Why did I make
www.newtoncampos.com ?

When I launch this web site back in August 2002, some friends asked me why have I done this web site talking about nothing but only me?

A few friends even got annoyed telling me if they didn't know me in person they would think I was a narcissist person, wanting to show off the many countries I have visited and the amount of friends I have collected throughout the globe.

That's why I decided to include this comment in the web site, because I think I should make clear to people the reason why do I have such a "strange hobby". Basically there are 5 reasons why I keep my web site on air:

1) Networking
I always had a dream about being able to contact every nice person I have met in my life and making myself available to them through a communication channel. And the Internet is the perfect tool to make this real.

2) Career
Letting your CV updated and 24 per day available through the net may generate interesting businesses. Not only for people who may want to hire you but also for people who may be interested in making business with you or even working for you.

3) Transparency
My life is transparent. I learnt since young that people like to do business with people they trust. I enjoy doing business and I like being transparent to partners, friends, coworkers, family, etc. Of course only my good friends know details about my life, but overall, anybody can find out who I am and what I have been doing in my life.

4) Personal Marketing
Selling yourself is part of anybody's day by day task. When you let people know about yourself, you make this person to feel more comfortable in talking to you, asking your help or even calling you for a drink.

5) Hobby
I have a degree in data processing and for this reason I learnt how to write programs, control some software packages and understand how to use these wonderful machines. I have fun in developing the web page and keeping it updated. Every month I put new pictures and add couple of new friends.

Well, so basically that is why I made and keep this web page.

I thank José Antonio who gave me the idea of explaining the purpose of this page and thank you very much for visiting me..
if I can help you somehow do not hesitate to contact me ([email protected]),
my best wishes,

Newton Campos

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