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The Cloth Menagerie

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Hi there! My name is Jen, and I live in Indiana with my boyfriend (now husband) of 3 years. We met on the internet (I know..*shocker*, but it works for some of us), we fell in love and have been together ever since.
I am a costumer by trade and am the assistant to the owner, head seamstress, and 2nd designer at the largest costume rental house in Indiana. I also enjoy sewing for myself, making things for around the home and making stuffed animals. He is a web designer (I did this site, his are much much better!) and is available for jobs.

Well, enough about me, come on in and explore my site!

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A series of stuffed animal angels I started as a charity fundraiser.

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Down right now, please visit later.
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One of my addictions is playing The Sims. These are custom, downloadable skins I have made. Fashions, costumes, and lingerie.
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Got a question? Want an angel or a costume? Drop me a line!