Spring 2007 Newsletter
CDRN Rescue Interview
CDRN Columnist and Canadian Coordinator:
Michelle Harrington
Up close and personal with Gail Labunski and �Vivi� in Texas

�Adaptability� is the Canaan�s middle name, as observed by Vivi�s new owner Gail. Vivi�s ability to make the transition from city girl to country girl, from previous owner to new owner, and share her new den with an alpha Chihuahua named Cookie and a Cocker Spaniel named Brita was remarkably smooth.

Gail discovered the breed in a dog magazine in her vet�s office. Her fascination with the characteristics of the wild dog and her compassion for abandoned animals led her to the Canaan Dog Rescue Network where she saw a beautiful seven-year-old liver-coloured Canaan looking for a new destiny.

It is no doubt that Vivi�s playful nature and countenance have helped her integrate in to her new home. Vivi�s Texas paradise consists of an enclosed  1/2 acre complete with bugs, dirt, grass, parrots, owls, and squirrels. For over a year she inspected her new neighbourhood with nose to the ground .  According to Gail she did not bark for a year, just "snorted!" Who knows what Vivi has yet to report in her quest for tracking the treasures beneath the earth.

Tolerance seems to be second nature to this Texas gal; but there comes a point when one has to establish, as Vivi says �peace with a scrutinizing eye�. Vivi quietly �put up� with the alpha ways of Cookie who redefined her territory upon Miss V�s arrival. After 10 months of tolerance, Vivi decided to let Miss Cookie know that �peace is a two-way street sister!� Vivi works hard to promote harmony and balance in her environment and will let others know when there is discord in her territory. Miss Cookie is now in the process of "sucking up" to the new sheriff in town. Vivi will incite play from both Cookie and Brita and the three will enjoy a good game of canine frolic.

From the moment she meet Gail, she had won her over. Vivi is an "an easy keeper� and a true lady in the house. To Gail, she is friend and sister, �gentle and as quiet as a feather floating in the wind.� It sounds like Vivi has found her peace among the Chihuahua, the cocker, and her new friend Gail.
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