From the Desk of Ronald Finney

Ron Finney, Crime Reporter
and Hollis Finney, Reality Consultant

A Note, November 16, 2000

I like that title. I really do. It sounds � professional. And �Ron Finney, Crime Reporter.� Of course, that isn�t quite true, yet, but it will be by the time I publish my memoirs. And �Intern� just doesn�t have the same ring to it. Not that there�s anything wrong with being an intern, of course, but I won�t be one all my life. "Ron you�re hilarious!"

The brown haired intern looked over his shoulder to see an equally brown haired girl shaking with laughter over something at his desk.

"Um, excuse me, sir," he said quickly.

Finn watched him run (with dignity) to see what his sister found so amusing. Later he�d remind the boy not to call him �sir.�

"What is it, Hollis?"

"Ron . . ." She waved a hand at the cheap, string bound journal on his desk.

He turned red and glanced around the office, embarrassed. A couple of copy boys watched them with interest. "You�re not supposed to read that!" he hissed.

Hollis only continued laughing. "From the-"


"You�re adorable, big brother, you know that? Absolutely adorable." She reached up to ruffle his hair.

Ron ducked. "What are you doing here, anyway? I thought you�d be out with the girls."

"I was bored."

He raised an eyebrow. Hollis Finney couldn�t get bored watching paint dry. She�d find some way to stir things up. Granted, they usually involved her favorite brother in some way, but Limpet didn�t call on him until she needed someone to bail her out.

"Stand up and turn around."

Hollis rolled her eyes and twirled prettily. No bruises, at least.

"I wasn�t fighting. I told you, I was bored. I don�t know anyone."

When he left her off at the South of Houston Street Newsgirl�s Lodging House, she�d been talking a mile a minute with someone she�d just met.

". . . and I�d much rather watch my-" she snickered "-handsome, elder brother at work."


"I got lost."

He shook his head. "How can you get lost?"

Limpet crossed her arms. "It�s a city. I wasn�t born with your perfect sense of direction." She grabbed his arm. "Come on, I want to see what my big crime reporter brother does all day."

Ron sighed, picking up his journal before she dragged him back across the office. As he did so, he noticed her addition, and sighed again.

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