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Hello and thank you to all who joined me at DeQuba Broker program,

We all are doing this for the money and not for the credits. Some of you asked me if it is a scam. I can tell you one thing, Iím gathering credits which I am selling and I donít know what kind of scam it should be? DeQuba is automatic beta system which offers free tools and several services for almost insulting low price. Itís true they are adding services during this month of February as it is stated in Terms, but we all know that membership for simple personals alone cost about 19.00.

So all who asked me what is with Platinum Membership is it a scam. I donít think so, I paid for these services which should be added this month and if they wonít be added then I can say itís scam. 

Question why only Platinum members can use brokerage system and sell credits itís very simple and also mentioned in DeQuba, because if you would be dealing with free account, there would be no control. Then scam would happen very often. As soon as account is connected with credit card they have info about the owner and every fraudulent activity is easier to track.

But please if you doubt and if you think that money you pay for Platinum membership is to much, then this is sure not business for you. Every Platinum Member gets one year membership and in this year all you have to do is just to offer credits you got by signup and youíll get your money back and a profit.

You also shouldnít connect Membership expense with brokerage program this way. You are getting one year access to whole bunch of services for very affordable price.

DeQuba has confusing instructions thatís why itís hard to understand. What I am trying to do is to get as many credits as possible to sell them to my clients. Same are doing other Members in DeQuba.

Each credit is worth 100 hits and itís sold for at least $1.00 or more. This is very unique way to earn money with credits. DeQuba allow transfer of credits and credits sale.

100 hits value is way above $5.00 on the market. The point is some people are acting as brokers, others donít understand.

The best way to do it is to signup first as Basic Member, and then you try how your account is working. When you place your credit URL in Ougo Browser you should see next day increase of credits. Statistic has 24 hours delay.

This is how your credit URL looks:

This is your referrals URL:

Once you are sure you are getting credits and referrals are counted under your account youíll see daily increase of credits. You alone should do at least 10.00 credits per day with your credit URL.

From each serious referral you should get each day at least 1.44 credits. If you have only 10 lazy referrals and you run on your computer only 3 hours per day you should have at least 24.40 credits per day. Every month at least 732.00 credits.

This is if you do almost nothing. If you put some effort in the business and educate also your referrals how to do the same Ė find more referrals etc. You should be easy making 150.00 or more credits per day.

150 credits per day make 4,500.00 credits per month. If you are not satisfied with my buy off you can sell them to someone else. There are tons of offers in DeQuba Ads and you can see how much are they paying. All I expect from fellow team players is to sign under me, of course if they stick with me also by credits sales I'll be more then happy. Why I say that, because honestly some of Brokers are offering higher Index then me, but hey as long as you start with me I'll be happy to resale your credits. If on the road you want more and find someone else I'll just try with better offer. :-)

If they make 6,000 credits weekly Index 1.06 all you have to do is to contact the ID which is buying the credits. 6,000 credits with index 1.06 means $6,360.00. Well for 6,000 credits you need 600,000 clicks through your credit URL. It sounds nice but you have to work for it. Belive me itís worth it.

Iím dealing with online traffic for more then 9 years and this system is the easiest one to monetize your traffic. You donít need to advertise it and pay for it; you contact these who advertise at DeQuba.

If you want to take a chance transfer credits to one of partner site you can get way more then Index 1.06, you might get even Index 2; that would mean 6,000 credits would be worth $12,000.00. It sounds fantastic but itís not easy.

I suggest try with small steps make couple of hundreds per week first. It takes a little bit of time but itís worth it.

Again sign for services at DeQuba and not just for Traffic Broker part, you want be under pressure you wasted your money and youíll be working without the pressure.

Everybody who is serious about this job, can we manage to get each 5 referrals per week for next 2 months and run our computers 3 or more hours per day? If you think you can then let's get started.

I would advise all (doesn't matter Basic, Premium or Platinum) Members to start running credit link and to start referring new members and make this Team grow. As long as we are the most powerful we have advantage to set the rules.

Please give me few days to convince DeQuba management to create us a forum. They shouldn't be against it, because we are the first organized serious group of team players. We have advantage of being first and of enormous potential.


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