William O'Malley

Name: F - William O'Malley. *by way of explanation* Me friends call me Four Eyes. *adjusts his glasses slightly and waits, slightly tense, for the next question*

Age: I toined twenty in February. *has made the decision not to try to hide his accent because he can't anyway*

What kind of job are you looking for?: Da ad in da paper said ya wanted a salesman for books an' subscriptions.

And how much experience have you had at that?: *brief half smile* I been sellin' newspapers most a' me life. I - *hesitates slightly* - I know people. Dat is, I understand most of 'em. *another brief smile* Can't claim ta understand 'em all.

Background: *knows there's no way of dressing it up, so doesn't try* Me folks died when I was seven. I lived in an asylum for a coupla years an' left when dey woulda sent me west on da train. Grew up more or less on da streets. I sold newspapers up until da beginnin' a' April - *self-consciously* - when I got married. *pauses* In between dat I learned readin' an' writin' an' all.

Describe your appearance and personality: I'se pretty tall - 'bout 6'3" - brown hair, brown eyes. *is a bit on the skinny side with a crooked nose, a serious expression and a tendency to redden when conversation turns to his wife* *frankly* I don't tawk much. Large groups a' people ain't me fav'rite thing, but I can sell things. I wouldn't gotten dis far if I couldn't. I jus' - ain't social. *is rather reserved, but has a knack for seeing through a situation and coming up with the right advice when asked* *pauses* I work hard. Ya need somethin' done, an' I'll do it. *has a healthy ambition, but will not admit it even to himself*

Family/Friends/Relatives: *reddens, quietly, tiniest bit tensely* Ruby. Me wife. *does not mention that she's three and a half months pregnant with their first child*

Anything else we should know?: *pauses* Da story's been in da paper. *refers to the murder of a friend of his wife in April and the continuing courtroom drama that has developed out of it* I might hafta be in court somedays. *hopes he hasn't ruined his chances* *is a bit desperate for work, but not allowing it to show*

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