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1. You must obey the rules of the Newsgirls Union. Why? Because this site is a Union-affiliate, and they make the rules.

2. Please be respectful of others. Yes, it's cheesy, but it is a must. This includes other people's characters. Do not put them in a situation that their creator wouldn't put them in, and do not use characters outside the Newspaper without their creator's permission. Don't be disrespectful to Union leaders, or any Union member for that matter. Hell, don't be disrespectful to anyone. It's just not nice.

3. You will be expected to write. If you do not want to write, then this is not the place for you. And while we're on the subject, please spell/grammar check your stories...thanks. *grins*

4. Follow the chat guidelines provided...failure to do so may result in your expulsion from the newspaper office.

5. Please provide somewhat detailed profiles with some degree of historical accuracy. I'm not saying write a novel, or that if you mention a rubber band or something, you won't be accepted, but one word answers and motorcycles, etc., are no-nos. Use your discretion.

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The Newsgirls Union is, simply put, an enormous writing circle based off the 1992 Walt Disney Musical, "NEWSIES". How did the Union get started? Well, Goldie (Maria Hanton in real life) came up with the lodging house concept for the internet (see "A Short History" below). She invented the Lower East Side lodging house. Then came Midtown. Then, Spitfire (a quite renowned Newsies fan-fictionalist) decided to do the same, except in the Bronx. Then Harlem appeared. Then the entire "Newsieverse" as we call it exploded with girls wanting to open lodging houses. And so we formed "The Newsgirls Union" as a collection of all the lodging house leaders so that we could have one medium between us and keep everything under control.

Within the past few months, the Newsgirls Union has been growing by leaps and bounds, and not just with lodging houses...it has expanded to include various other businesses, shelters, charity organizations, and even criminal organizations. The Union has gone from being a group of newsies all living in the New York area to it's own little "mini-New York City" set in 1902. Um...that's really about it. You can read A Short History of the Union at the Union site if you really want to know more.

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