Spring 2007 Newsletter
New Canaan in Canada!
By CCO Contributing Editor Michelle Harrington

Meet Ha�Aretz Daled �Dwight�

It is not often that a Canaan Dog is shipped to the Great White North, so when it happens � it warrants some special attention! �Dwight� a native of Chicago, Illinois, is from Bryna Comsky�s recent �Starli� X �Gabe� litter.  In March, Dwight made his air-borne journey to Edmonton, Alberta to join his new family, Lane and Jay.

Dwight�s Canadian pack tells us how he is acclimatizing to his new home in the north:

�He likes to play with his toys and chase bugs and chew his bones.  Our neighbours have two dogs and they all like to rendezvous at the fence for a sniff or two.  And, he also likes to play in the mud!  Jay and I think it's hilarious and are grateful we don't have a prize winning lawn.�
"Dwight" catching some zzzz's
"Mud pies anyone?"
Lane and Jay are working hard at teaching the "Dwightster" to become accustomed to walks on the leash. Master Dwight is also becoming quite savvy with his �sits�, �shake-a-paw�, and �recalls�. He is booked into obedience class at the end of June and will probably be the quickest pup in the class to figure out all the ins and outs - which most of us know the Canaan is a champion at beyond all the rest!
Dwight is already amazing his owners with his intelligence and dexterity:

�We are not sure if it's a Canaan thing, but he uses his front paws a lot.  I had thought that maybe he learnt it from Chip, the cat, but maybe not.  He literally "grabs" onto things, flexes his toes and then sniffs or nibbles or whatever.
This pariah pooch is also a big fan of water-bowl play! Not all Canaans have a fancy for this sport � some will never put a paw in a rain puddle! Not this guy � he has discovered that his webbed toes are a very versatile appendage! Although the sport of leaving huge pools of H02 on the kitchen floor will probably pass, we do know that for some, this activity may mean that their desert dog has a secret desire to explore a greater body of water! Yes, some CDs are known to enjoy a light swim or a dip in the wet stuff, while others simply abhor the slightest downpour. Time will only tell with the Dwightster!

Dwight is one cuddly Canaan. He loves to snuggle up and give kisses and
�loves absolutely every person that is in his vicinity.� Lane imagines

" it's because he's always getting an "Awww..." and a treat and a pet.  He sure knows how to work his charm.  He is very playful and loves when his "cousin" Hurley comes to visit.  Dwight can't wait until he's bigger so that he can finally catch her get the toys away from her.�

Jay and Lane still get the weird looks from people when they tell them he's a Canaan dog and their vet is thrilled that she gets to see a "real Canaan".  They are preparing for camping season and are excited to have Dwight as a member of the hiking pack.

We look forward to hearing more about Dwight and his  adventures out west!
Dwight keeping an eye on  his favourite toy
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