else it will be so wasted! Hahahah! And tell you what, after the salesgirl put the pics into the plastic bag, she put up this nicer looking picture from nobuta. But of course it is of shuji and akira. Hahaha. There were quite a lot of shuji and akira. Haha. But yonghui said they were ugly because they were landscape pictures. But the new one she put up was nice! Well, it was nice from the view I looked at it. hahaha. But nevermind. You can have a nice time looking at an a4 sized yamapi. Hur hur hur. Next time I will buy kusano. But there is no a4 sized kusano. ???E

actually I didn?t want to go orchard yesterday. But yonghui said she was bored, ha, so we went..for about 30 minutes. We reached there quite late, perhaps at around 430. that?s my definition of late, since I have to get home before my parents. But since it was already so late, I decided to go to my old house which was so much nearer. Muahaha. And I visited my old stray cats. THEY DUN RECOGNISE ME ALREADY!!!! : (. Ok, nevermind. They cannot recognise me for quite a long time already. So sad. But I have not fed them for quite a number of years. They got new people to feed them! So it is not my fault! Haha. Yes. The younger cat is like a lump of thing now. Ok, I am so evil.

Anyway, I wasted so much time on the boards! And they are so ugly. I am so sorry for the ugly boards that you will see during orientation. They are so so so so so ugly. SORRY! I was doing while watching NEWS LADY. Is that what it is called? I know it is NIYUSU something. Ohhh.. niyusu onna? I think that is it. TAKKI LOOKED SO SO CUTE IN IT! But that was in year 1998, when he was 16 years old. Hur hur hur. I prefer tsubasa. Muahahahah. And takki and tsubasa are NOT gays. Yes. They are not. But takki was really kakkoi in the show. His character rocks. : ) yeah. very very cool. And the show was funny. Hahha. Now I am staring at mise?s website. I am staring at takki?s picture. Young animals always look cuter. Erm, I am not trying to say he is an animal. But..well..it is the same theory.

I cant remember joy luck club! I hope they wont test things like quotes. Because I seriously got no idea who said what.

SAEKO acted in NANA!!! COOOOL! She still looks cuter with teppei. Hahah. hmm. I have never looked up koike teppei?s websites before. Woa. His birthday is 4 days after koichi?s. GREAT. I have to change layout again. But nevermind, since I have already done it. yabu?s on 31st jan. hai. WOA. He was JUNON SUPER BOY?S CHAMPION! KAKKOI NE. WOOOOOAAA..

ok, this post is written from 11+ on 31st dec to around 12+ midnite on 1st jan..so I shall just consider it as 1st jan.

WOO. chinese version of wink up ended last year. hmm. yah, it should be around there. i didnt see it anywhere at imm or heeren since start of this year. so my latest issue is march 2004. bwhahaha. aiyah. i dun feel like going le. i shall not spend money on magazines. i spent more then 200 this holiday on johnny's+jrock stuff. WOA. i have never spent so much money in my life. let me think..but i want to get my membership card. but the woman never call me. aiyah. i shall get it after school someday. anyway, there is nothing to buy at mise also. i have spent alot on useless pictures. GRRRR. and all the stuff i want to buy there have to be preordered. haha. and they are expensive. so there's really no use of the membership card. so..if whoever wants to get something ex from there, just ask me to come along(if i can)..so you can get a discount. hur hur hur. or esle my card also not much use. yeah. i shall go during my bdae week to get myself a photobook or something. 20% discount. muahahahaha.

i read the kat-tun book again. i read the story with the super tiny words. so i read everyone's except ueda, since i read it twice last time. muahaha. the jin's one was very funny. he received valentines chocolate when he was in p4 and he totally stoned there because he never thought he would receive one. and he said valentines was a sissy festival which can be scraped off from the calendar. hahaha. then the maru-chan one was nice. they said he is a very nice older borther. :) yup. he looks like one. haha. the junno one was so funny too. they said he always act cool. when he self introduced at his new school, he even ruffled his hair after he said his name. and on the first day at his new school, he created a commotion because all the girls flooded into his classroom to see him or something. so funny. the koki one was about him liking animals although he looked fierce. haha. but he doesn't look that fierce when he was young. haha. he looks fiercer now..""" he was very cute last time! there is this picture of him when he was young in the book that i liked alot. he looks really guai1 in it. haha. i don't think ueda have ever been on a tv series. hai. so sad.

ok, i just joined the comm2006 yahoo group. oh no. don't tell me we need proposals for advertising stuff for orientation. oh no. please don't. i hate proposals. oh man. we have yet to start work on the notice board and posters which are due on next wednesday. please wish us good luck. nevermind, i have confidence that we can finish. *hopefully* if not we can just drag other people to help us do.

haha, i jsut read shir's blog. so funny. hahaha. but buy uniforms now not abit wasted arh? haha. wear one year only. hahaha.

i cant find hysteric blue's mp3! i have been finding naze for very long le. it was the ending song for ps shunpei. and who got matsujun and kame kindaichi pics? GRRR. i need them.

i am so lazy to get out of the house later. hai. but nevermind. i shall go get kinki kids album h first. so i can get so high until i forget that i am going to school.

it is officially 2 more days to Kohaku Uta Gassen on nhk. OH MAN. i am so sad. i want to watch it live from japan. then can see WaT live! i wonder if gackt is performing this year. i thought he performed on the 2003/2002's one. i remembered he had blue spotlight on him and his piano. ok, maybe it was not him. but it should be. or esle i cant remember so clearly.

2006 jan issue of wink up is in store! yay. ha. if the meeting ends early tomorrow i shall go check it out. i hope the cover features someone i like. hur hur hur.

hmm. no wonder i cant find chinese version of wink up any more. the publisher closed down or something like that. well, it is kind of expected since it cant really make alot of money in taiwan. now is the kpop time, so jpop stuff are not really popular. so there is officially no chinese magazines on johnny's. ahh well. so i shall just get the jap version and store them in my shelf until i know how to read them.

woa. moriyama mirai got an official fanlisting. so cool! haha! he is only 21. no wonder it seems so weird for him to wear a suit in last chrsitmas. i want to watch Kiken na Aneki! haha. the ending song is popstar by ken hirai. hahaha!

to Reihaha. you cant find it arh. hmm. maybe you can call up the other branches??? then dun need to run here run there. ahhaha. no choice then have to buy online. but 8 bucks for second hand vcds is a bit ex. haha.

tamaki hiroshi is acting in NHK taiga's drama. woa. cool. he will be wearing the olden type of japanese costumes then. haha. i bet he is acting as some relative of nakama yukie in the show, since they share the same sirname in it.

our classroom is on the third floor? THIRD FLOOR??? GRRRRRR. WHYYY. we cant slowly stroll back to class anymore. well well. this is bad. neri says 3rd level is faster for mr khoo to reach our class. that is so true! GREAT. school is starting soon. grrr. so sian. hai. but stya at home also very sian. if only school was not sian. and if only there is no hoework and tests and exams.

ok. i am supposed to be doing phy now. ARGH. i hate all this. bye bye.

WOA. SAEKO CAMEOED IN KINDAICHI! bwhahahaha~! yay! hahahahah! oh, she's kobayashi in dragon zakura. YAY! the one that looked ever so cute with teppei! muahahahah! i think saeko was the one that kame took neoprint with in the first episode. i didnt really go stare at her face, maybe that's why i didnt realise. and maybe it is because we watched it on computer so the face was a bit small."

i just finished a ridiculous ueda layout. haha. i am trying to make a kindaichi one now. woo hoo. i thought it would be easy to get hold of kame's kindaichi pictures. but sadly, i cant find any. so i am now stuck with only tsuyoshi's pictures. matsujun's one cant be found! GRAH.

HAI. nevermind. i shall do as many layouts as possible before the holidays end. muahahahah.

i shall plan my way to orchard on friday after comm meeting. but i doubt it will succeed. yes. it will end up like how it failed last time. hahaha. but nevermind, i shall get out of the house earlier and proceed to lot one to get kinki kids' album H. so exciting! and to comics connection to get the detective conan badge. i dunno why i want it. but it looks nice. haha.

i suddenly feel like watching anego. i shall borrow it from somebody when school reopens. i want to see jin having jie di lian. haha. i am just joking, that is of course not the reason. it is because i kept seeing it at the vcd store.

YAY! NINGEN SHIKAKKU!!! HAHAAHAHAHAHH! YAY! although i didnt watch it, but the book was exciting enough. i hope i can find it at cash converters one day. since i could find ie nakishi or whatever it is called, i might be able to find it someday. TO REI: oh yah, i think you can try cash converters first since they sell second hand vcds at a cheaper price. the one i saw on yahoo auctions cost around 8 bucks excluding shipping fees. cash converters sell ar around 3 to 5 bucks. they have branches at jec, toapayoh, tampines, bedok and angmokio. you are a singaporean right? hahaha.

mise didnt reply me email about my enquiry of koike teppei's fist letter. haha. nevermind, i shall visit mise some time later an ask about it. but the point is, i am not going to buy it. hahahah. it is to just ask for fun. maybe i should ask about gackt's necklace too. hahahaha.

walking in the rain(of arashi) is written by SPIN! woohooo. i hope SPIN is really ueda! hahaha. yay! i will like him a lot more! bwahahah!

i am looking at a site on ueda now. "With different people I'm with, I change into one of my many me's and use that." that's what he said. i think i am around the same as him too. hai. i don't think that is something to be happy about. it means you are someone with alot of faces. YAH. LIKE ME.

"Why we love Ueda

Many people, when they saw Ueda for the first time, thought he was strange. He doesn't say much, wears some odd clothes, is adorned with spikes and seems to be lost in another world. He goes through some different stages: sometimes he'll be very serious and hard-working, giving his all to the performances he does. Other times, he'll seem sullen and unattentive, and his work looks half-hearted. These are not just the mood-swings of some celebrity. Ueda is a complicated person, and those who can't see his good side are just not looking closely enough.

Ueda has gone through some changes since joining KAT-TUN. He used to be quite depressive and had a bleak outlook on the future. He was concerned that he didn't have much of place in the band - not because of any ego, just because he wanted to belong. People often asked him what his role was in the band, what he planned to be in the future, and what he would bring to KAT-TUN. This troubled him, because he didn't know.

As fans, we don't know for sure what went on during that time, but we saw the transformation. It seemed like Kamenashi Kazuya took Ueda under his wing, befriended him, and tried his best to protect him. It didn't take long for Ueda to start coming out of his shell, and soon he was an optimistic, important member of the group. Now he has the brightest smile in the whole of the Johnny's and a renewed confidence.

His band-mates all agree that he is an interesting character, and many describe him as "pure". He has also been described as the "cool" member, but this isn't the typical kind of "cool". Ueda is not a huge follower of fashion, he isn't pretentious or "tough", doesn't try to fit in with the crowd, and has a sensitivity that most "cool" people would look down on. Ueda has a style and smoothness that cannot be summed up in words. He is unique, and that is what his fans truly admire about him.

Most people don't have the imagination to see fairies, as Ueda does. Likewise, many people aren't able to appreciate the true greatness of Ueda. So, open your minds, take a closer look at the little Elf-like artist, and maybe, someday you, too, will see fairies..."

I totally agree with what the site said about ueda : )

anyway, the last episode of last christmas was nice! the best part was not naoya and ritsuko. it was ayaka and tappei! OHMAN! TAPPEI WA HONTOU KAKKOI! : ) he proposed to her in the restaurant that she was working in. they looked so good together. but i think megumi(ayaka) should be older than moriyama(tappei) in real life. haha.

wait. i just saw something about hist assignment on shumin's blog..i thought dun need to do what!!!! DUN NEED RIGHT! PLEASE TELL ME DUN NEED TO DO! I DUN WANT TO DO. NO WAY.

GRACE! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! : ) AND MERRY BELTAED CHRISMAS!!! :) so sorry, i was out in malaysia yesterday. (to see mudskippers)


ok, i didnt go malaysia to see mudskippers. haha. i watched tv for the whole night. yes, i watched kambhi kushi kambhi something again. haha. i cant remember the name. it is nice! KETONA KETONA YOU ARE MY SONIYA~!!! WOO HOO! it rocks!!! : )

And, i found a drama!!! YAY! i don't know what it is called in jap, but should be shinbun something. It starrs TACKEY! WOOHOO! it is an old show! i read the book and it is very nice. hahahaha!

nishikido ryo is having solo concert in january. WOOO. he can actually have a SOLO concert. as in, it is really cool since he is from 2 bands which both have 8 members in it.

a few more days to koichi's birthday! OH YEAH YEAH YEAH! KOICHI SAN WA NIHON no bai ma wang zi. haha. whatever it is called. and that's really how people call him ok.

i just looked through love in snow's lyrics. i love the line "shizuka ni furu yuki wa dareka no ai no kotoba dakara". it is really really nice. : )

I AM PISSED. i never knew that was a letter of "apology" from ryo to ueda on shounen club. ho, i actually thought it was just some kind of little joke that they shared. RIGHT. i thought ryo looked like a nice guy. HUR HUR HUR. RIGHT.



It seems that Ryo Nishikido from Kanjani8 has something against Ueda. I think it started with a question he put to Ueda on a Shounen Club episode: "What are you trying to be, Ueda?". He explained later in an interview with Kame what he meant by that, saying that Ueda always wore spikes and chains and bleached his hair blonde as if he was trying too hard to be someone else. He meant his question in a spiteful way, bringing Ueda down in front of everyone.

Kame defended his band-mate by saying: "I don't want you to say things like that to Ueda from now on. He's a fragile boy and it hurts his feelings. Especially since Ueda doesn't know what he wants to become, or the image he wants to have. It makes him feel bad, so please don't say that to him anymore." Even after Kame said that to him, Nishikido continued to target Ueda with cruel comments and questions. Once in a NEWS interview, he was asked which Jr he disliked the most. He said Ueda, actually stating: "I hate Ueda."

After a while of continuing bad feelings between the two of them (although Ueda never said or did anything mean back to him), they both came onto a Shounen Club "Letter Corner" to address each other in front of everyone. Nishikido said in his speech that he's sorry his "poison tongue sometimes hurts Ueda's weak and fragile heart" (which I thought sounded so sarcastic). That was their public "make-up" scene, after which Ueda still doesn't seem so keen on Nishikido.

THANKS TO KAME WHO SPOKE UP FOR UEDA. : ) i just thought nishikido looked better now with his black hair, but he is such an @#%@%^ SORRY. i hope xx never see this. but i dont think she likes him. haha.

Ueda might be SPIN! WOA. THAT'S SO TOTALLY COOL. THAT MEANS HE WROTE ALOT OF SONGS! OH YAY!! UEDA ROCKS! : ). AND THE SITE SAYS OTHER WEIRD NAMES MIGHT BE HIM TOO! MUAHAHAHHAHAHA! and..THE CHAIN THAT HE ALWAYS WEAR WAS GIVEN BY GACKT!!!! NO WONDER IT LOOKS THE SAME. @#%%&%^*@#$!!!!!!!!! i saw it online at 35 bucks. but it is second-hand. i wonder if mise still has it..85 bucks..."""""""" 85 bucks for a chain is TOO EX. OH YEAH. UEDA: )

nishikido ryo go away

i wonder how was the sales of SNOW! SNOW! SNOW! hahaha. tsuyoshi!!! muahahaha! it is good to know that ueda likes tsuyoshi too! : )

It seems like strange things always creep into my mind when I am not thinking about tv, jap stuff or studies. I thought of weird stuff for more than 1 hour yesterday night while doing lit notes for the pathetic lit quiz that we are going to have when school reopens.

This will be a long post, so if you don?t want to read, then don?t read, if not you might just fall asleep halfway. And please don?t tag anything in response to whatever is typed below regarding the strange thoughts.

I don?t think I should call them strange thoughts since I think they make perfect sense. This year is a horrible year for me, and for everyone around me. Maybe I should just live by myself and not have contact with anyone. That might be better for everyone else, including me. Everything seemed normal at the start of this year, but as time past, things started changing. Moreover, they were huge changes. And they occur on me. I know I have been a terrible person this year. Maybe I just don?t show it. 2 years of concealing my feelings in the lower secondary life made me skillfull at hiding my thoughts. Maybe it is because I always put up a fa硤e last 2 years, so this year, I decided to stop. It was a wrong move. Deciding to stop started a lot of trouble. However, I am still hiding some thoughts inside my brain. I remember talking about this in shanghai with renying. She said that she didn?t know I was feeling so ARGGGH. I think I am pro at preventing my emotions and thoughts to show on my face already. I think of a lot of things, but I don?t show that I think about them, that?s why I might seem so ?heck-care?Eat times. But really, I do think about them. And these thoughts bugged me like some reluctant-to-leave-kids.

I was watching RUMBLING HEARTS one night after my parents watched finish their vcd. There was a line that said ?everyone is suffering because of you?E This particular line seems like a sharp knife stabbing into my brain. I know this line apply to me as well. I did not switch off the television in disgust. I continued watching and see what the guy was going to do to solve the problem. He did not know what to do. I think he just want to let nature take its course. That?s what I always think. Sometimes, it works, but mostly, it doesn?t. To me, saying sorry when I am in the wrong is very difficult. But saying sorry when I am not in the wrong is easy. The latter didn?t occur this year.

I am a bad friend. I know that very well. I put this part of a song?s lyrics somewhere conspicuous so that I can be reminded of my ?lousiness?E

Sorry to all those who have been troubled by me?E#060;/b>

OKKKK. I decided not to blog so long about this kind of stuff. So that?s the end of random thoughts. Yes. I haven started on my lit essay yet. GREAT. I bought shin hoshi no kinka and ie nakishi-or whatever it is translated into in jap from cash converters yesterday. They are second hand stuff but nevermind, since I cant find them anywhere. Ie nakishi is dated 10 years back. How do the previous owners actually get these old discs? Even shin hoshi no kinka could not be found when I visited vcd shops a few years back. COOL. And I saw hikaru genji cds!!!! I bet they are like extinct in Singapore now. I should have bought one to listen. It is 2 bucks. Hahaha. The vcds cost 8 bucks altogether. 16 discs for 8 bucks, aint it cheap or what. Ok, fine, they are second hand stuff.


my long post is gone!!!! GRRR! nevermind. SNOW! SNOW! SNOW! is out today! WOO HOOO! HOPE IT TOP ORICON CHART!!! YEAH YEAH YEAH.

i actually emailed an enquiry to ask about koike teppei's photobook. haha. it is just for fun. yes. i dont think i am so rich to buy it. i bet i will miss last episode of last christmas next monday. grrr. i want to see the part where naoya(tamaki hiroshi) says that he hates the kind of women like ritsuko and dan1 lian4 was impossible and he would not hesistate to stop her from leaving this time. WOOO HOO! i only want to see this scene! and he hugged her! although both of them are not the main casts, but it is still very exciting! hahah! and ayaka(megumi) finally accepted the guy acted by moriyama mirai! yay! haha. i cant really be bothered by the 2 main casts. haha. but oda yuji's acting is good.

tamaki hiroshi actually acted in water boys series. woa. i am disgusted. i think he was that gayish senpei with the huge mole on his face. he looks better in last christmas, although his character is so lousy. he has something like a spare girlfriend. so KP. a back-up girlfriend i mean.

oh crap. i just saw that "Item(s) in this page are all available for a limited period only in Japan. Unfulfilled orders will be refunded after the unavailability status is confirmed." from the mise website. crap. i just asked a stupid question. a photobook can also be limited. ARGGGGGGGH. I FEEL SO STUPID NOW. hmm. but if it is limited then i want. haha. kagen no tsuki(last quarter) photobook is still in stock. hur hur hur. but i don't like narimiya hiroki. hahaha.

Aha. I found out who are the other 2 members of DB4 in STAND UP. Actually I would have known long ago if I checked wink-up more carefully. It is hiroki and oguri shun. I thought hiroki?s sirname looked rather familiar and the name that I thought of was his. Then I saw his full name suddenly and found oguri shun?s name. I think someone told me oguri shun was in it a long time ago but I can?t remember. Hiroki actually acts in so many shows. Haha. I know renying thinks he is cute. Haha. Well, he acted as that scandalous boyfriend in last quarter.

Geocities has got a new image. It looks quite cool and much better than the old one. I spent almost 2 hours doing a layout on teppei. It is purple in colour and I think it looks so much better than this lousy and cheapskate kat-tun one. Tomorrow is the release of kinki kids?Esingles SNOW! SNOW! SNOW! All the best to them! I hope their singles will continue to top the oricon chart!!! OH YEAH! kinki kids fans in japan will never let them down. Haha. : )

the host for this year?s hong bai is nakama yukie. I am so shocked. Why her. Why must it be her. GRRR.

I am so excited for tomorrow! : )

hai. it is like..i always say things on impulse then after saying it for about a few seconds, i will start thinking why did i say such stupid things. and then later, i will start to think whether my brainless comments will be understood wrongly and make others feel uneasy or anything. hai. brianless.

i watched king kong. this is the second movie that i watched in the cinemas this year. woa. it is not very nice. the storyline is actually quite simple, but at least there was excitement in the show. i bet my ma was so super thrilled by the dinosaurs that appeared. oh how she loves dinosaurs. when i was younger, the only films that i managed to catch in the theatres were dino movies. haha. and gladly, king kong had some funny parts which made the movie lighter and much more engaging for me, since i don't fancy dinos like my ma. but the movie was long. it was around two and a half hours.

i watched finish dragon zakura. it was nice! haha! kokei teppei is so cute! cute as in small kid kind of cute. and he looks great with the actress that acted as kobayashi maki. they make a GREAT PAIR!!! both so cute!!! and dz is probably the second drama that my ma sat down and watched with me for more then 20 minutes. woa. teppei rocks! :) he acted in that tian ti guan ce. i didnt see him in that show before.""" although i watched only parts of it, but i should have at least seen him popping out some where. hmm. i want to watch his movie. muaha. my ma criticised him for his moles and girly-voice. yes, he got quite a number of moles on his face but his voice is not very girly. and i realise he likes stripped-shirt alot. all his shirts are like stripped. the one from some magazine was red and black. he wore purple and black and orange and black in dz. i think there was more but i cant remember. and my ma said something about yamapi too. i think it was either he looks like a girl from far or from near. i am not too sure. but should be from far. hahah.

i bought a checkered pants today! and 2 mickey mouse shirt which my ma decided to keep it for herself. i only bought that 2 shirts because there was nothing esle to buy. what i wanted to buy could not be found. buy nevermind, i dont mind giving her that 2 shirts since they are so small. i shall get bigger shirts. yes. love the pants! :) baggy pants are nice! i need to get my haircut soon. it hair is growing disgusting. but the mickey mouse design was nice.

and so i went to the dentist today to wash my teeth or whatever you call it. and there was actually no decayed tooth! WOA. what an achievement. this is the first time i don't need to have fillings when i visit the dentist. cool. and it is even better because my ma said i have to pay her if i needed more fillings. i already got about 5 fillings. : ). i know it is nothing to be proud of. """

and here i am slacking away when i havent finish my homework and revision. i am going to finish my homework by friday. yes. friday. tomorrow i shall blast my way through revision. i am motivated by teppei. haha. that's so stupid. i am motivated by the show. yes.

today is co chalet. hmm..hmm..hmm..please dont look at me. i cant go for sure. i went to the dentist. my ma won't allow even if i didnt go to the dentist. i am so sorry. :(. hai. so so sorry. paiseh.

about co camp..i think almost everyone went home hating SS.

Yes. i just finished typing the minutes that i am supposed to do. my speed of typing minutes has increased since maf. very good.

i am back from co camp by the way. it was kind of the same as last year's, just that there is no co idol. the night walk was very screwed i think. i didnt even play erhu in the end. i ended up whistling and singing random songs like yue liang dai biao wo de xin and dang wo men tong zai yi qi. haha. it was horrible. there were so many irritating screams of little lizrds mating near me. so damn disgusting. and the point is, the area we were in was not lighted but the area the groups were supposed to walk past was. ha. ok, i shall move on to the sleeping part. actually, i am sleeping in the yangqin room. but in the end, haha, the yangqin room was given to the seniors! i thought i could try sleeping in other rooms..then in the end i ended up back at co room again. but nevermind, all the floors are the same. hahaha. lucky the air con was not very strong there. it was quite surprising that i didnt fall asleep during dazu the next day.

dont complain if your computer is slow, cos mine is always slower by around a third. ha. hai. my mizerable is only at 71%. kizuna is almost donw. oh man. i hate waiting. i want to go mise. i want to look for that hyde shirt. haha. i am quite broke now. i say i will buy alot of things but in the end i always end up not buying. haha. hai. i shall stop spending. i spent too much this 2 months.

SHIR..why didnt you know that answer to that question. HAAAAI. i am so sad..haha. xx also. aiyoo. haha..just joking just joking. like why would i have a bikini? haha. so of course the answer is that danhong has no bikini. yay. but well, it is a trick question..so cannot blame anyone if the answer is not correct.

after coming back from shanghai and this camp, i realised i am really anti-social. it is a fact. i won't join people if they are playing something. haha. ok, i am not very good at ealborating about it..but i am just anti-social. thats why people think i am dao. ok, never mind. whatever it is. i am getting very irritating. i am very irritated with myself also. act lame for what. grrr. not even lame then want to act lame. so retarded. now i am talking to myself. ahh. whatever. shut up danhong.

so sad, i didnt get to watch all my friends solo at band concert! GRRR! and why zhuli went back to china. : (. her card is still with me! hope you guys had a great concert!

now i wantto watch NANA. i should have seen the of NANA goods ealier. oh man. it totally rocks. there is this pink t-shirt which looks so damn nice. but it is sold out. although i don't like pink, but that shirt is really really nice. the leather key holder is nice too. ok shut up danhong, you are irritating! -please ignore me-

Woa. I just had an exciting experience of smsing. I on my phone as I stepped out of the house and to my horror, I saw mrs ee?s message which was sent to me at 9 plus. She asked for the updated schedule which I don?t have. So, I had to ask andrea. But sadly, I smsed andrea tang instead. I expected a quick reply. But of course, andrea ang would not reply. So I smsed Sharon. But Sharon is out somewhere. She asked me to try asking yiling. Then finally I found someone with the schedules. Then andrea tang replied me. And I got a shock because I thought I smsed andrea ang. Haha. This is so lame. So the email was sent about 3 hours after mrs ee smsed me.

TWINS IS SPLITTING???! Haaai. Maybe it is because I took down my twins poster and change it to the one with the 2 charlenes.

Anyway, bye people. I am going for co camp tomorrow. Haha. Bye bye. Tomorrow is comm. camp, then Thursday to Saturday is co camp. Oh yeah..i wonder what are we going to do at the big durian tomorrow.

What should I get for the bandies?!!! Shir bought chocos. She suggested candy canes. Where can I find! Ok..i shall go hunting in shop and save tonight.

The juniors got super good grade 7 results! OH MAN. Shir, you should just kill yourself for not taking NUS. Ok, I think I said that a lot of times. No one got more than 90 last year for our batch. This year got quite a few right? WOA. WHY SO PRO ONE? Well well.

Before I go off, I should just change the layout. I think all my layouts are very ugly. They all look the same. Well, it is too bad.

gackt?s miserable pv is only at 56%. But I think it is not bad already, since my computer always move at a super slow pace. Boku no kimochi by WaT is nice. but I don?t really like their voices.

my previous entry I wrote I shoudn?t have start hearing jrock. HEARING. I mean listening to. Hearing sounds so weird. I feel so sad for my gackt layout. I like it a lot. BUT IT IS DESTROYED! BOTH OF MY GACKT LAYOUTS ARE DESTROYED.

L'Arc~en~Ciel AWAKE concert dvd is going to be out tomorrow!!! YAY!!!!! I bet it will be damn ex at hmv.

I must prepare for koichi?s 27th birthday layout. Oh yeah. I am changing layout again on the 21st of dec. that day is the release of kinki kids?new singles SNOW! SNOW! SNOW!. Yes. And I will change on the first day of 2006 because that?s koichi?s birthday. Oh yeah yeah yeah. So now please look at the kat-tun one which looks very very very cheapskate and simple.

shir say i betray her!hahaha! for the yamapi thing for jiasian. but nevermind. i am not buying. i think..i shouldnt have started hearing jrock. i am now in a horrible state because there are a lot of concerts that i want to watch. malice mizer especially. love mana. oh man. ok..i think i sound quite disgusting.

everyone is high on yamapi now eh..ok..haha. then good. no one to snatch my UEDA away from me. muahahaha. and my dear kinki kids. but as i listen to love in snow, i ws very happy when i heard people shouting "TATSUYA" before ueda started and after he ended. haha. yep.

i had a nightmare about lizard yesterday and i think i woke up because of it. hmm. i shall not say what. it sounds retarded.

yonghui is sending me boku no kimochi now. yay! KOKEI TEPPEI! i am not obsessed with him or whatever. haha. and WHAT. zona says i am scary because i am obsessed with gackt. ERM. i am SO NOT OBSESSED WITH GACKT. i seriously PREFER HYDE ALOT MORE.

My plan to go orchard was not carried out since the pre-co-camp meeting ended at around 4. Well, nevermind, I shall wait until next year. Maybe I should try persuading someone to go with me. Like my mother.

lin lao shi finally came for dazu. Haha. I was quite surprised by his hair for some reason. And there was this part during dazu which was really funny for me. It was bar 14 then so I decided to look at him to come in on time. Then he suddenly did some vigorous action to get us to start playing bar 14. I was kind of amused and I started laughing. So I screwed up the bars after 14. hahaha.

I followed mrs ee into the staff lounge and then into the printing room. I thought it looked quite cool because they even had this lady over at the table to look after the photocopy machines. I think her job is quite comfortable since she was drinking coffee or tea when I went in. so after I went out of the printing room, I met ms chang. And she touched my hair. She was like ?your fringe ahhh..?Then I said something lame like ?haha, I will cut it?and ran away.

There is this dead rat on the road. If you don?t look closely, you will most probably not see it. You will think that it is just some grey paint that had been spilt on the floor and it will be there permanently. The dead rat was so levelled with the ground that you can?t really see it if you are a distance away from it. And it was elongated since it has been rolled over and over again by car tires. Poor rat. I hope I won?t see it on Wednesday. Haha.

I am listening to white song now. Hmm. It is quite nice. The strings accompaniment is good! And hyde?s voice is very non-explosive in this song..so overall, it is a nice song. Haha. I managed to have 3 new songs yesterday night. Yay. Dir en grey?s child prey is weird. They were quite little singing parts but there was a lot of jamming. Miyavi?s pop is dead is weird too. Nevermind. I shall listen to them for a few more times.

Some inconsiderate people left empty egg shells which were in the casing at the staircase 2 days ago. Then yesterday, they left some other empty egg shells again. It was worst because they cracked the egg before leaving them there. So the floor was gooey with egg yolk and white. And sadly, the blind me stepped on some of the egg yolk this morning. Thus I had to rub my shoes against the grass. Grr.

Hyde?s countdown is nice!

I can?t find what I wanted to buy for the banders. HOW???! I have to get them by tomorrow. I shall buy some other stuff. Oh man. What can I buy? I wanted to go mise to get some people something today after I fialed to get what I wanted yesterday. Actually if I go mise, it will be quite obvious what I will be buying and who I am giving it to.

I shall go do lit. bye bye.

I was rather amazed by the due le quartz clip that i have. the vocal reminded me of someone from our school but i shall not name who. i dont know if looking like the vocal is an insult or a compliment, so i shall not say. haha. miyavi was having a weird face. he was wearing this flimsy v neck.

i am supposing to be printing out co stuff now..but the net is so slow and i am dying waiting for it to go to the page. i think it is limewire that makes the whole net moving at snail's pace. hurry. i am so afraid that the shop downstairs will close. oh man. i never receive the email! oh no. die die die. how! die die die.


hahah! yep yep. i managed to practise 2 hours of erhu today. it is such an achievment. i never went pass 1 hour this year. hahah. oh man. the background of this layout is still white. damn damn damn. what's the problem with it? i like this gackt layout. ok..it is just that i think the picture of gackt holding the dagger and his image in mizerable is nice. grrr.

one song have finally been downloaded. wah. it took so long. like a few days.

so the make up session is finally over yesterday. i practically stoned and watched people do their hair for about one and a half hours. haha. me, yonghui and adeline were all helping dear hannie and sheila because we assumed that our hair were too short to do anything. i know my hair is rather long, but sadly, due to the serious lack of hair, i shall not waste people's time by hogging any hair applicances. haha. nice excuse right. yeah. the makeup part was :X. haha. i just put on some to pretend that i am interested. but actually i am not. muahaha. so after the session ended, we were all trying to rub the stuff off our face. mine was gone in a few seconds. woohoo. : ) i didnt really looked at what the teacher drew on my face. i was afraid that it was as dark as andrea's. haha. andrea's one was super super dark. and it was dark blue. yeahhhh."""

so after that we went to eat lunch and went up for xiaozu. xiaozu was boring as usual. but at least he didnt test us. he let us teach the sec1s 1313. we were like ERRRRing when he said we needed to teach that. we have not played that piece for more than a year. yes. around there i think. a year or more.

i am planning my way to orchard on mon after dazu and the nightwalk run-through. yep. i am going to buy NEVERLAND. yes. and i want to get wink-up. i will get the jap version since i think it will be nicer. haha.

i am high on mizerables now. oh yeah yeah yeah. i saw a book on cosplay at comics connection today. haha. too bad it isnt opened. or esle i will be standing there and looking.

hai. i was trying to not come online. all my father's fault. why he ask me to help him check something. then now i am stuck here, reluctant to go away. haha. there was this leslie cheung show on thursday night 12 midnight. it was supposed to be a ghost show but it turned out funny. it was a ghost show but it was some sort of comedy also. qian nu you hun 2. yup. i watched the first one before. haha. the second one was so so so funny. i laughed until my tears were coming out. hahahah. the moster looked very fake but it was ok, since the cast were good. haha. then yesterday night i was also watching another show by leslie cheung. and that was something like a ghost show too. it is not a sudden craze for him or something. it is just a coincidence that someone lent my father the disc and the tv showed his show.

i am looking at a website on PIERROT now. it is a singapore site. woa. cool. i just thought of how i could see miyavi singing live. hmm. he was the vocal or the guitarist from due le quartz. hahah. and i got the live. alright. i shall go watch it now. ehhh. pierrot's members look quite cool. one of the members' favourite shampoo is LUX. haha.

I FOUND IT I FOUND IT!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHH! Minman city also! ningen shikkaku is for 8 bucks and minman city for 7! and i saw the chain of gackt's. 35 bucks. ahhh. the vcds!!! OH MAN. i want. i want. I AM GOING TO SHOW MY MOTHER. i am going to get her to agree to letting me buy. AHHH. and also there is the tour concert vcd. ahh. i think i can get that in imm. i saw last time! their tour in taiwan! ohman.
excited what's the problem with this layout now. grrr. ok nvm. whatever. this is so irritating. i just finished the first book of ningen.shikkaku. so nice. yeah. i want to watch it. i didnt remember that there was a scene where koichi have to do cpr on tsuyoshi. woa. i am excited to watch now. i can imagine the scene since i got a picture of koichi when he acted in that show. i think it was from that show. but i bet i will cry like shit when it comes to the part where tsuyoshi jumps off the building and die the next day. haha. yeah. it is a nice show. i want the vcds. hopefully i can find it since it is dated 11 years back. haha. so exciting. kinki kids were only 15 years old! our age! :) yeah yeah yeah. i cant remember what happened to koichi later. hmm. but he was one of those who caused tsuyoshi to die.

How to do lit? I don??t really know how to answer the poem question. Well, I know a lot of people did the poem question, so I should just ask what they wrote during exams. Haha. I am too lazy to think. My understanding of poems is horrible. Maybe it is not my understanding, I think it is that I understand but I don??t know how to phrase it down. Ok, face it. My English is bad.

next week will be a busy week. I don??t want to go to the dentist. Grrr. I bet I will get more fillings and my mother will start complaining that I am wasting her money. I currently have about 4 or 5 fillings. Haha. I got one greyish silver one I think. Then the others are white or something like that. This is the consequence of eating too many sweets and chocolates. Hahah. then after the dentist trip we are going to bugis I think. Then I can get my new year clothes. Oh yeah yeah yeah. And I can go kinokuniya and check out whether they got any wink up Chinese version.

Next Monday will be the trial run for the night walk during co camp. I hope it ends by 2, so I can sneak my way to orchard to check out the magazines. Hahahah. About the night walk, I hope we don??t scare ourselves. But I guess it is ok, since we are in broad daylight. Nothing happens in the daylight right?

tomorrow is coming?KNOOO!

To my juniors taking kaoji tomorrow, JIAYOU K!!! : ) must get distinction!!! Hahaah!

I have to practise for huibao. Bleh. We are playing zhuying. Woohoo. I actually remembered how to play it already. Yeah! But I think my gong fa is not very right. Hahaha. Yep yep.

ok, I shant slack anymore..i shall be off to study history..i read quite a few times already but still nothing went in. I remember what happened but everything is just not inter-connected in my brain. Hahaha. Space race. I think the space race is funny. Sputnik and yuri Gagarin is it? and what??s that ussr??s leader??s name. I cant seem to remember. His name is so hard to remember how to spell. The one starting with K.

oh yah..i am reading NINGEN. SHIKKAKU again. Hai. It is such a nice book. It would be so much better if I can watch it on tv! GRRR. I need to find the vcds. Maybe I should try yahoo auctions. It is nice to see kinki kids acting together. I shall list down the shows that I want to watch! So fun. : )

Hoshi no Kinka1,2(Nakai Noriko ver)
Shin Hoshi no Kinka(Hoshino Mari ver)
Under one roof1,2
Yume no California
Wu Jia de Xiao hai1,2-dunno what it is called in jap
Beautiful life
Beach Boys
Merry xmas in summer
Hira Hira Hikaru
Shogakku Sensei
Rasuto Kurisumasu(last Christmas) ?K?K.

haha. Tv is showing last Christmas now but I missed so many episodes! Gr. I think all shows with fukuyama masaharu are nice. Love bijo ka yaju! Oh man. The combination of him and matsushima nanako is PERFECT!

I need a new layout!

this is the lyrics for mizerables

Ki zukanai furi wo shite Chiisana mado kara tooku wo mitsumeteta Sora ni hirogaru tenshi no koe Kaze ni dakarete

Hitomi ni utsuru zawameki wa nannimo kikoenakute Tadaima wa "amai toki no itazura da" to Sora ni tsubuyaita

Mawaru, mawaru... okizari ni sareta jikan no naka de watashi wa ima Les miserables Ai shisugita anata ga kabegiwa no mukou de Sotto waratteru

Todokanai kono omoi dake... toiki ni nosete

Tsumetai kaze wo abinagara Kurikaesu yoru ni omoi wo egaiteta Sotto kuchizusamu merodi wa Toki ni kizamarete kieru Nido to modorenai kanashimi wa wasurerarenakute Ima mo yureru omoi ni somaru koto dekinai karada ga Kowaresou de...

Hitorikiri no kanashimi wa doko ni yukeba kieru "Wa ta shi ni a su wa a ru no..."

Mawaru, mawaru... okizari ni sareta jikan no naka de watashi wa ima Les miserables Ai shisugita anata ga kabegiwa no mukou de Sotto waratteru Les miserables

Fukaku fukaku ochite iku wasure kaketa yume no naka de watashi wa ima Les miserables Ai shisugita anata ga kabegiwa no mukou de Sotto waratteru

Todokanai kono omoi dake... toiki ni nosete Todokanai kono omoi dake... toiki ni nosete

-- (English translation) --
Pretending not to notice, I gazed far outside a small window. The voice of an angel fills the sky, Embraced by the wind...

The noise reflected in your eyes can't hear a thing. Now it's just "a trick of sweet time" I whispered to the sky

Around and round... In the time left behind, I am now, Les miserables! I loved you too much and you are now on the other side of the wall, Laughing softly...

My feelings will never reach you... I'll put them in a sigh

Bathed in the cold wind, Imagining these feelings night after night.. The melody I hum softly , Is etched in time and disappears. I can't forget the sadness that will I can never go back. Even now I can't dye myself with these swaying emotions, and my body Is about to break...

Where can I go so that the sadness of being alone will disappear? "I h a v e t o m o r r o w......"

Around and round, In the time left behind, I am now: Les miserables. I loved you too much and you are now on the other side of the wall, Laughing softly Les miserables

Falling deeply into an almost forgotten dream, I am now: Les miserables. I loved you too much and you are now on the other side of the wall, Laughing softly...

My feelings will never reach you... I'll put them in a sigh (x2)

HA. i am dreading friday. why do we have to attend some makeup course? concert is like july next year? not next jan. grrr. we will forget everything by july. haha. i shall enjoy using the eye liner or whatever it is to draw dark eyes for myself. woa. cool. eh wait. i dont think it is possible..because i remembered i started tearing when someone helped me get the eye liner on when i was is p2. hmm. hahah. it is damn pain. or maybe it was not an eyeliner. yeah. whatever it is. i am still dreading friday. 20 hair pins needed. ha. why would i have so many pins?

the cm for kinki kids album g is damn funny. hahah. tsuyoshi and koichi rock totally! oh yeah yeah yeah. thats why kinki kids is still the best no matter what. : )

i have not been taking minutes during comm meetings. oops. haha. i shall have to ask sharon about it. i think i called szu an "michelle" today. no wonder she didnt reply. why did i call her michelle. weird. maybe i only saw her hair and not her face, so i thought she was michelle. hahahah. so funny. i feel retarded.

i need a photo of shige. grr. aiyah. i might as well scan in by myself. save time. hmm. i didnt know i was in the official shige fanlisting. well, i didnt know it was official. hahaha. i like the picture on that site. nice.

i think by the end of this holiday i will develop a habit of listening to love in snow before i sleep. ha. that was what i did every night before sleeping in shanghai. woohoo. now i have to listen to mizerable too. oh man. the violin accompaniment totally rocks rocks rocks.

album h album h album h. i hope the asia version make it s way to cd ramas or sembawang faster. haha! so exciting! and i am waiting for kindaichi to be shipped in. and hana yori no dango! OGURI SHUN! ahhh. hahah. yeah yeah. my downloads are moving at snail's pace. i wonder what is happening. i think it is the mizerable pv that is making the other stuff so slow. 1kb/s..that's my com. ahh well. lousy com. lousy net. what choice do i have?

woa. i am sending my erhu to china to repare. wah. isnt this fun. haha. let me say what is wrong with it. firstly, there is no tou. secondly, the jiao or whatever it is called dropped and broke into 2 pieces. thirdly, my qin tong is breaking into 2. there is this fine crack in the middle of the tong. ha. my erhu is going to fall apart anytime. so now, i have to scotch-tape it in order to prevent it from dying.

WOA. jin's hair is nice now. ha. finally. kat-tun's yozora no mukou is good. hahahahah. yeah. one of my fave smap song.

they hate mana as well right. there is this bloody white box again. last time the gackt layout also. grrrr. whats the problem with this thing. ahh!!! PISSED.

today is ah xin's birthday. what is shir going to do? ahhaha. but yamapi is her current pick. haha. even kame became an EX. hahaha.

xx said that uchi acted one episode in that dunno what show then was replaced by junno already. hai. poor uchi. hahah. but he should be in dream boy 2006 right. if not, he is really very poor thing.

i have finally heard WaT's boku no kimochi. hahah. yeah. it is quite nice. aha! they are performing in 56th hongbai this year. wah. so lucky. even kinki kids dont get to perform. i thought smap stopped singing hongbai last year. how come they are still in this year. grrr. if they got out maybe v6 or kinki kids can replace them. hahahah. muaha. kokei teppei. woo hoo.

i watched the kat-tun's performance of l'arc~en~ciel's new world. woa. it sounds..erm..ok..nevermind, i shant say anything. it just don't sound jrock. it sounded so pop because their voices are just not right. i thought it would be kame and jin singing. but in the end it was koki and ueda. oh man. it was damn hilarious. they zoomed in on ueda and i didnt notice that his left eye was hidden by his fringe..so there was only like one eye, so it looked weird. and he was grabbing onto the mic. and he tried to give the hyde stare. hahahaha. ok, it looked quite successful. hyde's hello pv was also hyde grabbing onto the mic and giving that kind of stare and later rolling his eyes to the other side of the room. hur hur hur. and i saw this mana video. gackt was supposed to be inside but i got no patience to wait for the whole thing to load finish. so i only saw mana's parts. woa. damn nice. totally love it. he is so chio. erm. yes. it is a HE. not a SHE. yeah. mana with guitar is damn damn damn damn damn cool. love his costumes.

I just watched this short clip of kinki kids when they were filming wakaba no koro. It was tsuyoshi??s NG take during the marathon scene. Hahaha. Koichi was in it too. I cant remember who won in the end. But I know they were trying to compete for the girl acted by okina megumi. Ahh. I love that show. That??s why I say old shows are much nicer than new shows. Yeahh. Anyway this show was filmed around 10 years ago. I shall go and borrow the book to read again. It is nice to read such tv novels because you can picture what is happening in your head. If you know all the actors, it is even better. Hahahaha. Ok.. I shall go borrow tonight. And I shall borrow a self-learning-jap-book. Oh yeah. But I bet I will still end up learning nothing because I don??t understand. Hai. When is asia version of album h coming? It is so exciting. Once again we will see the magnificent music of kinki kids in album H! ok.. this sounds so advertising. Hahaha. Moon child??s photo book is 80+. That??s so EX.

Ha. today is Friday. Time really flies when you are enjoying yourself. I am too lazy to do anything intellectual. Haha. But no choice?KI shall go complete English and read chem.. hai. Now is 2 plus but I have yet to do anything. After I woke up I started watching shunpei and after that I took down some posters and replaced the empty cupboard door with new posters. Hahaha. And no I am editing the co contact list. So ahh well..i shall go do something meaningful now.

now is Sunday night. I feel so enlightened by the cover page of the stack of history notes. WOA. That stack is actually our holiday homework. I would never realise if I never see that page. No wonder shiyu said that elective history students have homework too. Woa. This is so exciting man. I am currently banned from the tv since both the tvs are in use or something like that. Ok, there is another one..but that tv??s condition is kind of bad since it is more than 10 years old? Or maybe even longer. Alright. But nevermind, at least I managed to see Yvonne Lim get the best supporting actress. Yay. Ok, so about yesterday night..it was totally boring. I survived through around 3 hours of people??s singing. Well..the music was so loud that my ears failed to detect any singing from my discman. And I thought I could at least read joy luck club over there..but sadly, after around 10 people sang, they decided that offing the lights would bring out a better eddect and atmosphere. Yah, so there go all my hope of entertaining myself. Ha. so I tried listening to my cds again, blasting them even louder than usual. However, since my ears always had some problem of hearing, I did not manage to hear the songs very clearly. Thus, I resorted to playing beach rally, hoping to break my high score which was set 7 months ago..okk..so in the end I did. I guess that was the only achievement I had. Ahh well.

my cousins came to my house today! Haha! THANKS HAIWEI AND HAITING for the belated birthday present! Haha. Hope you guys like the naruto thinggie. Hahaha. And hopefully, your names are written correctly.

I hope holidays will never end..so I can watch more things. Anyway..my seishun amigo is finally at 13%. Somehow..it became 0% one day and I had to download that pathetic 6% again. Miserable pv is at 13% I think. Great. The violin accompaniment totally rocked. By YOU.

anyway, I finished watching shunpei! Got quite a lot of bed scenes at the back. But nothing happened ok. just on the bed only. Nothing happened. Hur hur. I was screaming for that stupid woman to go away that night while watching until my ma came in to see what was happening in the show. So the next day she demanded to know what was the story about. So I briefly told her..and I skipped the ahem parts. Ha.

AND tsuyoshi's dunno what is out today!

Ok, I shall talk more about Tuesday. Hahaha. Shir bought a mickey mouse tee shirt. It was because I kept saying that kame and jin like mickey mouse and skull tops. Haha. Sorry eh..the colour combination was weird. It was purple and green. And later she bought this black pants or whatever it is called. The lady seemed despo to make her buy something. She was encouraging her to try on different pants..haha.. and so in the end shir bought the black one..and there was a free belt! But in fact, the so called free belt is only a yellow ribbon. So much for a free belt. Hahaha. Yeah..that?s all she bought..she have yet to get her yellow coloured shirt..hahahaha.

Hahaha. Yokoyama yu looked so funny last time. His hair was totally disastrous. It hid his face so well that it made him unrecognisable. Hahaha. But it is quite surprising that he can act as someone so hyper..because he looks rather quiet..and erm..stone..PS GENKI DESU SHUNPEI is getting quite towards the side of dramas that I don?t like. Well..it just focuses too much on love that it gets a bit..i don?t know..disgusting..all the ahem stuff. But shunpei is a nice character though. At the end of episode 4 I was screaming about how disgusting this particular woman was. She totally ruined shunpei?s image. And..TSUYOSHI came out as a cameo!!! He was the florist guy who delivered flowers or something like that. I think they are trying to link the show up with TO HEART or something. Hahaha.

hmmmm..i am looking aimlessly at mise?s website now. Why don?t they sell old shop photos. So sad. Those are really hard to get. Like 10 years ago shop photos? Yeaaah. There is one kinki kids photo which was taken during wakaba no koro which looked really nice. Hai. Ahhh. T-shirt D for johnny?s film festa 2005 is nice. But it is out of stock. How nice. worn by Koichi, Nino, Ryo Nishikido, Tsubasa, Kusano. Woa. So nice.

Saturday will be a boring day. I will just bring my disc-man, mp3 player and probably JLC to the place where my ma is going to sing her song. Hahah. yeah. I will be bored to death. But on second thoughts, it might be fun to see what other performers wear. I had some fun laughing about something 2 years ago. Heh heh. And my ma says she wants to go make her hair up?Errrrrrrr. Okkkkkkk..that?s like so interesting. Haha. And she wants me to go with her. RIGHT. Her hair is so short..what does she want to make it into..ehh.

oh yah. Album B of kinki kids is 70bucks at hmv. Hur hur hur. That?s like maybe the first time I see album B. it is so hard to get that album. Getting album A was such a miracle already. Ok. I must go hunt for the asia version of album b which might now cost less than 15bucks.

ok, I shall not slack already. I am going to do JLC. Bye bye.
Ain't Afraid to DIE dir en grey

I cannot go band concert!!! Ahhhh. I am really sorry to all the banders I know. This will be my 3rd time seeing niners banders in concert if I go this year?Kand first time seeing thirteeners banders..haaai. Hopefully, we can sneak down at night during the interval and take a peep at what??s happening. Haha.

And why am I one of the scariest seniors? Huh? WHY. Which evil juniors are the judges? Woa. And shirlyn is the only not scary one. Ok..hmmm..

alright.. I went shopping with shir yesterday! We stood in mise for 1 hour 30 minutes ++. Hahaha. Yeahhh. After we went out the shopkeeper closed the shop. So I guess she was waiting for us to get lost so she could go eat lunch. Haha. I spent a lot of money there. Yah. Hahaha. Enough to make me a member. Yeahhh. But I bought burfday present for yonghui, haiwei(next year), xx..hahaha. yeaaah. And since I lost my bet..i have to get shir something so I asked her to choose her pics of kame and yamapi..hur hur hur..and there are 2 pictures for miche and 1 for shumin. Hahahaha. The Alice Nine tee is nice. I think it is alice nine. Haha.

tsuyoshi and koichi solo tour concert dvds are around 170 bucks altogether. Hmm. Who is so rich to buy? Hai. It is so sad that they don??t have the asia version in hmv. I wonder if other countries have got the asia version. Oh yes..i found a lot of old pictures of kinki kids..and one of them was way back to when they were called KANSAI BOYA. Haha. Nice! And kindaichi pics too. Oh yeah. The site said that tsuyoshi was damn tired when he went shanghai to film shanghai yuren..but koichi??s long-distanced call made him persevere. Haha.

ok..i shall go eat dinner le?Kbye bye..hohohohoh.

Malice Mizer Mervielles L'Space live video CD is only 15 bucks online. hmmm. i bet it is about 80++ at hmv..well, it is second hand..but..i think still quite cheap. hmmm.

"Never in the history of Japanese rock has such a band with great artistic visual flare & unique style.This live is truly brilliant! One of the highlight of this concert is Gackt & the late Kami piano & drum duet.Unlike their previous indies live,this piano & drum solo is more beautifully played & much longer in duration! Gackto-san fans would melt away with his piano play! So don't hesitate! Get a piece of the Original legendary MALICE MIZER Mervielles La~Space live!"
this sounds quite tempting eh. hahaha. heh heh..renying..does this sound very nice to you??? ahahaha!!!: )

miche, i hesitated to get a show by uchi yesterday. haha. yah..so in the end i didnt buy. hahaha. paisehhh.

my mom just bought her dress. hahahaha. it is purple. hmm..purple. weird. hahaha.

AHAHA!!! THE HYDE VIDOE WAS TOTALLY SO NICE~~~!. hahaha! HYDE WAS SO FUNNY!!! the hosts were saying denwa bango and he heard tobacco. hahaha. so funny!!! muahahahah.

HMMM. SWEETY SANG KINKI KIDS SONG. HMM. HMM. HMM. as in it is in chinese version. HMM. wonder which song is it. my internet is at a very slow pace. grr.

IT IS BOKU NO SENAKANIHA HANE GAARU. grrr. one of my fave kinki kids song. then last time nicholas tse was accused of copying their kanashimi blue. hahahah. funny.

my father threw the dead goldfish into the kitchen rubbish bin. i saw the fish but i still threw my yakult can right on top of it because my brian still did not process what was that orange thing lying in the midst of leftover food. ha. and i screamed. haha. and my ma said my father said mana is a yao1 guai4. he was quite curious when i said that was a guy on my wallpaper. he was like HUH? then he actually asked me why is he dressed like that. haha. woa. i never thought he would be interested to know about such things.

woa. i am now in a very excited mood. the hyde video is still loading slowly but i am already laughing. hahahaha. this is so so so exciting. i am laughing! haha. ok. please ignore me..i am enclosed in my own world again. this is fun. i bet megumi will just pop up in the variety show and say hi to hyde. hahahah. so fun!!!!! : ) muahahahahahah! exciting exciting exciting. i really wonder how come his singing voice and talking voice is so different. not bad. yay. he should draw his eyes darker. yep. he looks nicer that way. but nevermind..when he doesn't have dark eyes he looks like a ...well..i don't know..haha. a normal person bah.

WOOHOO. look at this:
UEDA is KAT-TUN's appointed leader. He's not the exactly oldest (in fact, he's only second oldest), but he gets to be "captain". It doesn't seem like there's a particular reason for this (although they did explain in one of the episodes of Music Station in 2002 but I forgot). In fact, Ueda is often called "RIIDAA" (leader)... not only by KAT-TUN members but everyone. Even so, sometimes he also likes to goof off and therefore gets teased by everyone. (Actually, in my personal opinion, Ueda is an excellent leader for KAT-TUN, because if they do debut he will then be like Nakai of SMAP, Joshima of TOKIO and Ohno of Arashi. They are all leaders but they're all adorably silly! XD)

and this:
Name: Tatsuya Ueda Nickname: Uebu & Roba Birthplace: Kanagawa, Japan Birthdate: October 4, 1983 Zodiac: Libra Chinese Horoscope: Pig Family: Parents, grandmother, & an older sister Date Entered Johnny's: August 1998 Height: 170 centimeters Weight: 52 kilograms Eyes: Right 0.4, Left 0.5 Eyelash Length: 6 millimeters Head Size: 52.6 centimeters Shoe Size: 26 centimeters Chest: 80.3 centimeters Waist: 64.8 centimeters Hip: 84.8 centimeters Leg Length: 85 centimeters Blood Type: B Pet: Dog Best Friend: Jin Akanishi Special Talent: Basketball & guitar Favorite Animal: Donkey Favorite Color: Red & Black Favorite Food: Steak, Sashimi, Roast Meat, Fruit, & Caesar's salad Favorite "Thing": Read comics in bathtub, basketball, & guitar Favorite Instrument: Guitar Favorite Sport: Basketball Favorite School Subject: History Favorite Word: Effort [or something like that] Favorite Phrase: Would you marry me? Favorite Johnny's: Domoto Tsuyoshi & Tsubasa Imai Favorite Type of Girl: Older, joyful, & can cook, clean + change light bulb Favorite Treasure: Drama scripts Favorite Visiting Place: France Non-Favorite Food: Eel Perfect Age of Marriage: 22 years old [Isn't that a little too young?]

and lastly..this:
KAT-TUN was formed in 2001 by Kinki Kids member, Kouichi Domoto, who they consider as a combination of "father", "brother" and "producer". Initially, KAT-TUN was only meant to be a backdancer unit for Kouichi in the NHK music show he hosted back then, Pop Jam. However, as a unit, KAT-TUN gain a lot of attention and it was then decided that this group would continue and might actually debut.

YAY. claps for KOICHI!

Today was open house?Kand it was so boring. There were really little people and we played xi qing for about 7 times. After lunch was worse, we basically stoned there because we could not play anything since a lot of people went off for xiaozu. So we stoned for an hour or so before the comm. people were called off for meeting. Hahaha. And after open house ended, we had meeting again and so we skipped xiaozu. Hahahaha. Yes. We skipped the whole xiaozu. Zl and xl were kind of pissed today. After dismissal zl suddenly barked at us..then we were like shocked. Hahahaha.

TO ALL PEOPLE TAKING KAOJI: JIAYOU K!!! haha! Work hard!!!: ) I feel so damn slack down since I don??t need to take any exams this year. Compare last year and this year, I think I really slack a lot this year. Hahahah. Ok, so I shall go and practise huang tu qing later before I die for Monday??s dazu.

my xi qing was like shit. After playing with the orchestra for 3 times then I got it right. I totally forgot the middle portion and was huning my way through for the first time I played. Bwhahaha.

yay! Thanks shir for giving my ueda picture back to me! Hahahaha! : ). Jiayou for erhu exams man!!! Go erm?Ktune your erhu or something..since zl ask you to erm..do what? Mind your yinzhun? Or what? What did you say? I can??t remember. Hahaha. Aiayh. I shall go get you the kame lip gloss. I shall go like this or next week since I overheard that they will be in stock in late nov or early dec. hahahaha. I hope the lady won??t tell me they are out of stock the next time I go there. Grrrr. Hahaha.

dec will be an exciting month since there are so many albums release. Hahaha. Actually not really?Ktsuyoshi??s duno what and kinki kids?? singles and l??arc~en~ciel awake vcds and erm?Kkinki kids album h will come to Singapore-I hope. Xx wants to buy the anniversary concert! Hahaha! I know their winter concert is coming really soon. Haii. I just hope I am living in japan. Hahaha. So fun. I think I will be a bad student if I live in japan because I will be sticking my head in front of the tv the whole day. Hahaha.

I am still listening to miyavi..hahaha. jibun blahblah 2003. it is a nice song. Hahahaha! Yeahhh! But I cant stand his height of 185cm..ok, I don??t think there is any relevance. Hahahaha.

Sunday got ruan concert. Hahaha. Ok, so I will be missing infernal affairs 2. hmmm..but nevermind, infernal affairs 1 is nicer. I have yet to watch the 3rd one?Kbut I think it should be nicer than the second one since it was acted by tony leung and andy lau. Hahaha.

my ma is gona buy her whatever costume or gown or whatever she calls it for her song tomorrow. As in she is going on stage to sing a song. Hahahha. Ok..yay..then I can go to lot one and check out the cds and vcds..and help her choose a nice gown or whatever she wants to call it. but everything I choose doesn??t suit her. :) she will say they are ugly..because my sense of colours is different from her. Bwhhahaha. Too bad for her. I ruined her hairstyle last time. She won??t dare to let me cut her hair again. Muahahahah. Too bad. She asked me to cut it shorter. Not my fault. hahahaha.

there is something wrong with my printer. It just keeps screwing up my printing. Grrrr. And it takes like 3minutes to print just one page. But this is what happens when you have a out-dated printer..but nevermind..it still can print..just that it keeps screwing up. Hahaha. Haiiii. Ok..i shall slowly print. I shall apologise for the lousy quality of the erm?Kundone contact list for people to edit. My printer is lousy! I am so sorry for the horrible printing and spaces and whatever you want to call it. : )

OHMAN! I just watched the luna sea live performance on this variety show. AND KOICHI WAS ON IT! HE WAS THE HOSTTT!!! ARRRRRH!!!! HAAHAHAAH~ I never ever thought he will appear on a jrock performance..ok larh..he was the host. YAY! KOICHI~ hahah. my dear big head buddy. Muahahahhaha. My good friend..since we both have big face..ok..big face sounds more suitable. And kawamura ryuichi was from visual kei.? I must check this out. oh man. That??s so..WEIRD. ohhhh.. he??s the vocal of LUNA SEA. Woa. That??s amazing. I never knew he was from luna sea. Okkkk.. I think all visual kei people look normal if they don??t put on such makeup. And they look nice..nice as in friendly..instead of scary looking or whatever. Kawamura ryuichi-vocal of luna sea? WOOOOA. Cool. That is the coolest thing I have ever heard. I just cant associate him with visual kei. He was the guy who acted in SEE YOU IN KOWLOON. That loser that shared his girlfriend with some other guy. he sang sugar lady. sugar lady is quite nice actually. It is just that the show was not exactly very interesting. Or maybe I cant appreciate it because I never really heard of the main leads before. Muahah. I still cant associate him with visual kei. Hur. And the longest part I have watched of the show was the last episode. It was kind of funny. He saw his girlfriend on the second level of the bus and he chased the bus..then he stopped the bus. And he ran up and said some funny stuff which I cant remember and later he kissed her in front of many Caucasian tourists..and they clapped for them. Hahaha. So funny! FYI, the bus is not enclosed, that??s why he saw her..not enclosed as in?Kthe second level got no roof?Kso is like an empty space above your head. yup..that??s right. Ha. but nevermind..i just want to know how mana looks like without makeup.

jrock seems to be very famous in other countries...like america and stuff. not bad.
love in snow

hahahaha. miyavi's duno what song is so nice. it is a cute song. hahahahah!!! his voice is like that of between jrock and boyband lead vocal style. haha. oh man. the song is so nice. hahahaha! i know pam likes him ALOT. haha. but i cant stand his piercing. hur hur hur. he is 185cm arhh. that is like so tall. i can't find waive's vanilla and SADS sherry. dir en grey's kasumi and ain't afraid to die is nice! : ) must go and listen. hahahah! the kasumi mtv is good but weird. haha. it is quite an old song i suppose. and i finally watched the interview of moonchild part 1. that small kid that acted as shou is so lucky. grrrr. he took a photo with hyde. hur hur hur. and hyde's voice is really different when he sings.

i just finished a layout on nino and i am doing a mana one now. kinki kids one will be next..then later koichi's for his 27th birthday. yay. hahahah! : )
love in snow

HAHAHA. i think i am going mad soon. there is still so much stuff to do and buy. KINKI KIDS ALBUM H WAS OUT LIKE LAST WEDNESDAY??? YAY!!! SUPER HIGH MAN. and tsuyoshi's boku no blah blah will be out on 4th dec. L'Arc~en~Ciel's concert dvd will be out on 14th dec. SO NICE! and there is still kame's version of kindaichi and matsujun's hana dango no yori. MUAHAHAHAH.

WOA. According to shumin..jin used to be with uehara takako. i like her!!! : ). she is so nice in AMBULANCE. haha. love that show. but she should be older than jin right. hmmm. jin and takako. very interesting indeed.

I WANT THE HYDE SHIRT. the preorder dateline is over. haaai. i hope they will be shipping in extras so i can get it from the shop. grrrr. maybe have to wait until next year. i want to go mise this week. oh man. i think this will be the fourth time in this month. haha. paiseh larh. but maybe this week no time. see first bah. muahahahha.

anyway, the most expensive ticket for laruku's concert in shanghai was 5000rmb. it is about 1000 singapore dollars. OMAN. so ex. nevermind. i shall just watch dvd. this totally shatters my nice and beautiful dream about seeing hyde live.
love in snow

Muaha, I am back from shanghai!!! : )

OK. I bought stuff for quite a lot of people. Yay. And most of my money was spent on the presents and getting cheated by evil shopkeepers. Haha. Yup, that??s right. But nevermind, I am already back. Okkkk..so I shall briefly say what I??ve got for people.. firstly, shir got a necklace, earrings and a bracelet(xyz), miche got w-inds.?? AGEHA (original) from me, renying and Eileen, joan got a necklace, yiling a necklace as well, haiwei and haiting a keychain and coaster each, shumin got a MAG(please cheer)[it is not really a mag..something like KAT-TUN??s picture book, but not official-with kame??s and jin??s necklaces in it], xyzedders sec3s got bracelets?Kand?Kyeah..around there?Kothers dun need to say already. Hur hur hur.

the trip was okkkk for me..lessons were quite dry because we did not understand a thing. I was in the same class as renying and we frequently stoned during the lessons. : ) or we ate POCKY. I bought 6 packs of pocky back for the juniors. Hahahah. A bit cheapskate. I am so sorry. Ok, back to the topic?Ktheir lessons were conducted in Chinese, so we don??t really understand what the teachers were teaching. Maths was the worst I think..because the terms were so different. But I managed to stay awake somehow. Time flies during their lessons. If it was in school, as in 313..i would have flown to lala land in 15 minutes time. Haha.

I am listening to L??Arc~en~Ciel now. Woohooo. The singles selection?K lucky I bought it in shanghai?Kor else I need to spend 30 for one in Singapore. Hahahah. I am going to develop the pictures later! Yay. Hahaha. I am quite excited to see how the non-digi pictures turn out to be. : )

back to the trip to shanghai. I bathed almost every night although I don??t really feel like it. pong very noisy. Every morning she would be screaming ??don??t come in ahh..wait wait..don??t come in ahh..?? VERY NOISY. Hahaha. So we always laugh at her. And she burps very loudly. I think she went a little looney in shanghai. Hahahah.

The toilet in the hostel was considered ok although it was flooded with shit during the first few days. And the dirty water flowed to another toilet. Hahahaha. According to pong, the water was BLACK. Hmmm. The toilet at xiangyang was ?K. I cannot describe it. There was no doors. I just turned around and I saw this side view of a woman peeing. I went in because everyone went in..so I was just stoning there. Hahahahaha.

ok, and there were some Koreans in the hostel. They are there to learn Chinese for 3 years or something like that. And the Korean girls said that the guys beat them. So evil. There was one guy that looked like kaihui. But I still don??t see the resemblance. A lot of funny things happened..but I shall not say. : ) and there was this guy that I saw spitting. Twice some more. I just turned around and I saw him spitting.. then he stared at me like as if it was right for him to spit in the school. and someone spat on the wall of the lift..or was it mucus. it was so disgusting. ????????

I bought a nice pants! Yay. Haha. I shall say thanks to the lady who stuffed the pants into the plastic bag before I said I want it. hahahaha. Yay. Thank you. I should have bought more. and my ma says why I always buy such colours. Errrr. I am peeling. Wooa. My keyboard is decorated with my skin. Ha.

and I am going mad hearing VANILLA. Renying hears it like up to 10 times everyday when we were in shanghai. and she gets SUPER HIGH over it. hahahah. And now veron also knows the chorus. Pong, huijin and Cheryl also I think. Hahahaha. I shall go see the lyrics again later. : ) I still like last song. Yixin likes miserable. I shall go and download. Hur hur hur.

ok, I don??t want to blog le. Bye bye. Hmm. I want to go heeren again. AHHH. Stop spending money.

oh yah. Wait. The kame and jin necklace the mag gave was nice. It would have costed 33.90 to get it from mise. Muahahahahhaha. The kame one was engraved with the f word. Ha. the jin one was the ahh well..nevermind. I WANT THE KAT-TUN LIP GLOSS. no larh, only ueda's one. and the hyde shirt. oh yah..lastly, my hair is in a mess now but i won't cut it now. so don't come telling me to cut it.
: ) UEDA!!! 7nov05.
Shir stole my ueda picture!!! AHHH. And my photoframe. Hahahahaha. GIVE MY UEDA BACK TO ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ok. Nevermind. Just give it back to me first thing when we go for dazu.

I just realised that I will miss the first 4 episodes of WHITE TOWER. GRRRR. KUROKI HITOMI! So nan de got her show on tv then I am going to miss the first 4 episodes. Grrr.

why neri your board keep refreshing one???? Haha. So hard to tag. Haha. AHAHAHA. See you tomorrow man!!! Oh yeah oh yeaaaah.

shir: TAKE GOOD CARE OF MY UEDA PICTURE K! and I changed my friendster password le. Hahahaha. Sorry. Later you really go write testimonials for people then I die already. Ahahahha. Sorry. : ). And must MUST MUST take good care of the picture!!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY YILING!!! hahahahahha!!! please accept my 14 happy birthday happy birthday testimonials. 14 is enough. hahah: ) yeah yeah.

this will be my last post before i fly off to china. hahaha. yay. ok. i am doing chem now. and i got nothing to say. bye bye. i don't feel like going to shanghai liao. i must go watch kindaichi to see where's the place for shanghai yuren sharen shijian. then maybe they kept a picture of TSUYOSHI and TOMOSAKA RIE when they went filming there. exciting. that's the only thing i am looking forward to. oh ho ho ho. bye bye. see this blog in maybe 2weeks time. bye UEDA. hahahah. bye tagboard. hahahaha.

yay! i bought my saree! haha! it was very fun to buy it!!! i bought a lime green one while xx got a dull green one. yay. we are green. haha. huijin got purple, renying got blue, veron got pink, joleen got gold, jiayin got red, wanmun got ermm..purple also i think. hahaha. and melissa got..i am not too sure. and we bought bangles too! haha! fun!

i went to mise xclusive for the third time in 2weeks. woa. i got jiayin her 4 jin pics and got myself 2 more ueda and 1 more hyde. ahhh. waste money. and i also bought that black coloured ueda a4 size poster. grrrr. i wanted to laugh as i walked out of that store. i can't belive i bought that laminated poster. it is [email protected]%#$^$%&$%&#. i dunno. haha. i just can't believe i bought it. maybe you all will see it on my file next year. hur hur. but it looks very funny. ahhhh...they are going to sell kinki kids winter concert poster and dream boys one. grr. i love mise man. i hope they want to employ part time workers. hahah. i want to work there! so shuang! the lady was listening to L'Arc~en~Ciel today! AWAKE somemore. so niceee!!! i wanted to sing larh. haha.

SORRY RENYING AND FRIEND. sorry for hogging your time ehhh!!! PAISEH!!!!! thanks renying for going with me to heeren. : )

there is this Gackt Subarashiki Kana Jinsei 3. picture book. grrr. and kat-tun's dunno what. forgot the name. jiayin screamed when i passed her the kaizouku vcds. haha.

the hyde badana glows in the dark. oh man. and the torchlight will reflect his face when shone. i want the black hyde shirt. it is soooo nice. ALL THE GOODS FOR AWAKE TOUR ARE SOLD OUT. the official shirts are so nice!!!! 90+ bucks. ARGGGGH. so jealous.
love in snow

I just switched off the tv. YAY! TWINS! Charlene rocks!!! : ) ahahhaha. Yay yay yay. Haha. Anyway, shir came to my house to learn chunshi today. But we finished in half an hour so we slacked for an hour and went back to practising?Eut the practising part took less than 45minutes. Real player is not playing NEVER AGAIN. Grr, ok, back to the topic. And we watched the last episode of zjzd. Hahaha. I saw the kissing part. Ha. it was so corny. Especially the aki and fire part where they kissed on this lorry which was loaded with cabbages. Ha. go and read miche?s post. It is the best. Hahah. all her stuff about the show.

I just realised that one of the boys acting in engine is a johnny?s junior. Is nakashima! Haha. But not very cute. The smaller kids are so much cuter. I want to koop them as my brothers and sisters. So cute!!! Haha.

woa. Shumin says ueda is cute too! Hahah! yay. Never again is nice! Whenever it comes to this part when kame solos, I can always see his expression in my head when he sang that part during summary. Ha. And the jap lyrics for never again is very easy to read. Gladly to say, I can read 80% of it, but don?t understand anything except for the English stuff, takishimete and yasashi. Hahaha.

I think miche starts her wep today. Haha. Shir says miche is supposed to usher people to watch Chinese opera or something. Haha. Really? I think ushering is fun! Especially in a big theatre. Hahahaha! I think I am suaning her. Haha. I don?t mean it that way k.

there are too many hahas in my post. I shall try to get rid of them like how I tried to get rid of full-stops. But I don?t think it is very possible.

i can't wait for kame's kindaichi to be shipped into singapore. i hope it comes by december. hur hur hur. hopefully. this is so exciting. and hana yori no dango. or whatever it is called. hana dango no yori? aiyah. whatever it is larh.
love in snow

The shanghai meeting was so short. Lyy only had like 3 things to tell us. Oh yah, that reminds me, to xx: we have not touched chunshi yet. Oh-oh. Aiyah. I believe we can rehearse over at shanghai. Haha. :) don?t worry be happy-haha miche. Quote from ryohei. Haha.

alright, so we did shava. Huijin is calling me kinkidan. Ehhhh..then it became aradan. But later she still preferred kinkidan. Ehhh..kinkidan sounds very sick. Haha. She says I look like jap! Haha. That?s quite good. Then veron kept saying I looked like a soft toy-some cat with very big eyes or something. Hur hur hur. Ok. I think I look more like a mixture of everything..so in the end?E will look like a monster.

hmm.. huibin and seline both cut their hair. I saw xiuwen and yunlin walking with this person today and I thought she didn?t look familiar because huibin is usually with them?Ehen suddenly.. Woa?I got a shock. She went to cut her hair again. Haha. And then at choral night I saw shi ting and angel sitting in the audience and that person with them didn?t look familiar too. On closer look, it was seline! Her hair is like standing up now! Haha!

if anyone takes bus with shir, please don?t stand on her left if you are wearing hongzi. Later the bus shakes and she will grab your blouse..and the buttons might just come out. Haha. Lucky I was wearing classtee today. And shir maluated me today. Well, nevermind. I managed to malu her back when we were in my dad?s car. She said hi uncle for 3 times, then my dad managed to hear it at the third time. Hahaha. Jiaying said for once then he said something already. Muahahahhahaha. And you two..don?t mumble behind my back. Hahah!!! : )

THANKS NERI FOR THE PRESENT!!!!!!!! Hahaha! VERY NICE!!! REALLY!!!!! The ueda one is during the KAT-TUN concert and most of the pictures were when he was singing LOVE IN SNOW. Oh man. So nice!!!!! Nice nice nice! I like the song a lot. It really remind me of this time by w-inds. I love this time a lot a lot a lot. It is my favourite w-inds. song.

shir was humming lost heaven. Wooooa. Finally you are away from new world. Ahha. Stop trying to deny that lost heaven is nice!!!! I think the whole album is nice actually. Hahahah! But the 3rd song is still the nicest.

jiayin likes jin and kame. Hahahah. She was super high when talking about jin. Then xx was like errrrrr so ugly. Hahaha. She was referring to jin and kame. Hahah. kame is nice. Hahahah!

TIANWEI SAW TWINS!!!!!! AHHHHH! She said her friend got a nice photo of them. She said they looked very pretty tonight!!!! AHHHH! I WANT TO SEE AH SA!!!!! She totally rocks!!!!!!! I WANT TO SEE THEM!!! And neri went to see then she came to watch choral night. Hahaha! She shouted to ah xin and he nodded to her! Woohooo! So cool! Shir is super jealous. Hahaahah. I WANT AH SA!!!!!!

ok, about choral night!!! Hahaha! YILING AS A CHIOBU!!!! Hahahaha! Ok, bimbo larh. Hahaha. Very farnie. Then people shouted her name!!!! very loud somemore. Woooaa wooooa. Hahaha! I think their script very cute!!! The girl as the short and toot guy very very very cute!!!! Hahahaha!!!: ). And yong hui! So so so cute!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!!! Her make up very nice also. Shir was freaked out when she saw her erm live. Hahaha.

flowershop ladies are slow. Hahah. shir and jiaying dumped me there in the shop with only 6 bucks. Hur hur hur. So I went around looking for them and can?t find them. But in the end we managed to meet back at the shop. Haha. So stupid. And I managed to get free fries which I am not supposed to consume. Yeah yeah.

I almost got killed by jasmine today. Wooooa. She was grabbing my neck and my wrist. Hahah. pushing hard on my veins. Woa. And the condition for me to be spared was to ask justin to go find yiling..and the other one was to push yiling into some random guy in front of Justin. Errrrrrrrrrrr..so lame right. I was like OKOK, please let go of me. Hahahah. Bully senior! Hahahaah!

and zl tested us today. I totally screwed it up. I started off so fast that I stopped so many times when I only played slightly more than half the whole piece. Ok. Screwed. He told stories for more than one hour today. Not bad. and the stories are new!!! He said something about hannie which sounded so ridiculous and exaggerated. Hahaha. Backstabbing hannie arh he. She is the good student of his. How could he. Aiyo.

ok, I shall go watch engine and see the cute little kids! Ha!
kimi ga suki desu

I seriously think I got hearing problem. I was so late for shava today! Haha. And the point is?E didn?t know it was today until renying called me! Haha! I should have on my handphone, then I would have known. Haha. And I sent a message telling renying there was no need to come out to get me but she didn?t see it. hahaha. I was happily watching engine when she called me. THE KIDS IN ENGINE ARE SO CUTE!!!! The 2 years old girl and the 5-6 years old boys and girls!! SO CUTE! One of them said something like he wanted to pee but cannot pee out. So cute!!!

we finally finished shava! Woohoo!! Haha. A few more days to shanghai! I am not very keen on going now. I see the luggage I already want to die already. Going overseas is so troublesome. I only like to go genting. Hahahahah. I think short trips are nice. 2 weeks is a bit LOOONG. And I will miss so much tv.

I am listening to malice mizer now. I think it will be quite interesting to see visual kei concert. Just imagine them with those consumes and jamming away with guitars. Woa. So fun. I want to see how mana looks like as a guy. he is REALLY REALLY CHIO. He is prettier then a girl. Hur hur hur.

md?s smile is getting disgusting again. I can?t help but laugh at his disgusting way of smiling. It is that kind of i-know-you-are-thinking-of-me-so-stop-trying-to-deny smile. So gross. Hahaha. I kept laughing when I watch.

oh yah. The guy in shava, as in the show, wears really weird clothes. They are so translucent. Hahahah! Damn funny.

huijin gave me a weird name. hahahaha.

love in snow is so nice!!!!!!! Haha. I was watching the interview again and saw the part I missed. Ueda was placing his bottle here and there on the chair and holding this dunno-what thing in his other hand. Then play play play, play until everything dropped on the floor. And he gave this funny laughter. Jin?s explanation of his self-written piece was left hanging in the air. The story of the piece is about a guy who likes a girl who already have a boyfriend. But the guy and the girl still go out by themselves and of course, they would go to the beach. Then they saw the beautiful purple sky at dawn/ dusk??? My idea of dawn and dusk is not very good. Are they the same???? Hur hur hur. Ok nevermind..and then he stopped there and said that it is very hard to explain. It is FEI BI MO SUO NENG XING RONG. Hahah! so funny.
kimi ga suki desu

The kat-tun concert is very nice!!! Ueda?s solo was GREAT! The song he sang was SO NICE!!! LOVE IN SNOW. Hahaha. It was written by him by the way. VERY NICE! I am not saying this because I like him eh. The jin?s solo was good too. I think both heir solos were the best! But jin?s starting of the song was this weird music with some woman saying you?re so sexy..so it was a bit ?question mark? But that part was supposed to be the music for him to dance or something. The song was nice. Haha. But LOVE IN SNOW WAS STILL THE BEST! It reminds me of THIS TIME by w-inds. Heh heh heh. Ueda?s voice like don?t fit his face. Haha. And.. he likes to move around during interviews. Hyperactive. nevermind. his solo still rocks. the snow effects and dry ice were great.

EHHH. my post is like gone. damn. ok, nvm. went to heeren yesterday and bought more stuff from mise. the tsuyoshi notebook is very tempting! grrrr. ok nvm. anyway, i am reading about visual rock now. it is very sad because a few members of certain bands passed away. one of them was only 19. and the sales of visual rock albums detiorated after HIDe passed away. he was the guitarist of X-Japan.

i want to do a layout on all the kindaichis. but tsuyoshi's pictures are a bit hard to find. kame's should be the easiest. hahah.
a moment of pleasure, you are fulfilled.

arggggh! shumin bought the kat-tun concert also!!! ahaha. we like bought on the same day..??? ehhh. I FINISHED MICHE'S LAYOUT!!! I THINK VERY FUNNY! BUT QUITE CUTE LARH!!!! AHHHHH~~~~ so green!!!! i shall go do shoon se-ro-ri layout. divx player got problem eh. i like xin xin ku ku download it then it dun play shounen club and onigokko! what's its prob larh! ohhhh..tml go xx's house and see can work or not. but we are supposed to do shava. who cares larh! hahaha! and i have yet to bathe.
a moment of pleasure, you are fulfilled.

I LOVE UEDA'S PICTURE! it is on my photoframe now!!!! oh ho ho ho ho!!!
a moment of pleasure, you are fulfilled.

oh yeah oh yeah. chinese os is over! but i think i sure die for li jie ce yan. haha. die die die. nvm larh. it is over! ohhh yeah! muahahahahah!!!! : )

so me and shir went to heeren today and ate lunch at mache with neri, allison, shi ting, angel and seline! then we went to walk around at hmv. oops. me and shir wandered off by ourselves. haha. PAISEH PEOPLE! hahah! and then we lost sight of the others and wandered off to misc. haha. sorry again. and i stayed in misc A SUPER LONG TIME. oh yah. kaihui came too. sorry to shi ting and kaihui who almost fell asleep outside the shop. i didnt know they were there waiting eh! SORRY! and the 2S-shir and seline patrolled around the tope level 3 times! sorry! and in the end...i only bought 1 ueda photo and 1 ryohei one for miche. neri bought kusano for yixin, hyde for her junior and jin for shumin. ahahahah! the jin one was actually choosen by me. it was him with this weird laughing post but neri say why would shumin like that. haha. so she took another one instead. aiyah. so sad. i think the one i chose very corny larh. and neri bought this set of masuda stuff for herself! 15 cards for 5 bucks wor! woohoo! haha! i saw the kat-tun lip gloss!!! hahaha! the person said it will only come at late nov since it is now out of stock. ha!

and after that we took neos. haha. quite farnie. hmm..and later they wanted to come my house but decided not to becauseit was too far. hohoo. they all going choral night larh. aiyo. i shall go on fri to peng chang people. and give super belated bdae presents. and the fact is that..i haven buy yet. haha. sorry! : ) so in the end only shir came my house and we watched the may day thing that she bought! hoho. she was ogling at her ah xin. and then i forced her to watch last quarter. haah! the cape of storms totally rocked! muahahahah! and i showed her the lame kat-tun cm. she thought it was pronouced as cat-ton. hur hur hur. ok. i am off to do layout for miche. bye bye. oh yah..i think my house there quite scary. i walked back with a very fast pace. haha. later got baddies pop out then i die. so freaky.
a moment of pleasure, you are fulfilled.

i have just read about what happened to uchi. so now he is under some stoppage from work. so poor thing. hai. is only get drunk only what. and somemore it is not his fault that he drank so much. but he is underage. but it is still not his fault since people forced him to drink. so evil larh. he got stopped by some police because he was screaming in the park can. so lame. hmmm. now i know who is the 9th member or NEWS. at first i thought it was narimiya hiroki. cos his name looked like the one i saw last time. haha. but it is not. it is Takahiro Moriuchi. i shall go see how he looks like. he is only 17 eh. he got out because of some scandalous pictures right. i thought i read somewhere. hmmmm.
a moment of pleasure, you are fulfilled.

ok, i shall blog another time. i shall talk about the cape of storms in last quarter. in the show, hyde is from a band called evil eye..ok, maybe it is not a band because he seems to be the only one in it..so he names himself evil eye. he wrote the cape of storms, hoping that his girlfriend can plays the accompaniment piano in his next album. but sadly, she died of illness and the cape of storms became the song that accompanied her on her death day. and adam(hyde) could not take the pain of losing her and he jumps of the building. so sad.so basically, in the show, he is a GHOST. or just a wandering soul of adam. yup. so sad. i think last quarter is a manga right. ok..i shall go find it. HE IS DAMN COOL IN IT LARH!!!! woo hoo. MICHE! what he looks like eurasian woman!!!! anyway..i want to cut his hair! woo hoo. but i can only do that after i get out of school..cos no one can go to school in that kind of hair. ha.

AIYO SELINE ARH. so ji dong! cool down! hahaha! very funny leh you all!!! ok.. pang guan zhe qing. hahahah.: ) i want to watch ending! but you sure scream one loh seline! later you like angel throw something at the screen. but tianwei says cannot really see larh, so don't need so upset. haha. but qing tian really ke lian larh. he ended up with nobody i guess. : ( but he is a good guy.

aha! shoon and masuda are so funny!!! like what was masuda thinking??? he and his weird actions. i think shoon damn funny. in onigokko also. he was hiding between this fence and bushes i think. then he was so worried that someone might see him that he looked back thrice or more than that. and the camera is like behind him, so it captured his anxiety very closely..damn funny larh. i am attempting to watch onigokko. grrrr. i want to see yabu!!! : ) and kato! muahahahah! it is an exciting variety show. it makes me bang the keyboard nad table!!! hahahaha! i shall put shoon's and masuda's pics here. ha!
a moment of pleasure, you are fulfilled.

woohoo. HYDE ROCKS IN LAST QUARTER. his hair is very nice. but he appeared for only 15 minutes or so. sad. hahaha. the story is quite weird. hur hur hur. THE CAPE OF STORMS on guitar is really really really nice. woohoo. nice nice nice.

i was thinking about ce-ro-ri yesterday. so funny. hur hur hur.

we didnt watch finish zjzd. but at least i know the ending. hahahaha! and tianwei is mad! she was saying gino's name out the whole day. hahahah! and miche said that jr's tatoo is a dog. erm..a dog..it doesnt look like a dog. later she said it was a puma. dog=puma??? one is dog one is cat leh miche. haha.
the taste of sin, melting sweet in your mouth, like CHOCOLATE

Oh right. Why is my layout still screwed. It is OK when I change it to the malice mizer one. Ok, so they don?t like GACKT eh? Fine fine. I shall change it to malice mizer then. I just watched finish ya-ya-yah! Woo hoo! And Brain Power or whatever it is called. HAHAHA! DAMN CORNY. Shoon is very funny. He said ce-ro-ri so confidently..then in the end it was not! Hahaha! Ce-ro-ri is celery. Hahaha! Although I don?t understand 99% of what they are talking about, but it was still entertaining. The whatever rap thing was the best. Hur hur hur. Bwhahahaha! I cant watch SHOUNEN CLUB. I dun think it is because my com doesn?t support avi file. It is just that?Ehere is a lack of some decompresser?like what the hell is that. Haha. Aiyah. I think I should go use my dad?s com..which is in the old house. He accused me of spoiling his printer which was connected to the scanner. And I used it to scan ueda?s pics in. hahaha. Haiyah. Too bad. hahaha. The scanner will be moving into my room soon. Like hurry up. Then I can go buy nice pics from misc.

YAMAPI AND HIS BRAINS. IF HE REALLY IN TODAI THEN LIKE DAMN PRO LARH. Ok, I shall just assume that junnosuke is in todai. Pro.

we watched zi jin zhi dian again. Hahaha. Tian wei was erm?Ecreaming about GINO the whole day while moaning about how awful her haircut was. I thought it was ok. REALLY. She said later in the last episode xiaoying and tianxie kissed under a car or something. Hur hur hur. So weird. Ohhhh?Eileen likes jr?? woa. Miche you are not a lonely girl anymore. Haha!

I think I cannot watch tv at night. I will start talking to myself. Hahaha. Then like quite loud if I get too excited. like when I watched BP. Hahahaha. WHY CANT I WATCH ONIGOKKO? I will watch until I bang the keyboard one. Hahah. I think I should bring to school tomorrow and see if I can have a chance to watch. Wah. Exciting.

ehhh shir is really lame. She went to find this picture of a super model and pasted it on her letter to me. She said that?s for Ueda since he likes Caucasian girls..hur hur hur. Funny. And thanks for the kinki kids infor or whatever they are called! MICHE DUN BE JEALOUS!!! Haha. Behind the kinki kids page was kone. Haha! But shir was nice to photocopy the kone page for miche. Hur hur hur.

I showed tianwei the move for the kat-tun dance. And I asked her to do for me. Hahahaha! She said I am trying to murder her. Errrrr. Don?t care. I want to see her do the move next year. Muahahahahah!!! Evil!

no more Chinese lessons! Yay! Tomorrow is spring cleaning! Exciting. Monday is coming. I really feel slack. Nvm. Aiyah. I cant concentrate. My whole brain is filled with stuff that I have watched and stuff that I want to watch. Hur hur hur. And cds that I want to buy. Hahahaha!

we learned shava today! Ok larh, it was quite fruitful. Hur hur hur. Xiaoxi says kame very ugly leh. Why. But I think he cant make it as kindaichi. Kindaichi with gold hair is really WEIRD. Gold hair right. Aiyah. Whatever. I just want to watch.


my dearest OPHELIA, what's the reason for your silence???

I have to blog today!!! OUR CLASS GOT THE BASKETBALL CHAMP! YAY!!! HAHAHA!!! 313 wan sui! I saw huihong threw the ball in!!! And grace was very shuai today wor. Volleyball was funny. I think our class can get the funniest volleyballers award. Haha. We lost the first match but I think everyone ended up laughing because they played funnily. Haha. Aiyah. Winning is actually not important. Haha. Feeb didn?t ask them to win anyway, she asked them to just play. But they did their best! Very good! : ) and FEEB WON THE BEST TEAM MANAGER AWARD!!! SO COOL LARH!!! CONGRATS!!! :) and so, 315 won the volleyball champ. CONGRATS! I supported jing?s class in semi but 315 in finals..cos I know more people in 315 mah. Hur hur hur. Paiseh jing. Being a runner was actually quite boring. The whole day just sit there and watch watch watch. And wait for the score to turn ten and go call the next teams. Hahaha. And I got my shoes very dirty. Ok. I shall have a nice time cleaning them later. And thanks to neri keeping me company during the matches!!! hahahaha! : )

WHAT?S WRONG WITH THIS LAYOUT??? Or rather geocities. My html code is correct larh. Nothing is wrong with it. GRRRR. Whats the problem man. Stop pissing me off stupid white thing. ok, it is not a box. It is a erm..white space. GRRRR. GO AWAY LARH!

and so we watched zi jin zhi dian again. There was this scene where AKI kissed TIANXIE. I think Veron just happened to stop at that moment and it started playing. So she kissed him and Angel threw her ciyushoce at the screen. HAHAHA! So funny!!! AKI and her stupid YYQ or ONS theory. Aiyah. I don?t want to type it out because later weird ads will start popping up.

aiyah miche. You now like JR ar? No one likes JR. so sad leh. As in I feel sad for you. Cos people will be scolding him later if he jiao lun anything! Hahahahaha! And there will be no ryoheis for the next few months. I haven?t even done any on kinki kids. Ryohei can go rest a while. Kinki kids?one shall be the nicest one. : )

JUNNOSUKE IS IN TODAI? Oh man. I cant believe it larh. Dun tell me YAMAPI also. Todai is like so pro. But yamipi is those kind of average percentage is 89 one. Like 89? Who can get 89 in our school larh. And woa.. jin stays with his mum. Ok. Fine. He is nice. As in character. But his hair is really weird. It doesn?t suit his face at all. He should just keep his erm..which year was that..2004 or 2003 hairstyle. It is nicer. Ha! the kat-tun cm is really corny. Kame got single eyelid is it? His eyes looked really small in it. nakamaru is so funny. UEDA is still the best!!! : )

I think I should just change server.


my dearest OPHELIA, what's the reason for your silence???



JIN: MO KI DA TE-this is the funniest part. KAME: DE, ARIBEKITA
aiyah. i just remember only, i don't even know what it means larh.

Today is a weird day. Hahaha. I heard something funny and then I wrote the stupidest zuowen I ever wrote this year. The title was wo xin mu zhong de wu jia zhi bao. So thanks to reading UEDA?s interview on wink up yesterday night, I copied exactly his story into my zuowen. So the wu jia zhi bao was a necklace. Haha. I think it will sound so lame that wyw will laugh at my erm well?Etupidity. His story sounded more logical and sensible. Mine is like so STUPID. Hahaha. But nevermind, at least I completed during class time. Thanks to reading the magazine yesterday. Haha. And he likes XING GAN DA JIE JIE. Hahaha. Damn corny. That refers to some Caucasian woman who he stepped on in New York. Damn funny. I really want to laugh.

so we were watching zi jin zhi dian again during recess and after school. Ok larh, it was quite nice. Renying was complaining it was sucky and cheesy. Hahah. angel and neri were put off by JR?s appearance because he ruined everything. Hai. GINO?s fans. Tianwei also. But JR so poor thing?Eiche will be sad. Hur hur hur. WYW likes ZIQIAN! Hahaha! So funny. But he is the nicest character in the show what. Character as in personality. Like where can you find someone like him nowadays. Then it makes him seems too perfect. Sorry Eileen. But he is still the best character in the frog show. And shir was hugging the mayday?s lyrics the whole day, even during recess when we went to buy food. She got sudden interest in AH XIN. Hahaha. And she went to write out part of VANILLA?s lyrics in the letter for me. I really don?t think it is meant to be disgusting. Maybe there is some MISUNDERSTANDING. Hahaha. Ok, maybe not. Since GACKT is ermm?Eell?Ek?Ee all understand??

RENYING IS A FREAKY GIRL! She suddenly cried today because she was left alone in class to wait for the rain to stop. I thought she was ok when we stepped out..then neri chased us back. DUN CRY RENYING. SMILE. I am freaked out!!! Hahahaha! And she kept pinching me during Chinese!!!!!!!! And it was while she was reading her book. She is damn fast. She just borrowed and she is now at 238 or something like that. I bet by now, she have finished the book. Why so fast. Haiyo.

aiyah. I want to go MISC XCLUSIVE! (is that how you spell?) I want to get nice looking johnny?s stuff so I can scan into my com and do nicer layouts. I cant even find nice pictures online.

miche is weird. She thought shir wanted to give her the cd player. Errrrr. Like how is that possible miche lok. Haha. Then she insisted that shir was too shy to say it out. ERRRR?? Like why would she want to give you the cd player??? Hhaha! So EX leh. 100+..wah miche?E know you dun mind even if she gives it to you right? Ha! : ) hmm. I think I should be off studying for Chinese. SO BORING. I feel slack. Yay! Aiyah. Who cares. I want to go heeren. GRRRR. I want to get the pictures and search for the KINKI KIDS thing again. I am listening to ya-ya-yah now! VERY NICE!

tianwei brought her vcds to show us the LA people?s breakdance. Woa. Very nice. I shall bring my burned summary tomorrow. Actually I only want her to see one part. Cos I want to ask her whether she can do. Haha. I am excited for next year then she can dance for us to see!!! EXCITING!!!! : )haha tianwei. You cant escape performing for us!

miche got sudden love for RYOHEI. So funny larh. Aiyah. You cant help it since ryohei looks the best inside w-inds. AHHHH. I want nice pics of UEDA. His hair rocks! He looks so much better now! Woo hoo!

'taking the fruit-discover a new way to BREATHE.

We were watching zi jin zhi dian during recess! Haha. Quite entertaining. Eileen was ogling at her shaowei. Ehhh. Dun kill me eh. Hahaah.

Heh heh. I burned SUMMARY. So nice. Ahahahahah!!!! I saw someone that looked like koyama on the bus today. Hur hur hur. Tomorrow is gona be a very boring day since the whole day is Chinese lesson. Hai. So sad. People are going overseas already but we are still stuck in school studying for o levels. Hai. Nevermind. Only one more week to go. I told myself not to touch the computer for this week but I feel like doing layouts. Haha! I was thinking about it during Chinese lesson and drawing the stuff out. Heh heh heh.

I shall change to my GACKT layout soon. Woohoo. I shall now go do the UEDA one and kattun. Haha. Jin?s voice is actually quite nice. Too bad. I still don?t like him. it is sad that although ueda is the leader, he seldom gets into the light. Hai. He only got 4 lines solo in the SPAIN theme thing. Everybody else got 5 lines or more. yeah.

history repeating, panic and confusion
history is weeping, sense of disillusion
history repeating, pieces of a puzzle
why can?t we just live AS ONE?

haha, shir. Are you annoyed. Well well..there is one more?#060;b>MY DEAREST OPHELIA, what?s the reason for your silence???

'taking the fruit-discover a new way to BREATHE.

We have been watching kangxi and wanyu during recesses the past 2 days. Ahaha. They were hilarious. Ming dao?s face is really funny when he dances. He tries to act shuai but he tries too hard till he looks corny. Haha. No offence. But his facial expression is really?Erm..weird.

THERE WAS MOONCHILD YESTERDAY NIGHT! I only realised before I stepped out of the house to get LAST QUARTERS. Hahaha. But sadly, no one watched I think, except for shumin who said that GACKT LOOKED UGLY. GRRR SHUMIN. Hahaha. Yixin was like ERRRRRRing her so loudly. Haha. Nvm. We can err her about JIN. AIYER. JIN. Haha. No larh. Joking joking.

I have finally heard shir?s reocording-ok, not recording of ORENJI NO TAIYO. Haha. It is very nice! Just that it is abit too long. And also EXILE AND GLAY?s SCREAM. Hahaha. Nice. And of course, NEW WORLD. Hur hur hur.

graduation ceremony for the sec4s was rather pathetic. There were only a mere 4 rows of sec3s. there should be a lot more actually. Haha. Everyone tried to skip it somehow. So the bie li ge or whatever it is called sounded damn soft and awful I guess. I was not singing. Haha. I was only mouthing the words. If I sing, I will most probably end up croaking or coughing. Hahahaha. Oh yeah. My rashes are starting to worsen again. (as in tonight). They are like popping out of my skin and my body is heating up. My ear is gona burn again. Hai. Why so unlucky.

nobody went for the china talk. Hahaah. Yay. Yixin said lyy said we did not need to go. So that?s very good. Or else I would have wasted one more day. Haha. So after the ceremony I went to eat lunch with shir..hahaha. and she said she found a picture with gackt in a bathtub??? Or something like that. And she said something else. Ok. Nevermind. I shall not say what she said, because I am not too sure myself either. Hahaahah.

one more week to cl olevels! But I am still slacking away. Hai. I am really too high to calm myself down. I think I should watch last quarters later. But my ma will refuse to watch with me. I wonder how my father feels whenever I blast jap stuff in my room. it seems that everytime he sees me I will either be watching jdrama or blasting jrock or jpop. Haha. Aiyah. Too bad. I think in p6 or p5 like that he was actually quite against it?Eut now I think he still hates it but he doesn?t want to say. Haha. Too bad. Heh heh heh. I shall torture him.

OI SHUMIN. What?s with UEDA having thick lips? Ehhhh. I think he looks super nice now larh!!! Cos of his hair. Bwhhahahaha. : ) and gackt got big nose? Haha. Like no one said that before. I AGREE HYDE LOOKS NICE IN THAT SHOW! But I still prefer him with dark black hair. Woa. Cool.

'search for the tree that overcomes DEATH.

Yay! All the papers are returned! Hahaha! My emaths was just nice. It is sad to look at paper 2 because I got so many careless mistakes. But nevermind! I am still happy! I am too high! Hahahaha! Yeah yeah yeah.

I am listening to NEW WORLD NOW. Hahaha. It is the only song that shir likes .so sad. How can. AS ONE IS SO NICE. Ahahahah!!! And why must I get a cough at this time. I cant sing. Ehhh. Haha. I want to sing! Hahaha! Why so unlucky.

I finally decided to thin my hair yesterday because I saw matsuda?s hair and I was thinking that my hair was as horrible as his. Hahah. so out of shape. I think his is better than mine?Eut mine is like so weird. Ha! Only shir realised I cut it! PRO! It is fun to cut your own hair. I encourage people to try it. once you cut one time the next time you would want to cut again. It is a very engaging activity.

anyway, something stupid happened on mon when I went to heeren. I could not find the bus stop that I always take bus from so I had to take back to school and change bus. So dumb. But, it was not because I don?t know where the bus stop was. It was because the bus stop is gone. So it is not my fault. Hahahaha! Next time I shall have to go look for that bus stop. Muaha.

I saw in my old wink-up a picture of tatsuya. Oh man. He really looks like GACKT. Hahahahah. And, SUMMARY IS VERY NICE!!!!! I think I cannot sleep for one week if I could watch it live. Hahah. But the filming focused a lot on YAMA.P and JIN. KAZUYA was ok?Eut the people I liked more only got a few shots throughout the vcd. Like TATSUYA AND KOTA. KOTA got damn little. So sad. I didn?t even remember he was in NEWS until I saw him the last few minutes. Haha. TATSUYA rocks. MUAAHAHAHAHAHA. [yes, I know his lips very thick.]

ok, I feel slack. I have been slacking. No choice. Hahahaha. Too high to concentrate.

hmm. I think my old habit of using ??s is coming back. My sentence structures are weird. I guess it is because of all the dots and stuff. Hahahha. I am so sorry. : )

from tomorrow onwards will be Chinese lessons all the way. So fun. Wah. Hahaha. I think I will die. There is one day without recess I think. I will perish without food. Ha! if there is no Chinese o level, then I can be happily blasting music, downloading malice mizer, watching shumin?s stuff and ENGINE. Hahahahaha! Stupid Chinese olevels. Ahhh. Hahaha!

I am blasting AS ONE now! Yeah yeah yeah.

my cough is quite bad. Sigh. The cough goes away at night and the things start to grow. This is so strange. It must be because of my mother. When she comes back then the things will grow. Haha.



I know why i like TATSUYA already. people claims that he imitates GACKT. ha. thats why.


Ok. This is very good. There are only 2 more papers to go. Emaths and lit. emaths is like HAHAHAHAHA. I am prepared to see it tomorrow. All my careless mistakes. Ha. But who cares. I am super high now. I have got better things to think about then the marks. Really. I am blasting L?Arc~en~Ciel now. I made a discovery during the going through of history papers today. I don?t like to read my own essays so I was staring at the screen and random stuff. And I happened to see that L?Arc~en~Ciel is written on the cd cover. Ha. I never realise that until now. Hahaha. Cool. LOST HEAVEN, AS ONE AND XU QING SHI[whatever it is in jap] are nice. Hahha! Yeah yeah yeah. Why aint shir online yet. I want to know the site which have malice mizer songs. I want to do a layout on them. I think it should be cool. Hai. I think I got in touch with jap stuff too late.

HARLOE SHIR. DUN SAD DUN SAD. I shall go write a letter later. Hahaha. Cheer up. : ). Think of gackt and hyde. And erm..billy BOYD. Hahaha. Yeah yeah yeah.

haha. I like the middle picture of HYDE! VERY NICE! Hahaah. Ok. Fine.

my blog is boring right? Everything is like so foreign. I bet not a lot of people knows what I am talking about other than erm..let?s see..shir, miche, renying, yixin, shumin?around there. Woa. That?s sad. Hahahaha. Ahh well. My life is only about his kinda things. Hahahahhaha.

bwaha! Anyway, I shall say this thing. I lent shumin HOME DRAMA (starring domoto tsuyoshi and some other people which I forgot whats their names in jap)..then there is the girl who is acting in meteor garden as the one that matsujun kisses. Actually I purposely one. Haha. To annony shumin. BWAHAHAHAHAHA. Sorry larh. : )

tomorrow is coming! I want to watch frog show! Tianyu and ziqian! Ziqian is a very nice name. episode 20 is out also. But Eileen said they cramped everything into one episode just to finish everything by episode 20. hai. Sad. And ziqian ended up with yunxi. So sad larh. Poor ziqian. I dun like yunxi. Hahaha. Poor ziqian loh. Hahaha!


My ear is burning! Woa. The hot sensation. Hahaha. Well well. I owe shir something now since I am gona go school tomorrow. I dun think I have a choice. I need to give the passport thing and I don??t even know what am I supposed to do with it. I think must photocopy or something. Ok so I shall be nice and go tomorrow and suffer through the whole day of disgusting papers. Chem and physics together is like a very nice combination. Woa woa woa. I guess higher Chinese is ok since kaihui said that everyone passed according to wyw. That??s good! Anyway, I am too disappointed to be sad for anything tomorrow. Errrr, ok?KI am not disappointed because of results or anything. It is because I wasted my time going to hmv and bought nothing. I couldn??t find the kinki kids out-of-japan version disc. So it was like 98 bucks. And I did not buy it. like obviously right. Hahaha. Then I saw MALICE MISER CD! It was about 83 to 100+. But you cant find it else where I think. Aiyah. So sad. I want to hear how they sound like. Grrr..and I held L??Arc~en~Ciel previous album in my hands?Kbut I put it back. Ahh. I know if I start buying I will not stop. Then I will start tracking down from their first album onwards. But their first cd was when I was about 0-4 years old. That??s fun. And I just came back from suntec. I saw the kinki kids vcds/dvds. It was $24.95. the price I saw at hmv last time. But sadly, I didn??t buy. My pa was there. He will sure question me and nag. Ahhhhh. : ( . nevermind. I LOVE SHUMIN??S VCDS!!! ROX!!! KATTUN WAS DAMN DAMN DAMN DAMN DAMN COOL. Especially in the world tour part when they had the song related to SPAIN. IT WAS LIKE SO NICE! AHHHHHHH.COOL COOL COOL. I THINK UEDA TATSUYA LOOKS SO MUCH NICER NOW. [compared to the poster on my cupboard] although he looks abit girl with that hair..but I think he looks SO MUCH NICER. HAHAHAHAAH. Then he dance that time damn nice. !!! ok. Sorry. Shi tai shi tai. I WANT THE KATTUN CONCERT VCDS. I saw it just now. So damn tempting. I am gona dump kame for tatsuya. Hahahaha. Kame??s hair very ugly. Jin??s hair made him look OLD. I could not even recognise jin. His hair was so nice last time-??2001. haha. I am very out-dated eh. TATSUYA!!!!! Okok. I know he looks like a girl with that hair..but. aiyah, nevermind.


I saw last quarters dvds for 18.90?K.aahahahha! I am waiting for vcds. I cannot afford to waste money. I still owe SO MANY BDAE PRESENT?Klike tianyuan, yonghui, Sheila, renying, joan(tomorrow)?Kthat??s all right. Is it? oh man..bleh. ahhhhh! I want the concert vcds!!!! : ) I shall try to trick my ma into getting them for me. But the percentage of succeeding is hur hur?Kabout 10%..ok. I shall blog some other day?K.i shall lend shumin kinki kids concert and home drama! Got the girl that is acting in meteor garden jap version. GOT OGURI SHUN LARH! And shumin is jealous. She saw the trailer where matsujun kissed her. Hahahahahahaha! No comments. : )


Ok. I am back. SO SAD. The vcds are still not in. There are only the dvds. I think I should just get the dvds. I hate waiting. Hai. But dvds are more expensive. So I think I should just visit lot1 everyday to check. Ok. Maybe not. I am not so crazy.

hey what. I am going to school tomorrow what. I hope I can take a picture to show people how disgusting the patches look. Now it looks much more ok than Friday. Ha. Friday was the worst. One patch can be about 15cm long. And it comes out of your leg. Woa. So cool right. I remember Eileen said hers can draw stuff then it will pop up. Ok, well mine is something like that. Mine is 2 separate circles can combine to form one big out-of-shape thing or whatever you want it to be called. Woa right. Hahaha.

oh man. Now my ear is itchy. Ear and feet are the worst place to have bites or whatever itchy stuff. I think on the feet is worse. You have to scrub your feet against the floor to kill the itch. Ok. Haha. I can imagine myself doing that because I did that outside just now. Haha.


It is growing on my face again. Ok. I want to go to school tomorrow ok. I have been planning for my kinki kids stuff since Friday. I have to go to school tomorrow. I hope school ends earlier. Is it possible? Haha. I doubt so. I hate the feeling of the stuff growing under my eyes. You can feel them bulging and growing. Fascinating eh? Hahaha. And I have yet to get LAST QUARTER. I am going later. I don??t care. Ahhhh. I hate the feeling. Hahhahahah!


ok. i did a layout on nino! ok. it is not really a layout. it is just the picture. woa. free transform is a cool thing to use. i never knew it existed. anyway..to shir: i still cant get the songs into my player. it is weird. aiyah. i dunno larh. die die die.

i have watched 5 vcd sof affectionate time. it is ok just that it is SLOW. i think no one appreciate slow series except for me.. hur hur hur. i guess it is because most of the shows i watch are all slow...ha!

my feng mou are kinda alright on my legs and hands..but they spreaded to my back. no wonder my back is so itchy and i kept scratching when i was watching tv. so i asked my ma is there anything on my back and she said there are huge patches. ok. fine. but it is ok, since i cant see them anyway. but i scratched a lot today. wah. it is quite fun. i scratch till the harden calamine lotion flaked off. or is it my skin tissues/fibres/whatever they are called. haha. it is quite fun to scratch the dried calamine lotion. hohoho. i am gona get out of the house tomorrow. idont care. i shall wear long pants and shirt so no one can see my bulging lumps. ha. and i hope there is none on my face tomorrow. well. i hope not. cos there aint any on my face now. ha.

i want to do more layouts! this is fun! i want to explore adobe photoshop. ok, i know i sound like an idiot now. i am so sorry. it is just that i am so high after exams that i blabber nonsense. hahahaha! and i watched too much tv. and i listened to the same song too many times. that reminds me, i have to listen to LINK a few more times. and i have yet remember hoi bin do's lyrics. haha. nvm. miche can sing to me on mon.

ok. i shall go study chinese, although i am very tempted to carry on watching. since my ma is using that room now, i have got no choice but to study. hai. ok. fine. I AM WAITING FOR THE CONCERT DVD TO BE OUT ON 14th DEC. yay.


L'arc~en~Ciel just had a performance AT SHANGHAI! AT SHANGHAI! AHHH. WHY CANT IT BE IN NOV??? Then maybe at airport we can see them. AHHHHHH. ok. i know i am talking crap. but it is so sad!!! if their performance in nov then it will be good. ahhhhhhh. ok. next time want to watch jrock can go china. wah. this is great. i want to go china. i want to see the places that they went. OK. i sound stupid. i am so sorry. and i just realised the patches are growing on my eyelids. no wonder i cant open my eyes properly. bad. i hate this. i want to watch some yan chang hui. i shall go get some vcds. ahhh.


Hahah. Just finished watching the frog show. Haha. I cant wait for next Wednesday??s episode. Haha. It should be damn corny. Haha. Ziqian slept on tianyu's bed because he says the floor is too dirty. Hahaha! So funny! JUNHAO IS BAD. Haha.

ok, as expected, I am swollen up like a pig now. My face is swollen too. Hahaha. Swollen with red patches. And the patches are underneath my eyes so they are rather annoying because I can feel them bulging out. I am still listening to LINK!!!! WOO HOO! It is so nice that I played it for 20+ times today. Haha! NICE NICE NICE! L??Arc~en~Ciel!!! And i have finally heard how ya-yah-yah sounded like. Haha. Not bad. But there was this backing vocal part that sounded weird. I guess it is because their voice haven break yet. The song is nice! Sekaiga is the song title. Or maybe half the song title. Not too sure. YABU looks damn cool now. I think my magazine is so outdated that he looks so childish. But he is still young now. Like 14. hahaha. Shumin??s mag rocks. Haha. Yabu looks damn cool in it!!! HAHA!

tomorrow I shall watch affectionate time. Ok. Great. Stupid feng muo ruined by plan to go lib and go buy LAST QUARTER. And my ma refused to help me get it. aiyah. Ok, maybe mon I cant go school. And then it ruined my plan of getting my kinki kids stuff..and maybe other stuff. AH. Evil.

SHIT. my ma saw the choco decreased in number. ok. she is going to tell my pa now that i ate so much choco that my feng muo came out. ok die. i am prepared to die. die die die.

MOON CHILD GONA SHO SOON. MUST SUPPORT. GACKT AND HYDE! YAY! :) Hyde was damn cool when he said GOOD JOB TO GACKT. HAHA! MUST WATCH! and he said in english. damn cool. yes. damn cool.


woa. this is such a good news. my rashes or feng mo is back. well well well. my hands and legs are swollen already. woa woa woa. they are just like mosquito bites, just that they are PATCHES. big patches. and they spread from one part of your body to another. wah. so fun. so i am like grounded. like how can i possibly go out with such things on my hands and legs. i dun mind going out if people can dont look at the red patches. but they are too distinct to be not seen. my whole right leg is like :X. i dunno how esle to describe it. and my left eye like cannot open fully today. i bet the stuff are going to grow there. there is already one small spot under my left eye. wah. fun. i am listening to LINK now! SO NICE!!! ok. but the spots on my legs are very itchy now. i cannot scratch somemore. because it will spread! why do i always have this kind of weird sickness. haha. nevermind. my fellow hong also have before. shi ting also right. haha. yay. shi ting thought will get immuned one. then she was quite happy as she thought she wun get it again. hahaha. now i am downloading stuff to stop myself from scratching. yay! layouts! i am going to do more.


ok. i shall write another post. i finished watching fugoh keiji. woa. and i got scolded for watching non stop from 11 until 730. then later i change tv to watch frogshow. hahaha. fugoh keiji was ok. but i think it was quite money-wasting to buy it. it is too far fetched. haha. but ok larh, it was rather entertaining. haah. there was this guy with steaks of purple and red hair in the show. oh yah..there was also one streak of blond hair. woa. the combination totally rocks. haha. so cool. wah. very nice. and i forgot to say about gackt's and hyde's chinese. i think quite good eh. gackt should be him himself speak one..as for hyde, i guess so. haha. but some parts they speak so weird that i cant get what they were talking. haha. i am gona do the cover for the vcd now. because the cover got nothing to do with it. haha. all my precious screen caps. hhahaha! yay! rocks! and i am gona make my next layout. bbye bye! : )

MOON CHILD ROCKS TOTALLY! IT WAS SO DAMN BLOODY COOL! ESPECIALLY ALL THE GUN FIGHTING SCENES. HYDE WAS LIKE SO TOTALLY COOL. HE JUST STAND THERE WITH HIS BODY SLANTED AND HOLDING A GUY IN HIS HAND AND JUST SHOOT WITH EASE. WAH. SO COOL!!! HE GOT THAT KIND OF "THIS IS SO EASY" LOOK. AND GACKT LOOKED ABIT CLUMSY COMPARED TO HIM. haha. well, he is not a vampire. so too bad. wah. i finally watched it. i have been wanting to watch since 2 years ago. just that i cant find the vcd! and i laughed when sun (wang lee hom) died. haha. sorry man. i think he deserved to. stupid guy who betrayed all his friends. his attitude totally ... ahh whatever. loser larh. BLEAH. I MUST GET LAST QUARTER VCD BY THIS WEEK. i have to.



DAMN. i spent damn a lot of money today! i thought i wun buy cd since i can only find the kinki kids one at hmv. eh..but i still succumbed to temptation. ahhh. bought hacken lee's chinese album and joey's show up. show up very long ago already. aiyah. die. then i went lot one and bought AFFECTIONATE TIME by NINO. ok. i dunno why i bought it. i wanted to buy LAST QUARTER but vcd RAN OUT OF STOCK!!! so annoying! AHHH.i shall bribe my ma to buy for me. ok. i need to go orchard to GET THAT KINKI KIDS MTV OR WHATEVER IT IS. ARGH. i think i should sneak out after school on monday to buy. wah. i desperately want it. if i go and it is not there i will beng kui. because i will regret ALOT. like i think i saw ALBUM B LONG TIME AGO THEN I NEVER BUY. NOW I SO REGRETFUL. cos i cant find it anymore. ah. BAD BAD BAD. i think i will spend a lot of money after exams. ok. i am prepared to buy a lot of cds and vcds to entertain myself. eh. like i dun spend money on anything esle except for this kind of things. so cant blame me.


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