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Fri, 28 Sep 2001 | newSInterCom for the taking

The Singapore government has made the survival of this website a ponderous thing, with threats of fines and jail sentences. I am not Singaporean but I am hanging on to this website's password until someone else out there who has the time, energy and interest would like to take it over. Contact me on [email protected] if you're that person.
(ISD, please don't bother to apply!)

Thank you.

Andreas Sabin

Tue, 18 Sep 2001 | newSInterCom for the taking

The person whom I planned to hand over the password to has unfortunately declined the offer. Coupled with the fact that people are not willing to step in to take over the site, for fear or other reasons, I have 2 choices, to either close SInterCom down or to hang on to the keys. I have chosen the latter. Anyone interested in taking over the website should contact me at my ICQ number 7866322. Thank you.

Valeryj Andrzejewicz Szyszczenko

Sat, 15 Sep 2001 | newSInterCom asleep

Newsintercom will be asleep as of today 15th September 2001. I have handed over the keys to controlling the site to an overseas Singaporean. Unfortunately, he does not know much HTML and thus he cannot be the webmaster of the site. But he is currently actively searching for a new webmaster and I wish him success in that.

I leave the maintenance of the site and I hope that some day the site will erupt to life again.

Signing off one last time,

Valeryj Andrzejewicz Szyszczenko

Wed, 29 Aug 2001 | newSInterCom looking for new webmaster

Dear All,

It has indeed been a rewarding time for me since SInterCom was closed down by Chong Kee, for reasons we can only speculate, and it cannot be due to his loss of interest, given that he struggled hard to keep SInterCom afloat. Moreover, the other 7 SInterCom editors would have taken up the task too. It is a discomforting thing to know that there is/are some strong reason/s Chong Kee chose not to reveal when he wrote the terse statement that "my heart is no longer in it anymore".

The SInterCom forum on delphi, which was run by a Singaporean, has been handed over to a non-Singaporean because the Singaporean said that he "does not want to get into trouble with Singapore's laws".

Given the above 2 happenings, I have decided to transfer ownership of the SInterCom website to someone else. I would prefer it if that person lives overseas and is a Singaporean, though I wouldn't mind if the person isn't from our country.

Interested parties are free to e-mail me.

SInterCom is not going to close down ever again. It is either going to come back like Napoleon from Elba, or it will simply be encased in a time capsule with people looking over it, hoping for a Prince Charming to come and give the kiss of life back to this site. I will vacate the site on the 15th of September and I certainly hope that this someone else will take the site to even greater heights. -Valeryj

Mon, 27 Aug 2001 | Patski2, Tessensohn and F. Chong Columns Back

All of Patski2's, Francis Chong's and John Tessensohn's letter archives have all been revived. The main pages I believe have some bugs.

Mon, 27 Aug 2001 | Panel Discussions Revived

The panel discussions SInterCom organised during Chong Kee's time have mostly been revived. But sad to say, Chong Kee's panel discussions seemed to have some missing pages, though I believe all I could revive has been reproduced. Also revived are the e-mail exchanges between Chong Kee and SBA just weeks before Chong Kee announced for the whole SInterCom to be closed.

Fri, 24 Aug 2001 | All the Interviews Revived

The Speakers' Corner interviews have been brought back. I am sorry to say that to conserve space, I had to do away with the pictures from the interviews. Click on Speakers' Platform on the Sections' column to get there. Only the interviews have been brought back. - Valeryj

Fri, 24 Aug 2001 | old NOT ST forum revived

The old NOT The Straits Times forum has been revived here. I have also received news that people have revived SInterCom content independently on other websites. As of now there are two:

I am currently working on restoring the NOT the ST articles and I hope these will be done by the end of August 2001. As of now, please send your articles from NOT the ST Forum to A Fan of Singapore Media. A Fan of Singapore Media has offered his help in maintaining the old NOT the ST Forum and I can only be too happy to let him do so. -V. A. Sz

Wed, 22 Aug 2001

Launch of new (old) SInterCom website

Hello friends,

This website is attempted at continuing the traditions and beliefs the now defunct SInterCom.

I find it a great pity for SInterCom to close down after 7 years of uniting net-savvy Singaporeans who wish to talk about anything and everything about their country.

Also, there is a lot of content which Chong Kee and his merry men took several years to compile and put it all up on It would be flushing their efforts down the drain if nobody chose to pick it all up and manage the website and I don't believe that has to disappear because Chong Kee has chosen to move on. It doesn't, and it should not deserve this fate. And if it does, history must not deny the credit which SInterCom and their editors richly deserve.

The SInterCom forum is another reason why I have decided to take up the challenge of ensuring that the site continues to exist. A forum alone cannot survive without a website which provides a link to it, as the website is a key method of getting new forum members and it would raise issues for debating in the forum.

I have resurrected the Not the ST Forum, and I am trying to bring back the Makan session as well, because I believe these 2 sections have been the most famous of the SInterCom forum. In due time, I will bring back other ex-SInterCom stuff. I beseech patience from everyone as I am the sole person manning this forum and I can only do so much in a day's work. I apologise for the inconvenience caused.

Hereby, I heartily welcome everyone arriving in this forum and I certainly hope that you will have an enriching time here.


22nd August 2001

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