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Our Product Portfolio consists of two products to start with:

We understand that these days data security is very important. We need to protect our data from unauthorized access. With our first two products we have made an attempt to address the issue of data security. Though we have made all attempts to test our softwares, but we do not take any responsibility for anything going wrong because of use of these softwares. If you want to be sure that these work for you please try these on dummy files/folders first.

1. FolHide : A highly rated software, please see below for the ratings. FolHide is Easy to use application to hide your folders and encrypt files in selected folders, in windows 9X. FolHide comes with password protection, so that only users with correct password can unhide folders and decrypt your files. FolHide is a very small and easy to use utility. You can install/uninstall this on your system. Please visit following page for more description and download of the software.

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2. FilCryp : Another highly rated software, please see below for the ratings. FilCryp is another easy to use software. FilCryp uses ADVANCED ENCRYPTION LOGIC to secure your files by encrypting them. FilCryp has been tested on 9X and XP. FilCryp uses your password to encrypt files and the best thing about this is even password is encrypted and encrypted password is embedded in your encrypted file. This makes it extremely difficult for anyone to decrypt your files. For more details and download please go to following page:

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