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Goodbye Norma Jean!!!

Westwood park today

 Marilyn's funeral was the first service held in Westwood Village Memorial Park Cemetery's Chapel of Palms. It was held on Wednesday, August 8, 1962 1:00pm . The service was coordinated by Joe DiMaggio, Marilyn's half-sister Berniece Miracle, and business manager Inez Melson. Only a few of Marilyn's closest Click to enlarge A Kiss,A tear Joe's last good byefriends & members of her entourage were invited. It was a very private service conducted by Reverend A. J. Soldan, a Lutheran minister from the Village Church of Westwood. Readings were made of Psalm 23, chapter 14 of the Book of John, and excerpts from Pslams 46 adn 139 & and also  based his remarks upon the biblical quotation "How fearfully & wonderfully she was made by the Creator." The organist played Tchaikovasky's Sixth Symphony, and Judy Garland's "Over the Rainbow" resonated at Marilyn's request. (One of the Marilyn's favorite poem). A tearful Lee Strasberg delivered the moving euology in an emotional voice that trembled with sadness.

Fast facts

*DiMaggio refused to let any of Marilyn's Hollywood friends attend the funeral since he believed they were morally responsible for her death.

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Joe Dimaggio arrived with son

The Funeral

The Funeral

Schoked fans and mourners

Dimag and son





The Funeral

Flowers given by fans

Shocked fans gathered in numbers

Curious spectators watch the funeral from outside


Shocked Fans

 Flowers from fans

Curious Spectators


A fan saying her goodbye to her beloved Marilyn by giving three flowers from outside

Sad and shocked Mr's Inez Melson Marilyn's Business manager

Dr.Ralph Greenson the pshyciatrist who declared Marilyn dead with wife and others

Hundreds of fans say their last goodbye to their beloved Marilyn by giving Flowers

Marilyn's body lay in an open bronze casket lined with champagne-colored satin

Goodbye !!!

Inez Melson

 Dr. Green Son



Marilyn with her friend and make up man Whitey and the money clip she gave to himDuring the service Marilyn's body lay in an open bronze casket lined with Marilyn in her green Pucci dresschampagne-colored satin. Partially exposed, she was dressed in her green Pucci dress and a green chiffon scarf, a favorite  which she had worn at a press conference in Mexico City earlier that year (it was also worn during the photo shoot with Maf). For the last time, Friend & make-up artist Allan "Whitey" Snyder lovingly styled Marilyn's hair in the coiffure recently featured in her film Something's Got To Give. Marilyn had requested that Snyder prepare her in death nine years earlier. Snyder agreed & joked that thebody was to be delivered to him warm. Marilyn presented him with a gold money clip engraved, "Whitey Dear-While I'm warm. Love, Marilyn." 

      (The story behind the money clip by Whitey himself click here....)

Marilyn's body after the autoposyBecause of the damage done by the autopsy, Agnes Flanagan, who prepared her hair that day, had to use a wig similar to how Marilyn had been wearing her hair in her aborted last picture, "Something's Got to Give". In her hands was a posy of pink teacup roses, a gift from DiMaggio, who had sat in vigil the night before.

Synder was among her pallbearers, along with Allen Abbott, Sidney Guilaroff, Ronald Hast, Leonard Krisminsky and Clarence Pierce.

Marilyn's final resting placeMarilyn's final resting place is a marble crypt near the graves of her childhood guardian, Grace Goddard, childhood caregiver, Ana Lower, and former foster sister, Bebe Goddard. For twenty years, Joe DiMaggio arranged for red roses to be delivered three times weekly.

Fast Facts

*DiMaggio arranged for a single red rose to be delivered to her grave twice a week.

*DiMaggio claims that August 8, 1962 was to have been the day that he and Marilyn were to remarry. This was the day of her funeral.Marilyn's Grave at Los Angeles' Westwood Memorial ParkMarilyn in Playboy mag's first cover

*Playboy magazine founder & owner Hugh Hefner bought the plot right next to Marilyn Monroe so that he can be buried next to "the most beautiful woman that ever lived." Monroe was Playboy's very first centerfold.

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