Hello and Welcome to the new The Last Time: An On 3 Fansite, version 3. This site has many new features and sections with the new version of the site. There is also a more indepth history on the site and a section that contains goals that I as webmaster would like to reach. With the new section I hope that you get move involved with the site. The shoutbox makes its return and a forum will be a big part of the site as soon as one is setup for the site. Regular everyday updates is another thing to look forward to at the new version of the site. I will be updating everyday or every other day with information about the band or new things added to the site for you guys to view or download.

As the site grows even more and more things will be added to the site and if you send things in they will be added to the site, without a doubt. I made this site for the fans to view and get more information and if you can help make the site better in anyway then go ahead and email me with anything you have that is On 3 related. If you have anything to say to me or just want to chat please use the contact form and contact me, let me know what you think of the site or leave a screen name that I can contact you at. I am open to talk to anyone. I hope all of you enjoy the new version and the new content.

Thanks for supporting the site!

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