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There are many options for touring New York: Private tours, package tours and of course self-guided tours. Here are some tips for booking a package tour of New York: Does the New York Tour include activities you're interested How much walking are you expected to do How much free time will you have to visit each of the sites on your New York Tour How many people will be on the tour of New York How long will the package tour last What is included in the price of the New York tour. If you are expected to tip your tour guide, how much expected? Here's my list of things you absolutely should not miss no matter how you decide to see New York. You can get all the big sites that all the tourists go to from any guidebook, so I've included in my list some off the beaten path sights you cannot miss Rockefeller Center World Trade Center Site Statue of Liberty Times Square Empire State Building Metropolitan Museum New York Stock Exchange Chinatown Shopping in SoHo Lower East Side Tenement Museum Greenwich Village parks and shopping
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