It was a trip

and it may resume

The Week in Review in its old form no longer lives here. RIP. It has been killed by decree. The decree comes from people who cannot create. Because of them, the Week in Review is no longer available. Anywhere. If you want to find what happened a year ago, as reported in a formerly respected daily newspaper - rub a lamp. The Petty People say we can't have it here.

If you want a review of the week's news, you might find one here. It's possible. You may find one here.

Where you will not find one is on, or connected to, this page. That is the law. Really. The copyright police said they would never interfere with non-commercial, free flow of information. They were liars. Never mind, We always knew they were, it is what they do.

Stand by, though. The Petty People can make us wince with their extremely sour outlook and narrow-minded bureaucracy. They cannot keep us down.

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