All About Me

My hair is brown
I have hazel eyes
I never have a frown
And I love cherry pies.

Iím not really tall
But Iím not short
I have 911 to call
But I hate going to court.

I love the color black
I love the color blue
I have a blue sack
And I have some glow in the dark black glue.

I have four brothers
I have a mom and a dad
I donít like my mother
Sheís always making me mad.

My mom is very abusive
My father just canít see
I sometimes donít want to live
Because of the person who gave birth to me.

I donít have a boyfriend
I really donít need one
Cause Iíll have a broken heart to mend
If and when I have a son.

My virginity is still with me
But Iím glad
As you can see
I like not being bad.

I want kids
But not right now

I donít want to have to but toilet lids
I donít want to have to milk a cow.

All I want is for someone to love me
And I think I already do
I found the key
But I need to find the chest that goes with it too.

The chest of love
The chest of hope
Full of doves
To help me cope.

I have a lot to learn
Cause perfect I will never be
So donít be concerned

Cause this is all about me.
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