Other Characters

Thomas Knappenburger
The handsome son of a banker, Thomas Knappenburger just so happens to be Marion Hillcrest's fiance. Everyone whose opinion counts views the match as being well-made, although most know that it's more for her money than for love. The two disagree on several subjects. He is following in his father's footsteps without even considering other possible careers for himself and is satisfied with his life, seeing things as being how they should be. Thomas, all though he means well, doesn't understand her desire for more out of life. Marion's decision to enter the work force has created much strife within their less than stable relationship, especially her intention to continue working even after their marriage. While he's not domineering, he would much prefer her to stay at home to be the typical society wife. Created by Marion Hillcrest. Currently appears in When the Going Get's Tough.

Hollis "Limpet" Finney
Stubborn as a pig, according to her brother, Hollis is a sixteen year old newsgirl at the South of Houston Street lodging house. She's the fourth of the six Finneys, of which Ron is number two, and has a bad habit of trailing along after her brother and running into trouble. Created by Rob Finney. Currently appears in nothing.

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