Thomas Karlin

Name: *a tired-looking man glances up at you from a stack of papers and offers you a friendly smile* Thomas Karlin.

Age: I'm 32, as of September.

What kind of job are you looking for?: *brandishes a red pen, grins* An editing job, definitely. *pause* Although I'll do just about anything that's asked of me. *is something of a workaholic, but mostly works hard because he loves his job*

And how much experience have you had at that?: Quite a bit, actually. I've worked at a couple other newpapers since I finished college, but now I've worked my way up to the best. *smiles* I've been working here for a while now.

Background: *takes off the glasses he's been wearing and starts polishing them on his shirt* I don't really have an interesting history. *shrugs* I moved to New York City from Virginia when I was ten and I've been here ever since *smiles* I've become rather fond of this crazy place.

Describe your appearance and personality: My appearance? Old and dumpy *smiles* Okay, not really. *is tall, about 6 feet, and broad shouldered, but too good natured to be imposing* *has light brown hair and warm brown eyes* As for my personality, I'm kind and understanding to a fault, and very friendly. *likes to joke around with people, but would never want to offend or upset anyone*

Family/Friends/Relatives: My parents live in New York, but not in the city. I have an older brother who lives in Queens and a younger sister who lives in Brooklyn.
I'm married, and I have a two year-old daughter. *looks happy at the thought, then momentarily sad* *His wife is not very healthy, she's almost constantly sick with something or another. His sister stays at their house a lot to help out, but Thomas still does everything he possibly can to make her happy, and then some*

Anything else we should know?: *shrugs* Nothing I can think of.

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