Isaac Newton on Postage Stamps
      Many countries of the world have celebrated the achievements of Isaac Newton by issuing commemorative postage stamps. There have been in the order of 100 stamps issued to date with either an image of Newton or a reference to him on the stamp, and below is a set of thumbnail images of those that I have collected.

       Clicking on the stamp thumbnail image will link to a high resolution scan of 400 d.p.i. You can also go to a page with many of the First Day Covers's (FDC's) connected with these stamps (via the Covers link below), and via the History link, a page showing the history of Isaac Newton and how the stamps show this.
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Update - 14th April 2009. It's been about 4 years since my last update of this site. I have over 200 images to add to the site, 60 or so of stamps and the rest First Day Covers from around the world. I intend to update over the next few days. I may have to redesign the site a bit to make some room so my apologies if the site is closed periodically.
Ascension 1986
Benin 1977
Ascension 1971
Ajman 1972
Ajman 1971b
Bulgaria 1993 Burundi 2000a Central Africa 1985a
Central Africa 1985a imp.
Burundi 2000b
Benin 1999
Chad 1993
Chad 1993b
Central Africa 1985b Central Africa 1985c Central Africa 1985d
Central Africa 1985b imp.
Chad 1999
Dubai 1971
Congo Rep 1977 Congo Rep 2001 Fiji 1986
Comoros 1992
Ghana 1987 imp.
1993 hologram
1993 blockprint
France 1957 Ghana 1987
Germany 1993
Great Britain 1987d
1989 ovp. imp.
Ghana 1989 ovp. Great Britain 1987b Great Britain 1987c
Great Britain 1987a
Great Britain 1999a
Great Britain 1999b
Great Britain 1990
Grenada 1989
Grenada 1987
Grenada 2000a
Grenada 2000b
Grenada G. 1987
Guinia 1986a sheet
Guinea 1986a Guinea 1986a imp.
Grenada G. 1993
Guinea 1994
Guinea 1986b Guinea Bissau 2002a Guinea Bissau 2002b Hungary 1977
Guinea Bissau 2002 imp.
Korea 1993a imp.
India 1977 Korea 1981
Korea 1993b imp.
Korea 1981 imp. Korea 1993a Korea 1993b
Korea 1993e imp.
Korea 1993d imp.
Korea 1993c imp. Korea 1993e
Korea 1993d
Korea 1993c
Korea 1999 imp.
Korea 1999
Korea 1993g imp.
Korea 1993g
Korea 1993f Korea 1993f imp.
Laos 1984 Lesotho 1987
Malagasy Rep 1990
Malagasy Rep 1990 imp. Mali 1977
Maldive Isles 1988
Mongolia 1977b
Monaco 1986 Mongolia 1977a
Mexico 1971
Mauritius 1986
Mali 1977b
Mongolia 1977c Mongolia 1977d Mongolia 1977e
Mongolia 1977f Mongolia 1977h
Mongolia 1977g
Netherlands 1988
Nagaland 1972
Mongolia 2001
Mongolia 1977j
Mozambique 2001
Mongolia 1977i
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