Newspirituus continues the vision begun by the leftist-uus@yahoogroup 1 year ago as a communication link for progressive Unitarian Universalists. It is fitting that this website was launched on the  Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.' Holiday. We wish to claim Dr. King's legacy of opposition to American wars abroad and for justice here at home as our own. While millions express their desire for peaceful solutions to the crisis George Bush has created with Iraq, he continues an unprecedented military buildup . The people of Iraq especially deserve peace and a chance to rebuild their country which has been ravaged by wars and economic sanctions. To those of Unitarian Universalist and other faiths who seek justice we say, welcome, you are among friends. And to those who still seek to foment war and create an American empire, we say you have met a formidable foe. We are among the many, the proud and we will prevail.
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Things We Can Do As Progressives

1. Recognize our Power
2. Organize: Meetings, Websites, Discussions, whatever!
3. Reach at least 1 new person each day.
4. Maintain a sense of humor: otherwise the madness will surely get to us.
5. Run for office: tired of unresponsive, do-nothing politicians: do it yourself!
6. Continue asking questions: Bush can't and won't explain why.
7. Remain in touch with whatever force we are called by: our inner selves, our higher power, God, nature, etc.
8. Become the changes you wish to achieve. Because it all starts with you!
9 Remember that the true progressive or revolutionary is always guided by great feelings of love.
10. Hope, for without it, there is despair, depression and defeat. And recognize there will always be something for you to do.

1 Join our discussion group.
2. Post an anti-war song/poem/picture.
3. Suggest improvements: this is a new venture so improvement is always needed.
4. Sign our guest book.
5. Post links from sites.
6. Help spread the world.
7. Visit early and often
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