This is above Cooper Lake in the central Washington Cascades. My mom and stepdad, along with two other families, built a cabin on Cooper Lake in the summer of 1998.

Dawn at Cooper Pass on the Ultra she inherited when I got the 700. It has pipes and a 2" track.

Here's the same Ultra after mother dear had a little oops: OOPS

Dawn and I, Erich and April above Cooper Pass

The boys


Me on a relatively deep day above the lake

A warm sunny day


This is my girlfriend and I near Sandpoint, ID on my 1999 Polaris 700 RMK. It is stock other than an SLP single pipe and mountain bars.

These are from a trip into Idaho:

Here's Dawn learning to play near Sandpoint, Idaho

Me relaxing at some hotsprings in the southern panhandle of Idaho. Notice the natural shower coming out of the hillside.

This is a picture on the Deschutes River in Oregon: Raft



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