Marion Hillcrest

Name: Marion Hillcrest. Pleased to meet you. *offers a gloved hand before sitting down in the appointed chair*

Age: *without hesitation or commenting that it is rude to ask a lady her age* Twenty-eight.

What kind of job are you looking for?: Society columnist, if the position is open. The society pages are what most women in the city, from all classes, read. I believe that a good society page will increase the circulation of the Tribune among woman readers.

And how much experience have you had at that?: Specifically as a society columnist? Very little. None to be exact. *confidently* But I have written articles for some of the womens' magazines under the nom de plume Ivy Burnett.

Background: Please don't consider me for the position solely because of my background, although it will have advantages for gaining admittance to certain high society events. *is from an influential upper crust family, but would rather achieve things on her own merit than her family name*

Describe your appearance and personality: I'm far too headstrong for my own good, I've been told, but it's needed if you want to make a name for yourself in this world. I work hard at whatever I do, and have a very good memory. Also, I try to dress neatly and tastefully, so as to not stand out. *is pretty, in a plain kind of way, with brown hair neatly pulled up underneath her hat, light blue eyes, and pale skin*

Family/Friends/Relatives: If you must know, then, my father is "the" J. R. Hillcrest, in the shipping industry. I am engaged, but I intend to continue working even after my marriage. *this idea has caused many disagreements with her fiance, who believes she should stay at home and be a trophy wife*

Anything else we should know?: I would much prefer to continue to write under the name Ivy Burnett. People are more willing to share gossip or invite you to galas if they don't know you are the person writing it up for the papers. *smile* Unless it's a juicy scandal, of course. Then everyone wants to be the first to share the news with the papers.

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