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This is my sorry note
for the one person who thinks i dont care
the one person that cares for me so much
Im sorry for what i have put you threw these past weeks
I really truly feel bad do never get me wrong
Iam not trying to be cold heartless and all the other bad things you think I'm doing
I just want you to realize once and for all I do care
That day I left you in despair
Broke me inside
seeing you today break down
Broke me once again
I want you to be happy
But giving you that would in turn make me not happy
Iam so sorry Please Understand that
I never meant to hurt you
I never meant to make you cry
I never ever wanted you to ever feel this way..
In this life of undevice it is certain what will happen
to each heart as it falls apart into space
forever lost death in toll meant a ludacris heart
its now or not forever an eternity of death defying over reality
why is it that its that way
why is it death plays these games
an excusable memory
left in the open
to tell everyone
a cut
a scar
a blood shed
ready to pour out of the vein onto earth
that is the ground will be for surely red
Look at me with your eyes so bright and blue and honest, Well at least thats what you think as I stare threw your pupils. Waiting for them to tell me the truth you hide inside. One flinch an itch will change the way i feel forever. As you speak those words again on top this hill with me your boyfriend. I like you so much Brandon Like your brain its very intracate. But liking me today seems as though it makes you unhappy. Ask me questions about my past that is far away. So quiet now and suttle you are what did I do to you? Trying to cheer you up everyday is a task I can't do. You dont need to tell me things, trust me my imagination is much worse. So please hang me now from the highest branch. That glance you gave me shoulda killed me. You must be the most unhappy girl in the enitre world. And Im so sorry for that.
Breathe out please, So I can breathe you in. Look at me in the eyes So I may be drawn in. Touch me closely, so close to my veins. No sour feeling in my mouth, Im fine now cuz everything is Ok. Lay next to me So i can hold you near. Push my fear to the side the you do when you smile. Raise my spirits so I may be perfect like you. Breathe out again so I can take you in. Settle and calm now cuz everything is ok. As that song plays in the background so I'm stuck on you.
I like how your brain thinks she says to the young man. I like how you make me laugh and how i can be myself around you. But today it seems as though im not myself. My brain has bought into this fast paced race, were im in second place and not sure of whom im chasing. The first loser of this glorious event. There will be no constolation prize for me. Ill eb left in the mud wondering what i had tried so hard for. You make me feel so behind, that i have no clue who im chasing after in the first place.
My mind is such a terrible thing. Never trusting anything, what a waste what a disgrace this brain has brought me this burden that should have never exisisted because my thoughts probably never happened in the first place.
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