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Swearing or using foul language profusely OOC (Out of Character) is not something most people would like to be reading, so please keep it down if you're in the habit.� If not, it's grounds to be booted.�

Please keep in mind location of the chat room you're in when you're role-playing. It the chat room is the Harlem girls' bunkroom, it's highly unlikely that people will just "drop in" to "check the place out", and then expect to welcome. In the same manner, pay attention to geography. If you have a character from Jersey City, it's also highly unlikely that they'd go over to the Four Kitchens Restaurant, even if it is a public place, for dinner. If you have a Long Island character in Greenwich Village, they really should have a reason to be there, particularly if the character shows up fairly often.�

Good reasons are:

significant others (i.e. Coins Potter [Bronx] romantically involved with Chapter Brandt [South of Houston])�

jobs (i.e. Mess Anthony [Harlem] works in Greenwich Village)

story-established circumstances (i.e. Ash Villaflores [Harlem] is considered part of the Giacoma family [owners of the Four Kitchens Restaurant, South of Houston]; established in "Beauty for Ashes" and "The Green Door")�

No talk of an explicit nature, please.� I think you know what I'm talking about, so I won't elaborate.� The vast majority of us do not want to read it.� You can refer to it, and hint at it, but please, no descriptions.

�If someone feels uncomfortable with a topic, and they ask you to please stop, then do.� You can always finish your discussion at another time.�

Easily summed up: Please be respectful of others.


When you're speaking out of character (OOC), use double parentheses.�

EXAMPLE: ((Your OOC message here))

When you whisper to somebody, it's OOC.� Please do -not- whisper in
character (

EXAMPLE: /w DixieNichols Augh! I love Pistol!��

�To describe an action that either you or your character is doing, put it inside asterisks or double colons.

EXAMPLE: *coughs* OR ::coughs::

When entering & exiting, as well as any other time you'd like to use it, there's a command for entering.�

EXAMPLE: /a type in your action.

COLORS:� Most characters have their own unique color in chat that enables someone to pick out who's speaking easily.� It's not necessary, but it's nice.� And if someone can't read your messages because your color is either too light or too dark, and they ask you to change it, please be willing to oblige them.� You can always change it back when you're done. A list of colors is available here. To change your color, scroll down in the lower frame and click "change settings".

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Thanks to Dice McKenzie of Greenwich Village for the chat guidelines.

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