Business Consulting
Linda Miralles is an Administrator with 20 years of experience in office and business infrastructure.  Her strong organizational  skills can  improve the way your company or small business does all of it's administrative (billing, payroll, hiring, etc.) functions.

  If you have experienced a turn-over of your staff, call Next Generation Homes to organize and maintain your books until you have a new person on board to take over!

Special experience includes training of new employees in various software programs.
Satisfied Customers
R.M. Banning Roofing
Springfield, VA
(703) 455-9418
Linda had advanced skills in most commercial software bundles and packages. Keeping in mind that most spread sheets, word processors and presentation software have similar layout design and functions, her best asset is her ability to pull up any document to work on as you need and save it safely.

We do not believe in re-inventing wheels.  More than likely, you have already have a policy or procedure in place that just needs a little upgrading!

   Microsoft Office        Accounting           Website               Miscellaneous
   * Word                     * Quickbooks Pro   * Pagebuilder       * Business cards
   * Excel                      * Microsoft Money                           * Digital Pictures
   * Access                                                                           * Logo Design
   * Powerpoint                                                                    * Label Design
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