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At a lively, standing-room only meeting of well over 200 voting members, the New Trier Democratic Organization endorsed the following candidates:

PAT HUGHES for 17th District State Representative

JACK CUTRONE for 9th Judicial Subcircuit (Cohen Vacancy)

SANDRA OTAKA for 9th Judicial Subcircuit (A Vacancy)

LARRY SUFFREDIN for Cook County Board Commissioner

MIKE KELLEHER for Lieutenant Governor

JOHN SCHMIDT for Attorney General

PAUL VALLAS for Governor


New Trier Democratic Organization

800 Oak Street

Winnetka, IL 60093


FAX: 847-446-8044

Welcome to the New Trier Democratic Organization's home page.

Who are we? The New Trier Democratic Organization is a volunteer, grass-roots organization that actively promotes good government.


What is our history? The New Trier Democratic Organization has been a positive presence on the North Shore for over 30 years. Starting as a small but dedicated core, we have grown to over 500 volunteers who mobilize to get out the Democratic vote. We have a permanent office in Winnetka.


How have the democrats done in New Trier Township? More voters have taken Democratic ballots than Republican in five out of the last six elections. Bill Clinton carried New Trier in both 1992 and 1996. In 1996 and 1998, Democrats carried New Trier in the majority of major contested races.


What else do we do? We are active all year long. Among other activities, we sponsor forums on important public issues, spearhead voter registration drives,and enjoy each others' company at an annual dinner featuring a speaker of note.


Want to know more? We'd love to meet you. E-mail us now and we will have your area chairman or precinct captain give you a call.

E-mail:[email protected]

To see a sample ballot for the March 19th Primary Election, click the "Cook County Voters" link in the right hand column, then enter your home address and select the option to see a Democratic Ballot. The site will tell you where you vote and will show you the sample ballot.


Candidates for 2002

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Note: We are having trouble with our links...we invite you to visit the following candidate's sites:


Hank Perritt for Congress in the 10th Congressional District at:

Pat Hughes for 17th District Representative at:

Larry Suffredin for Cook County Board at:

Julie Hamos for 18th District Representative at:

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