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New York Limo Want to arrive in style? Traveling with a large group of friends or family. Visiting a number of sights in a short period of time? A limo may be the most efficient and cost effective way for you to see New York. Limos are price competitive with Taxis - and sometimes work out cheaper because you don't pay extra for traffic and never have to worry about paying extra for going on an indirect route or making multiple stops. New York Taxi Taxis are best for three or four people or for short distances especially going uptown or downtown (cross town traffic can be difficult) New York Subway Subway fare is $2. One day, one week and one month passes are also available. The subway is the best way to travel long distances and is most cost effective if you have only one or two people New York Bus Some people prefer the bus to the subway because they are above ground and can see the sights.
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