-In the face of sorrow, who can we turn to?- -In our hour of need, where can we go?- -When all else fails us, who can we trust?- -When the battle lines are drawn and there is no going back, who will be on your side?- -When we lose something that is dear to us, who will try to comfort us?- -When our dreams and prays are not answered, who will try to rebuild us?- -When a Revolution is coming, where will you stand?- -Will you be left behind?- -Will you stand out from the crowd?- -Will you still be in the dark ages?- -Will you take it to the Next Level?- -Will you cross that line?- -Will you stand amongst "The 4 Towers"?- -It is time to find out...- It is time to go into...

The Next Level Revolution!

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