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Here I list some web sites talking about things I like.

I could publish here 500 links touching in every subject I like but I preferred to condense it in 25 links listed in 5 diferent categories:

- Sports -
- My Schools -
- Thinkers -
- Music -
- Brazil -

——— Comments —————— Language


Krav Maga Brazil My Self-Defence Sport. The technique was created for real-life situations application.


Portuguese and Spanish
Krav Maga International
The North American Association of KM.
Singalila Trekking Route The himalayan route I did in 2002 throught North India and Nepal.   English

Morro Açú Trekking Route

My favorite trekking route in Rio de Janeiro mountains, Brazil.   Portuguese

Brazilian SnowBoard

A Snow boarding web site for brazilians world wide. Amazing, especially because in Brazil there is not much snow.   Portuguese
 My Schools ————— Comments ——————   Language
World ORT Union My technology high school in Rio de Janeiro was part of a much bigger global organization. There I had 900 hours of high-tech education.   English
PUC - Catholic University of São Paulo This is the University where I took my undergraduate degree in Accounting (for 5 years). It is located in São Paulo, Brazil.   Portuguese
EF School In 1997 I went to live in Sydney, Australia, for 5 months aiming to get fluncy in English. A very nice school in a wonderful city.   English
International House In 1999 I did the same in order to get fluncy in Spanish. The school was not as good as EF but it was also a well organized school in Madrid, Spain.   Spanish
Instituto de Empresa In 2000 I decided to take an full-time MBA program in one of the most prestigious european business school.   English and Spanish
IIMC - Calcutta During the exchange period I went to live in Calcutta, India, for 5 moths. Our classes were in Indian Institute of Management, one of the best business school in Asia.   English
CEF - Financial Studies Centre After obtainign my MBA In Madrid I decided to get more experience in evaluating projects, taking a master in finance.   Spanish
 Thinkers ———— Comments —————   Language
Fyodor Dostoevsky I read both "Crime and Punishment" and "The Brothers Karamazov", in Portuguese. Many people claim him as Russia's greatest novelist.   English
Swami Vivekananda A spiritual genius of commanding intellect and power, Vivekananda crammed immense labor and achievement into his short life, 1863-1902. My first contact with his ideas were in Calcutta.   English
Sri Aurobindo Another great Indian philosofer and poet. He also wrote beautiful songs.   English
Vinicius de Moraes A great poet from Rio. I grow up in the same streets and beaches he use to describe in their poems and songs.   Portuguese
 Music ———— Comments ——————   Language
Dave Mathews Band A South African guy who grow up in the Netherlands and play rock'n roll with rithm and social criticism.   English
Guitar Notes If you play guitar that's the place to get songs chords.   English
MPB If you play guitar and like Brazilian music this is the place to get chords.   Portuguese
Dire Straits This is rock and roll. Unofficial web site.   English
 Brazil ———— Comments —————   Language
Pictures To start, you should see what I am talking about. Some pictures are quite old but at least you can have a clue about my country.   English
Figures CIA Factbook page. In the country list choose Brazil. Here you see what is Brazil comparing to the world.   English
Rio de Janeiro My city. My personality is linked to Rio, its beaches, its people and its social inequality.   English
O Estadao My favorite newspaper, from São Paulo. It is very well organized, but please do not read their editorials. Always defending their friends, but if know how to deal with it and filter what you read is alright.   Portuguese
Carta Capital Very good magazine to understand how power and money influence people minds in Brazil.   Portuguese



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