Welcome to this easy-to-use newt website which you are free to use/reprint for your own educational use. Make sure to check out the pictures. If you have questions on topics not covered or need help identifying your newt email me There's also a great setup section that is about as easy, cheap and totally sufficent way to keep newts.

I have had newts as pets for 14+ years and have extensive hands-on knowledge of the care of newts. Currently I have a 20 gallon long(30"x12"x12") tank dedicated to my 3 Japanese Firebellies (1 male and 2 large females).

Inside the aquarium I have between 3-6 varieties of plants which provide tons of fresh oxygen and keeps the water's ph in check. Among the other animals I have an albino catfish to eat the food particles on the bottom the newts won't eat, as well as a few small feeder guppies for eating floating particles. I have a chinese algae eater (sucker fish) from time to time, but i have to remove them because they grow too large and disturb the newts too much after about 6 months. As for a filter I have a great, easy-to-clean, submersible underwater filter made by Fluval.

If you have any questions(or info to add) feel free to email me.

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