"It took three or four weeks to get everyone together." - Dan Dreifort

"I got all the people together in one day." - Tony Xenos


When you put five different personalities together, you're bound to get

several interpretations on one subject, and the Cactus Pears are no

exception. Hailing from Athens, OH, the original incarnation of the Cactus

Pears formed at Ohio University in 1993, including Xenos on guitar and

vocals and, for a brief period, Dreifort on bass. After a cassette and CD

release, the band called it quits in 1995.


Fast-forward to fall 1998, when a few phone calls were made to various

Athens music scene veterans, and the Cactus Pears were reborn. Since then,

the band has played numerous shows to enthusiastic audiences, who have

taken to the Pears' mix of various rock styles, or as Dan Dreifort puts it,

"ethereal punk, powerfolk, post-alternative neo-artrock." Whatever you

call it, the band decided to share their idiosyncrasies with the public by

releasing the self-produced EP Snacks for Slacks in May 1999.


The disc features a mix of quirky, uptempo pop songs spiced with cello and

ringing guitars, and slower songs that spotlight the band's three-part

harmonies. Both the band and audiences are happy with the results.

"Having a CD does draw you closer together. It forces you to focus," says

Alex Treece, the Pears' bassist. It has also whetted the band's appetite

for recording and performing; regular sessions at Chillicothe, OH's

Recording Workshop are in the works, as are shows in major eastern U.S.

cities. Whether it's due to ambition or ignorance, the Cactus Pears

welcome the hard work that lies ahead. Or as Tony Xenos puts it,

"Everybody's working hard in this band to make it happen. . .I don't see it

stopping anytime soon."


To contact the Cactus Pears, phone (740) 592-2436 or e-mail

[email protected]


Here are a couple of their MP3's

"Super Hero"

"Sheary's Wing"


"Oh My God"


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