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And so it continues

Monday October 3rd 2005. Due to the stress of all this I suffered a heart attack last night so am writing this up while in great pain.
And so it continues

I made a courtesy call to Ms Brownsett's lawyer to let him know what happened at court.
He informed me that IRD had made an order against any payment I received.
I was stunned and made enquriries with IRD
The only conclusion I can come to is that Ms Brownsett has deliberately done this to cause as much trouble as possible.
Eventually I met with IRD and found that they want a further $5323 from me.
I obtain leave to take the matter to court and file with Papakura Court.
Application for order to discharge order made under section 106 or section 109 of Act
Affidavit in Suport of order to discharge ordermade under section 106 or section 109 of Act
Application for suspension order
Affidavit in Suport of suspension

But wait.....that's not all.............. Meanwhile my sickness benefit is reduced to $180 per week.
Considering I pay $150 week rent this is devastating.
I protest as I have had no notification and no information re what the deductions are for.
WINZ (Auckland) tell me they can do nothing as it was done by WINZ (Christchurch). They tell me to phone CHch and I tell them this is not satisfactory as I am hearing impared and wish to deal with where I am not somewhere else by telephone.
Winz (Auckland) increase my benefit so I now receive $200. Still no explanation why the deductions.

too ill to write any more.......will continue this later

But wait theres more.... Too sick to enter it all but have put most of the docs online
Lots more of IRD's bullshit and harrassment.

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