Finn Abbott

Name: *extends a broad hand and shakes heartily* Finn Abbott, sir; let me assure you that the pleasure is all mine. *seems to be sarcastic, but not enough so to pinpoint it*

Age: Twenty-seven. *touches his thick, dark hair* As you may note by the absence of gray and, well, the presence of hair - twenty-seven is not as old as it may ring in the ears of young ladies. *raises his eyebrows slightly* *perhaps not as hurriedly as would be appropriate for making such a mistake* Whom, I assure you, are not to be concerned with me. *would never be so indelicate to give the impression of being a skirt-chaser*

What kind of job are you looking for?: *leans back a bit in his chair* A crime reporter � quite the field to be interested, my mother has been prone to complain, but I have quelled her fears that it is a fraudulent line of work. *smirks ever so slightly* You will see, sir, that I come with the highest reccommendations from my former employer. *profers a few papers which indeed give him the greatest praise from the head of a very prestigious newspaper in Detroit*

And how much experience have you had at that?: Approximately five years, if you neglect to count the two years I spent being an intern. *an amused look crosses his features; remembers those years as being unncessarily painful* And if you also neglect to count the ungodly amount of time I spent in college; I was quite the investigator in my day. *winks rougishly* *was known for either creating or dispelling rumors around campus, a reputation which has always followed him*

Background: *eyebrows inch up another millimeter, giving him a comical and amused air* Born and raised in Detroit, though I must say that I�m lucky enough to have escaped that grandiose metropolis without as thick of an accent as one might perceive in the rest of my family. *half smirks* I worked for a rather exalted paper � the aptly named �Detroit News� - for a few years, then made my way across the country to settle � or at least reside � here. *declines to mention that he is quite the pariah in the Detroit journalism world, having almost single-handled brought down one of the greatest newspapers in town* *is almost too good at his work, and too stubborn not to realize that revealing a scandal behind his staff was a bad idea*

Describe your appearance and personality: *inclines his head and gives a charming smile that would be much more effective if his interviewer were a lady* Fairly decent looking to some � such as the finest example of a woman I have, my dear mother. *smiles wryly* She seems to think that having bore me, I have received her well-cherished looks. Unfortunately, this does not seem to be the case � I have dark brown hair and eyes, whereas she is blonde and blue-eyed. *grins a little, a charming expression which lights up his handsome face* *is tall and lanky, nearly six-foot, and well-dressed* As for personality, I must say that I am more a cynic than society deems acceptable. *taps a finger against his chin in thought* From my mother, I have inherited any number of qualities, mostly good, though one would go too far as to judge them all as virtuous qualities. For example, it is not typically thought that being bluntly honest is a good thing. From my father, I have inherited my broad shoulders. *grins charmingly again*

Family/Friends/Relatives: Well, as I'm sure it has become almost blatantly obvious, a good majority of my family is still in the distinguished city of Detroit. *keeps a serious expression that doesn't quite match his dry tone* However, my sister-in-law, a rather influential woman, if I do say so myself, resides in the Upper East Side with her husband, who, if I may be so bold as to remind you of the genealogical ties, is my brother. *sighs a bit, more for effect than actual disappointment* However, fearing my corruptive influences on her fine children, my sister-in-law has decided it best that I remain as far away from them as humanely possible. *could possibly continue all day, but moves on after awhile* Friends, I may assure you, are a precious commodity; nonetheless, being new to the city, I have yet to establish myself in any certain social circles. *smiles charismatically* And, sir, if you are for some reason so interested as to inquire, I am neither married nor dating, though the newspaper office seems to be full of prospects. *realizes that probably wasn�t the right thing to say, and quickly gives a smile that assures he was only teasing*

Anything else we should know?: *was fairly sure he did a fine job of talking enough not to be asked any more questions* *shakes his head* Though, sir, you are more than welcome to makes inquiries if I�ve left something out. . .*spent enough time talking that it would seem he's covered absolutely aspect of his life*

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