Administrative:  There are currently no paid administrative positions available.  Next Generation Homes would be happy to provide unequaled mentorship to an aspiring business entrepeneuer  interested in an unpaid internship.  We are currently investigating our internship/mentor program  to be certified through George Mason and other local educational institutes for credit purposes.
All others: If you are a general carpenter or have specialized experience, please give us a call. 
You'll never know when we'll send work your way. 
Please have insurance certificate ready to fax.
Tradesmen:  Next Generation Homes is exploding!  Due to the level of service to our customers, word of mouth about us is getting around.  We are currently in the process of estimating approximately 100 jobs.  We anticipate a huge need for all skilled Tradesmen who believe that they have the knowledge and experience to help this word of mouth spread further.  Our pay rate will have you seriously considering our offer if you are the professional we seek.

If you would be interested in becoming an
employee or sub-contractor, please e-mail

[email protected]

call (703) 780-0086
Employment Opportunities with Next Generation Homes
Specialized Tradesmen
(Electricians, Plummers, HVAC, etc.)

Since we never present ourselves as "Plumbers", Electricians" or other licensed tradesmen,  we inevitably require the skills of these professionals.  If you would be interested in becoming a sub-contractor, please e-mail [email protected],
call (703) 780-0086
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