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I've been to lots of Broadway shows, some great, some just ok, some just plain bad. Here's a list of my favorites - you should make time to see at least one of these while you're in New York (if for no other reason than to see what all the fuss is about)
I booked tickets for this musical on a whim because it seemed like a fun show for my entire family, and I had heard recommendations from friends who said they were practically dancing in the aisles with the music. The show had us all laughing hysterically and while it was best for those of us who remembered Abba from our childhoods, everyone had a great time.
Hairspray has rave reviews and won a Tony for best musical. It is based on the movie by John Waters. The story, set in 1960's Cleveland tells the story of a unpopular girl's rise to fame on a popular dance show and how she wins the day by getting the show integrated. Catch it now while it still has Harvey Firestein in the lead - I'm not a drag aficionado, but I'm sure this is the best drag performance I will ever see
If you are traveling with children or are a Disney fan yourself, this is the show to see. The Disney magic really comes through in the sets, the costumes and the theatrics of this wonderful musical. This is an experience that neither you nor your kids will ever forget.
La Boheme My husband and I saw the Broadway Performance of La Boheme back to back with the Met Opera's performance so that we could do a comparison. If you've never been to the Opera, Baz's La Boheme is a great introduction. If you love the Opera, it's a great updating of the Opera tradition that we hope Opera companies will take note of. The story is a little more believable in this production, with it's attractive young actors and great stage sets than it's likely to be in your local opera production and it's just a little more approachable for more people. The smaller venue was also a plus. We thought the singing at the Met Opera production was somewhat better, but it's not clear that most people would notice the difference, and we weren't bothered by the amplification of the voices.
Avenue Q Think "Muppets for Adults." while this isn't a show you can take the whole family to, it is the most creative and fun show on or off of Broadway right now. I went with friends and the show had us all rolling in the aisles. You'll be surprised at how truly talented the actors are and at how quickly you get used to seeing Muppets up on stage.
Producers See the show that revitalized Broadway - for a limited time with it's original cast. You may have seen the movie or DVD, but the live show is guaranteed to be twice as much fun!
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