Spring 2007 Newsletter
Warm-mongers &
Other Hot Air Prophets
By Larry Myers, CCO Columnist
False prophets, doomsayers, snakeoil salesmen and Chicken Littles.  They have been around for as long as man has learned to be paranoid.  Their messages are frantic, with no provable information, spreading their �truths� that all is forsaken and mankind is doomed.  And they all have an agenda.  An agenda that benefits very few even though they are preaching the salvation of many.  Because the masses that they preach to are either looking for a savior, or that they are too lazy to go and learn the truths themselves, these charlatans are able to spread fear and anarchy with absolutely no accountability.  We are all to follow blindly based simply on trust.

Canadians have listened to one such paranoid little gnome for several decades now.  His longevity can be directly linked to his association with the socialists that run our State-sponsored television network, the CBC, or the Corp.  Most people refer to it as the Corpse because the broadcasts on it have been dead for years.  But back to the little high school teacher that made a name for himself preaching about how we are all destroying the planet, despite all the evidence to the contrary.  The nice little Foundation that has developed around him�. that had many large Corporations as significant contributors�. is one of the perks that has others looking for a slice of the lucrative Green pie.

Global Warming is the latest Dire Strait for mankind.  And to really make it really fun it has gone Hollywood.  Albert Arnold Gore took his little Sony video camera and went out there to bring us the Truth.  His Truth.  Some would call this science fiction.  Some would call Albert Arnold Gore science fiction.  Somewhere he fit saving the planet into his busy schedule of inventing the Internet and cleaning up the Love Canal.  At first I just assumed this was his new stunt to join the nomination process for the Democrats.  He is not ethnic enough to compete with Obama, don�t call me Osama, and not manly enough to compete with Hillary, so on a warm jet stream of world saving he was going to coast into 1600 Pennsylvania.  But then a bio on a small investment firm called
Generation Investment showed up.  Generation Investment provides businesses with assessments of �risks and opportunities presented by climate change�.  And the founding director is none other than AAG.   Hmmm�. in order to be able to advise one must first have these opportunities.  And if they don�t exist then a little �the world is ending� campaign should help create them.  And while lecturing the rest of us to leave as small of a �CO2 footprint� as possible, Al is leaving a large assprint on one of the director chairs at Lehman Brothers.  I only mention this because Lehman Brothers is trying to be the lead brokerage for the trading of Greenhouse Gas Emission credits.  The valuation of this new security is in the trillions.  So I would say that the term �conflict of interest� should be explained to Good Ole� Al and the rest of the warm-mongerers.

So with his gold-plated bobblehead Oscar riding on the dashboard of his stretch limo, Al the Environmentalist is off promoting his view of how the world should be.  This, of course, is how he perceives that you and I live, not the Alster and his ilk.  Homes that use more electricity in a week than we use in a year, or jetting into Toronto to be feted by the silver spooned Socialists in his private jet and SUV motorcade are the world for this new hierarchy of the Loopey Left.  Of course privilege and extra powers has always been the trademark of the Demo-lition-crats and their �Brothers�.  Their favourite ideologue Lenin perverted Marxism in order to add a vanguard that would better guide socialism.  This was just an excuse to keep him and his buddies in power.  Al may even be off to Sweden to have those meatballs at the Institute �nobelize� him.  Hell, if they will give it to a terrorist like Arafat then what is to them to bestow the medal on someone like Al who is, after all, only looking out for the shareholders of Lehman Brothers.  Ooops, I mean, the general public�.the great unwashed�.the ones that will have to foot the bill for saving the planet from this toxic and deadly gas, CO2.  Of course the fact Greenhouse gases only occupy a small portion of our atmosphere, about 3% by volume, and that the vast majority (about 97%) is water vapour and clouds, just adds facts to the equation and �clouds� the hyperbole.

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