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  Types of animals 
In a world characterized by diversity and difference, nature has provided us with a variety of animals that differ in shapes, sizes, colors and types of food that they feed on. There are more than types of pets that you can raise in your home, and there are also types of predators that you can raise and not harm you. In this article, we will learn about the types of animals that you can raise in your home.

But first let's talk about why you keep a pet in your home? Studies have proven, including a study in the Journal of Psychosomatic Medicine in 2002, which showed that people interacting with pets reduces stress levels and enhances the objective emotional response to stress, and the presence of a pet in your home absorbs negative energy from you, as well as one of the advantages of keeping animals in your home, especially if you are Lonely, which is intimacy, as it does not make you feel lonely, because the animal is good and nice for you

Types of Animals:-
Dogs are pets known for their fun at home, but there are more than 300 dog breeds in the world, and not all breeds are suitable for breeding and being a pet. The types of dogs that are suitable for breeding at home and are also safe for children are Basset Hound, Beagle, Boxer and The English Bulldog, the Doberman, the Golden Retriever, the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, the Lhasa Apso, and also the Shetland Sheep and the Shih Tzu

Remember that dogs' behavior is affected by proper upbringing and training, so it is important to treat the dog gently and pay attention to meeting its psychological and physical needs. Before choosing a breed, it is advised to consult an expert in dog breeding and learn about the nature and requirements of the breed to ensure compatibility with your lifestyle and needs. You can find out about a dog consultant through the Durex freelance website.

There are types of ferocious dogs that cannot be bred at home, especially if the house has children, and these dogs are suitable for breeding only militarily. Among the types of ferocious dogs are the Siberian Husky. Husky dogs are very fierce and need a lot of training in order to be tamed.

the cats
Cats are considered one of the most famous pets that are suitable for breeding of all kinds, except for the wild cat, as it is the fiercest type of cat in the world, and its behavior is very aggressive in nature, but the rest of the other types of cats you can breed, as you have more than 70 breeds of cats suitable for breeding, such as Siamese cats, Shirazi cats, Himalayan cats My cats, American cats, Moonface cats, Russian cats, Ragdoll cats, Promers cats, Bengal cats, and other species.

As raising cats is one of the easiest things, as they do not need training or taming like dogs, and they also absorb the negative energy of their owner and are considered nice to him at home.

the birds
Birds are among the pets that are suitable to be raised at home, but any animal species has a perch and a pet. One of the most famous ferocious birds that you can raise, but after training and taming, are eagles and falcons. The two are considered among the fiercest types of birds, but in some people they breed and tame these birds. Also ferocious and can be bred is the owl

These birds, by their nature, love to run away, and you cannot put them in a cage like the rest of the other birds. If your home area is small, it will be very difficult to breed these types of birds. Also, you may have a legal issue from the state. Some countries warn of breeding these types

Pet birds that you can raise and do not pose a danger to you or to children, which are parrots such as the ara, casco, catco and Amazonian, all of them are of the same type of parrot, and it is one of the most entertaining pet birds

Budgies, such as the Australian and English budgies, can be bred

Canary birds such as the German canary and the Russian canary. Canary birds are characterized by their beautiful colors

Finch, such as the Aquamarine finch and the Australian finch

Badgers such as the African Badger and the Asian Badger

Goldfinch, such as the European goldfinch and the American goldfinch

The Pink Skull Bird is a small and colorful bird

The lory is a small bird known for its bright colors and beautiful voice

All of these types you can put in a bird cage and they do not pose a final danger to children, but beware of collecting two different types of pets in one place, such as the presence of cats or dogs with birds, as they pose a danger to birds, of course the nature of the condition of cats and dogs are pet predators, so they can play By eating or attacking birds

Hamsters and pet rats
These small rodents such as hamsters, rats, tortoises and lizards are easy to raise and are a suitable choice for people who live in small spaces and do not pose a danger to children.

Types of ornamental fish
Fish are pets that can be raised at home as well, and there are no ferocious ornamental fish. These are the types of ornamental fish if you intend to buy a fish tank.

Zebra Danio: It is a small and active fish characterized by its colorful striped shape

Gourami: They are beautiful fish with bright colors and long fins

Molly: They are small fish characterized by their varied colors and long fins

Cichlid: It is a group of fish known for its diversity and beauty, such as the papa cichlid and the ambona cichlid.

Gourami: It is a medium-sized fish characterized by its bright colors and elegant shape

Salmon tetras: They are small, active fish that need large tanks of water

Attention must be paid to providing a suitable environment for the fish, including the installation of suitable ponds, the provision of suitable food, attention to water quality, the appropriate temperature, and the water filter well so that the ornamental fish do not die. You can now sell animals on my auction site