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updates --

7/30/00 -- I've been on vacation for a while, so if you've taken the quiz or signed the guestbook but don't see your stuff posted, it's probably because I haven't gotten around to it yet. But don't worry, I'm working on it! It should be up within the next few days or so. Sorry 'bout that! Now...continue...

2/11/00 -- I have started working on the "players" page. Anyone who's been to this site knows that the links on that page don't work...but that will soon change. I'm fixing them slowly but surely, so check back often to see my progress!

1/27/00 -- I have seen some really incredible Newsies sites out there, so I decided to create my own award! If you have a Newsies website, or anything that has to do with Newsies, email me and tell me about it! Or, check out the link below in my "awards" section. Thanks!

1/20/00 -- I have updated the pictures page! It's re-formatted, and more pictures than before. Not all pictures have been added yet, but there's enough to keep you busy for a while. AND, I also received 3 actual behind-the-scenes photos from the movie in the mail the other day!! Yay! Go check them out!!

1/14/00 -- I've added another feature to my page! It's "Writings". There's only one poem so far (written by yours truely), but I hope to add more eventually. Send in your stuff! Either poems or fanfic, or whatever you think should be here! Hope ya like it...

1/13/00 -- I just realized that my guestbook link wasn't working! Sorry! No wonder I wasn't getting any entries...hehe... But, it's working just great now, so sign away!

1/11/00 -- OK, I've added yet more questions to quiz, which gives it a total of 125. Yes, that's a whopping 125 wonderful Newsies questions! But, alas, it's still not finished...yet... Good luck!

1/10/00 -- YAY! I finally got my Newsies Soundtrack CD in the mail today! I'm so happy!! I'm not going to tell you how much I paid for it on Ebay, though...hehe... But, it's worth every penny! =)

1/6/00 -- I've added some more questions to my quiz! Now there's a total of 74, but it's still not finished yet... Who knows how long it will be when I'm finally done with it! haha... But, go ahead and take it now if you want. At this point, I won't post your score if you don't want me to. So have fun with it! =)

Have any questions or comments about my page? Want to see something added? Maybe something taken off? Please email me and let me know!


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