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Bryan: lead vocals, and bass
Brad: guitar
Mike: guitar and vocals
Kyle: drums

The Next In Line Story
The band was first begun by four friends just having a good time and then quickly began to form a real band. They addapted to the New Jersey Scence incredibly with their music. Then the education played a roll in the band, for the college purpose. They decided to drop school for the love of the music, and decided to become a full time band. In the winter of 2002, the line-up was changed for a new drummer, which led to the creation of [porter's farewell] because of a lost band member.

Next In Line is a non-labeled band which means they are funded by themselves, which they managed to produce an EP entitled "Keeping the Points up." After this they gained experience in the music scene and came out with the latest masterpiece "It Came From South Jersey.

The On Three Story
Next In Line decided to change the name to On Three because of a legal issue. There was another band using the same name, and they decided to have a fresh start with a brand new name! The Line-up is the same but the only thing that has changed is the name. All new merchandise is available for purchase at shows also. Make sure to pick up some On Three Merchandise at the next show!
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