The Constellation Space Program

The Constellation Space Program is the next generation of moon landings and the stepping stone in space exploration to Mars. It will start after the Space Shuttle is retired in 2010. It will be luanch in 2 rockets. The first to launch, The Ares V, will launch the the astronauts in the crew module. The secound to launch, Ares I, will carry the landing module and the rentry module. The first launch will be 2020 or after that year. The landing module will be able to carry 6 astounauts and that 6 will walk on the moon. It’s much better than the Apollo way. Send 3 and only 2 landing and walk on the moon. After about a few or more launches there will begin to be a human outpost on the moon that will later develop into the first lunar city, first lunar country, first lunar continent, and so on. The same will be for Mars and so on for a long time.

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